ilorin high end new chrome ore wear parts of ball mill price

mine thickeners, thickener mineral processing, thickener mining process, deep cone thickener

mine thickeners, thickener mineral processing, thickener mining process, deep cone thickener

In the current ore dressing process, most mineral processing plant adopt wet separation process, so the concentrate has very high water content, which can't be smelted directly. As the first step of dewatering operation, thickening operation occupies 9% influences on the whole beneficiation process, and 35% effects on the whole dewatering operation. The quality of thickening equipment will directly affect the result of dewatering operation, and high quality thickener will increase 20%-30% thickening concentration, then strengthen thickening result.

As the leading manufacturers of professional thickening equipment in the world, Xinhai has successfully developed various types of rake thickener, deep cone thickener and tilted plate thickener, which perfectly achieve free sedimentation among 20-3500

This thickener is indepently developed and successfully designed by Xinhai. The internal deaerating tank and serrated overflow weir prevent solid particles from adhering to bubbles, improve local suction phenomenon and greatly increase the sediment space; At the same time, Xinhai changed the traditional horizontal feeding to inclined feeding, which fundamentally eliminated the feeding jams.

After several improvements of Xinhai, this thickener is equipped with larger processing capacity, lower overflow turbidity and higher discharging concentration. It has been widely used in chemical industry, building materials, thickening and purifying of solid-contained liquid in sewage treatment.

Xinhai adopts new mechanical structure that greatly strengthens the flocculation of flocculating agent on solid particles. At the same time, new flocculent addition system increases the particle size of sedimentary solid particles, then accelerated the settling velocity; Compared with conventional thickener, this thickener is has higher production efficiency, 2-3 times unit processing capacity and 30% energy saving, which can effectively deal with all kinds of slurry, waste water and waste residue.

Peripheral transmission covers peripheral roller transmission and peripheral gear transmission two forms that has advantages of high safety factor, stable and reliable running, easy to operation, convenient maintenance and long-range control. It can fully meet various operation requirements. In addition, Xinhai specially selects single row cross column rotary support or single row four point contact ball rotary support, which not only possess compact structure, light weight, but also can bear larger axial force, radial force and overturning moment.

This thickener uses hydraulic drive, and core PLC auto-induction pressure sensor signal realizes hydraulic automatic rake lifting. Besides, configured automatic dosing system make it more intelligent and convenient. Whats more, the diameter of Xinhai hydraulic motor driving center thickener can reach 50m, which further improves the processing capacity and thickening efficiency, and fully realizes the thickening and dewatering of slurry.

Xinhai adopts large angle cone design and the whole is vertical cone shape, which greatly improves underflow density and overflow quality; At the same time, both slender pool body design and flocculating agent accelerate the concentration process, reduce the floor space and improve automation degree. The processing capacity is 3-8 times higher than traditional thickener, and the underflow concentration is as high as 50-70%, which can satisfy the high thickening requirement and fine-grained slurry thickening.

Based on the slow sedimentation rate of traditional inclined plate thickener, Xinhai improves plate channel integration and plate modularity on tilted plate thickener, which not only can keep the identity, but also can adopt deformation design according to slurry properties and separation size, maximally play the thickener performances; Besides, Xinhai set the vibrator on the outer wall of cone bucket, which accelerates the declining of ore grain, prevents pulp congestion and achieves forced discharge of high concentration underflow. The underflow concentration can reach 70%. It is suitable for tailings flotation and all kinds of solid-contained slurry.

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