marble floor machine in penang

white marble - floor depot

white marble - floor depot

Porcelain tile is constructed quite similar to ceramic as manufacturers use clay and other natural materials and then fire the materials in a kiln in order to create specific shaped stones. This particular type of flooring provides attributes of water resistant, durable, and reliable floor implemented into their home or business space. There are two types of finishing; matte or glossy and exudes an earthy tone surface such as granite or limestone appearance.

The popularity of porcelain tiles is as strong now as it ever has been. The appearance display a relative subtle environment and at the same time with great advantages owning porcelain tiles and they are

It can be installed in almost anywhere indoor be it on wall or floor. It fits well in high traffic area such as dining area, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Select the right type of surface is important according to the spaces functionality i.e. matte surface for kitchen. Installation shall be on a cement subfloor that is smooth, flat and rigid using cement based adhesives.

Keep floor clean is necessary to maintain the surface appearance to look good at all time and we suggest twice weekly is best of preventing build-ups of dirt and unsightly stains from spreading. A simple sweep and vacuum to remove debris, followed by mopping with water is important as part of the routine. Select the right flooring cleaner is important make your porcelain tiles gleam.

Our product is designed to meet the standard ensures quality and sustainability and built to made you a good choice addition to your space. Our products are environmentally friendly construction material.

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