i looking to buy a gold mining lease in wa

australian mining leases, camp, and equipment for sale

australian mining leases, camp, and equipment for sale

These 25 mining leases are for sale by an experienced gold miner who faces major health issues with his back. He is hoping to to sell right away but plans to commence mining as soon as the rains come on one of the leases if a buyer does not come forward right away.

In addition he has a 7 man camp made up of 2 containers properly fitted out with 2 room per container, each room with split A/c. There are 2 men to each room who are on opposite shifts when running 24hrs. One container is used as a kitchen and one is used for parts. The camp is run by a 16kw Hatz genset. The owner is asking $105,000 + GST for the camp.

kalgoorlie gold prospecting lease -		 minelistings.com

kalgoorlie gold prospecting lease - minelistings.com

Kalgoorlie, Australia. Excellent access right on the edge of Kalgoorlie township. Excellent access 7km from the heart of Kalgoorlie. Adjacent to the railway line from Perth-Kalgoorlie and 1.2km from the main highway (94).

metal detecting permit and miners rights wa

metal detecting permit and miners rights wa

First - Print out the Application for a Miners Right which you can get from this Metal Detecting Permit or Miners Right Application form link - yep, I know its really a Miners Right link, but at least you now know the two terms are interchangeable! You must have a Miners Right In WA to go Metal Detecting for Gold.

That link takes you to the Department of Mines and Petroleum link to a PDF "Miner's Rights - Information Pamphlet" which includes the application at the back and the address to send the completed application and your $28.00 (as at July 2030) fee.

You can also get your Miners Right by visiting the Perth Mines and Petroleum site at level 1, 100 Plain St East Perth or one of the Mining Registrar Offices scattered throughout Western Australia at the following towns.

If you send your identification to the Department of Mines In Perth with the appropriate details and identification (such as a copy of your passport information) and Payment by providing your credit card details they will send you out a Miners Right.

Obtaining a Miner's Right. A Miner's Right can be obtained for a fee of $26.50 at the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), Mineral House, 100 Plain Street, East Perth, or at any Mining Registrar's office, upon presentation of proof of identity.

I notice that the form has no email address to return the Miners Right so I suggest in your email to [email protected] that you provide your email address and ask for the details or a copy of the Miners Right so you can use it on any Section 40e application if you are applying for one later.

To access or Mine minerals apart from just by using a Miners Right you must PEG a lease and depending on the Lease conditions - Exploration, Prospecting or MiningTenements, the State requires certain actions , forms, conditions and expenditure from the person who pegs the land

The Miners rights enables you access to certain land to go prospecting and pegging leases in WA as explained above BUT to Mine Minerals you must fulfil the condition of pegging leases (or in the case of and Exploration lease that can be done online).

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