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aluminum hydroxide spin flash dryer manufacturers, suppliers, factory - customized aluminum hydroxide spin flash dryer price - vaporun

Aluminium hydroxide is a kind of alkali. It is white crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. When it reacts with alkali, it produces meta aluminate. Therefore, it's usually seen as a monohydrate metaluminic acid.

Aluminum hydroxide is one of the main raw materials for the production of aluminium fluoride by drying technique. The moisture content of aluminum hydroxide is 5-10%. However, the production process of dry aluminium fluoride requires that the moisture content of raw material aluminum hydroxide must be less than 0.1% after drying before it can be used in production.

The drying equipment used for drying aluminum hydroxide filter cake (solid content 15 ~ 20%) is mainly disc dryer, flash dryer and spray dryer. The filter cake dried by the disc dryer is like a brick needs to be crushed and grinded before the dry rubber powder can be produced for the preparation of catalyst, so its production processes are not continuous. Before the spray dryer drying, the aluminum hydroxide filter cake needs to be mixed with water for one time. The slurry is atomized by high pressure nozzle, and then entered into the drying room to dry. The product in powder form can be used in production directly. However, in the process of spray drying, it is necessary to dry the water of filter cake together, so the energy consumption and production cost of spray drying are high. On the contrary, flash dryer can be used for direct and continuous drying of aluminum hydroxide filter cake. The dried product in powder form can be used directly in the production of catalyst. Because flash drying process is simple and energy consumption is low, flash dryer is widely used.

The adoption of aluminum hydroxide flash drying system is to solve the problems of long process line, low production efficiency and large energy consumption, and the water content of aluminum hydroxide can not meet the requirements of dry aluminium fluoride production. The invention comprises a blower, a hot blast stove, a flash dryer, a double swirl dryer, a cyclone separator, a silo, a cloth bag dust collector, a draft fan, a blower and a hot blast stove, and a hot blast stove and a flash dryer. The flash dryer is connected with the double swirl dryer, the double swirl dryer is connected with the cyclone separator, the cyclone separator is connected with the bag filter, and the bag filter is connected with the induced fan. The invention has the advantages of short process flow, completely closed drying process, no impurity mixing, high quality of finished product, good operating environment, high thermal efficiency, short drying time and good energy saving effect.

The hot air enters the bottom of the dryer in the tangent direction. Driven by the agitator, a powerful rotating wind zone is formed. The slurry enters the dryer through the screw charger and rotates. Moving at high speed with powerful agitation function, materials are distributed under impact, friction and shear forces. The mass is quickly crushed and fully exposed to hot air, and then heated and dried. Dehydrated dry materials flow in hot air. The graded ring will stop and maintain the large particles, while the small particles will be removed from the center of the ring and collected in cyclone separator and dust collector. Incompletely dried or large pieces of material are transported by centrifugal force to the wall of the equipment, then be crushed again after they fell to the bottom.

The filter cake enters the flash drier under the action of the propelling speed of the screw pusher. In the process of falling, the cake was continuously crushed into fine particles by the impact and stirring of the rising heat flow. The fine particles go up with the hot air flow and dry, and enter the cyclone separator through the classifier for a single separation. After the separation, the product enters the discharging box. To ensure the stability of solid content, it is necessary to ensure that the outlet temperature of flash dryer is stable. The outlet temperature is controlled to ensure temperature stability by controlling the speed of the pusher. is agitated to form viscous slurry, which is deposited at the bottom of the putter. Under the push of the pusher, the slurry enter the flash drying chamber, and flows down the wall from the feed inlet to form an accumulation. When the accumulations are large enough, the paddle at the bottom of the flash tower touches the accumulations, which fall off the wall. The accumulation was dispersed by the agitator, fully mixed with the bottom hot wind, and the water evaporated a lot, resulting in a sharp drop in the outlet temperature, and the feed speed was reduced rapidly by the push feeder. Therefore, the temperature fluctuates in a wide range, thus affecting the stability of solid content of dry rubber products. When the condition is serious, the bottom of the tower will be blocked and the dust bag will be destroyed.

The collection rate of finished products is very high. Adopt the high efficiency low resistance cyclone separator (the collection rate can reach more than 98%), matching it with the pulsed jet cloth filter of gas chamber type (the collection rate can reach more than 98%).

Effective control of final water content and fineness. The final water content and the fineness of the finished product are controlled by adjusting the sieve and inlet speed of the finished products.

This machine is good at processing heat sensitive materials. The bottom of the mainframe belongs to the high temperature area. The flow of air in this area is very high, and it is difficult for the material to directly contact the hot surface, so there is no need to worry about combustion and discoloration.

The spin flash dryer supplied by VAPORUN is designed for continuous drying of viscous and non-viscous pastes and filters, as well as high viscosity liquids. The main components of spin flash dryer factory are feed systems, patent drying chambers and bag filters. The patented process has been widely praised by customers in various industries around the world, providing faster and more energy-efficient alternatives to spray drying. More than 100 VAPORUN spin flash dryer have been installed worldwide, integrating our experience and cutting-edge technology into our customers value-added solutions. Many products can use elevated drying temperatures because flash evaporation of surface moisture will immediately cool the dry gas without significantly increasing the product temperature.

Disperse wet material into hot air (or gas) stream and conveying it through a drying pipe. Using the heat from the airflow, the material will be dried when it is transported. Use cyclone separator or pulsed jet cloth filter to separate products. Usually, the cyclone separator is followed by a scrubber or bag filter used to eventually clean the exhaust gas to meet current emission requirements.

The feeding system consists of a feeding bucket. Before continuous drying the discontinuous materials are buffered and crushed through agitators. The variable feeding screw (or pump in the case of fluid feed) transfers the product to the drying room.

The rotor at the conical bottom of the drying chamber causes the product particles to be fluidized in a dry and efficient hot air flow mode, by which any wet mass is decomposed fast. Hot air is supplied by a temperature-controlled air heater and a velocity-controlled fan to tangent into the drying chamber in order to create turbulent rotating airflow.

The hot air duct at the bottom of the main engine adopts a bidirectional air inlet structure, which makes the inlet air more uniform and effectively avoids the deposition of materials due to uneven air separation.

The hot blast furnace is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel and the inner tank adopts a special ring structure, which greatly reduces the temperature of the inner tank, ensures the cleanliness of the hot air and the quality of the product, and prolongs the service life of the hot air stove.

Inorganic substances: borax, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, various metal hydroxides, various heavy metal salts, synthetic cryolite, magnesium carbonate, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, carbon black white, etc.

Local environment temperature and humidity. Generally, flash dryer uses atmospheric heating as drying medium. The higher the temperature of the atmosphere and the lower the humidity, the more favorable the drying is. Therefore, The hot air drying operating at lower exhaust temperature (< 90 ) will increase the air humidity in spring and summer, and the drying rate will inevitably decrease, and the time required will rise. Due to the increase of atmospheric humidity, the equilibrium water content of the material will increase. These factors will decrease the drying yield, and in some cases, the output will decrease by more than 50%.

Factors affecting production capacity of flash dryer. As a result of the same drying method, the heat consumed by drying and dehydrating a kilogram is basically the same, and the capacity of the matching heat source (hot blast stove, steam radiator, etc.) in the dryer is also certain. Therefore, the drying capacity of the dryer is usually based on the amount of dehydration per hour (or the maximum amount of dehydration). This index is measured under certain conditions, such as the type of wet materials, initial moisture content, final moisture content, hot air temperature, environmental temperature and humidity. Any condition changed will affect, sometimes even greatly affect the dryer production capacity. For example, the types of wet materials, moisture content of wet material, hot blast temperature, etc.

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aluminum hydroxide dryer - sunco machinery

aluminum hydroxide dryer - sunco machinery

Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer Brief Introduction: Aluminum HydroxideDryer from Sunco Machinery is new typeAluminum Hydroxide powder drying machine upon years reseach and actual experience. It can reduce theAluminum Hydroxide powder'smoisture content from max 80% to 0.1%. Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer Machine also can be used for the drying of silicon carbide, active carbon, graphite, etc. Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer has the advantages of high heat efficiency, comapct structure, easy operation and maintenance, etc. Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer Performance Features: High Degree Mechanization, large processing capacity, continuous working; Simple fine Structure, easy operation; Little beakup, less maintenance cost; Effectively reduce powder consumption, reduce material waste and loss; Effectively save cost, compared with the traditional ultrafine powder drying equipment, save costs by nearly 30%; Short technological process, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, cover asmallarea, good operating environment; Efficient dust removal system, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution. If you are interested in ourAluminum Hydroxide Dryer, please refer to: Video: Email: [email protected] Mobile: +86 Skype:cliff-qin

Aluminum HydroxideDryer from Sunco Machinery is new typeAluminum Hydroxide powder drying machine upon years reseach and actual experience. It can reduce theAluminum Hydroxide powder'smoisture content from max 80% to 0.1%.

Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer Machine also can be used for the drying of silicon carbide, active carbon, graphite, etc. Aluminum Hydroxide Dryer has the advantages of high heat efficiency, comapct structure, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

aluminum hydroxide dryer,aluminum hydroxide dryer manufacturer-fote machinery

aluminum hydroxide dryer,aluminum hydroxide dryer manufacturer-fote machinery

Aluminum hydroxide dryer is a kind of special drying equipment for aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is created on the basis of general rotary dryer. According to a series of characteristics of aluminum hydroxide, the aluminum hydroxide dryer is made and has been put into the market and got good popularity.

Aluminum hydroxide is the largest and most widely used inorganic flame retardant additives. Aluminum hydroxide as flame retardants can not only make fire retardant and can prevent smoke and dropping objects and it does not produce toxic gases. Therefore, it is widely used and the quantity of requirement is increasing year by year. It is widely applied in thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers, coatings and construction materials industries.

1. Take the form of indirect heating, place the heating zone at the central position in the drying machine, making the material enters the drying state earlier and improving material drying efficiency while reducing the discharge temperature.

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