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syntron material handling - home

syntron material handling - home

With more than 140 years of bulk material handling experience, Syntron Material Handling is a recognized industry leader in providing innovative engineering, high-performance products, and superior customer service.

For more than 140 years, Syntron Material Handling has solved bulk material handling problems around the globe. Understanding the unique problems for each operation allows us to craft custom solutions across industries. We have one of the broadest offerings of material handling solutions in the bulk material handling space.

Syntron Material Handling and our team of field service technicians and engineers are available to assist in commissioning and start up, troubleshooting, system evaluation, and other technical services in order to ensure our customers optimize production and mitigate down time.

When your total cost of ownership, productivity, reliability, and safety matters, Syntron Material Handling is your obvious choice. At SMH our experience, capability, quality, and service make us uniquely qualified to provide the best value proposition for your money.

rotex industrial separation, screening and sifting equipment

rotex industrial separation, screening and sifting equipment

Since 1844, Rotex has been setting and shattering standards with the finest industrial separation equipment in the world, engineering proven machines like the APEX , Rotex and Minerals Separator all featuring our exclusive Gyratory Reciprocating Motion. Let's keep the momentum going.

Rotex patented the innovative concept of Gyratory Reciprocating Motion and perfected it over years of lab testing, custom installations and field experience. No other solution combines low-angle screening, long-stroke and low-frequency characteristics in a single machine. This dynamic combination results in greater efficiencies, superior particle accuracies and higher yields.

A host of Fortune 500 companies have trusted Rotex for decades. When material separations are crucial, the worlds leading companies demand Rotex. Ask your representative about our current and past partners.

circular vibrating screeners & vibratory sieves | round screeners |russell finex

circular vibrating screeners & vibratory sieves | round screeners |russell finex

Designed for high-volume screening of powders and liquid slurries, our vibrating sieves will enable you to double your throughput capacity, without increasing floor space. Half the size of a conventional mechanical screening machine, our innovative vibratory sieves require minimal headroom and will fit comfortably into your existing production line; allowing you to increase production capacity whilst minimising investment costs.

Ideal for wet and dry applications, the circular vibratory screener removes impurities and oversized contaminants from products as diverse as paracetamol, powdered milk and anti-corrosive paint. The Russell industrial screens are available in a variety of sizes and mesh options, can be tailored to meet your specific screening and sieving requirements. Variable size and mesh options enable Russell Compact Sieve to deliver a significantly higher throughput, relative to its mesh area, than conventional vibratory screens.

To upscale production of paracetamol, Sri Krishna Pharma required a high quality, high volume screening solution. The Russell Compact Sieve and Vibrasonic Deblinding System was selected as it would allow the pharmaceutical powders to be screened on finer meshes, improving quality without compromising flow rates. A powerful mesh deblinding system applies an ultrasonic frequency to the mesh which breaks the surface tension and prevents fine particles from blocking the mesh screen. Three Russell screeners were installed, improving product consistency and increasing the production yield. Read more

Nestl's new state-of-the-art factory in Chile produces a range of milk powders. Rotary sifters had been used for screening milk powders, but Nestl found that the impeller could force oversized powder through the mesh, compromising product quality. Nestl was looking for a solution that would enable it to improve product quality by screening milk powders using fine meshes, without reducing flow rates. The Russell Compact Sieve more than met the manufacturer's exacting requirements, enabling Nestl to screen the large volume production of milk powder using ultra-fine 2mm meshes (10 mesh). Read more

Profel Extrusion & Finishing, a leading supplier of window and door frames, manufactures its own anticorrosive paint. The small vibratory sieves deployed on its production line did not provide the level of screening required, compromising product quality. Keen to improve product quality and increase its production capacity, Profel replaced their existing sieve with a Russell Compact Sieve and Vibrasonic Deblinding System. The Russell system enabled Profel to eliminate quality issues by accurately screening powders at 150 microns. The low-profile in-line design of the Russell screener significantly improved throughput capacity. Read more

What are the uses of an industrial vibratory sieve?Vibratory sieves are widely used in the processing industries as an efficient way of protecting ingredients and end-products from contamination and lumps. Industrial vibratory screeners are generally made of a single deck containing a mesh which is used for screening out oversize, agglomerates and foreign bodies from liquids and powder. The motor attached to the screen uses an out of balance force to create vibration, which sends the materials through the mesh.

Is a sieve and strainer the same thing?While the word sieves and screens can be used interchangeably, sieves and strainers are not the same thing. Generally sieves can be used to screen powders and liquids, while the term strainer (also referred to as filtration) is more commonly used when referring to screening liquids or slurries.

Whats difference between circular and linear vibratory sieves?The difference between circular and linear vibratory sieves are the way in which the machines are shaped and the motion they use to move materials through the mesh. In linear machines, the back and forth motion allows for powders to move linearly during the sieving process and are not typically used for liquid applications. Round vibrating screeners use a circular vibratory motion and are suited to both liquid and powder applications. While both linear and circular sieves use vibration to process materials, circular screening machines tend to be smaller in size and more hygienic in design, making them easier to fit into processing lines, improving process efficiencies, allow more sanitary screening and reducing labor costs.

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