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industrial and commercial dryers | b&c technologies

industrial and commercial dryers | b&c technologies

To complement our line of superior washer-extractors, B&C Technologies offers the most rugged dryers in the industry. A low initial investment is only the beginning of your savings. All B&C dryers are manufactured with fewer parts which means fewer break downs, less downtime and less maintenance. Easy installation saves you money and time, allowing you to have your have your laundry up and running in a matter of hours. Engineered and manufactured with installation in mind, these sturdy dryers use welded steel cabinets and heavy duty steel bases that can be easily moved without damaging the machine.

The B&C line features an energy saving, fully enclosed, insulated cabinet. This leads to much quieter operation as well as keeping the heat in the dryer where it belongs. High airflow rates and high BTU burners dry the goods quickly for increased productivity in the laundry.

Our durable drive system is built to last. Fully enclosed fan cooled motors, cast iron pulleys, plus a standard stainless steel drying cylinder make the B&C line of dryers the best value in the industry.

Even the doors are designed for ease of use and long life. Swinging doors open 180 degrees for increased accessibility. Maintenance on the B&C dryer door is reduced by our service free magnetic latch and our gasket free design. You'll find exactly what fits your drying needs.

Europeans have been using drying cabinets for over fifty years both professionally and domestically as a complement to standard tumbling clothes dryers. Now available in the Americas, drying cabinets are proving to be indespensable for goods that can not be traditionally dried.

The drying cabinet dries efficiently without mechanical action at exactly the right temperature and humidity. Studies show that 20-30% of garments worn daily should not be tumble dried as many show a do not tumble symbol on the care label. A drying cabinet is ideal for articles not suitable for tumble dryers as well as special processes like wetcleaning. Gentle drying action leads directly to longer fabric life, as the goods are not tumbling against each other or against the drying cylinder.

Drying cabinets have a much longer life span than conventional tumble dryers due to very few moving parts. B&C drying cabinets feature sturdy construction and excellent engineering which leads to extended machine life. New controls and fan systems have made the cabinets highly energy efficient, creating lower energy costs.

Flat packaging saves shipping costs and reduces shipping damage. Manual or automatic drying modes with accurate temperature sensing and our unique humidity tracking system (HTS) prevents over drying and saves energy. Underpressure drying technology creates a partial vacuum by utilizing three fans which speeds drying time and lowers energy costs.

B&C Technologies has a exceptional line of professional drying cabinets designed for many different markets and custom marketplaces. The combination of decades of experience and our new technology makes our drying cabinets an excellent alternative and complement to tumble dryers.

industrial & commercial clothes dryer australia | electrolux professional

industrial & commercial clothes dryer australia | electrolux professional

Simplicity Pre-mix, cold beverage dispensers, are proud to offer less. Less counter space with their compact size. Less time and effort in cleaning and disassembly. Less wear and power usage. Less waste, with product dispensed to the last drop.

Excellence means constantly aligning superior products and services to customer needs. It means going the extra mile to transform machines into a solution. It implies continuously evolving to stay one step ahead of your own personal best.

The Compass Pro control system maximises performance and gives you all the flexibility you could wish for. In addition to making life easier, this offers you unique ergonomic extras even before loading.

If youre looking for an commercial clothing dryer, then look no further than right here. There are times when you run a business that a standard clothes dryer just wont cut the mustard, and that is something that we here at Electrolux Professional know all too well.

We are considered one of Europes best-kept secrets. We know, thats a bold claim. But we have almost 100 years of trading to back it up. Over the past 100 years, we have built up the worlds most extensive service network, and as a company, we are dedicated to supporting your business, no matter what business youre in, or whereabouts in the world youre located.

Electrolux Professional is the only supplier worldwide offering a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundry including industrial spin dryers under the same brand. These solutions are solutions that are frequently used under the same roof, working hand in hand in businesses such as hotels, motels, nursing homes and hospitals.

Naturally, we would love to recommend all of our products to you; however, we are more than aware that you are going to want the most suitable product for your businesss commercial dryer needs. Thats why we have a great team available to talk through your options with you in terms that will actually make sense.

As you would expect, we have a wide range of industrial dryers to offer, and you should know that with us, youll be getting nothing but the best. Just one of our amazing commercial clothes dryer range is:

The dryer has a certified ergonomic design, which means that we put the priority on the people that are going to use it. The ergonomic design makes sure that it promotes the best user experience possible. In addition to this, the lint filter draw is designed for easy access and cleaning, without having to almost throw your back out to clean it out.

Whats more, with smart technology, you are able to monitor the performance of the tumble dryer from anywhere. This allows you to keep an eye on your business, improve your performance, and therefore improve your business along the way.

Getting into contact with us couldnt be easier. The easiest way to get into contact with us is to use the enquiry form on our website. It can be found under the contact us tab at the top of our site. All you need to do is send us your name, enquiry, and an e-mail address to respond to, and one of our team will get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. We aim to answer all enquiries by the end of the next business day; however, we hope you understand that there are certain times when this could take longer.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with commercial dishwashers in Brisbane. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable commercial dishwashers in Adelaide and commercial glass washers. Dont hold back, contact us today.

china clothes dryer, clothes dryer manufacturers, suppliers, price

china clothes dryer, clothes dryer manufacturers, suppliers, price

With hundreds of thousands of products to choose from and an ever growing product range, your industrial equipment needs are sure to be met here. Our China manufacturers & suppliers will provide a full-service to keep you up and running and meet your unique equipment requirements. If you are interested in China Clothes Dryer, You will be amazed by the variety of the product choices such as dryer, drying machine, dryer machine. Besides, their competitive & cheap price of Clothes Dryer factory would get you an edge in your own market. It's well known that product quality and safety is a stronger priority for this equipment industry and also for the buyers, here you are offered a greater chance to find trustworthy manufacturers & factories who are delivering high levels of performance, efficiency and reliability in their products all the time. With thousands of quality suppliers & manufacturers, we are sure that they can provide all equipment for sale, services and solutions for your various industrial applications.

industrial washer dryer working. hotel laundry service. clothes dryer machine. industrial dryer clothes. industrial washing machine. drying laundry washing machine. washer machine washing stock video footage - storyblocks

industrial washer dryer working. hotel laundry service. clothes dryer machine. industrial dryer clothes. industrial washing machine. drying laundry washing machine. washer machine washing stock video footage - storyblocks

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industrial dryer machine working. closeup of drying clothes in drying machine. close up of dryer machine dry clothes. close up of drying laundry machine. drying clothes laundry stock video footage - storyblocks

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industrial spin dryer, stainless steel centrifugal drying machine

industrial spin dryer, stainless steel centrifugal drying machine

Examples of areas and specialties where industrial spin dryers are heavily relied upon are water treatment, air control and pollution control, agriculture and food processing, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, plastics, industrial manufacturing, health care, and many more others.

Within these niches, industrial spin dryers are used to dry substances and products such as refuse, sludge, dairy products, grain, paper, plastics, fertilizer, chemicals, fabrics in hotel laundromat, types of equipment, etc.

Overall Design When designing industrial spin dryers, manufacturers set out to create drying machines that are strong and corrosion-resistant, with different specifications such as continuous drying or batch drying capabilities, automation level, shape/size, and other forms of specifications.

Safety and Compliance Standard No matter how youd like to use an industrial spin dryer machine, it needs to meet minimum energy, safety standards that are determined by the relevant governmental agencies.

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