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best leaf shredders in 2021 [buying guide] gear hungry

best leaf shredders in 2021 [buying guide] gear hungry

Anyone whos done their fair share of yard work knows how much hassle collecting leaves can be. They are deceivingly bulky, and can quickly take up more space in and around the garden than expected. If you want to keep your yard clear all year, then one of the smartest options to explore is the best leaf shredder. These useful, durable, and efficient machines are perfect for all you Shred Heads looking for a simple solution for a perpetual problem.

Theyre the perfect solution for minimizing the size of leaf piles, and you can even turn them to mulch and fertilize your lawn in an environmentally friendly way. Leaf shredders are the key youve been looking for to make yard work just a little easier. So grab your gardening tools and gardening gloves, get the kids to grab you a drink, and step out into the yard with us.

Our top pick for the best leaf shredder is the Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher which offers a mighty 53 gallons of shredding and mulching per minute, putting it up there as one of the most efficient beasts weve selected. With a mulching ratio of 11:1, you might drown in leaf shreds by the end, not that youll care, youll be too enamored by what this guy can do.

Its easy to put together, with fast, tool-free assembly, which also means it easy to store once winter rolls around. The collection bag fits perfectly underneath to catch your mulched leaves, making it easy to move them from the garden to wherever you want to put them. Many customers have commented that it makes for great fertilizer, so if youve not explored that option yet, keep it in mind.

However, the bladeless trimmer feels a little too flimsy for some. You can purchase alternatives online though, so if theres enough about this that you love, this minor problem shouldnt affect you too much. If you are looking for more amazing products for your garden, check out our guide to the best hedge trimmers.

For our Best Gas-Powered choice, weve handpicked this heavy-duty unit from Great Circle USA. Its the ideal choice for gardeners or anyone with a large backyard or extensive lawns as it can tackle volume cleaning up at speed. From dead leaves to branches covering your land, this 3-in-1 robust machine can handle all your chipping, shredding and mulching needs. It features both a top hopper as well as a side chute so that you can efficiently tackle all kinds of cleaning up jobs around the garden. The large capacity top hopper is ideal for volume shredding. It has a mulch reduction capacity of 15:1, which makes an excellent source of recyclable compost to sustain a natural outdoors ecosystem. The side chute features a 3-inch diameter cone thats ideal for auto-fading smaller branches and tree limbs, simultaneously keeping you safe while saving time and energy. The third vacuum style option enables you to load leaves via the vacuum inlet for convenient mulching without the need to rake by hand. Simply attach a side loading bag to capture and collect wood chips and mulch cleanly.

The final point we should mention is regarding that sturdy and reliable gas-powered motor. Its fitted with a 7 HP 212 cc recoil engine that features a forced-air cooling system. Theres a safe fuel shut off function as well as a low oil sensor that shuts down the engine if it detects that its running to low for safe operation. It runs on a minimum of 87+ octane gasoline and as a maximum capacity of 0.7 gallons. For more must-have products for gardeners, check out our guide to the best leaf bags.

Our next best leaf shredder recommendation is from the manufacture Sun Joe and its their versatile CJ603E which is a fully electric and silent running chipper and shredder. Its powerful yet versatile and can effortlessly turn leaves, branches and twigs into eco-friendly mulch which can be used as compost. Talking of mulch, this has one of the best leaf to mulch ratios weve reviewed at a highly impressive 21:1. The robust and reliable 15-amp motor also gets to work quickly and efficiently to chips and shred even thicker branches up to 1.73-inches in diameter.

This Sun Joe lead shredder is compact and portable and comes fitted with 7-inch wheels so that its easy to transport. Its lightweight yet robust and you should have no problem maneuvering around your back yard. The slimline design also makes it convenient to store away when not in use. Simply secure it in a garden shed or garage. Its also very low maintenance and requires minimal cleaning. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth if it does pick up any dirt. While the motor may well be powerful, there are also essential safety features incorporated into the design, including a locking knob that prevents the motor from being operated when the hopper is open. The built-in safety stop automatically engages so you can go about cleaning up your yard and enriching your garden with confidence and ease.

Offering both shredding and mulching options is always a good thing when looking for the perfect leaf mulcher, and the Sun Joe 13 Amps Mulcher/Shredder does just that. Boasting the same power as the Worx, it also comes with an easy-to-control dial, which helps you alternate between damp or dry garden waste. This kind of feature is crucial for preventing blockages and any potential damage that could occur, so good on Sun Joe.

The fun doesnt stop there though. You can also mulch up to 12 gallons of leaves per minute at an astounding 8000 RPM. Sure, this isnt as much as the Worx, but maybe you dont need the power the Worx brings to the yard. Also included is Smart Shred technology, which combined with an advanced motor cooling system ensures safety, and we love safety.

You must keep an eye of the waste bag, as it has a habit of shifting out on the place, dumping freshly mulched leaves all over the floor. As long as youre vigilant, though, youll find theres almost too much to love about this, and at less than $100, its our choice for the best value, so snap them up while you still can. If you also have a lawn, keep it perfect with some of the best riding lawn mowers from our list.

Despite sounding like a terrible reboot of a dying Sci-Fi franchise, the Flowtron The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder is probably more successful than any desperate cash grab released in recent years (looking at you Transformers). It comes with a plethora of cool features, including shredding adjustment settings ranging from coarse to fine and easy-angle positioning so you can practice your ball skills from anywhere in the yard.

Using a two-step process, it both shreds and mulches leaves for optimum efficiency and comes with 36 replacement cutting lines to ensure consistent results and excellent quality which we love. Its also lightweight and portable, so youll have no trouble dragging it around the yard nor storing it when the weather turns.

You cant throw just anything in there though, and its only effective with leaves and needles as opposed to larger garden waste (branches, thick twigs, etc.). That being said, when used properly, its fast acting and efficient, and we still expect to hear dramatic, thumping bass whenever we say its name, followed by an ominous, all-seeing voice over. It also makes a perfect gift for gardeners in your life.

The Earthwise 15 Amp Garden Electric Chipper/Shredder comes with its very own 10.5-gallon collection bin for your and the planets benefit and boasts the ability to shred branches, leaves, and twigs (as well as aluminum cans, if you want) as much as almost 2 inches thick. This is combined with a safe, secure leaf chute as opposed to more shallow and open designs, which ensures your hands will remain free and safe from any disturbing calls from the void.

Instead of shredding string, you get heavy-duty steel blades (although there arent any replacements) which you can sharpen when it doesnt work as efficiently as you remember. It minimizes yard work just as youd expect, and includes a security circuit breaker to prevent overheating, which is ideal for anyone who cant help but add more leaves, and more leaves, and even more leaves.

However, the chute and blade design, while effective, can lead to some clogging issues, which can be a challenge to solve considering the setup. To overcome this, some have recommended having a plunger on hand. Its not an ideal solution, but if it works, then its not a stupid one, either. Find more great products for your garden by checking out our guide to the best weeding tools.

We dont often save the premium choice for last, but here we are, at the end of our quest for the best leaf shredders, we bring you the Eco-Shredder 14 Amp Electric Chipper/Shredder/Mulcher combination which could easily go down as the greatest leaf shredder ever and a part of every successfulgardener arsenal.

While its not as powerful as other options, you know by now its not always about power. What we love with this is the versatility, functionality, and reliability besides its sustainable construction and operation. You get replacement cutting blades, and overload protection that both ensure safety and longevity, which is awesome considering the many features it boasts.

Its a little more complicated to put together than other, cheaper models, but if youre looking for the best of the best, were sure you can spare a few extra minutes on assembly, reap the multifaceted benefits not long after, and as long as you use it properly, for many years after that.

As much as these leaf shredders look like heaps of fun to play around with (in the safest way possible), we didnt have the time to order them, set them up, and go around picking leaves off the ground to try them out. Even if we could have done that, there arent any leaves left, what with the winter rushing us all off our feet and everything.

Instead, we did what we always do: look at the four key factors that help us determine which products are worth discussing. This includes the brand name, reviews from existing customers, the price of the unit, and its quality. You should think about these for any purchase, but with heavy machinery such as leaf shredders, they become even more important to consider.

Brand - With any buying guide we like to find a broad spectrum of brands although sometimes we have no choice but to find multiple products from one particular brand. This isnt because we have any loyalty to these brands, but often they are the best in their industry, and so should be represented fairly.

Youll notice that this isnt the case this time (which is refreshing for you and us alike). Instead, weve found 5 different products from 5 different brands, all of which come with the assured reliability you expect. This means you can compare, contrast, and analyze the benefits of each product and decide based on which brand you believe is best for you.

Reviews - Arent reviews just the best? We know that some people like to form their own opinion on things and so will avoid reviews like an encouraging plague. For the rest of us, though, theyre an awesome window in a world were not always super clued in on.

Online reviews are written by customers with experience in this field, and theyve likely tried a few other products before this one. This is great for understanding what the pros look for in the best products, which can be especially useful if youre stuck making a choice between two equally awesome looking products.

They will also give us insight into parts of the product the manufacturer wont tell you outright (or will at least merely skirt around the issue with vague industry jargon). This saves you ordering something that turns out to be a dud or a heavy-duty lawn ornament and helps you purchase the right product for you.

Price - With something as durable as a leaf shredder, you can expect to pay a little more than you would, say, a pair of pruning shears. You probably already know this, though, and so are prepared to shell out what you believe is a fair amount.

Normally, we try to find a wide, all-encompassing range of prices, but with many of these products being pretty similar, there isnt as much of a range as wed typically like, however, this doesnt mean there arent still different levels for all kinds of leaf shredding fanatics. Weve found options for casual users and for professionals and a couple of products that sit comfortably in between.

We hope this means that no matter your shredding needs, youll find an option thats reasonably priced and guaranteed to transform your yard maintenance from laborious, manual mulching, to something a little easier.

Quality - Here at Gear hungry we only want to suggest the products of the highest quality. Neglecting this spells disaster for you, for us, and the products we recommend. Our selection is full of guaranteed quality, meaning you get exactly what you pay for, with products packed full of essential, useful functions - and a couple of bonuses with the more expensive options.

With heavy machinery, the like you find in most garden tools, quality is even more necessary. We know they need to be durable, efficient, and easy to use. All of these factors, along with other features well get to below, ensure you purchase the best quality products and get the best results. Lucky you.

Before you make that order final, ensure youve identified a leaf shredder suitable for you. We know its tempting to go straight for the option with the best features, or the one that will take the most leaves, or whichever shredder costs the least, but this doesnt mean its the right product for you.

Consider the size of your yard, the amount of work it will have to undertake, the storage options, potential noise complaints, and whether it will have a negative effect on the environment. These are just some things to think about, there is a lot more than you need to remember when identifying your brand new leaf shredder.

Power - Everyone loves a tool packed full of power, and these leaf shredders have heaps of them, ideal for any leaf shredding, crushing, cutting, or mulching job you can throw at them. Ranging from 13 to 15 Amps, theres enough power in these babies to shred your leaves, your neighbors' leaves, and even leaves of someone youve not even met yet.

This power dictates how quickly you can get the job done, and so if youre working in a commercial environment, you need something that can shred as many leaves as possible in the shortest amount of time. More casual shredders may not need this same power, but the temptation may be too much to resist.

More powerful motors will also avoid blockage, which could be a problem if you try to pack too many leaves in at once. You know your situation better than we do, so make this decision according to what your shredding needs are.

Capacity - The capacity of your machine will depend on the size of the job you need to complete. Smaller yards with fewer trees and leaves wont require as large of capacity as youd need if you were tackling an estate or public park.

These shredders come with substantially sized bins to deposit leaves into, and for most of you, you may not need to consider anything above 10 gallons. If you want to go all out and have the option to shred every leaf, youve ever found in one go, then, by all means, go for it, it sounds like itd be a lot of fun, anyway.

Noise - Electric leaf shredders arent as loud as their motor-operated counterparts, but that doesnt mean they still dont make a noise. In fact, itll be a challenge for you to find a shredder you could describe as quiet, theyre still shredding leaves, cracking twigs, and munching away.

Its important to keep this in mind when purchasing a leaf shredder, as too much noise could disturb the neighbors and cause them to file complaints against you, especially if you like to do your shredding first thing on a Saturday morning.

While you wont find a silent shredder, you can still look for the quietest one if potential noise pollution is a problem. At least then you can still hear the sweet, satisfying sound of a clear, manageable yard over the whirring mechanics of your leaf shredder. Its not much, but its better than nothing.

Functions - If your shredder shreds and does nothing else, thats great, youve got what youve paid for, but its even better if it has a variety of other cool and useful features, too. This can include mulching, cutting, collecting, and chipping.

While these extra features arent essential for all, they can come in handy for more substantial clearing jobs. If you work in this industry, they can make your job much, much more straightforward. Similarly, if you have a lot of yard space, a lot of leaves, and a lot of garden waste to dispose of, they can also ease the stress of garden clutter. To make things even easier, you can also look for a leaf vacuum shredder which does even more of the hard work for you.

Portability and Storage - You wont be able to use your shredder throughout the year, as once it comes to winter, there wont be much point after the initial leaf clearing. When your shredder is taking a break during the colder months, you must have ample storage space to prevent it from sitting out over Christmas and New Year and potentially getting damaged by adverse weather.

You can take apart most leaf shredders to make this storage easier, which is great news if youre short on space. You should also consider the portability, which could impact how easy it is to transport your shredder around the yard. We all know leaves arent that heavy by themselves, but in a bunched pile, they can be surprisingly dense. You dont want to be the guy who carries their leaves from one end of the yard to the other several times a day because you lacked the foresight to invest in a suitably lightweight option, do you?

The best thing to do is to look for a product with durable, heavy-duty wheels, as these can withstand years (maybe decades) of use. We know you want to show off how strong you are to your family and any eavesdropping neighbors, but save your energy for something that matters, you know?

Environmental Impact - Electric shredders are more environmentally efficient than gas-powered shredders, so already youre doing your bit for the planet by investing in electric over gas. This responsibility doesnt stop there though, and while you are using electricity, this can still impact both the world around you and your own utility bills, especially if you pick a more powerful shredder.

Shredders with built-in mulching technology can help you further contribute to a better environment, and you can use these mulched leaves as fertilizer to encourage plant and grass growth. These machines will also often come with reusable collection bags, further promoting sustainable attitudes and encouraging users to be more responsible with the environment.

Safety - We know safety is boring to talk about, but we have to, and we could never forgive ourselves if something were to happen to you because we didnt make it clear how to safely operate a leaf shredder.

Its not just for you or our benefit either, but also for your kids, who - in classic child fashion - are a curious breed, eager to flick and fiddle with buttons and switches, stick their hands in dangerous places, and generally do everything they can to maim themselves all in the name of fun.

So, you want your shredder to be as safe as it can be. Luckily, the best shredders go above and beyond to ensure nothing but safety for you and everyone who may come into contact with it. These safety features include automatic shut off should the unit overload from clogged feeding chutes and reset buttons, which can be lifesavers should something go wrong.

Replacement Parts - Any product that comes with replacement parts is immediately a win, and depending on the construction of your leaf shredder, you may be gifted free replacement parts with your purchase (yay!). These parts wont be as exciting as new motors, alternative power cords, or brand new casings, but instead more shredding strings.

Yeah, not super-exciting, but they will come in useful when (not if) your original strings fray or break, hindering their effectiveness and making your shredding job much more of a challenge. However, there are customers who believe the original strings arent sufficient and search out alternative options. This is simple enough and can improve your shredding capabilities.

Not all leaf shredders use these strings, though, and if you purchase one that uses blades instead, see if the products offer free replacements or spares upon purchase. If not, this could sway you towards a product that will offer replacements, all for your benefit.

Ease of Use and Assembly - We all want something thats easy to use and easy to assemble. Some awesome features that make shredding even easier include moveable chutes, which allow you to throw leaves in from any angle, adjustable shredding settings, and automatic leaf disposal.

the best leaf mulcher options for yard work in 2021 - bob vila

the best leaf mulcher options for yard work in 2021 - bob vila

Few sights are as lovely as the red and gold hues of falling leaves, but when you have to rake them and bag themoften multiple times in a seasonthey can begin to lose their appeal. However, if you dont remove dried leaves from your yard, they can become wet and soggy and increase the risk of lawn disease. Raking leaves is a time-honored tradition in many communities, but by shredding the leaves in a leaf mulcher, you can significantly reduce their bulk and, if you like, use the shredded material to mulch around your perennial plants.

The best leaf mulcher for your needs will depend on how many leaves accumulate in your yard, the size of your yard, and how you prefer to collect the leaves. Read on to discover what to consider when shopping for a leaf mulcher and find out why the following products are some of the best leaf mulchers on the market to shorten your time spent on yard work this year.

Leaf mulchers are all designed with one primary task: shredding leaves. Yet, plenty of features are worth considering when youre choosing the type of mulcher youd prefer. Leaf mulchers offer spinning impeller blades that chop dry leaves and a variety of power options, such as an electrical cord, a gas engine, or a rechargeable battery. In addition, while many leaf mulchers are handheld, some are designed to be stationary.

Corded leaf mulchers, which fall into the electric leaf blower category, feature motors rated in amps that range from around 8 amps to 14 amps, and the higher the amps, the more powerful the motor. Corded models are quieter than gas-powered models, and there is no fuel to mix or flammable gas to store in a garage. With a corded leaf mulcher, you also wont need to charge a battery, but you will be limited to the length of an extension cord, which usually tops out at around 100 feet. A handheld corded mulcher weighs about 6 to 9 pounds, so its easy to use without developing shoulder or arm fatigue.

With gas-powered leaf mulchers, youll have all the power you need at your fingertips, and you dont have to worry about tripping over an extension cord or charging a battery. The engine of a gas leaf mulcher is rated by its size in cubic centimeters (cc), and the larger the number, the more powerful the engine. An engine is also rated by the type of fuel it requiresa 2-cycle gas engine requires mixing gasoline with engine oil at a ratio determined by the manufacturer, while a 4-cycle gas engine only needs pure gasoline. The upside of a gas leaf mulcher is that you can take it anywhere and use it for as long as you need; the downside is that a gas leaf mulcher tends to weigh more than corded or cordless models. Expect a gas mulcher to weigh between 10 and 17 pounds.

Like corded mulchers, battery-operated cordless leaf mulchers wont require you to mix fuel or expose yourself to toxic fumes. Cordless leaf mulchers also have the benefit of not being restricted by the length of a cord; however, they only function until the battery runs down. The average runtime is around 15 to 35 minutes, depending on the voltage of the lithium battery. These rechargeable batteries average 20 to 40 volts, and the higher the voltage, the longer the runtime. Buying a second battery and keeping it charged will double the runtime.

Another way to classify leaf mulchers is by whether they are handheld or stand-alone. The majority of leaf mulchers are handheld, and they provide vacuum capability to suck up the leaves, which then pass through spinning impeller blades for shredding. Many handheld models also feature leaf-blowing capability to blow leaves into piles for easier vacuum collection.

You may find it easier to use a stand-alone model, which you can position in a central spot in the yard and then dump the dried leaves into a top intake chuteknown as a hopperfor shredding. A collection bag attaches to a discharge chute at the bottom of the hopper.

Additional shopping considerations go beyond the type of power that operates a leaf mulcher and include ease of operation, efficiency, and how well the leaf mulcher actually produces mulch. Once youve decided on the type of power that best suits your yard and lifestyle, check out the following considerations.

Most leaf mulchers have metal blades that spin at rapid speeds to chop and shred leaves into tiny bits, but some models feature heavy-duty, plastic blades, or even string-trimming line. All three kinds are capable of shredding leaves, but metal blades are often more durable.

A leaf mulchers mulching ratio, also known as its reduction ratio, indicates how much the tool will reduce the leaves overall size. For example, a mulching ratio of 10:1 indicates the mulcher will reduce 10 bags of dried leaves to shreds that will fit in a single bag. Typical mulching ratios range from 8:1 to 18:1, with the highest ratios producing the smallest shreds. If youre into composting, small shreds will decompose more quickly in a compost pile.

A leaf mulchers capacity relates to the amount of air it moves in cubic feet per minute (cfm). Most corded and cordless leaf mulchers range from around 175 to 500 cfm, with the highest-capacity models designed for heavy-duty leaf clearing. Gas leaf mulchers, which are more powerful, tend to have higher capacitiesin the range of 450 to 700 cfm.

Stand-alone leaf mulchers have a single functionthey shred leaves dropped into their hoppers, but handheld models often do more, including blowing leaves into a pile and then vacuuming and shredding them as well. A few handheld leaf mulchers only vacuum but do not blow leaves. Models that possess all three functions are often called 3-in-1 leaf mulchers because they also operate as leaf blowers and leaf vacuums.

In terms of which type of leaf mulcher is easiest to use, the award goes to both the corded and cordless models that dont require mixing fuel, adding engine oil, servicing a carburetor, or using a hand recoil to start the engine. However, fans of gas models may consider the greater power derived from a gas-powered leaf mulcher to be worth the extra effort.

All power tools, including leaf mulchers, make some noise, but cordless and corded models are the quietest, emitting approximately 60 to 63 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of conversational speech. Gas-powered leaf mulchers are quite a bit louder at around 85 to 90 decibels or comparable to hearing the sound of busy street traffic from the curb. Check your city ordinances, and if you live in a community where loud noises are discouraged or prohibited, you may want to choose an electric leaf mulcher.

The best leaf mulchers for this annual chore will depend on the size of your yard, the amount of leaf accumulation, and how you like to approach yard cleanup. To qualify as a top pick, the following leaf mulchers had to be dependable, reliable, and effectively shred dry leaves.

In the top spotand the only stand-alone mulcher on the listthis electric leaf mulcher from WORX is designed with the sole purpose of shredding leaves. The upright model operates via a heavy-duty, 12- to 14-gauge extension cord, and its rugged, 13-amp motor features an 11:1 mulch reduction ratio.

The cylindrical, molded plastic unit sits atop strong steel legs (minor assembly required). Rather than metal or plastic blades, this leaf mulcher uses the same type of plastic line found in string trimmers. It features a large intake hopper and can shred up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute. Like with any power tool (including others on this list), read and follow the manufacturers safety precautions, and do not operate when small children are around.

Blow dry leaves into a pile and then vacuum them up and shred them with this 3-in-1 electric leaf blower from Black+Decker that does it all. This handheld machine weighs in at 8.1 pounds, and it includes a detachable shoulder strap, reusable bag assembly, and three disposable bags. The unit features a blowing speed of 400 cfm, metal impeller blades, and adjustable speed control. It produces a 16:1 reduction ratio, resulting in finely shredded leaves that you can add to plants or the compost bin. Youll need a heavy-duty, 12- to 14-gauge exterior extension cord to operate this versatile tool.

You dont have to spend a fortune on an effective leaf mulcher. The Sun Joe 4-in-1 electrical mulcher features a powerful 14-amp motor that moves air at an impressive 440 cfm and reduces leaf waste by a 16:1 reduction ratio. Not only does it serve as a blower, a vacuum, and a leaf mulcher, this corded machine also offers an extendable, U-nozzle gutter-cleaning kit to vacuum leaves out of house gutters without you having to teeter on a tall ladder. The unit has aluminum alloy impeller blades and weighs in at 8.6 pounds. It includes an interchangeable vacuum tube with attached wheels so you can roll the tube along the ground rather than carrying it, if desired.

A powerful multipurpose machine, this all-in-one electric leaf mulcher from WORX is a yard-cleaning force to be reckoned with. Weighing in at 8.3 pounds, it features a 12-amp motor that moves air up to 350 cfm in blowing mode, and it changes to either vacuuming mode or mulching mode with the simple press of a button. The unit boasts durable metal impeller blades and an ergonomic tube design that makes it possible to blow leaves out from underneath decks and play equipment without crouching or bending. The mulcher provides a 10:1 reduction ratio and offers a comfort-grip handle and a reusable mulch collection bag that holds up to 10 gallons of mulch.

Put the power of lithium-ion energy to work for you with the Greenworks cordless leaf mulcher. This battery-operated mulcher includes a high-performance, G-MAX 40-volt lithium-ion battery that produces up to 340 cfm of blowing power and lasts up to 21 minutes on the highest mode. It offers six speed adjustments and both a narrow blowing tube and a wider-angle vacuum tube for versatile yard cleanup. The mulcher weighs in at just 9.92 pounds, features a 10:1 reduction ratio and aluminum alloy impeller blades, and includes a reusable mulch collection bag.

A leaf mulcher can simplify yard cleanup, but if this is your first time shopping for one, you might have some questions. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about leaf mulchers and their corresponding answers below.

While both items will produce small bits of biodegradable material for use as mulch around plants or for adding to a compost pile, a leaf mulcher handles only leaves and tiny twigs, while a wood chipper can shred small tree branches.

A leaf mulcher is only intended for dry leaves. Avoid sucking up acorns and twigs larger than inch in diameter, and dont mulch green leaves or grass clippings. Green plant matter can clog the blades of the leaf mulcher.

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leaf shredders

leaf shredders

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