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Makita was founded in Nagoya City in Japan in 1915 under the name of "Makita Denski Seisakusho", where the business was the sale and repair of lighting fixtures, motors and transformers. After years of development and testing, Makita specializes in electric motors and started exporting them to the world in 1935. In 1938, the company was transformed into a limited company and Makita introduced the new name "Makita Electric Works, Ltd.".

In 1958, Makita's first power tool - a hand-operated electric planer was announced. This time has proved to be a significant turning point, determining the current trend of the company, which Makita is still pursuing this day. Later that same year, Makita strengthened its positioning as a special manufacturer of power tools by introducing a hand-held wall chaser.

After years of development, Makita's range of power tools expanded as the company obtained an electric hand-operated circular saw and drill machine in 1962. In the same year Makita was listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.

Makita managed quite quickly to create opportunities for mass production and assembly that could meet the demanding and growing needs of consumers. By the 1970s, Makita had created a strong production base that enabled efficient production and advanced quality control.

At the same time, Makita's worldwide expanse started with the founding of Makita U.S.A., Inc. in the United States, which was the first overseas company. The expansion has continued throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s until the 2010s.

Ultimate quality has always been a Makita priority. After 10 years of decisive design and extensive testing, Makita launched its first 7.2V battery drum in 1978. With significant investments in research and development, battery technology has been improved, enabling higher power and operating time, shorter charging time and longer life cycle of machines. Up to now, even after decades, these factors are invaluable in the development of Makita battery power tools. By 1987, Makita's 7.2V battery tool range covered 15 different battery tools, all of which could be used with the same battery and charger.

Makita has firmly adhered to this ideology for decades, which has today enabled the market to be the largest single battery charger for one and the same battery. The 9.6V battery pack followed by a 7.2V battery tool came later to cover 10 tools.

Makita made the decision to develop a fully-fledged 18V Lithium Ion line in 2005. This has proved to be one of the most important choices during Makita's history. Today, Makita offers the world's largest 18V battery tool range, powered by a slider-mount battery. The year 2015 will be important for Makita in addition to 100 years of milestone, and also because Makita broke already 150 machine boundaries in the 18V range!

The 18V range of batteries is not only the widest, but it also offers the fastest charging time on the market for power packed batteries thanks to intelligent charging technology. Makita's ever expanding 18V battery tool range offers tools which gives machine users more power, longer running time and unique ergonomics.

makita usa - product details -ga9031y

makita usa - product details -ga9031y

The GA9031Y is powered by a 15 AMP motor that delivers 6,600 RPM for faster stock removal. The labyrinth construction minimizes dust and debris penetration into the motor and bearings for longer tool life. In addition, the armature is sealed by a protective zig-zag varnish which prevents contamination by creating a barrier under rotation, and wire mesh intake covers are engineered to prevent metal shards from entering the motor. The armature is supported by dual ball bearings and reinforced with a nylon retainer for improved durability.

The GA9031Y weighs only 14 lbs. and is built with comfort and ergonomic features for extended use. The grinder features an ergonomic rubberized handle engineered for lower vibration and can be installed on either side of the tool. The push-button rotatable rear handle has positive stops and can be positioned every 90 degrees for operator convenience. Additional convenience features include a tool-less wheel cover for easy guard adjustment, and externally accessible brushes for easy serviceability.

The GA9031Y is a versatile and powerful grinder engineered for demanding applications and is ideal for masons, welders, ship yard workers, automotive technicians, stone/tile work, HVAC, electricians, and general contractors for a range of industrial grinding applications.

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