hiroshima high quality portable brick and tile stone crushing machine sell at a loss

tile & brick saws - harbor freight tools

tile & brick saws - harbor freight tools

We have invested millions of dollars in our own test labs and factories. So our tools will go toe-to-toe with the top professional brands. And we can sell them for a fraction of the price because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. It's just that simple!

stone fabrication machines | cnc sawjets, routers, saws, + polishers

stone fabrication machines | cnc sawjets, routers, saws, + polishers

ProGUARD Solutions, from Park Industries, encompasses a variety of Parks service, training, and maintenance programs that you can select to reduce your risk of downtime and ensure your machine is running optimally.

Park Industries began providing full-service solutions to the stone industry in 1953. Today, weve grown to become North Americas largest stoneworking equipment manufacturer and have expanded our precision solutions into the metal cutting industry.

Increasing your output speed is easy when you use Americas most popular stone saw the dependable YUKON II Bridge Saw from Park Industries. Trust your sawing needs to the YUKON II as over 1,000 fabricators have done in North America.

The HYDRASPLIT Stone Splitter is a productivity powerhouse. Built and designed to maximize your stone yield performance, featuring a wedged chisel equalization system. Available in 60" or 36" Chisel Widths.

The HydroClear PRO Water Systems represent a new generation of water recycling. This all-in-one system transforms your shop's water consumption and water quality while significantly reducing your water bill. Available in 6 unique models.

Seconds matter! Keep your machines running, anytime, anywhere with the latest innovation in business intelligence software. Park IQ software delivers machine performance and status, alerts, planned vs. actual production and more, direct to you, 24/7.

The Pathfinder Digital Imaging workstation does it all! Capture precise, fully-calibrated images of your stone slabs in high resolution. Build a visual library of your slab and remnant inventory, or create scaled, rendered images for further programming on your CNC.

The all new SIDE-SHOT provides fabricators the tools to capture slab images right at the machine with an extremely small footprint requirement. The SIDE-SHOT incorporates Slabsmith Lite software for vein matching and 3D rendering.

The SABERjet XP is a game changer! We love the way the machine runs and it has given us the ability to take on commercial work. The machines capabilities were extremely evident when we cut 8 bathroom vanities and the SABERjet XP had it all done in under 45 minutes. This wouldve taken us all day previously.

Being able to load up the TITAN table with big islands or full jobs is getting them done faster and freeing up my guys to do other jobs. Everything is just getting done quicker and more efficiently since adding it.

For the amount of space the OPTIMUS takes up, compared to how much it produces, its definitely the way to go. It moves from one side of the slab to the other super fast. And just the look of it, it still kind of gives me the chills. Its a beast.

The FASTBACK II is one of the most important pieces of equipment any shop should have. Its going to pay for itself. What it does in one day, it would take a fabricator a full week. And the longevity of the tool life is insane. Just what your saving in pads, its worth buying the machine.

Hands down best purchase we have made!! You can literally program any job within a matter of minutes, set the table up, walk away and go run a different machine. The TITAN is just a workhorse that never takes a day off!

It is not about how much you get out the doorit is about how efficiently you do it. To produce 2,000 sq. ft. / week with only 4 people is a thing of beauty. The SABERjet XP Two Table Sawjet is the best investment Ive ever made.

Prior the SABERjet XP, we never cut Porcelain or other materials like Dekton. Weve been able to jump right into that market and not miss a beat. The machines mitering capabilities have been huge for us to do this, as those materials are almost always finished with a mitered edge. Time spent cleaning up inside mitered corners has been eliminated thanks to the mitering waterjet.

The VOYAGER XP increased our opportunity to do different types of projects, its saving us 60% or more on processing time and parts now come off the saw customer-ready. We dont have to touch them up, theyre exactly accurate, ready for the next step. Adding it was 100% a success.

Polishing manually prior to the FASTBACK II, we averaged about 2 / min by hand. Now, we run everything through that FASTBACK II at 60 / min or more. The polish is perfect every time. It saves us a ton of time and time is money.

The VOYAGER XP has every capability we couldve wanted the router bit, TightCut blade plunging, tilt table, miter cutting, arc blade cutting and more. Prior to getting it, we were struggling to cut and finish 80-90 sq ft in an 8 hr day. Yesterday, we cut and finished 200 sq ft no problem.

The FASTBACK II does the work of 3-4 polishers. I cant feed the FASTBACK II fast enough, and the finish comes off like glass a perfect polish.even on full islands. I wish I got this machine years ago itll pay for itself in a year or so.

Man, I love it [VOYAGER XP]! The speed, accuracy, and reliability are night and day better from our previous saw. The 27 hp motor doesnt budge no matter what material its cutting and we use the TightCut on every single job. Weve doubled our production by far since adding it.

We just cut slab #10,001 on our SABERjet (which is just under 2 years old)! That translates to 454 slabs per month, 113 per week and 22.5 per day. We run it about 16 hours per day and the consistency of the saw has been amazing since the day we got it.

Love our new VOYAGER XP and SIDE-SHOT camera system. Weve experienced fast, clean processing of even the most difficult materials like Taj Mahal Quartzite and Dekton. Our installer Jason was awesome and support is available 24/7. Before the machinery was installed, I was working 16 hrs /day to keep up with the workload and now get it done in 10 hr days, leaving more time for family and a little surfing! Mahalos Park Industries!!

The SABERjet XP is invaluable. It seems like a big price tag, but its worth it. With the SABERjet XP, the sky is now the limit for us. Its hard to actually put into words how much that saw has changed my shop. No job is too complicated any more.

The SABERjet XP is so fast! My revenue has increased by 50% while my labor costs have stayed flat because I added the SABERjet XP, absolutely. After seeing that, I just couldnt stop smiling it blew my mind! It runs so smoothly, I really cant keep the thing fed to be honest. With three guys fabricating and one guy sawing, Im finishing over 8 slabs per day all with mitered drop edges!

Thank you for helping us take a giant step going from a Blue Ripper rail saw to the VOYAGER XP CNC Saw. I appreciate how helpful Park Industries was every step of the way! With their help, Im a SMALL business making BIG changes!

The TightCut has given us much greater material yield, the saw just doesnt slow down with its 27 hp motor, and the ability to miter all edges of a large island is great, but knowing that theyll still be supporting our VOYAGER XP 20 years from now, made all the difference in the world to me.

Park Industries made my first CNC experience so great; I cant help but recommend the VOYAGER XP. I am loving the saw and the service Ive received. Everything has just been quality through and through.

It takes longer to load/unload the VOYAGER XP then it does to cut the job. We are cutting most of our slabs in 8-14 minutes, easy. The simple programming, TightCut blade plunging, and manual mode all separated it from the competition. Man, I just really like that saw.All it does is make you money.

The TXS-3000 Whisper is built extremely well and produces clean cuts for our brick production with minimal chipping. Its very easy to service with the pop-up shroud design. You can just tilt the shroud. Also the whisper technology has significantly reduces the noise of the machine. We run all sizes of brick cut to 5/8 thick cutting both flats and corners, producing approximately 40,000 brick veneer slabs per week with it.

I couldnt live without the FASTBACK II. No one can tell me I could live without it. Period, end of a story. No one should have a doubt about this machine. Call me or come visit if you do have a doubt.

We chose the SABERjet for its compact design and how tight it can nest. The waterjet capabilities are amazing, its miterjet is spot on. The blade to transition jet is damn good. The arc jet mitering worked out extremely well for a shower job we did with curved miters. The SABERjet rips through production and feeds our two TITANs.

Our two TITANs have great polishing quality, theyre always precise, and extremely reliable. They can run nonstop, its very satisfying to push the button and walk away to do something else. When you come back to it, the job is done and the pieces always turn out great.

The HydroClear has cut our water bill in half while keeping everything clean. It filters the water really well. During tours, customers love hearing about the HydroClear and the positive environmental impact of it.

The ability to hold each person from the measurer through installation accountable for each individual piece of every job is invaluable. With each piece being carefully checked and signed off on by each person that touches it we have seen a dramatic decrease in rebuilds and refabs and ultimately, happier customers. It has stopped our guys from being able to pass an issue down the line to the next guy which was causing us to over fabricate pieces, wasting time and effort. The product has honestly made us a more successful shop with our customer satisfaction and financially.

Since the implementation of SPEEDlabel we have been able to grow 2 fold in the past 2 years without adding additional CAD personal. Simply amazing. And now to be coupled with we are very excited about the future of our companies bottom line. More production and better quality, fewer remakes, and all in less time. Its a no brainer.

We have seen immediate improvement with the addition of the HydroClear. Our previous water filtration unit could not keep up with our saws. Any sawing after hours would result in a flooded shop. Now we are able to run overnight without any problems. The HydroClear is, simply put, a better piece of equipment. It saves us costs on parts and labor, allows more space, and requires less maintenance.

The TXS-4800 has a double blade that makes it easy to adjust thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS-4800 has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

First and foremost our new TXS-4500 SA (Single Arbor) machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS-4500 we would not have been able to meet our customers needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries has been refreshing and first class.

The PRO-EDGE IV Edge Polisher has helped increase production and get more finished countertops out the door. Weve had no issues with operating this machine, its compact, and the chore of maintenance has been eased.

The TITAN Fab Center has exceeded our expectations and our production has increased tenfold. We were doing 2-3 kitchens per week by hand and with the TITAN Fab Center we are doing two kitchens a day with two men with ease.

First and foremost, our ThinStone TXS machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS we would not have been able to meet our customers needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries has been refreshing and first class.

From an efficiency perspective, there have been substantial improvements. Previously, we had to wash every piece of stone before putting it on the machine. The addition of the spray bar takes a step out of the process. Our stone is the cleanest its ever been coming off the ThinStone TXS-3000 Whisper and we are very happy with the machine. We love working with Park Industries.

This ThinStone TXS-3000 Whisper is easy to operate, service, and has significantly increased our production capacity. Our investment in this advanced equipment has allowed us to become more productive with the same labor inputs. Our production rate, based on demand and inventory levels, has the ability to exceed 16,000+ square feet per month, running one shift. Park Industries manufactures a great product and they have been a pleasure to work with.

The TXS machine makes it easy to adjust blade thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS Machine has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

After I had a prominent employee quit, I thought I would be in trouble. The SABER CNC Saw cuts the slab, sink, and all radius corners with only 20 minutes of programming in the morning! I didnt think saws like the SABER existed. It puts the hardest part of fabrication in my hands and makes it easy. It reduces the stress of dealing with labor issues. With the SABER, and only two polishers, Im doing 12 kitchens per week and I am cutting three days ahead.

Programmers cant keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift..solo I might add!

This easily trainable machine cut down on almost all of our overtime, while increasing production. Where we used to have overtime every other weekend, now its once every 3 months. The SABER CNC Saw is so easy to use. Once you tell it to cut, you are free to work on another job. There is time to prepare another job or inspect a slab. It is a nice flow and it helps projects get done quicker in a day. Once you hit Go, you can walk away.

Everything was great, from training to install we are happy. I wish i had made this move 5 years ago. With the SABER [CNC Saw] we are able to produce 3x what were able to do with our previous bridge saw.

The SABERs cutting accuracy and speed has really increased our production! Its mitering speed has been very fast, and instead of it being a time consuming process, mitering has become a no big deal task with the SABER.

We chose the SABERjet because of how easy it is to run.Its so simple. I can easily move it around in my shop if my shop changes. The main reason is the waterjets mitering capabilities. We do a lot of high end work thats real tight. Now I have the SABERjet cutting my inside miter corners and I dont have my guys wasting hour after hour cutting the debris off miters.

The TITAN has greatly increased the quality of our finished product. I am impressed with all of its capabilities. We have been spitting out miters, chamfers, radius tops and splashes, and sloped drain pans with ease. Everyone coming in our shop is in awe to see it working. This machine is awesome!!

Weve ran competitive CNC machinery and the TITANs performance is far superior. The polish off the TITAN is incredible. This machines integrated tool management (ITM) system has eliminated any need for fit and finish. There is no touch up needed on the edges at all, which has saved us considerable time and money. It is by far the best CNC machine on the market.

Programmers cant keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift..solo I might add!

Through years of machining experience, and with the help of the TITANs Integrated Tool Management, I have proudly achieved 10,800 linear ft. with 1 set of A.D.I 80mm tooling. Previously, we were lucky to push 2,500 ft. with our previous CNCs from a different stone machine manufacturer.

Our TITAN mirrors the operation of the company that produced it. Efficient, on-time, does what it says it will do when it says it will do it. Both the TITAN and Park Industries have been an asset to our company.

Before I had Slabsmith, I was manually trying to keep track of the partial slabs that I had in inventory. Now, with Slabsmith and the Pathfinder, I know exactly what my partial slabs are [stone type and size] and am able to use these partial slabs for different jobs. This has had a huge impact on my material costs!

The SIERRA is a great saw. The simple, open design is very nice and makes the saw easy to maintain. Very simple to operate. I also like having the ability to customize the SIERRA to fit my preferences which is not hard to do with the help of Parks service. It is a solid saw Ill still have this thing in 20 years.

After purchasing the FUSION, I am saving big on material and labor costs. My installers are able to do 35% more work because of how accurately the FUSION cuts his work. My sales rep, Brian M, represented the details of this very well. It was certainly not oversold.

I could not work without the FUSION ever again after experiencing its productivity. We are using less laborers than before and if I were to go to a one machine shop, it would be a FUSION. I am very happy with Park and they did a great job on the install.

I love the FUSION Arch made my life much easier. The physical labor has gone way down while saving a ton of time. The CNC capabilities allow me to do multiple jobs while it runs. The waterjet capabilities allows us to take on jobs we couldnt have taking on before when we would have had to do it by hand. We used to use 2 and a half guys for the FUSIONs purpose. Now we use one and its much faster!

This digital equipment package from Park Industries (FUSION, TITAN, and Pathfinder) provided us everything we were sold, and more. Our production is now much more efficient, less stressful, and has had a significant impact to our bottom-line. This digital package is a tremendous business management tool.

The SABERjet has completely flipped our game! Our profits have increased, our turnaround time is faster, and the safety of our shop has been transformed. We have no dust in our shop. The SABERjet has had ridiculously positive effects on our shop.

We had the Sasso Flying Flat which worked well for us over the past 6 years however, the quality and flexibility of the FASTBACK is far superior. We are now running production tops through the FASTBACK which eliminates even more hand polishing and TITAN machine time. My operators are fighting over who gets to run the FASTBACK and have started running splashes directly off the FUSION vs. stacking them to the side and hoping someone else would run them.

The TITAN Fab Center has exceeded our expectations and our production has increased tenfold. We were doing 2-3 kitchens per week by hand and with the TITAN Fab Center we are doing two kitchens a day with two men with ease.

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home - mt baker mining and metals

In the USA, Mt. Baker Mining and Metals (MBMM) builds high quality, robust, industrial machines used across many industries. Select an industry below to learn more about how our products can help you with your projects.

We bought a turn-key ore processing system that included a hammer mill. The equipment did exactly what it was promoted to do and more. The combination of the jaw crusher with the hammer mill and shaker table did has good if not better than it was advertised by MBMM. I Read More

We have an MBMM 24 x 16 HD turnkey-scrap metal processor. We primarily process 6-8lb motor stators, smaller transformers and radiator ends to separate out the clean copper. We run this hard day after day and are very happy with how it performs and the on-going support from MBMM. This Read More

As a countertop fabricator, stone waste from the edges of the slabs is a constant headache and expense to deal with. We dispose of 5,000 lbs of cut-offs a day and the dumpster fees for disposal was getting out of hand. We purchased a crusher system from MBMM and have Read More

This customer reports they process mostlyPC boards populated with components and sell the concentrated mix of copper, base metals and precious metals to a copper refinery in Poland. Read More

The crusher (16 x 24 Jaw Crusher Module) is great! I probably have 300 hours on it and we are in the process of swapping around jaw plates. I am very impressed with your product and would have no hesitation in recommending you guys. Read More

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