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nantes apartments: furnished apartments for rent in nantes | nestpick

nantes apartments: furnished apartments for rent in nantes | nestpick

Nantes is a city in western France situated on the River Loire. Outside of Paris, Nantes has been rated as the best city in France to work in, which has attracted lots of expats to the region for international employment opportunities. The city is also a large student hub with around 53,000 students living in the metropolitan area, so students as well as young professionals are choosing this French city to relocate to.

The cost of living in Nantes is low and rent prices for both residential and commercial properties are significantly lower than cities like Paris. So, businesses and entrepreneurs are choosing Nantes for work as they can rent office space much more cheaply. This also means that renting apartments in Nantes, France is more affordable.

Nantes is an attractive city with lots of green space and interesting artwork on display pretty much anywhere you look. Art fills the streets of Nantes as well as the various galleries and museums located around the city. If youre planning to relocate to Nantes, apartments for rent are available in all shapes and sizes to suit what youre looking for. Search on Nestpick to view all the flats to rent in Nantes.

If you cant decide between staying in an apartment or hotel in Nantes, then serviced apartments are the best option out there. These are fully furnished apartments with many of the services and facilities provided in a hotel, but without the grand price tag. Serviced apartments in Nantes range from your basic fare to more luxurious accommodation with facilities like a gym and sauna. Wherever you choose, you wont have to buy or bring your own furniture with you and youll benefit from things like cleaning services, Wi-Fi, and all your utilities included in the price.

The regions of Nantes vary greatly in terms of style and personality as the city extended into new parts over the years. This is apparent within the city centre, which has a number of old, traditional buildings and landmarks mixed in with more modern developments from after the war and from this century. The east of Nantes is where youll find the highest-class areas with more expensive and luxurious accommodation and housing. In total, there are 11 districts in Nantes.

Various kinds of accommodation are available all over Nantes, including on the Isle of Nantes a small island at the centre of the River Loire thats connected to the rest of the city. The city contains modern apartment buildings mixed in with traditional, half-timbered houses and terraced houses. No matter your budget and whether youre living alone or with friends or family, theres plenty on offer to suit your needs.

The city centre of Nantes is known as Centre Ville. It is home to the typical sights, museums, and historical buildings that you often find in the centre of any city. This makes it an interesting place to visit when youre coming to Nantes for the first time, with sights such as the Basilique Saint Nicolas and the citys Natural History Museum attracting tourists. The city also features some nice parks to explore or relax in on nice, sunny days.

In terms of living in Nantes Centre Ville, youll find a lot of students in the area as the University of Nantes has a main campus in the centre, with faculties including medicine and biological sciences located here. Students also enjoy the central location for its easy access to local bars and clubs, so there is lots of student accommodation around the city.

Centre Ville also features various hotels and serviced apartments that are popular among professionals visiting the city on business, particularly for short-term stays. There are apartments and houses in this area that are suited to young professionals, couples, and families, although it is primarily a student area. The Isle of Nantes, which is soon to become recognised as an extension of the city centre, also has plenty of its own residential buildings, including modern housing estates that are suitable for families and young couples looking for more space.

Another district at the centre of Nantes is Malakoff-Saint-Donatien, adjacent to Centre Ville on the west side of the city centre. This quarter is where youll find Nantes train station. There are a number of interesting sights in this region, whether or not its your first time visiting Nantes. The Jardin des Plantes and Parc de la Roche are nice examples of the citys many parklands, with the former even containing its own amusement park. Close to the border of Malakoff-Saint-Donatien and Centre Ville is the Arts Museum of Nantes, where you can see displays of some of the great artwork that is so popular in this region.

Malakoff was the site of a house development project in the 1970s to expand the citys available accommodation for its growing population. As a result, there is an impressive amount of residential housing and apartment buildings in this central area, with accommodation overlooking the River Loire and the Erdre, one of the rivers main tributaries, being particularly popular.

The IUT de Nantes university has a campus here, so it is another popular area among the student population, while the local high schools and other amenities and residential properties also attract families to Malakoff-Saint-Donatien. Rent prices of around 500 are common in this district and the main city centre of Nantes, providing great value.

Breil Barberie is located further north of the city centre in Nantes. This district was another location for substantial housing developments in the 1970s, so it is a primarily residential area slightly outside of the city centre. This makes it a popular place to live for a range of demographics as it is close enough to the city centre to easily access all the amenities and venues located there, yet still far enough out to allow residents to escape the noise and busyness.

Houses and apartments in Breil Barberie, Nantes tend to be more spacious with more rooms compared to accommodation in the centre of Nantes, so it is especially a popular area among families who need more space as well as young couples who are planning to start a family when they move to Nantes, France. This district is less popular among students, but there is some student accommodation in the area as the Nantes University Campus Tertre is located close to Breil Barberie in Quartiers Nord.

Other than housing and apartments, most of Quartier Breil Barberie in Nantes is made up of residential amenities, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and schools, although there are a number of restaurants in the area, as well, offering various cuisines for residents to enjoy.

Nantes is home to the University of Nantes and various other colleges and higher education institutions scattered around the city. To cater to all of the students living in Nantes, a variety of student accommodation and shared housing is available for both local and international students.

Student accommodation in Nantes is especially concentrated around Centre Ville, the Isle of Nantes, and Malakoff, with the main university campuses located in the centre. These are also popular areas for student residence in Nantes as they are close to all the action at the centre of the city, so students can easily enjoy the student nightlife.

Other student accommodations can also be found in the districts of Quartiers Nord and Hauts-Pavs - Saint-Flix. This is where youll find the faculty of science and technology for the University of Nantes, as well as its Tertre Campus. Students often choose to live in these areas if they want easy access to these campuses, or if theyre looking for a little more peace and quiet outside of the city centre. Student accommodation in Nantes is highly affordable and many local bars and restaurants cater to students with generous discounts and offers.

Public transportation in Nantes is an efficient system which primarily relies on buses and trams. The tram system was shut down in the 1950s but then a new, modern network was introduced in 1985, making Nantes the first city in France to do this. Nantes public transport is also unique because of its river shuttles, which run along the River Loire and the Erdre.

The price of public transportation in Nantes is also reasonable, with a single journey costing you just 1.60, or you can pay for unlimited monthly travel for less than 60. There are also various options for discounted tickets and passes for students in Nantes.

Nantes train station has services out to various other French cities, including Paris which is approximately a 2-hour journey. The station is located in Malakoff-Saint-Donatien just outside of Centre Ville.

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Nantes is lucky enough to have some incredible pastry chefs and chocolatiers in the city that are an absolute delight and are definitely worth visiting when you get the chance. Whether it is for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day,

While the Passage Pommeraye isn't really a secret spot, I can't resist telling you about this covered shopping arcade that, as well as being one of Nantes' most beautiful sites, is also one of the most beautiful covered passageway

The city of Nantes has undergone numerous changes over the centuries. And today the citys architecture and layout still retain traces of the past. Enthusiasts take note, here are the places that you simply must visit.The Chteau

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