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gold cip processing,gold cip plant,gold cip production line-beijing hot mining tech co ltd

gold cip processing,gold cip plant,gold cip production line-beijing hot mining tech co ltd

CIP(Carbon in pulp) process is a high efficient method to leaching and recovering gold from gold ore, The most different from CIL process is in CIP process, gold leaching and adsorption are separated, first leaching, and then adsorption. Now it is being replacing by CIL process progressively. But it still have a lot of application.

CIPprocess is suitable for the treatment of oxidized gold ore with low sulfur content and mud content. It is unsuitable for the gold ore with high grade silveras well. Generally, the proportion of gold and silver should not exceed 1:5. The best conditions for CIPprocess in China: PH=10-12, sodium cyanide concentration is not less than 0.015%, the particle size of activated carbon is 1.0-3.35mm, the best choiceof carbon is coconut shell activated carbon, and the slurry concentration is 40-45%.

Usually,small or medium scale mineral processing plants can meet the requirements after two stages of crushing and one stage of screening. However, large scale mineral processingplants need three or even four stages of crushing to get qualified products.

In the classical process, the grate ball mill and the spiral classifier constitute the first stage grinding and classification unit, and the overflow ball mill and the hydro-cyclone constitute the second stage grinding and grading unit.

The overflow slurry of classification is only 18-25%, if directly leaching will result in excessive energy cost and reagent consumption. Therefore, thickening is a necessary step. In order to accelerate the settlement, a certain amount of flocculants will be added to enhance the thickening effect.

After the slurry went into the leaching tank, the solution of sodium cyanide is added into the first leaching tank accurately. Every stage of tank has a certain height difference, which can let the slurry flow automatically to the next tank.

Activated carbon is put into the the slurry at the last adsorption tank, and it is flowed reversely through the air lifter. Carbon segregation screen is set in every absorption tank's outlet to separate the carbon and slurry. After screening and washing, the gold-loaded activated carbon will be sent to the desorption operation. After absorption, the gold grade in the tailing solution will reduce to 0.01-0.03g/m.

Gold-loaded carbon and slurry are lifted by carbon pump or air-lifter to separation sieve (the most popular sieve is liner vibrating sieve). Gold-loaded carbon and slurry are separated by water on the sieve surface, and then gold-loaded carbon is sent to carbon storage tank and the slurry and water flow into the first absorption tank.

There are several desorption methods. In China, the general application methods are Zadra desorption method, high temperature and high pressure desorption method (hereinafter referred to as HTHP method) and integral pressure desorption method (hereinafter referred to as IP method).

how to choose a reliable gold ira company - 2021 guide | world magazine 2021

how to choose a reliable gold ira company - 2021 guide | world magazine 2021

Nowadays, people appreciate the need to invest in various investment vehicles. Most people know that retirement needs enough funds to live their days comfortably, and their 401(k) may not be enough to last them. Now comes the individual retirement account (IRA) through precious metals. Since precious metals like gold are good avenues to protect the value of a retirees hard-earned money, more people are now into gold IRA.

Aside from your traditional IRA, you need to acquire a gold IRA if you want to hold or invest in physical gold for your retirement. Some call it precious metal IRA but it works like a standard retirement account wherein the same distribution and contribution limits apply. The difference is that youre investing or holding physical gold like bars, bullions, or coins instead of the traditional bonds, stocks, and other paper assets. The best thing about a gold IRA is you can also hold gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, or mutual funds. Thus, making your gold IRA more diversified.

Gold IRA allows you to grow your money over time aside from giving you a sense of security and peace. Since gold increases its value in the long run, putting your hard-earned money into a gold IRA means securing its value even if the value of money decreases due to inflation. Thats the main reason many investors use gold as a hedge against inflation. For example, if you have a piece of gold worth USD$20 in the 1900s, its worth now is around USD$1,800 per ounce. Not only have you preserved the value of your USD$20, but you were also able to grow it.

On the other hand, if you have let it sit in the bank, your USD$20 may have been eaten by bank fees. Or if its still existing, the value of your USD$20 may not be enough to sustain your retirement needs. But with a gold IRA, you can get the most of your hard-earned money when you retire.

In addition, not only are you growing your moneys worth, but a gold IRA can be an effective hedge against other investments downfall as well. For example, paper assets like stocks can go into bear markets during an economic crisis. If youre unlucky to retire during economic downfalls, you may have no choice but to sell your stocks at a lower price. Hence, the loss on your part.

But if you have a gold IRA aside from your paper assets, you can prevent selling the latter at a lower price. As mentioned, gold prices tend to have opposite direction with other investment markets because gold prices are not likely to go low by a countrys economic crisis. Therefore, when all of your investments are down, you can use gold to balance your retirement portfolio. Or you can use it to finance your retirement days even when your country is in a crisis. It also means that your retirement fund wont be devalued because youve invested it in gold.

The benefits you get from your gold IRA dont come that easy. Its because you also need to consider the gold IRA company that youll invest in. This company will handle your retirement investment from rolling over your traditional IRAbuying, storing, and selling your gold investments.

In case youve worked with a bad gold IRA company, you may not grow your retirement investment. And worse, you may lose your assets when you chance upon a crooked company. You can avoid all of these when you do your due diligence in finding a good gold IRA company. Thus, you may want to consider the following tips:

Before contacting each gold IRA company, you must do your research first. Understand what and how it can benefit you. You also need to know about the company that will handle your gold IRA account. That way, you can find a reliable organization to protect and grow your retirement assets.

The internet has all the answers, as they say. Use this to your advantage to know what people are saying about a gold IRA company. It may also help if you find third-party review sites that may have done in-depth research about them. By reading those reviews, you can get an idea of what to expect from themlike how this review talks about a specific gold IRA company.

After checking their online reputation, you must not forget to personally contact your prospect gold IRA companies. Learn more about them directly. Similar to buying jewelry where you physically check its quality, calling or contacting these companies let you experience whether the online reviews are real.

When you interact with these companies, its also best to ask them questions to verify their online reputation. Not only that, but you can also clarify how their service is and what you can expect from them. Hence, here are some questions you may have to ask them:

By asking this question, youll know whether you can easily sell your gold or have to look for buyers. If they buy back the gold, ask them whether they follow the current market price on the day you have to sell it. That way, you wont fall to companies buying back their gold but at a much lower current market price. However, you should also note that theres no law requiring the company to buy back the gold you acquired from them.

If youre acquiring physical gold, make sure that the company will not deliver it after months. Especially if youll be acquiring more than thousands worth of physical gold, the company must consider giving you a high-quality service.

When they only offer you a few options, it may mean they have a limited type of gold at hand. Thus, you may want to check the ones with more options so you can diversify your gold IRA. Moreover, suppose they offer recommendations and reasons behind such. In that case, it may mean they understand gold investments as compared to those who may not be able to provide explanations. When asking these questions, its best to take note of how the representatives deal with you. The tone of their voice, the length of their answers, and how they listen may indicate whether theyre customer-centric or not.

For example, if they get irritated when you ask them a lot of questions, they may also do so in the future. Of course, you wouldnt want that as you need someone to assist you throughout your entire contract with them.

Lastly, it would help if you dont forget to ask how much they charge, including hidden charges. Some companies may only be posting low prices for their services but may charge you more because of extra services. Thats why you should ask them what the inclusions are for such fees.

Ask about commissions if they could sell your gold or other extra fees when you ask for their help. Setup fees may be a one-time fee, but check additional fees like storage, maintenance fees, and miscellaneous fees. That way, youll know what services to expect at such a price.

Setting up a gold IRA account may be one of the best investments for your future, but do it with a reputable company. By considering the following tips above, you can reap the benefits of your gold IRA account. Since there are many gold IRA companies out there, its best to do your research before jumping to the first company that pops in your search engine. By doing your due diligence, you can grow and secure your retirement fund.

how to choose a gold ira company | gold ira buyers guide

how to choose a gold ira company | gold ira buyers guide

Congratulations youve made the sensible decision to open or rollover into a gold IRA. Youre concerned about the financial future of you and your family and you want to plan for a comfortable retirement. However, you will need a custodian to manage the assets of your portfolio. What should one look for in a company? How should one select the custodian of ones account?

The criteria one should consider for finding a custodian? They should be a well-established company with a solid and trustworthy business record and have customer testimonials available for review. They should be accredited by market watchdogs such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company should also have a number of investment options available to the investor, not only with various gold investments but with the capability of asset allocation with stocks or real estate. Finally, the custodian should be knowledgeable and vigilant to ever-changing market conditions with an eagerness to serve and educate the investor. Armed with this knowledge the investor can have confidence that he or she is making the best financial decisions for their retirement.

The first step in locating a gold IRA company is research; a simple internet search reveals a number of websites that rank various gold dealers and IRA custodians. One caveat to consider is that many companies offer gold for sale but are not IRA custodians. Note that gold IRA custodians are required to have secure storage facilities available to protect the holdings of their clients.

Now that a list of gold IRA brokers and/or custodians has been compiled, investigate reviews of these companies through market watchdogs such as the BBB and TrustLink. Transparency is also important; if a custodian company provides a forum site for customer feedback you can presume that service is of paramount importance to the company. The BBB provides ratings for various companies and handle any customer complaints. Parsing this information will reveal any patterns of complaints and/or poor customer service. TrustLink, a BBB offshoot, is an independent forum for customer feedback that uses redundant fact verification matrixes that ensure the accuracy and independence of review and ratings. Companies that are TrustLink members are generally confident in the quality of service they provide to their clients.

As mentioned above, a gold IRA custodian should have a variety of portfolios available to the investor. It is important to find a custodian that is not only experienced in gold but has the capability of combining both precious metals and stocks to an IRA. Gold can be added to any IRA type including traditional, Roth, simplified employee pension (SEP) and simplified incentive match plans for employees (SIMPLE).

While conducting due diligence the investor may encounter aggressive sales representatives pushing products that may not be a wise investment for a gold IRA. Or they may steer clients to gold investments that involve more risk than the client is willing to accept, such as gold mining company stock. Remember that age and total net worth of the client are factors in IRA investment; the closer to retirement an investor is, the less room there is for risk. It is important for someone who opens or rolls over an IRA to include gold to find a knowledgeable custodian who can advise the client on investments that best suit his or her situation. Avoid unscrupulous companies whose personnel attempts to push gold that cannot be included in an IRA, such as Krugerrands or gold that is less than 99.5% pure. It is advised that the investor be thorough in doing his homework regarding gold IRA custodians.

Nearly all investments involve some level of risk. But the more one knows about gold and the companies that sell gold and are IRA custodians the more confident the investor will be about the decisions that he or she makes. A company that exudes calm confidence, without pushing questionable products or services, and seeks to provide the best individualized service and current market information to the client is the obvious choice.

how to choose a gold chain necklace

how to choose a gold chain necklace

Before you buy a gold chain necklace, there are several important factors to consider, including whether the chain is solid gold, what karat it is, and what kind of links the chain is made up of. Lets examine the most important characteristics you should pay attention to when buying a gold chain.

So, if you are going to wear your chain every day, you might want to skip the 20Kt and 22Kt pieces, which will scratch more easily compared with 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which are harder since they contain a higher percentage of non-gold alloys.

Although low-karat gold is more durable, it is not recommended if you are allergic to nickel many gold alloys contain this metal, and the lower the gold purity, the more nickel the piece may contain.

If you are concerned about having an allergic reaction, do not buy 10Kt gold (unless you are sure it is nickel free). Stick with 14Kt or 18Kt gold instead. (Please note that 14Kt gold may still cause an allergic reaction if you are really sensitive to nickel.)

It is also important to decide how thick the links should be, and this depends not only on your style preference but also on whether you will be wearing a pendant. If you are going to put some kind of charm on your gold chain, make sure it is thick enough to bear the additional weight.

Make sure your gold chain has a clasp that closes well and is not easy to break. The lobster clasp is one of the best choices it is solid and does not open easily if you happen to pull your chain harder.

You might think this is not a big deal, but if the chain is rough and you wear it for several hours, it will irritate your skin. Run your fingers over the chain to make sure there are no jagged pieces that could rub your skin or catch on your clothes.

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