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five barite mining processes and common barite mining equipment - xinhai

five barite mining processes and common barite mining equipment - xinhai

Barite is a common mineral of barium, and the elements of barite are barium sulfate, the BaO accounts for 65.7% and SO3 accounts for 34.3%. It is an important industrial raw mineral material for making barium and barium compounds.

Taking the barite deposit in China as an example, it can be divided into four types: sedimentary deposit, volcano-sedimentary deposit, hydrothermal deposit, and residual deposit. According to ore types, raw ore properties, mine scale and application, the common barite mining processes mainly include handpicking, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation and combined barite mining process.

In general, the residual barite ore can be separated by the gravity separation method. The sedimentary barite ore and hydrothermal barite ore associated with sulfide ore and fluorite can be extracted by the gravity separation and flotation method. Below, we will explain to you one by one each barite mining process and barite mining equipment.

After the raw ore is extracted, simple handpicking is a common barite mining process for many small barite mines. Some barite mines have a high geological grade and stable quality, so the qualified barite products can be selected by handpicking according to the difference in the color and density between barite and associated minerals. For the rich barite ore selected by hand, the grain size shall be 30-150mm, and the BaSO4 shall be larger than 95%, generally larger than 92%. In general, the simple handpicking process is easy to operate and can be carried out without barite mining equipment. This barite mining process is suitable for the small-scale barite mining plant, but it also has the disadvantages of low productivity, high ore grade requirements and serious resource waste.

This barite mining process is mainly based on the density difference between barite and associated minerals, including ore washing, screening, desliming, jigging, shaking table, which is mostly used to treat residual barite ore.

After the raw ore is treated with washing, screening, crushing, classification and desliming, the high-quality barite concentrate can be obtained by jigging and shake table. The crushing stage adopts the jaw crusher and impact crusher, the fine crushing stage adopts the double roll crusher. The separation stage adopts a heavy medium rotary drum separator, cone classifier, jig or shake table. The heavy medium separation and jigging separation can be used when the particle size of barite is larger than 2mm, but the upper limit of particle size of heavy medium separation is 50mm, and the upper limit of wet and dry jigging separation is about 20mm. The shake table can be used for separation when the particle size of the barite is less than 2mm, but he hydrocyclone must be used to remove the mud before the separation, so as to improve the separation effect.

The specific gravity of the barite is large, generally 4-4.6, and it also has a good floatability. The barite flotation process is mainly used to separate the sedimentary barite and hydrothermal barite ore associated with sulfide ore and fluorite based on the difference of surface physical and chemical properties between barite and associated minerals.

Taking the barite ore in China as an example, the barite deposits are featured with more lean ore and less rich ore. More than 80% of the proven reserves are associated with other minerals. The flotation method must be used for the separation of fine barite ore and gravity separation tailings. The main barite flotation processes are positive flotation process and reverse flotation process, in which the purpose of the reverse flotation process is to remove the alkali sulfide.

As a common salt mineral, the barite flotation process can be divided into two types according to the form of adsorption: one is to use fatty acid alkyl sulfate, alkyl sulfonate and other anion collectors to adsorb on the surface of barite mineral in the form of chemical adsorption, so as to separate from the other associated minerals. Another is to use an amine collector to float barite in the form of physical adsorption. The amines collector has low efficiency and is very sensitive to the influence of slime, so it is suggested to adopt the anionic collector in this barite mining process. In general, add the NaOH to the ball mill, adjust the pH value to 8-10, and add the sodium silicate to the slurry as the regulator, then use the oleic acid collector in the barite flotation process under the condition of 40%-50% solid concentration.

The barite magnetic separation process is mainly based on the surface magnetic difference between barite and iron oxide minerals, which is widely used to separate the iron-containing barite. The magnetic separation process is often used as the combined process with gravity separation, which can produce the barite a material of barium-based drugs requiring very low iron content.

The combined barite mining process of gravity separation and flotation is often used for the barite associated with sulfide ores. For the flotation-gravity separation process used to treat the barite-quartz-calcite ore, add the sodium silicate and collector into the flotation tank of flotation machine for removing the quartz, and obtain the barite-calcite mixed ore, and adopt jig, shake table to obtain the barite concentrate based on the density difference between gangue minerals (such as calcite) and barite.

The early mining barite ore is mostly high-grade ore, which is usually separated by the low-cost and low technical handpicking or gravity separation process. However, with the low grade of barite ore and the complex ore properties, magnetic separation, flotation and combined barite mining processes have been widely used in barite mining. It is suggested that each mine owner should make a scientific and reasonable barite mining process according to the beneficiation test report, avoiding unnecessary economic losses.

industrial minerals networking | imformed barite oilfield market looks to recovery after 2020 impact

industrial minerals networking | imformed barite oilfield market looks to recovery after 2020 impact

Title image Digging Deep: The worlds largest barite mine atMangampet, Andhra Pradesh, India; APMDC is planning to expand production from 3m to 5m tpa, as India strengthens its role as the leading world barite exporter.

The oilfield market, which consumes a range of industrial minerals in vital applications, was severely impacted in 2020 by the pandemic with travel restrictions significantly reducing demand for transport fuels. As a result, producers and traders of barite, the largest volume mineral consumed, saw sales plummet by up to 90% on the previous year.

The European barite market, 50% of which is accounted for by industrial market applications (eg. chemicals, fillers), was somewhat protected from the oilfield downturn (and was even helped a little with increased paint sales owing to home renovation during lockdown), but in the USA more than 90% of bariteconsumed is for oilfield drilling, so this market was hard hit.

Now we are in Q2 2021 there are clear signs of recovery in the oilfield marketas mineral suppliers adjust and strategize for near and medium term business development. Here we take a look at the barite supply sector.

To assess the outlook for the oilfield minerals market IMFORMED has gathered an excellentpanel of speakers for our upcoming Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum 2021 ONLINE 12:00-18:00 BST Wednesday 26 May Early Bird Rates end Friday 23 April Full Details Here.

Overall though, India has in recent years strengthened its position as a leading barite exporter, surpassing China for the first time in 2018 with 2.2m tonnes exports (China 1.2m), and again in 2019 with 1.9m tonnes (China 1.1m).

The US oilfield market, onshore but also offshore in the Gulf of Mexico which consumes the majority of barite imports, was clearly hit during the pandemic in 2020 (see rig count chart) although commentators are sensing some signs of recovery.

The USGS also reported US barite imports for consumption were down 41% from 2019 to 1.5m tonnes in 2020 (2.5m 2019, 2.4m 2018, 2.4m 2017). Imports from India fell >50% in 2020; from China down 73%; and from Morocco down 91%.

But it should be noted that the last few years have seen alternative barite sources emerging for the US market: from Thailand (50,000 tonnes imported 2020); Vietnam (38,000 tonnes imported 2019); Laos (120,000 tonnes 2019), and Pakistan (10,000 tonnes 2019). Note also that barite exported from Thailand and Vietnam is actually sourced from mines in Laos, some material maybe processed in theport country.

South-East Asian sources of barite are emerging as a stronger force in world exports, such as this deposit being mined in Laos, then processed and exported via Thailand. Calvin Loa of Mekong Minerals Co. will be presenting on this topic at the upcoming Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum 2021 ONLINE 26 May. Courtesy KIA Energy Co.

Adriatic Metals Plc, UK, through wholly-owned Bosnian subsidiary, Eastern Mining d.o.o., owns 100% of two concessions over the Veovaca and Rupice Au-Ag-Pb-Zn-Ba deposits in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which make up its Vares Project.

Work to date indicates the Vares Project comprises probable reserves of 2.94m tonnes grading 26% barite, mostly in the Rupice deposit (planned underground mine). Adriatic Metals envisages production of 165,000 tpa barite concentrate with a strategy to sell direct to the oilfield market.

The Vares Project is undergoing work on a DFS and financing, all being well envisaging construction starting late 2021 and commissioning in late 2022. Should it come to fruition, this would make it Europes largest barite producer.

US barite production all but ceased in 2020, with most domestic barite mining and processing facilities idled. The USGS reported just one company in Nevada active in mining barite, and thus 2020 US production data has been withheld to avoid disclosing company proprietary data.

Nevadas 2019 barite production came from five operations, though one operation only sold from stockpiles. They shipped 389,914 tonnes valued at $46.3m, a 5% increase from 2018. Mine production was 522,884 tonnes, a 40% decrease from 2018.

M-I SWACO, a subsidiary of Schlumberger, was the largest Nevada barite producer in 2019, and is thought to be the only operation processing in 2021. The company shipped 204,119 tonnes of ground barite from its Battle Mountain grinding plant in Lander county. This was a 10% decrease from 2018. The material shipped came from 201,397 tonnes mined at the Greystone Mine, a 69% decrease from 2018.

Baroid Drilling Fluids (subsidiary of Halliburton) Rossi Mine, jig plant and the Dunphy mill facility, the largest barite grinding plant in North America; the mine was temporarily closed end of 2015 and the mill facility was temporarily closed in 2016, though it did ship barite in 2018; Baroid had proposed an expansion of the Rossi which would extend mining operations and surface exploration for an additional 8 years. The BLM issued a record of decision approving the project in September 2019, and a reclamation permit was issued.

Progressive Contracting Inc.a local contract miner, not a mainstream barite producer, shipped 53,637 tonnes of barite processed from 80,677 tonnes produced fromthe Maggie Creek Mine (also referred to as the Carlin Mine) in 2019.

Baroids state-of-the-art Dunphy Plant, Nevada, completed in 2014 and currently mothballed, consists of two 85-in Williams Crusher Mill Systems, capable of processing 50 tpa barite ore. There is also an automated 800 tpd packaging system for bagged material. Santiago Carassale, Halliburton, will be presenting on barite processing at Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum 2021 ONLINE 26 May. Courtesy The Mouat Co.

Though BLM-approved, it seems unlikely that Baroid will start expanding the Rossi Mine until the market recovers more fully, if at all. Moreover, there is speculation that Baker Hughes and Baroid facilities maybe put up for sale.

Most recently, in April 2021, leading barite processor and distributor CIMBAR Performance Minerals Inc., acquired Baker Hughes drilling grade barite plant at Corpus Christi, Texas, and has started ramping up production.

The addition of the CIMBAR Corpus Christi barite operation expands the companys footprint to supply its oil and gas customers in all the land drilling regions in the USA, and in particular, in south and west Texas.

This follows the March 2021 announcement by CIMBAR that it had reached agreement with TOR Minerals International Inc. to purchase TORs high grade barite (and alumina trihydrate (ATH); both for filler markets) manufacturing assets located at Corpus Christi, Texas.

In addition to barite, CIMBAR is a leading supplier of talc, ATH, magnesium hydroxide and post-consumer mineral-based fillers processed at 12 plants in the USA, with additional production sites in Mexico, China, and Pakistan.

In India, the majority of the countrys barite reserves are concentrated in the state of Andhra Pradesh and their exploitation and processing is administered by the state-owned Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corp. Ltd (APMDC).

The Mangampet barite deposit in Kadapa district is the single largest deposit in the world and according to the APMDC accounts for 95% of Indias barite reserves. The 2.25km2 deposit comprises some 50m tonnes of remaining reserves of barite suitable for a range of market applications.

In March 2021, the APMDC announced the proposal of a revised INR1bn (US$13m) mining plan for its huge Mangampet barite mine to increase production from 3m to 5m tpa, perhaps indicative of reinforcing Indias growing dominance in world barite supply, especially over China in recent years.

On 25 January 2021 the APMDC started its annual tender bidding process for export sales of 1m tonnes of A Grade (drilling grade 4.25 SG), 200,000 tonnes of B Grade (drilling grade 4.10 SG), and 1m tonnes of C+D+W Grade (lumps, waste), for export, captive consumption for oil well drilling in India, and overseas for buyers registered in India.

The auction concluded in March 2021 with the following companies known to have succeeded in securing various volumes and grades: Rescom Holdings (UAE), Gimpex Pvt Ltd (India), Emprada Mines and Minerals (India), and Varshini Enterprises (India;an associate company of US-based Rock Fin Minerals).

Emprada Mines and Minerals LLC is headquartered in Austin, Texas but operates a processing plant in Kadapa, India (similar to Rock Fin Minerals, based in Houston, with its Indianassociate Varshini Enterprises).

Over the last few years the company has steadily increased its share of Indias barite export market, rising from just 7,000 tonnes in 2015 to 300,000 tonnes in 2020. Emprada has six grinding units with a combined production capacity of 15,000 tpm.

Vikram Akepati, CEO, Emprada Minerals LLC said: Yes, 2020 was definitely a bad year for everyone, but we have enough contracts on hand and hopefully that will keep us busy for the rest of the year. We have reached 300k in barite export and are now one of the leading suppliers out of India.

Youssef Laghzali, Sales Manager, Broychim Group, Morocco commented: There was some sort of pick up at the beginning of this year for the US Gulf of Mexico, hoping this will be confirmed in the second quarter of the year. Our new Safi plant is currently fully operational and performing well.

Broychim accounts for nearly 50% of Moroccos barite exports and in 2019 opened a new 20,000 tpm barite plant at the port of Safi, hosting two grinding units, crushing, washing, and jigging units. Courtesy Broychim

In its annual Global Energy Review 2021 published 20 April, the IEA forecasts global overall energy demand is set to increase by 4.6% in 2021, more than offsetting the 4% contraction in 2020 and pushing demand 0.5% above 2019 levels. Almost 70% of the projected increase in global energy demand is in emerging markets and developing economies, where demand is set to rise to 3.4% above 2019 levels.

However, despite an expected annual increase of 6.2% in 2021, global oil demand is set to remain around 3% below 2019 levels.Natural gas demand is set to grow by 3.2% in 2021, propelled by increasing demand in Asia, the Middle East and the Russian Federation. This is expected to put global gas demand more than 1% above 2019 levels.

Certainly, many barite suppliers have upped their profile and potential in serving the lesser volume but higher value industrial markets for barite, eg. chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fillers in paint, plastics, rubber, and radiation shielding, in order to offset the downturn in oilfield market sales.

This is exemplified by CIMBARs recent acquisition of TOR Minerals high grade barite plant (see earlier), and the strategic switch to focus on pharmaceutical grade barite development by the formerly named barite deposit developer Voyageur Minerals Ltd, now called Voyageur Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Voyageur (which presented at Oilfield Minerals & Markets Forum 2018) is now focused on becoming a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company by creating USP (US Pharmacopeia) grade minerals, and is developing its Frances Creek, British Columbia barite project into a source of barium radiographic contrast media. A Preliminary Economic Assessment is ongoing, and work to date demonstrates that 98.6% BaSO4 can be produced to make USP grade barium sulphate.

Not all barite deposits are high quality enough for industrial markets, but those with access to such grades will certainly be re-evaluating their reserves to see how far they can pursue these lucrative but lower volume markets.

Recent work by researchers at Purdue University, Indiana (Prof. Xiulin Ruan pictured below), in evaluating barium sulphate-based white paint to help reflect sunlight and assist reducing global warming hit the media headlines recently and would certainly have pricked up a few ears among the barite community (see The whitest paint is here and its the coolest. Literally.). The material used was a very fine grain size (d50= 0.4 micron) synthetic barium sulphate.

Independent barite consultant, Peter Huxtable commented: White barite world output is probably around 0.5m tonnes and will cover a wide variety of actual colour whiteness. Resource is limited, and most comes from China, Morocco, and Turkey. That total would include blanc fixe which is re-precipitated barite. There has been a lot of work at acid washing of off-white [barite] material but not a lot of success, as the colour pigmentation is often deeply ingrained in the lattice.

Paint is already one of the leading industrial applications for high whiteness barite, and although its perhaps early days until more work is conducted, a new radiative cooling paint market for barite appears exciting.

Generally speaking, with US mine production idled, emerging alternative sources are going to play an increasing role in global barite supply, while India and Morocco may continue to take export market share from China.

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Our main activity has been to locate, process, and deliver sand, gravel, and aggregate products and provide crushing services to contractors for roads, dams, and large public work projects. We specialize in portability. Our portable rock crushing and asphalt & concrete recycling plants make our operations more agile, efficient, and profitable. We also provide crushing and processing services to coal and hard rock mines.

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