large iron ore linear vibrating screen in monterrey

linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen pdf, screen machine for sale, sieve screen - xinhai

linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen pdf, screen machine for sale, sieve screen - xinhai

When linear vibrating screen works, the two motor reversely placed synchronously generate reverse force, which forces the screen body do the vertical motion. The materials on vibrating screen under the exciting force are periodically thrown forward to finish screening.

vibrating screen, screen machine, screening plants, screen equipment

vibrating screen, screen machine, screening plants, screen equipment

The technical level and quality of screen machine will directly affect the screening effect and economic benefit. So, it becomes a trend for screening industry to develop high-efficient and reliable screen machine now.

As an excellent screen machine manufacturer, Xinhai is committed to providing high-quality screen machine and comprehensive technical support. Besides, Xinhai can customize matching screening machine according to the actual circumstance, and improve various models to meet the requirements of more than 70 kinds of minerals, such as gold, silver, iron, copper.

Application: Round vibrating screen is used for the material classifying in ore dressing, building, electricity and chemical industry, as well as dewatering, desliming, de-medium.

In 2015, Xinhai undertook Zimbabwe 700tpd gold ore dressing project. In the crushing and screening stage, Xinhai decided to adopt two stage a closed circuit crushing and screening process. The screen process was composed of two round vibrating screens. The specific types of vibrating screens were as follows:

Xinhai focuses on mine screening over 20 years, who has a deep understanding of screening process. It also has a long-term accumulation of screening experience and customizes the best screen machine for every mine.

Xinhai not only obtained European international quality certification, ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, but also won many national invention patents, which revealed its leading position in the screen machine field.

Besides its technical power, Xinhai never forget to promote our soft power. From pre-sales to after-sale, Xinhai tries its best to solve customer problems, such as equipment selection, design optimization, technical support.

vibrating screen series, linear vibrating screen machine, coke, iron

vibrating screen series, linear vibrating screen machine, coke, iron

Founded in 1994, Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is the vibrating screen base in China and leading company in vibrating screen industry. Its registered fund is 232 million RMB and has 600 staffs. It was listed on A share market in China in 2012. It is the only listed company in vibrating screen industry in China. Having a large product range including vibrating screen, crusher, feeder, ball mill, asphalt mixing plant, PC production line, trash separation complete plant, etc. Up to now, 30 series and over 900 specifications of vibrating screens have been developed widely used in all domestic and international industries such as coal ore, iron ore&steel plants, metallurgy&mine, power station, building material, road construction and so on across the country of thirty-two provinces, cities and autonomous region and exported to the overseas such as Australia, Russia, Chile, Peru, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Algeria, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Tajikistan, Indonesa, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Congo, Kyrgyzstan,Burma,etc.. We have CE Certification, ISO9001 Certification,, ISO14001 Certification, OHSAS 18001 Certification.

The China Professional Standards of vibrating screen, 53% of the whole 23 professional standards are presided and drafted by our company. Furthermore, we possess 32 patents. The ZKK series wide deck linear vibrating screens possess high production capacity which can achieve the sum total of many common types screens working jointly. In 2008, the 5.05m11.32m Amplitude Descending Elliptical Vibrating Screen was evaluated the biggest vibrating screen in the world among the same type.

ANZHONG's Quality Guarantee Powerful processing strength, modernization manufacture systemWe have provincial-level technical center, international advanced processing equipment, high precision special technological equipment, more than 600 sets of modernized test & analysis system and inspection & detection instrument and have achieved design modernization, product modularization, process programming, test digitalization.

Advanced technology leading Design aspectsWe adopt solidworks 3D design software and finite element analysis method to reasonably design and scientificly analyse for product structure. Finite element analysis ( FEA) is a mathematical approach, which can be used to simulate actual system.( geometry and load case), which also can adopt the simple & interactional element named unit and make the limited number of unknown quantity to approach the real system of infinite unknown quantity. Besides, determine the deformation position and stress distribution concentration point and strengthen the weakness part by motion track detection of equipment working status. The equipment mode detection can evaluate whether the natural frequency would damage the structure or not when working and avoid the resonance.

Manufacturing aspect The wheel shaf adopting No.45 steel forgings shall be rough machined, heat treated, fine machined, bluing treated or galvanized treated. The gear adopting 20CrMnTi, forge piece shall be rough machined, fine machined, carburized, gear grinded and reach the five- grade precision. Pretreatment of plate material, all the plate material, profile, welding structures shall be pretreated, relieved of steel internal stress and improved the surface quality. The case body shall be adopted DMG horizontal machine center and completed the processing requirements of all the procedures by being clamped once and have advantages of fast machining speed, high efficiency and precision. The column and beam shall be adopted the pentahedral machining center and completed the processing requirements of all the procedures by being clamped once and have advantages of high efficiency and precision. The key slot shall be adopted the processing equipment of Germany imported key slot and high machining precision. All the welding position shall be machining parts.

Inspecting aspect We shall detect the material in the physics& chemistry labs and the first article through German Edward three dimention measurement instrument. Adopt the BK vibration test system(Denmark) before ex-works delivery and Ncode fatigue test system(America) for vibration & fatigue test of equipment.

Enterprise Culture Aim: elaborate design, elaborate manufacture, sincere servicesValues: honesty, pragmatism, innovation, struggle, unityExplanations: Honesty: Faith is the fundamental for all problems, honesty is the basic survival and industrial source. Pragmatism:modesty, realitypragmatism, steadiness in job &honesty in life Struggle: Hard struggle is the life of enterprise development Unity: Unify thought & action, harmonious development, enterprises revitalization, do some beneficial to clients & staff.

All of Anzhong products are approved by ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate&ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate,CE certificate, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health&safety Management System Certificate,etc. Our company is the vice-chairman unit of the Washing Equipment Special Committee of the "China Heavy Machinery Industry Association" and a national high-tech enterprise and awarded the title of "Liaoning Key Brand Product" in 2015.

linear vibrating screen, sieve & separator manufacturer - gaofu

linear vibrating screen, sieve & separator manufacturer - gaofu

The Linear Vibrating Sieve has a particular effect on the screening and classification of powdery and grain materials. Linear vibrating screens are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, coherer, metallurgical and mining industries.

Metals, metallurgy and mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic materials, abrasive powder, refractory materials, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy carbonic acid Calcium, quartz sand, metal powder industry, mining industry, etc.;

The linear vibrating screen is a general-purpose device. According to different industries, the implementation standards are different, such as: food grade, and pharmaceutical grade, so they can be customized accordingly.

Working principle of the vibrating separator: when two vibrating motors are vertically mounted on the screen body and do relative power, the eccentric blocks at the ends generated exciting forces, resulting in the lateral vibration forces which offset each other due to the relative operation of the motors. The longitudinal vibration force is passed to the entire screen box through the vibrating body to vibrate the screen surface, so that the material on the screen surface do jumping movement to the outlet direction, material smaller than the mesh hole will fall to the lower deck, and be discharged after continuous jumping. Because the screening process is reasonable, the materials after classification can obtain several different particle sizes of materials. In this way, the classification work is finished.

As a linear vibrating screen manufacturer, Gaofu companys products are not limited to one model. According to different industries and material characteristics, we have developed GFZX granule sifting machine, SZF straight sieve and other two models. Gaofu company can meet not only the standard needs of customers, but also tailor-made requirements for special customers. This is our advantage, because we have 38 years screening experience and more than 10,000 customer testimonials.

This vibrating separator has a simple structure and also easy operations. According to customers requirements and product characteristics, Gaofu can provide three kinds of screen frame: carbon steel screen frame, stainless steel screen frame or punching plate. No matter which one a customer chooses, Gaofu company can use strict manufacturing process to ensure the quality of products.

The linear vibrating screen can be adapted by the factory to meet special requirements regarding plant layout, performance and environmental constraints. Specify your particular requirements, or enquire us about the range of features, accessories, painting systems and materials of construction currently available.

bar screen|bar vibrating screen|bts bar screen|bar screen manufacturer - gaofu

bar screen|bar vibrating screen|bts bar screen|bar screen manufacturer - gaofu

BTS bar screen is mainly used in metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), coke, coal, coal washing, chemicals, building materials and hydropower projects, abrasive waste disposal, quarry and other industries Material washing, screening, grading and other industries. BTS bar vibrating screens new structural model sieve plate, especially used in the impact of strong, large hardness, high wear resistance requirements occasion. BTS bar vibrating screen use wear-resistant sieve in crushing in iron ore screening, coal grading, gold, building materials and hydropower, nuclear power engineering sand screening. BTS bar vibrating screen is using blind plus rod form of the feeding surface, bar vibrating screen is suitable for uniform feeding big material before crusher machine, bar vibrating screen is particularly suitable for black or non-ferrous metal ore , Coarse or broken building materials feeding before crushing machine; bar vibrating screen rod slit adjustable, in the feed at the same time separate the soil and fine materials, effectively play the back of the crusher function; BTS bar vibrating screen have a simple structure, easy maintenance, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, low noise and so on. BTS bar vibrating screen is used for uniform feeding and separation of large chunks of material before crusher. Bar vibrating screen is especially suitable for the water and electricity industry, building stone and black or non-ferrous metal coarse screening, Bar vibrating screen dopts vibrating motor as excitation source, simple structure and convenient maintenance; large output, long service life, strong and durable.

BTS bar screen products is composition mainly by the excitation source (vibration motor), body, damping spring, before and after stand and other components. 1, BTS bar vibrating screen vibrating motor is a kind of new type exciter which integrates power source and vibration source. Its character is high efficiency and energy saving, large excitation force, reliable operation, simple adjustment, convenient use and maintenance. 2, BTS bar vibrating screen body: the plate, the profile is welded, its function is to feed the material transport to crusher by vibration. 3, BTS bar vibrating screen damping spring: generally use metal coil spring or rubber spring, its function is to make the body produce elastic vibration, reducing the vibration load and transfer to the foundation or structure frame. 4, BTS bar vibrating screen stand: welded by plate, its function is to support the body.

When BTS bar screen work, the exciting force generated by the vibration exciter through the screen box to pass through to the screen surface, because the exciter vibration force generated by the longitudinal force, fForcing the sieve box to drive the sieve surface to make longitudinal before and after displacement. Under certain conditions, the material on the screen surface is thrown forward due to the exciting force, and the material smaller than the screen hole will fall down through the screen to the lower layer. The BTS bar vibrating screen materials movement on the screen surface is parabolic, and the bar vibrating screen performs the material screening operation due to such repeated movement of the material.

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