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the most practical jaw crusher repair and maintenance manual | fote machinery

the most practical jaw crusher repair and maintenance manual | fote machinery

Just like other stone crusher machines, jaw crusher also needs a regular repair and maintenance after a certain time of working, or it will get decreased service life because of severe wear of important parts.

So many customers have common misconception that jaw plates only need repair when appearing flat, holes, cracks. Actually if jaw plates wears badly, it is not only hard to repair but seriously affects the normal working of other parts, which then will take a great sum of money to change a jaw plate and maintain other parts.

The pitman drives the moveable jaw dies to push stone material towards stationary jaws, which would create strong pressing forces to both jaw dies. Therefore, if the pitman cannot get lubrication in time, it will be broken under the high pressure of material and interrupt the whole work.

Proper plan and preparation make the whole repair and maintenance ordered and effective, which helps operators save time, cost, and enhance their safety. You can make a checklist just like the following chart in which you can list need-checked jaw crusher parts with a different period then making a mark if you are done with them. This not only prevents missed inspections, but also makes the arrangement clear, and saves a lot of time.

The lubrication of the interface between the parts of the jaw crusher is very important. It can minimize the friction generated during the operation, make the whole jaw crusher run smoothly, and extend its service life.

Unlike gyratory crushers, the main lubrication used in jaw crushers is grease instead of oil. When using grease, there may be several different ways to inject it into the necessary lubrication points. It can be operated manually with a grease gun, an oiler or metering pump.

Eccentric shaft (pitman bearing): It is behind the moveable jaw plate, and together with flywheel with toggle plate to create a motion. So, the most important thing you must do is keeping a regular lubrication to eccentric shaft, or you will spend more than four hours in changing a new one when it is broken.

Main shaft To keep the main shaft in good lubricating situation, you need to guarantee enough geese between thrust plate.The grease added to the bearing box needs to occupy about 50% of its space and be replaced every 3-6 months. When changing the engine oil, please use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the roller bearing raceways.

There are different jaw plates material in the market, and some of them suits for hard stone while other is not. Therefore, you have to choose the right jaw plate for your crusher. For example, generally the jaw plate of single toggle jaw crusher is not good at crushing strongly abrasive and hard stone material with large production.

The function of toggle plate is to adjust the outlet of the jaw crusher to the desired size. There are two specific methods: one is to replace the support pad between the toggle plate and the body frame, and the other is to adjust the two wedges between the toggle and the body frame.

Fote Company has more than 40-year manufacturing experience, mainly engineering different types of jaw crushers including PE jaw crusher, Dodge jaw crusher, Blake type jaw crusher(double toggle jaw crushers), single toggle jaw cruhser, etc., and all of them can be customized.

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how to repair abrasive jaw plate of jaw crusher? - xinhai

how to repair abrasive jaw plate of jaw crusher? - xinhai

Crushing cavity of jaw crusher consists of movable jaw plate and static jaw plate two pieces of jaw plates, which simulates the jaw movement animal then finishes the crushing operation. Therefore, the jaw plate of jaw crusher wears so fast, especially the outer third part. ThereforeXinhai proposes the following methods:

1. Optimize the design of jaw plate. In the operation of jaw crusher, the jaw plate will contact with the material directly that stands huge crushing and material friction force. Therefore, Xinhai specialty adopts new cambered jaw plate design, which not only plays buffer effect on jaw plate force, but also increases the effective length of jaw plate, improves the processing capacity

2. Tighten jaw plate when loading. The new jaw plate should be fixed tightly, which ensures the steady contact between jaw plate and boby surface (movable jaw plate and static jaw plate). Xinhai often adds a layer of lead plate, plywood or cement mortar between two surfaces. When installing the movable jaw plate and static jaw plate, please guarantee the movable jaw plate and static jaw plate are in engage state.

3. Select good wear-resistant plate material. Jaw plate must adopt that kind of material with high hardness, abrasion resistance and wear resistance. Xinhai chooses manganese steel with more than 12 % manganese (commonly ZGMn13), which has high wear-resistance and long service life. Moreover, manganese steel has a good toughness and work hardening ability, it can be continuously strengthened under the pressure. Therefore, it will be worn but strengthened in the crushing process until it cannot be used. Combined with service life and cost, ZGMn13 is undoubtedly the best plate material.

4. Real-time control material parameters. Please timely adjust main parameters of jaw crusher if you find there is a significant fluctuation in material properties, such as jaw angle, eccentric shaft speed, capacity and motor power, etc., which enables jaw crusher to fit with material and reduces jaw plate wear.

In the crusher operation, jaw plate is the most wasteful consumers of the component. During the more than 20 years of development, Xinhai has constantly optimized jaw crusher in jaw plate design, material selection, assembly and application notice, etc., which totally increased the efficiency of jaw crusher and won the favor of various customers.

maintenance and repair of jaw crusher | jxsc mine

maintenance and repair of jaw crusher | jxsc mine

Jaw crusher is a universal stone crusher in the mining industry. Application: jaw crusher machine widely used in the mineral processing plant, building material industry, aggregate processing plant, roads, railways, water conservancy, chemical and so on industries. Mainly in the medium size crushing operation, the maximum compressive strength of the crushed material is 320 MPA. Working principle of jaw crusher: the crushing chamber consists of a moving plate, and fixed plate, the pressing force from of the two plates movement will crush the rock material. It simulates the progress of the animalsjaws do the crushing operation.

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cj411 jaw crusher frame cracked problem repair

cj411 jaw crusher frame cracked problem repair

The finite element analysis software ANSYS was used in the numerical simulation of the frame of CJ411 jaw crusher and the main causes leading to the frame crack were analyzed. The accidental load led to the evolution of the defects in the casting member of the crusher that was under high stress, leading to the flaws. The high alternating stress p roduced in long term overload operation facilitated the rap id growth of these flaws, finally leading to the fatigue failure of the frame. On this basis, measures for repairing and improving the frame structure were proposed: to use welded carbon steel components to replace the casting members in the high-stress zone and to change the welding to bolting for the connection between the beam and side plates. The numerical simulation comparative analysis of the frame before and after the repair indicates that the repaired frame has a rational stress distribution, and the measures have not only fully utilized the material properties but also greatly reduced the fracture failure probability, achieving a remarkable improvement. This research has not only solved the practical problem but also provides a reference to the frame design optimization of jaw crusher.

The Sandvik jaw crusher is a compound pendulum crusher that is easy to adjust the size of the crushed size and has a deep and symmetrical crushing chamber. The frame consists of two rolled steel side plates, hollow cast iron castings at both ends of the frame and moving jaws. The overall geometric structure of CJ411 jaw crusher is shown in the following figure.

In order to analyze the damage reason for CJ411 jaw crusher in detail, the numerical simulation analysis of the frame was carried out by ANSYS software. Due to the lack of detailed geometric parameters of the original design, the main dimensions of the rack were obtained by mapping the prototype of the rack. Considering the symmetry of the rack, half of the model is built during modeling. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the force at the time of crushing, and the main object is the frame, the inertia wheel is omitted during the modeling, and the geometric details of the bearing, the front and rear walls of the crushing chamber, the moving jaw, the fixed jaw and the like are ignored. Finite element computational geometric model, please check the following figure.

The CJ411 jaw crusher is mainly used to crush molybdenum ore. Therefore, the compressive strength is 40 MPa, which is the main basis for applying the load by making a sample of the randomly selected molybdenum ore and performing a compression failure test. The SOL ID92 unit is used for free meshing, and the boundary conditions are set according to the actual working state. The finite element calculation model is established, static numerical simulation is performed, and the main results are calculated. Check the following picture:

Based on the above factors, the main reason for the failure of the frame is that the accidental load causes the cracker to be under the high-stress condition and the crack of the casting component is cracked. The high alternating stress environment of long-term overload operation facilitates the rapid growth of the crack and eventually leads to the rack.

Due to the high price of imported equipment, it is necessary to repair it. However, the measures of welding and thickening in the area where cracks occurred initially failed to achieve a good repair effect. After repairing, a new rapid expansion crack is generated near the weld seam after only one revolution without changing the working condition. Therefore, new measures must be taken to improve the repair. According to the analysis, only avoiding the overlap of high-stress areas and areas with potential defects can eliminate the cracks that cause fatigue damage of the frame, thus prolonging the service life of the crusher. Repair improvement measures: will be high The cast parts in the stress area are replaced by carbon steel welded parts, which not only improve the strength but also reduce the potential defects; the connection between the beam and the frame is changed from casting to bolting, which reduces the mutual restraint between the frame and the beam during work and reduces the internal structure. Additional stress. The specific steps are to cut the beam from the frame first, then use the steel plate to fill the part of the excavated frame with steel plate, and then bolt the welded beam to the frame. In order to overcome the stress concentration of the bolt hole, Thickened steel plates at the holes ensure that the frame will not be damaged by the stress concentration of the bolt holes.

Through the finite element numerical simulation analysis of the CJ411 jaw crusher produced by Sweden Sandvik Company, it is revealed that the main cause of the frame failure is that the accidental load causes the crusher to be under the high-stress condition, and the casting member defects evolve and crack, long-term overload operation. The high alternating stress environment facilitates the rapid growth of cracks and ultimately leads to fatigue failure of the frame. Based on this, the frame was repaired and improved. It was run for several months under the original working conditions, and no new cracks appeared. It can be seen that the repair improvement method is effective. Combined with the results of this study, the following recommendations are made for the rational and effective use of the crusher:

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