hool business concrete block industry in nigeria

list of concrete block industries in lagos nigeria

list of concrete block industries in lagos nigeria

Laket Spring Enterprises is in on-site production of concrete blocks and interlock stones which are molded to user/client's desired strength specifications. Thereby eliminating wastage in the course of transit, savings on transportation cost.

how to start block industry business in nigeria 2020

how to start block industry business in nigeria 2020

Considering starting a block industry business in Nigeria? Then, See everything that you need to know about it here, beginning from the nature of the business, how lucrative it is, the start-up capital, and materials needed to get them started. READ MORE BELOW;

Every day, people are building houses for new homes, churches, mosques, shopping centers, offices, etc. and thats why the demand for blocks is now higher making it one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria, though with fewer investors.

Welcome to the focal point of this content, which is How to Start a Block Industry Business in Nigeria. But, before you start this, you must, first of all, create a business plan which will help you to have a better understanding of the market and devise a strategy to succeed in the business within a couple of months.

Also, you have to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and registering that business will open other doors for you to expand the business like accessing loans and other opportunities tailored to entrepreneurs. And availing to you the chance of biddinga contract from the local, state, and federal government or private companies to supply blocks and other building materials with a registered business.

For instance, now, a local manual moulder cost about N10,000 to N15,000 naira while the vibrating machine goes for about N100,000 to N150,000 and you also need to buy a lister generator and other equipment. Depending on your scale, you can buy 1 or 2 moulders for a start.

1. Buy or Rent a Land in a Good Location that can be easily accessed by cars, trucks, or other means of transportation, somehow nearest to the highway. Let the price of the plot of land or piece of land be dependent on how financially buoyant your pocket is. Its not a must for you to start with a big plot of land.

2. Set up a small roofed shed using plank or blocks depending based on what you can afford on the acquired land. Also, Create a store for storing cement, shovel, head pan, wheelbarrow, and other equipment.

You may either sink a borehole or dig a well, install water tanks since you dont have any natural water supply like stream or river. But all you need to make sure of is that the company has a steady water supply system.

5. After making sure that everything needed for the day to day of the company is complete, the next thing you are to do is to start hiring labourers who will work for you since this is not a one-person business.

Also, note that the blocks come in different sizes like 9 inches, 6 inches, or 4 inches. And theres a certain number of blocks that can be made from a bag of cement if you are to be producing the earlier listed sizes. Like now, a bag of cement can produce about 35 40 (9 inches), 50 55 (6 inches), and 60 65 (4 inches) blocks.

Coming to this point, it is better for you to for ways to scale your production daily to maximize profit.For instance, a block molding machine makes about 5000 blocks in a day. So, imagine that you have two of that, that means youll be producing 10,000 blocks a day, and by so doing, it will definitely help you meet the demands of your customers.

Also, make available a business card for yourself and workers and create business relationships with construction engineers, surveyors, architectural designers, bricklayers, and other people who deal with site-building.

Whats you take on this? Do you have any question to ask or an opinion to contribute to this? If yes, then lets hear you at the comment section below, and please share this post as usual on different social media platforms. Thanks

concrete block moulding business plan - free business plans and feasibility studies in nigeria

concrete block moulding business plan - free business plans and feasibility studies in nigeria

Housing is one of the basic needs in Nigeria and therefore the importance of blocks and micro-scale block- moulding enterprises cannot be overemphasized. For sometime now, the Federal Government of Nigeria had introduced the need for housing for all by the year 2020. The she tried to achieve by introducing housing scheme for the civil servants. To complement this effort, there is need for private people establish micro-scale block businesses to reach out to those who may not have opportunities to struggle in the more competitive block industries which might equally be too expensive for the rural populace to afford. It is on this realization that, the project Director, Mrs. Ifenyinwa Ozumba decided to establish one through the assistance of the Bank of Industry (BOI).

Block moulding using sea sand, cement and water produces concrete block which are used for building generally. The blocks can be made into different sizes depending on the mould used. The particularly common sizes include: 6 inches and 9 inches.

how to start a block industry in nigeria

how to start a block industry in nigeria

Block making (commonly called block industry) is a very profitable venture. It is funny to me that some people still think that block making is a vocation for the uneducated and unskilled people. Far from it! Whether you are a school dropout, a university graduate, a professional or a retiree looking for profitable business to engage in; block making is a venture to consider.

Nigerias population is about 206 million people and growing at 4% yearly. The country is rapidly urbanizing with almost half of the inhabitants already living in cities. And according to some studies, by 2050, seventy-five percent of the population will be urban based.

The need for housing is pervasive; including shelter (residential accommodation), recreation, offices, places of worship, markets, schools, shopping malls, hotels, parks, amongst others. An essential component used in the construction of these properties is cement concrete block. For this reason blocks are always in demand.

Block industry is about setting up a facility to mould blocks of various sizes in large quantities. And then, selling to people who are building houses or contractors handling construction projects of different forms.

The block making plant considered here is one that produces hollow concrete blocks of 9 and 6 inches. The major raw materials required are sand, cement and water. Cement is the binder. It is also the most expensive raw material required for block making.

Bigger factories may produce all types of blocks including hollow blocks, solid bricks, interlocking, curbstones, slabs, retaining walls, etc. The production of these require the use of a multifunctional block making machine.

Block making can be labour intensive. Or capital intensive. Thus, it is your level of investment that determines your scale of operation. A labour intensive set up, what you need is a manual mould. And a large part of the production process, from mixing to moulding will be handled by human labour.

The process can also be semi-automated. In this case, part of the production process is manually carried out and other parts handled by machine. In a semi-automated process, the moulds are fed into the machine and the blocks are vibrated mechanically. The output of a semi-automated process is far higher than that of manual process.

There is also a fully automated process which requires investment in automated concrete block making equipment. In this model, the process of block making is completely automated. Once the sand, cement and water is fed into the machine in the right ratio, the machine takes the materials through the process of mixing and moulding automatically.

However setting up a complete automated line of block making plant with sophisticated equipment in a large expanse of land will require much more investment. On this scale, it is a very capital intensive venture.

My goal in this blog is to help visitors/readers identify interesting and lucrative small scale business and investment opportunities. Businesses they can start with small amount of money. Block industry is one of such ventures.

With an investment of N800,000 or even less, you can set up a manual block industry, using a manually operated machine. This is assuming you already have a vacant land. On this scale you will be producing between 200 to 500 blocks per day depending on your strength or number of labour you employ.

Such a small scale block industry can be making as much as N10,000 in daily profit if you are able to develop a ready market. This will translate to N60,000 per week for a six day working week and N240,000 per month net of all expenses.

This is the number one thing you will need to establish a block industry. A piece of land measuring 600 sq.m will be enough for a beginner. You can either buy the land outright if you can afford to, or rent it or even partner with land owners. However, in acquiring your land, you must give consideration to the topography. Dont site your block making business in a water logged area or swampy environment.

This will affect your business because your block will continually be moist, or can be carried away by erosion. Most importantly delivery will be affected because vehicles may find it difficult accessing your site to pick your blocks. For this reason, ensure that your plant is located on a dry land.

After land, the block moulding machine, is the most important piece of equipment you will have to acquire to set up your block industry. There are locally fabricated machines that are manually operated. There are also automatic moulding machines and multifunctional machines that can be imported from China, India, Germany, etc. The type of machine you install depends on the scale you want to operate..

You will need regular power supply to keep your vibrating moulding machine running. A diesel generator is highly desirable. Most operators use Lister engine. We hope there will be a time in Nigeria where entrepreneurs will no longer need to provide their own source of power.

You will have to construct a shed to house your block moulder and your Lister Engine. This will protect these equipment from rain. The shed is a simple structure with four beams and without block walls but covered with a roof. If you have the resources, you can carve out an area with block walls within the shed to serve as your office, changing room for staff and a store to keep your raw materials, particularly cement.

Water is a very crucial material in the production of concrete blocks and you will be needing it in very large quantity and regularly too. Water is needed to mix the cement and sand as well as to sprinkle on the moulded blocks to enhance its hardness. The best strategy is to dig a well in your site for regular water supply. If you have the resources then sink a borehole but a dug well will serve the purpose adequately.

An open pick-up vehicle is adequate to serve as your delivery van. You will need this van to enable you deliver products to your customers at their sites. A serviceable fairly used vehicle can serve this purpose and as you scale up your operations, you can acquire a suitable truck.

You may also need a mixer. Other equipment you will certainly buy include: head pans, shovels, wheel barrow, head pans and water hose. The quantity you will buy will depend on the scale of your production and the number of hands working on your facility. These items are easily available at any hardware store or building material market around.

A key success factor in this business is to locate your industry in a rapidly developing area with a lot construction works going on. This will not only ensure regular demand for your products but also make delivery easy because most of the people that will be buying from you are those building around your location.

It is also essential to locate your block making factory on a dry land to avoid flood destroying your blocks and other raw materials, such as cement and sand. So it is important that before you set up your factory, you do a detail study of the environment to ascertain both the commercial and technical viability of your project.

Your success will largely depend on your organization skills, your capacity to reach out to bricklayers, building contractors and other people in charge of building projects. Reach it to these people and get them to patronize you with whatever incentive you can offer.

You will also have to make arrangement for regular supply of the materials you will need, especially cement and sand. There is nothing as bad as not being able to meet order because you are not able to source materials. You should develop good relationship with cement and sand suppliers so such that you can get these items on a single phone call whether or not you have the money to pay immediately.

You will use mostly daily paid labour. But will also need to hire experience workers to operate the moulding machine as well as the sand and cement mixer. For these processes, you will need people who have some experience to know the right mix of material to produce the quality of blocks required.

Depending on your scale, you will need an admin and account staff to help organize things around and liaise externally on corporate matters as well as keep the books. A marketing person may be required to manage relationship and develop business. These functions can be handled by you the entrepreneur if you have the necessary skills and operating on bootstrap.

Very important is the need to have a security guard to man the entire facility. This is important because your block making facility is usually open space and you will be needing somebody to ensure that your unsold blocks and unused materials are safe and secured and that your equipment is not vandalized.

Every business start up needs to be carefully planned to ensure enduring success. If you are interested in starting a block industry and require assistance feel free to contact us at kobotalk. We can help develop a block industry business plan, source and procure good block moulding machine and help out with business registration.

Buchi provides small business owners with strategic, financial, and digital support to help them build strong, successful and profitable enterprises. He is a Blogger at night and by day, Team Lead at Stalwart Investment Partners Ltd, a research, business and investment advisory firm.

i found this very interesting and educative actually am into real Estate but because the salary earning is not enough to take care of my needs am looking forward to invest in block industry i want to ask if this business is good for lady i will also like to have the idea of the price of Automatic machine for mouding the block

Of course, ladies can do block making business. Employ some unskilled labour to do the hard part while you concentrate on strategy, administration and business development. Prices of machines do vary depending on the brand and whether you are going for new or refurbished. But generally an investment of NGN700,000 can get you a good machine you can use to start your business on a small scale.

Dear sir, I write to appreciate the of your ideas on block making industry. It is so impressing and inspiring. I am a graduate of English Language. I have long desired to venture into the business but am still trusting God for capital to start. I will greatly appreciate if you could help me with the business plan to access funds/ loan. Thanks for impacting life. I await your response sir.

Dear Sir I write to appreciate the soundness of your ideas on block making machine. Am deeply impressed and inspired. Am a graduate of English language but I have long desired to venture into the business but capital incapacitated me. Neither did it occurred y me that I can access loan with good business plan until I read your blog comments. Thus, I will greatly appreciate if you could help me with a business plan to access loan to start off. Thanks for impacting lives with this idea . I will await your prompt response sir. Thank you sir.

This is quite an educative and practical process and procedures involved in starting a block making business. My question. Can you prepared a business plan for me on block making business,as a guide.? I have over N1m to invest.

The best practice however is to conduct a market study and prepare a business plan. That way you are able to consider all aspects of your business and get a more accurate estimate of how much you need to invest.

#300,000 may not be enough to start with, especially if you do not have a land/space already. To start on a tight budget, you should be looking at a minimum of #600,000 minus the cost of land and that is assuming you will start with used locally fabricated machine. You may also have to work out credit arrangement with suppliers of sand and cement to ease your cashflow.

As an unemployed graduate engineer,I have come up with an idea of going into block moulding industry despite that I dont have the capital but it is one of the dream businesses I would like to venture into.

1) Small block machine (i.e LMT4-40, QMJ4-30, QMJ4-45 etc) 2) Small block machine production line (i.e LMT4-35, QTJ4-26, QT3-20 ) 3) Fully automatic production line (i.e QT4, QT6, QT8, QT10, QT12) 4) Clay interlocking block machine (M7MI, M7A2ect) 5) Egg laying block machine (QMY6.QMY8.QMY10) 6) Automatic fly ash brick making machine

Thank you Jimmy for visiting our site. We are not in the business of block making. We provide information on business and entrepreneurship through this blog and also consult in this area. We are certain that some readers of this blog may be interested in your services and will contact you if they found you are a genuine supplier of the equipment you mentioned.

Thus, I and my team are available to work with you should you need help with your business startup, feasibility studies, development of business plans or investment portfolio review, construction, and related matters.

how to start concrete block industry in nigeria wealth result

how to start concrete block industry in nigeria wealth result

The increasingneed to build new residential houses, offices, churches, mosques, shop, schools, e.tc to accommodate the needs of Nigerians, thesehas made the cement mold ling business a very lucrative business in the country.15 bags of cements can yield about 500 bags of cements blocks with these you could make about N20,000per day,and N500,000 monthly income as you sell each 9inches block for N120. Starting a block is not difficult in starting it depends on the scale you want to operate. Here are some few tips needed

These business requires that you have a large space not only for production and drying your blocks but also for storing cements, your location should be in a developing areas where buildings are going on. You will need a shed where you will have your equipments, it should be with a roof over it without a wall.

Here are some machines and equipments needed to start a block industry. Vibrating Block molding Machine (molds cement faster) Cement Block Carrier: (Needed for proper cement, sand and water mixture) Shovels Head pans Supply truck to deliver blocks to customers in building sites. Supply Power Generator, diesel generator is ideal for you block making process

Cement: Get sources of cheap supply of cement, cement is number one this business, you will also need a place to store your cements it must be dry and well covered to avoid rain and sun, and not all types of cement are good for commercial block production, you need the type that dries quickly such as Elephant Cements.

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