masaya economic portable magnetite industrial dryer

industrial dryer

industrial dryer

The industrial hot air dryer adopts a new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating technology , hot air industrial is that the evaporator absorbs the heat of the surrounding air, through compressor becomes high temperature and high voltage gas, and then enters the indoor condenser, releases high temperature and heat into the drying room. The hot air draws out the water vapor of the materials. So as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Hot air industrial equipment appliation :Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and other industries. Such as raw materials, raw drugs, chinese herbal medicine pieces, extracts, powders, granules, granules, water pills, packaging bottles, pigment dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, plastic resins, electrical components, baking varnish and so on.

Hot air industrial features:1. microcomputer control technology, over temperature alarm function;2. the external hot air circulation system is composed of low-noise fan and air duct,3. the reasonable air circulation system makes the temperature in the working room stable;4. the outer casing is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate5. the inner tank has a variety of materials such as mirror 304 stainless steel6. galvanized steel plate, and the semi-arc shape is easy to clean;7. the spacing of the shelf in the working room and the number of shelves .8. ergonomic tight-fitting handle for easy handling and tightness.

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