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best xbox one elite controller replacement parts 2021 | windows central

best xbox one elite controller replacement parts 2021 | windows central

The Xbox Elite controller is Microsoft's flagship console gamepad, rocking a premium design and extensive feature set. With dozens of options to customize your Xbox One experience, it's the ultimate companion for any gamer. However, if it's lost or damaged, here are the replacement parts for which you might want to search.

These Xbox Elite Wireless Controller replacement parts are designed for Microsoft's first-generation design. These components aren't guaranteed to be compatible with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

This cohesive 14-piece kit packs the Xbox Elite controller's full range of detachable essentials. New metallic paddles, thumbsticks, and D-pads are included, and it's all wrapped up in a sleek carrying case.

For Elite grips closer to Microsoft's own stock black and gray, eXtremeRate delivers its third-party replacement. Bundling both rails alongside a handy pry tool, it's all you need for that familiar finish.

The Xbox Elite controller has gained a reputation for its infamous peeling grips. This Scuf Gaming Elite kit avoids a full replacement with branded rubber grips and sticks. It's an effective fix for long-term wear, and it's offered in five different colors.

If your Xbox Elite controller has met its untimely demise, a full replacement could be the way forward. Microsoft's second-generation high-end gamepad is now available, including new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, improved triggers, a charging dock, and bolstered build quality,

Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller sits among the best Xbox One controllers on the market, with its weighty in-hand feel and grippy rubberized finish. However, despite its sizeable price tag, it's earned a reputation for durability flaws over its years on the market. Correctly maintaining your Elite keeps it pristine for years to come, if you buy the best replacements.

eXtremeRate's all-inclusive accessory kit provides all the Xbox One Elite controller essentials, ideal for replacing odd missing components. With its hard-shell case, the set also doubles as a compact storage solutions for paddles, thumbsticks, and D-pads. The value over alternatives is clear; only a few bucks dearer than standalone replacements. However, you can buy all the parts separately we just don't know why you would!

Do you fancy a new Xbox One headset? Do you fancy not spending more than $100? Let us help! There's a large range of solid audio options without breaking your budget. And here are our top picks that we've personally used.

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xbox elite controller: how to order replacement parts | stevivor

xbox elite controller: how to order replacement parts | stevivor

I play on my Xbox One way too much (though my Achievement addiction is thankfully subsiding). Nevertheless, Ive used my Xbox Elite controller so much that Ive worn away the grooves on two of four replaceable thumbsticks.

While Microsoft lets gamers buy new replacement parts, weve spent the better part of a week finding out its not an easy process. For your peace of mind, heres the easiest way weve found to get the ball rolling.

Microsofts website lists parts in local currency, but doesnt list the full price in Australia, for example, 10% tax is added after you go through the ordering process. Heres the final price of each component.

Surprisingly, no time at all. We ordered thumbsticks on a Thursday and they were delivered to our address one within the Melbourne metropolitan area by Monday. Your results may vary, but wed expect a relatively short timeframe for most customers.

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xbox elite controller replacement parts - microsoft community

xbox elite controller replacement parts - microsoft community

I know previously it was possible to create a service request to order parts for the Elite Controller, however this no longer seems to work. Are there any other ways to order replacement parts? I was debating ordering the newer series 2 but on reading reviews, they seem to be just as bad for having issues etc.

Thanks for reaching out to the forums. We understand you have question on replacement parts. If they stopped doing this on device support. Then they may be out of stock or stopped making the replacement components. Only thing I can suggest is to search game stores or the internet for replacements.

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