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mixing equipment mixer direct

mixing equipment mixer direct

The industrial mixing industry is often the bridge between things you enjoy in life, and you. It could be your favorite chocolate, hummus, or bourbon. Or perhaps it is the medicine you take, the coating on the airplane your riding in, a preferred cosmetic line you use on a daily basis, or cleaning supplies you trust to clean your home. The probability of a mixer, a tank, and an impeller playing a significant role in the products you love are incredibly high. Mixing can be simple yet complex and incredibly accurate. Mixer Direct mixing equipment is meticulously designed, engineered, assembled, and delivered in a timely fashion with the utmost concern for quality. Our mixing equipment plays a crucial role in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to: chemicals, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, coatings, food, and beverage.

Mixing equipment can also be the solution to entrepreneurs ranging from garage startups to fortune 500 companies. Mixing equipment could be the missing puzzle piece to your entrepreneurial vision. Want to start your own small batch distillery, design your own makeup line, or craft the next big thing in food culture? Mixing equipment could play a vital role in the transition from taking small steps to building a legitimate business. The question is where does one begin familiarizing themselves with the ins and outs of mixing equipment? This is where we come in.

Mixers are categorized in a variety of different ways, but the easiest way to think about them is the classic: small, medium, & large mixers. This categorizes them by their physical size, but also horsepower and mixing capacity. The variety of mixers are designed to fit a wide variety of industry needs. Some varieties may include 1-50,000+ gallon mixers, tank mixers, paint mixers, lab mixers, air driven mixers, electric mixers, explosion proof mixers, and low or high shear mixers.

Some examples of small mixers would be lab mixers, electric stirrers, and our DP1 dispersers. They are designed to work in small scale environments and are great for testing processes before launching. They typically mix 1-50 gallons.

Medium mixers can also be known as Portable mixers because of their overall portability, size and attachment styles. They are the most versatile mixers available and can handle most applications that mix 20-1000 gallons. Many medium mixers are available with drum or tote mount options for ease of use and mixing without tanks.

Large mixers are typically mounted to a tank by either a flange or plate and are designed to mix large quantities of product. They can be mounted from the top, side, or bottom of a tank, and can be paired with a variety of impellers for a wide use of applications.

Dispersers typically fall into a category of their own as they are used for specific high shear applications. Available in many different sizes, dispersers work best to mix powder into liquid because of their unique dispersion blades.

Rotor stators are in-line mixers that are used for blending and producing extremely stable emulsions, dispersions, and accelerated reactions. They can be set up to pass the mixture through once, or set to recirculate multiple times through the rotor stator.

Mixing containers and tanks can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and construction materials. A broad spectrum of mixing containers to familiarize yourself with may include, totes, 55 gallon drums, stainless steel tanks, and polyethylene tanks.

Custom stainless steel tanks are often at the top of our customers lists when it comes to mixing tanks. One key factor is the necessity for customization due to the plethora of desired applications in the myriad of industries. Once the desired specs for a stainless steel tank are approved, the next step is exploring all the applicable options. This can include type of stainless steel, polishing options, mixer brackets, custom fittings, dimple jackets, and level gauges.

Commonly referred to as poly tanks, polyethylene tanks are an inexpensive and lightweight alternative to stainless steel tanks. Variations of poly tanks can include flat bottom or cone bottom. Purchasing a cone bottom polyethylene tank might also require a carbon or stainless steel stand. Utilizing a stand can open other possibilities for mixing such as a clamp mount and or an inclusion in a complete system.

A tote or a drum are a common simplified way to mix materials in their existing container. The appeal for these mixing containers lies in the simplicity of effortlessly attaching a mixer to 55 gallon drum or ibc tote the materials arrived in. This is especially true regarding the elimination of material waste that can often be the casualty of errors made during container transfers.

Impellers are the key to the transfer of the energy from your motor to produce the desired mixing effect. The different shapes and sizes of impellers each convert this energy in a unique way. Mixing impellers can include Axial Flow Turbines, Radial Flow Turbines, Mixing Propellers, Hydrofoils, Steep Pitch Mixing Propellers, and more.

Stands and lifts can also play a crucial role when selecting your desired mixing equipment. Options for stands include stationary or portable. Depending on the type of stands you choose, lifts can be found in four different power source options which include air, electric, winch, and manual. Stands can also be complemented with a clamp or mixer or rod mount stirrer for hands off operation. For more information regarding a stand or a lift you can explore this topic more in depth here.

Accessories are another vital aspect to the wide range of mixing equipment options. Accessories can include, but are not limited to shafts, couplers, and motors. The items listed can come in handy when in regards to repair, parts, or outfitting a particular mixer.

Shafts are machines designed with precision and polished for mixing. These items are made for impellers, bearing, and couplers. The high majority of shafts are made out of stainless steel (most commonly 316 stainless steel).

Motor options will vary depending upon the desired horse power and power source. Custom motor options may include air, electric, or explosion proof. Your motor choice will also vary upon the type of substance that will need to be mixed.

mixing | hosokawa micron

mixing | hosokawa micron

Hosokawa Micron has developed a wide range of innovative mixing equipment and technologies for powders, pastes, slurries and liquids. Our mixing technologies can be used for a multitude of applications, like homogenizing bulk materials, improving product quality, coating particles, fusing materials, wetting, dispersion of liquids, altering functional properties andagglomeration.

When selecting the right mixing equipment, there are many aspects to consider, such asthe properties of the feed material; requirements for final product quality, size, shape and moisture content; production environment, permitted construction materials, energy consumption etc. The amount of feed material will also help determine the need for batch or continuous operation.

Being a leader in mixing, drying & agglomeration technologies, Hosokawa Micron is constantly seeking for improvement, new technologies and new applications. Frequently, new developments take place in co-operation with our customers and with the use of our well equipped test station, where all our equipment is available at semi-industrial scale.

nantong ross mixing equipment co., ltd_powder mixing machine,high shear emulsifying machine,high shear emulsifying machine,a blender,the heating drying machine

nantong ross mixing equipment co., ltd_powder mixing machine,high shear emulsifying machine,high shear emulsifying machine,a blender,the heating drying machine

Nantong Ross hybrid Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, will rely on its strong capital, strong technical force and complete processing testing equipment, the use of the United States Ross company technology, production of various kinds of mixed equipment with international advanced level, the products are exported to North America, Europe, asia.

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