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chaeng+ball mill trunnion+cement industry+the hardness and life expectancy high - xinxiang great wall machinery co., ltd - pdf catalogs | technical documentation | brochure

chaeng+ball mill trunnion+cement industry+the hardness and life expectancy high - xinxiang great wall machinery co., ltd - pdf catalogs | technical documentation | brochure

CHAENG: Perfect process to produce high quality ball mill trunnion, ball mill head The is a very important component to support the moving load of the entire mill body and the grinding media, and is continuously operates under the action of alternating stress. Therefore, the ball mill trunnion /ball mill head is required to have good comprehensive mechanical properties in actual production, and there must be no casting defects such as shrinkage, air hole, sand inclusion, etc. Scientific and reasonable process plan can improve the overall quality of the product and improve the production efficiency. To ensure the quality of castings, the key is to determine a correct process plan. According to the working environment and operation characteristics of the ball mill trunnion, CHAENG adopts ZG230-450 material, and optimizes the production process. The performance of the ball mill trunnion made by CHAENG is reliable, which can well meet the long-term operation of the ball mill.

1. Simulation, modeling CHAENG uses CAE software to simulate the casting process digitally. Through the numerical simulation technology, the process analysis and quality prediction of the product forming process are completed, to optimize the process optimization of ball mill trunnion. The water glass sand molding process can prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in steel castings. In addition, CHAENG adopts the pit modeling, which is not affected by the seasonal changes and has high production efficiency. 2. Pouring and heat treatment Sample hot metal and perform the spectral analysis....

high-quality ball mill with low price for kinds of materials | fote machinery

high-quality ball mill with low price for kinds of materials | fote machinery

A ball mill is an ore grinding mill that can crush and grind various types of ores to liberate the closely associated minerals from each other. Ball mills are widely used in cement making and ore beneficiation plant.

When the ball mills begin to rotate, grinding balls will slide up the side and be held in place by centrifugal force. As the ball rotates to the upside of the rotating drum, the weight of the balls overcomes the centrifugal force which is causing them to cling to the inside of the liner. When the balls move to the top side of the drum, they'll tumble back down roughly.

The most common grinding media used by ball mills are four types: steel balls, pebbles, ceramic balls, and grinding cylpebs. Although ball mills are similar with each other, they are different in grinding media, working capacity, application fields.

Dry means little water and moisture in the grinding process. Tpically the ball mill maybe charged with 30% to 45% of balls. With the rotating drum, the ore is rubbing against itself and the moving balls, and the process is going to continue from the inlet to the discharge port.

Wet means that we add water and form a slurry, and that slurry is going to occupy 50% of the ball mill volume. In a wet ball mil, approximately 15% water may form slurry which is a mixture between water and the crushed ore, sometimes also referred to as pulp.

As the balls drop down onto this slurry, and some of the slurry is also taken up with the balls, the balls are going to impact and grind the slurry(ore and water) so that you can get the ore size reduction.

The ball mill plays an irreplaceable role in the beneficiation production. In the process of extracting metal ore, because of the ore minerals with fine dissemination, it is necessary to grind the ores to a fine level to dissociate the useful minerals and gangue.

The roller crusher, a large crushing equipment, can compensate for the insufficient capacity of the ball mill when working with ball mill together, and double the production capacity of the ball mill;

High grinding efficiency and good quality of the liner: The lining and grinding body are made of alumina ceramic, quartz, SILEX or special materials, and it is designed with no iron pollution when crushing hard materials;

Closed system to reduce dust: Ultra-fine ball mill and classifier form a closed system with advantages of negative pressure delivery, low dust, reducing damage to the human body; Besides, the ball mill has higher product quality and cheaper operating prices.

India is a populous country in the world and one of the "BRICS" countries. It has good cooperation and win-win relationship with China. For machinery processing enterprises of China, the business opportunities contained in India are limitless, and mining equipment from China is entering deeply in India market.

With the gradual recovery of the mining market, the market position of mineral processing equipment is more stable with the increasing position. The cement ball mill produced by Fote is more prosperous in the Indian market.

The cement ball mill is mainly used in the grinding of finished products and raw materials of cement plants for open-flow grinding, and also for circulating circulation grinding with the powder separator.

It has the characteristics of strong adaptability to materials, continuous production, large crushing ratio, and easy to adjust the fineness of the milled product. The cement ball mill can be produced either dry or wet, or both at the same time as grinding and drying.

In February 2018, an Indian customer contacted us and hoped to purchase a large ball mill equipment for his ore dressing line. Because our company has a large number of ball mills exported to India, the customer finally chose us to provide with a little investigation.

The mining of high-quality iron fine powder with grade of 67.50% is gradually advancing to the deep mines, and the annual output of the main mining area has dropped from the original 10 million t/a to 6 million t/a.

The ore in the mining area has fine grain size and complex mineral composition. It is a difficult to grind ores, which has caused large fluctuations in the quality of concentrate in recent years, and a decline in concentrate output.

After repeated research with experts, the company chose a solution with low investment and fast efficiency based on the actual situation, that is, the design of adding a one-stage grinding and dressing process. They transformed the original two-stage grinding and dressing process into a three-stage process, so that the ore is fully finely ground to achieve monomer dissociation. That design ensured the quality of the concentrate while maximizing the metal recovery rate.

2 Compared with the general separation before the transformation, the metal recovery rate has increased by 6.73%, and the annual processing of 2 million tons of transition type ore increases the production of iron concentrate by 35,200 tons.

3 It also helped to release original ball mill feeding capacity. Compared with the original 3600 mm6000 mm and 2700mm3600 mm ball mill before the transformation, the new process increased the average processing capacity increased by 7.58t/h and 0.82t/h respectively.

5 Based on the current price of iron concentrate, the successful operation of this project can increase the sales revenue by 5.94 million $/a, and it can create an additional profit of 1.92 million $/a.

The grinding balls are mainly made of high manganese steel: it makes ball mill balls good toughness, good manufacturability with low price. Its main feature is that under the action of greater impact or contact stress, the surface layer will become harden quickly. Its work-hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and the wear resistance is greatly improved.

Big gear is an important part of ball mill, so the choice of big gear is a crucial process when produce a ball mill. According to the working conditions of the big gears, they are usually manufactured as follows:

The structure of the ball mill big gear has various shapes due to different requirements, but from the technical point of view, the gear can be regarded as composed of two parts: a ring gear and a wheel body.

Fote ball mill manufacturer has 40 years of producing experience. Due to the continuous improvement of machine itself and production capacity, it has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.

Even during the Covid-19, according to different national policies, as long as countries where conditions permit, we will always deliver the products to customers in the fastest way and put them into production on schedule.

2 The production capacity should be higher than design: The designs should take the change of hardness and fineness of the ore into account. Generally, while the deep ore of the ore deposit becomes hard or thin, the selected grinding machine should be able to adapt and ensure that the initial operation runs well.

3 Grinding test is a must: When there is no actual data in the designs, the grinding test must be required. Especially for large-scale mines, the grinding machine selection calculation and proportional enlargement should be carried out from the basic data obtained.

4 Due consideration of large-scale equipment: The large-scale equipment is the trend since the 21st century because of its advantages of light in total equipment, small in area, few in operators and auxiliary systems, and correspondingly low in investment and production costs.

5 Select equipment with high operating rate: There are also good and bad points in the same type of equipment. Rod mills and self-grinding machines sometimes have lower operating rates but are still suitable under certain conditions.

As a leading mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China, we are always here to provide you with high quality products and better services. Welcome to contact us through one of the following ways or visit our company and factories.

Based on the high quality and complete after-sales service, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Fote Machinery has been the choice of more than 200,000 customers.

about us - about us - sichuan mining machinery (group) co., ltd.|ropeway|mining machinery|crusher machinery|ball mill|hoist

about us - about us - sichuan mining machinery (group) co., ltd.|ropeway|mining machinery|crusher machinery|ball mill|hoist

The Sichuan Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: the Sichuan Mining Group) is one of the backbone enterprises of Chinas equipment manufacturing industry, enterprise comprehensive strength for many years 100 companies among the top 500 Chinese machinery and special equipment manufacturing industry in China, China Building Materials Machinery Manufacturing 20 companies, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association executive director and chairman of the unit of the Professional Committee of crushing and grinding equipment, the vice chairman of the Institute of Science and Technology of China coal industry labor protection, known as western China metallurgical and mining equipment and cement building materials equipment leader cableway cradle and manufacturing base in China.The Sichuan Mining Group has won - Excellent Enterprise in China (2005, 2007) National Trustworthy Enterprise (issued: January 2003) building material machinery industry in China famous brand tube mill (issued by Time: March 2006) Chinese building material machinery industry brand (rotary kiln) (issued: December 2006) Chinese famous brand (tube mill, rotary kiln) (issued: May 2006) Chinese brand (rotary kiln, tube mill) (issued: August 2005) Chinese cement machinery leading enterprises (issued: August 2006) National Building Material Machinery Industry advanced units (issued: March 2009) National building material machinery industry standardization work advanced collectives (awarded time: January 2010) National Building Material Machinery AAA Credit Enterprise (issued: February 2010) earthquake relief to rebuild their homes, "Workers Vanguard" title (awarded time: June 2008) special equipment manufacturing industry in Sichuan largest 20 (issued: August 2011) provincial Trustworthy Enterprise (17 consecutive years) (issued: July 2011) National Labor Medal (awarded: 2008)Time: Sichuan Province Enterprise Technology Center (awarded in 1997) building an innovation-oriented enterprises in Sichuan Province nurturing enterprises (issued by Time: September 2006) Sichuan famous (issued: 2010)Time: Sichuan Famous Brand title (awarded in 2012)In recent years, the central and provincial many media have given to the development of Sichuan Mining Group attention and coverage -May 8, 2011, CCTV News reported the case of the Sichuan Mining Group reloading base put into operation;June 12, 2012, Mianyang, television, and Mianyang Daily News periods reported the the Sichuan Mining Group in recent years, the development situation;June 19, 2012, Mianyang Daily reported the Sichuan Mining Group reload base;July 18, 2012, CCTV news channel reported to the Sichuan Mining Group manufacturing and construction the first Kuajiang cableway - Chongqing Yangtze River Cableway title, special reports, and so on.Sichuan Mining Group was founded in 1958, is located in the hometown of Jiangyou City of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, the division of the old plant and the new plant, covering nearly 320 acres and 740 acres, respectively, with more than 2,000 employees, has a cast steel, cast iron, wood type, forging, cutting, riveting and welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly, electrical system integration of a complete range of 13 workshops, with nearly 2,000 sets of all types of machinery and processing equipment, and a collection of marketing, research and development, design, technology, manufacturing, quality control, procurement, outsourcing, transportation, installation and commissioning, the EP, the EPC project general contracting, maintenance, maintenance, spare parts and after-sales service of all machinery and equipment manufacturing business processes, customer-centric "quality to create the taste, innovation creating value "as the core values, employee growth, customer profitability, enterprise development, social satisfaction" business philosophy, integrity, specifications, system efficiency, "management philosophy, a leading manufacturing technology, strict quality management system, "First, solve problems, and after clarifying the responsibility of the service system, providing cost-effective solutions and a comprehensive and thoughtful service solutions for customers, full forward to the grand blueprint of Sichuan Mine," the 12th Five-Year Plan "tens of billions.Sichuan ore products and services is the industrys most cost-effective suppliers. 50 years, Sichuan Mining Group has been specialized to focus on for the mining of coal, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metallurgical and mining industry, mining, nonmetal mines, cement, building materials, ceramic proppant industry, power industry, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, the tourism industry and other customers to provide complete sets of major technical equipment, high-tech products and technology services, in particular ---- roasting kiln (oven), pelletizing kiln, cooler, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, sintering machine, tunnel kiln, shredders, cooling tower, as the representative of the metallurgical and mining machinery and equipment and petroleum coke processing equipment mainly to the ore mill, crusher, set spiral classifier, cyclone separator, flotation machine, transportation is one filter dewatering machine and screening sets of mineral processing equipment preheater, dryer, made of powder machine decomposition furnace, roller press, vertical mill, crusher, rotary kiln, ball mill, preheater, making powder machine, cooling machine, dryer, cooling towers and other host devices as well as belt conveyors, feeders, bucket elevators, chain plate conveyor and other auxiliary equipment on behalf of the 5000t / d new dry process cement clinker production line as the representative of the equipment of the cement and building materials single rope winding and multi-rope friction mine hoist, mine conveyor equipment A series of jaw crusher series impact crusher series cone crusher, roller press, ball mill, vertical mill, high pressure roller mill, spring cone crusher, circular vibrating screens and other equipment as the representative of broken screening plants A single wire loop fixed grips gondolas passenger ropeway, single track circulation off hanging passenger ropeway, pulsating cyclic group car passenger ropeway, two-the reciprocating passenger aerial tramway, towing passenger ropeways as well as single-wire loop aerial two-cycle tramway as the representative of the air passenger, cargo ropeway itself back basic steam calcination furnace, the outer back the basic steam calcination furnace as the representative of sodium bicarbonate production line equipment, and the synthesis column, distillation column, a cooling tower, tank, heat exchanger, reactor, dryer, condensation , reactor, feeding machines and other equipment for the petrochemical equipment, as well as the heart of the oil rig equipment --- oil mud pump and other petrochemical equipmentSichuan Mining Group as a dedication to customers with high quality products and services and continue to create value leader in equipment manufacturing and services sectors through its products and services covering the countrys 31 provinces, municipalities, and exports to the United States, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan Stein, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco, Turkey, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other more than 30 countries and regions.The Sichuan Mining Group as a provincial-level enterprise technical centers, with the R & D team of 262 people, 17.31% of the total number of employees of the enterprise, the enterprise has research cooperation with Tsinghua University, China University of Mining and Technology, Chongqing University, Xihua University, Southwest University of Science and Technology and other universities professionals involved in the casting, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mining machinery, materials science and engineering, through years of exploration, has established a complete system for technological innovation, annually invest a lot of R & D funding for mine hoist, rotary kiln, steam calciner , ball mill, the series crusher, new products, new technology, new structure design and R & D, and has obtained 57 national patents, a strong impetus to the enterprise technological innovation, enhance research and development capabilities.Sichuan Mining Group to continue to promote technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, to enhance the companys core competitiveness, including the participation of a large number of landmark projects:International: provides a large ceramsite complete production line equipment for the French Saint-Gobain in the Arkansas Project Vietnam in the countrys first passenger ropeway - Vietnamese black woman mountain cableway from the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning one-stop service To provide a complete production line of annual output of 6,000 tons of cement equipment in Saudi Arabia export to Turkey 4m mine hoist provide for the Uzbek only large soda plant sets Soda calcined equipment for the same customer in Pakistan repeatedly series steam calciner equipment, etc.Domestic: producing 6000 tons of dry process clinker production line for the Qinghai Salt Lake Day 5.2 74m rotary kiln 4.2 13m ball mill and other host device an annual output of 10 million tons of iron concentrate project in Chengde, Hebei large mine mill Benxi mine hoist, enhance the speed of 9.4 m / s (1500 m depth) manufacturing the highest elevation in China the cableway - Yunnan Shangri-La cableway (altitude 4400m, the height difference of 950m pulsation cycle passenger ropeway) Aggregates Production line equipment 400t / h Chongqing Three Gorges Project Qinghai Province biggest sodium bicarbonate production line the large alkali manufacturing equipment - back to base itself steam calciner provide for an annual output of 400 million tons of alumina utilization of fly ash recycling economy demonstration projects in Shandong Binzhou kits host device

pt penta chemicals indonesia

pt penta chemicals indonesia

We produce and develop high quality product of Regular Cement Grinding Aids that will signicantly improve the grinding efficiency, thus raising production capacity and reducing energy consumption without compromising cement quality.

We produce and develop high quality CPE product. Not only providing capacity gain and energy saving, the CPE product will provide extra properties to improve strength and improve owabilty and the pack set of cement.

Our field of specialty is Cement Grinding Aids and we havebeen supplying thousand tons of our products to several bigcement manufacturers in Indonesia for some years. One of ourcurrent customers is the biggest cement manufacturer inIndonesia and recently we also have started to export ourproducts to cement manufacturers in Bangladesh and SriLanka.

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