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Stone Main Info Name Stone Species Stone Gender Rock Pronouns He/They Personal Status Status Alive Location The Plane (formerly)Unknown (currently) Positive relationships Soda Bottle Negative relationships Scenty (on her side)Backpack (on his side) Professional Status Occupation(s) Contestant (formerly) Team Team A (formerly) Episode eliminated "Walls" Rank 15th Media Debut "Screwball" Latest appearance "Starting Over" (Backpack's hallucination) Voice actor N/A

Stone cares for their fellow contestants, trying to warn them when trouble is awry. However, due to their aforementioned mutism, they struggle to communicate with the others and instead resort to taking physical action, such as when they shoved Soda Bottle out of the way of the cassette player or spent a good portion of"Walls" trying to keep Team B safe, despite the team's protests. This can lead them to come off as impetuous, despite their seemingly good intentions.

Stone is the second to last in the third batch to be introduced, with Subway Seat commenting on how they appeared normal compared to the other newcomers. Stone signs to him and Whippy Creamy, apprising the duo of their ability to know of everything that has, is, and will occur in the universe. Neither of the two understand.

As Airy welcomes the new competitors, Stone rushes over to Soda Bottle, frantically gesturing in an attempt to warn him of the cassette player that was about to land on him. When this doesn't work out, they instead shove him out of the way. Soda Bottle is angered at first, though comes to understand what Stone was doing when the cassette player lands between the two.

Stone points at Soda Bottle and Backpack, forming a team with the two. Scenty tags along, and the three talk about how Stone seems to know more than they do. While the three conversate, Stone wanders off and carries Texty over, replacing Scenty with them. When she tries to argue with this, Stone pushes her away and claps to let Airy know they had formed a team. The challenge begins, with Stone's team being the first one safe thanks to Texty. Stone, however, has their attention elsewhere as they sneak over to Scenty's team, grabbing Contact Lens and darting towards the trees. Scenty gives chase, but doesn't catch Stone in time to stop them from making her team safe. She demands to know what's wrong with Stone.

As the challenge starts, Stone catches and starts scrawling down notes on each of the sticky notes, not listening to Backpack as he tries to get them to stop. They speed up when Airy announces they only have a minute left, and as they finish, they run over to Scenty and her team. They attempt to take her sticky notes, though as she resists, they soon back off and hurry back over to their team. They shove their team's sticky notes into Backpack, sacrificing their own team's safety in order to keep Scenty's from being put up for elimination.

Stone walks over to Scenty, looking between her and the shredded notes piled beside her. With permission from Scenty, they take the sticky notes and swiftly write down a message aimed towards the viewers right before being eliminated by Airy. Through this message, it's revealed that the votes are faked.

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