hpc gold mining machine

extrac-tec | gold recovery and mining concentration equipment

extrac-tec | gold recovery and mining concentration equipment

Based on our revolutionary patented transverse spiral concentrator belt and benefiting from almost 20 years of development experience, the system boasts fine gold recovery rates of 95%-98% down to 50microns.

Find out more about the use of our systems for Alluvial or Placer Mining, Hard Rock gold recovery, concentration of a broad range of minerals, gemstone recovery and lead remediation of shooting ranges.

photos of hpc-10 alluvial gold recovery machine | extrac-tec

photos of hpc-10 alluvial gold recovery machine | extrac-tec

The HPC-10 is fitted with a Manual Feed Chute, for feeding of dry, moist or wet material as well as slurry, mud and clay-containing materials. Material is loaded onto the Chute and manually pushed into the Scrubbing Trommel.

Water supply to the HPC-15 is fed into the Water Manifold. The Water Manifold allows independent control of water flow throughout the HPC-15. Extra outlet valves are included for a general purpose hose and for any auxiliary equipment that requires water.

The Trommel Scrubber is divided into 2 sections, each with 3 lifting paddles. Material washed into the Trommel is retained in each section to allow thorough tumbling and washing of rocks, gravel, sand and clay before screening.

Scrubbed material passes from the Trommel Scrubber section to the Trommel Screen. Fine / undersize material falls through the screen whilst large / oversize gravel and rocks are retained and fed to the Discharge Section of the Trommel. Lifters inside the Trommel Screen and additional water sprayed into the screen ensure that all fine particles are discharged through the screen.

Oversize material is fed from the Trommel Screen to the Discharge Section where it is discharged from the machine. The water nozzle at the rear of the Trommel sprays water into the Screening Section of the Trommel to assist with the washing process. The Discharge Section is also fitted with a Nugget Trap to retain nuggets which have not passed through the Trommel Screen.

Fine / undersize material washes through the Trommel Screen, falls into the Material Distribution Chute and is then washed onto the Concentrator Belt. The Chute can be adjusted to precisely control where material is discharged onto the Concentrator Belt. This allows for additional control of mineral recovery and yield in certain applications.

The reverse spiral Concentrator Belt is a unique feature of the EXTRAC-TEC HPC Technology. The Concentrator Belt enables complete control of the fluidization of material with long retention time for unbeatable recovery of heavy particles by gravity separation (see videos for a detailed presentation ).

Additional control of material fluidization on the Concentrator Belt is achieved through the Vibration Roller and Belt Washbar. Vibration of the Concentrator Belt assists with settling of heavy particles whilst independent control of water flow onto the Concentrator Belt ensures correct control of material fluidization (slurry / pulp density).

The Concentrator Belt separates heavy and light particles. Heavy particles are then washed onto the Concentrate Sluice. Rotation and Inclination of the Concentrate Sluice can be adjusted for optimum recovery of heavy particles.

The Concentrate Sluice has 4 recovery sections, each containing a Concentrate Mat, Riffles and a Riffle Lock. During periodic cleanups, Concentrate Mats are taken out of the sluice to remove heavy concentrate.

Light particles are washed off the Concentrator Belt onto the Tail Sluice. Analysis of heavy particle recovery in the Tail Sluice is used to provide feedback on whether the machine setup is correct / optimal or not.

An electrical controller housed inside a water and dust-proof control box enables precise speed control of the Trommel and Concentrator Belt. After initial setup, the Control Box can be locked only the On/Off switches are required for day-to-day operation.

hpc-10 placer mining equipment | extrac-tec

hpc-10 placer mining equipment | extrac-tec

A simple, compact, mobile concentrator, the HPC-10 is designed for exploration and bulk sampling, integrating all components into a single trailer-mounted unit. Easy to move and operate, the versatile HPC-10 offers an unbeatable recovery rate down to ultra-fine particles to guarantee accurate and scalable sampling.

By providing results that are scalable up to full production levels, your investment in the HPC-10 placer mining equipment allows you to have an accurate understanding of your sites mineral potential, providing a reliable projection of what can be achieved with full-scale production.

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