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gemco wood pellet mill for home use buy high quality wood pellet mill for fuel pellets making

gemco wood pellet mill for home use buy high quality wood pellet mill for fuel pellets making

Making the pellets fuel by yourself with a wood pellet mill is easy, convenient, and cost-saving. Pellets fuel gains popularity with the government supports and the use of pellet stove in many countries. Biomass pellets can be made from various waste materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, leaves and other agriculture wastes. The pellets can be used for cooking and heating at home.

Many want to know how to make pellets at home by using their own biomass pellet mill. First, you need to know the forming principle of wood pellets. The wood pellets are produced by the great pressure generated from the pressing of pellet mill roller and die, and extruded through the dense pellet mill die holes to shape cylinder pellets. Therefore, having a wood pellet making machine is precondition to make fuel pellets at home. (Read more: Wood Pellet Machine Price >>)

Please Note: We have four types of household wood pellet mill for you to choose: Electric Pellet Mill, Diesel Engine Pellet Mill, PTO (tractor-driven) Pellet Mill, and Gasoline Pellet Mill. So, you do not need to worry about the power source, just choose one, and then you are able to make pellets either in your farm, at home or in the field!

If you are looking for high quality small home use pellet mill machine with reasonable price, we are the best choice for you! Please contact us directly to get the latest price list, machine parameters and shipping cost!

The wood pellet making machine provided by GEMCO is also suitable for set up small pellet mill for business purpose. We can offer customized business plan, factory layout design, equipment selection and installation. If you needs any technical supports, please just send us massage, we will get back to you soon!

GEMCO Wood Pellet Mill for Home Use Buy High Quality Wood Pellet Mill for Fuel Pellets Making: HOT Sale wood pellet mill for home use offered by biomass wood pellet machine manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of wood pellet fuel production and how to start wood pellet making business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

pellet making machine for sale | electric ring die mill

pellet making machine for sale | electric ring die mill

Beston pellet making machine for sale, also called industrial pellet mill machine, has used ring die design to make high-quality pellets from different raw materials. It has become a popular business from small scale to medium and large scale.

Final product: the biomass pellet can be used as biofuel. It is small in size, large in proportion, resistant to burning, easy to store and transport, and the volume is only 1/10 of the same weight of straw. Its density is 0.9-1.4g/cm3, and the calorific value can reach between 3500-5500 kcal, which is high Volatile solid fuel. It can replace firewood, raw coal, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used for burning in domestic stoves, heating stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, and biomass power plants.

The pellet making machine is operated by a direct motor connection. The motor is connected to the reducer shaft through a gear coupling. After a 90change of direction, the horizontal motor drives the vertical casting hollow transfer spindle, and the spindle drives the roller to roll the mold. The inner surface completes the pressing process.

During the working, the biomass material falls vertically from the feed inlet, and the material is continuously and evenly distributed on the surface of the mold cavity through the rotation of the pressure wheel (the contact surface of the pressure roller and the mold), and the powdery material is crushed by the pressure roller holes through the mold (holes evenly distributed on the inner surface of the mold). In this process, the material is subjected to high pressure and high temperature to produce physical changes or appropriate chemical changes (according to the materials), which promotes the powdery material to form a continuously elongated cylindrical solid body, and then the particles are cut by a knife and discharged from the discharge port. The pressing process of the pellets is completed.

First of all, make sure that materials is desirable. Its diameter should be less than 2cm and the moisture content is less than 15%. If not, put them into drum chipper to make them smaller. Then put raw materials into crusher. Thats the crushing procedures.

Now raw materials become powder. After removing dust, they are transmitted to the dryer by belt conveyors. With the help of hot air stove and induced draft fan, the temperature inside the dryer becomes extremely high and when materials go through it, the procedure of drying is finished.

Next, materials are sent to the silo by a conveyor, and then it climbs onto the distribution platform, which is above the pellet machine. Under the influence of gravity, materials are distributed to different machines. Thats the pelletizing process.

Beston pellet making machine for sale uses biomass or crops as raw materials to make pellets fuel, which can realize energy reusing. The energy development has positive effect in agriculture, forestry and other industries. It has further promoted the recycling of energy and the development of agricultural economy. If you want to recycling biomass by another method, Beston also has carbonization machine for sale to make charcoal from biomass. Contact us for more information!

diy wood pellet mill productivity when making wood pellets

diy wood pellet mill productivity when making wood pellets

There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing DIY homemade pellet mill projects. Some of these DIY pellet mills are a lot more successful than others. The video below is quite a popular example and not a bad attempt at a wood pellet mill. While I respect those that put the time and effort into a DIY project to make a pellet mill the limitations of these machines is not clear to many people. The reason being, most people dont have the experience of how to make wood pellets. With this post, Im not attempting to discourage anyone from attempting a homemade pellet mill if you are willing. I just want you to approach a DIY pellet mill project with realistic expectations. You need to be realistic on what a DIY pellet machine can achieve and the grade of wood pellets you will produce.

The first thing to note from this video is the basic vertical flow flat die pellet mill design. Material is fed through the hopper on top and the wood pellets come out from under the die. Not the most efficient pellet mill design. However, its very popular in China due to its simplicity. In fact, many homemade pellet mills actually use dies and rollers made in China. What is actually homemade is the chassis of the pellet mill, potentially the drive system etc. The most efficient pellet press design is a ring die pellet mill. However, that would be much more technically demanding DIY project.

The video states that an 80HP (60kw) motor is used. As you can see in the video to the right there is a PTO shaft, so that pellet mill is running from a tractor. A lot of people are interested in PTO pellet mills, however, its not something I personally encourage. For one, its dangerous, many people die every year from getting caught up in PTO shafts. With a pellet mill, you are standing very close to that PTO shaft.

Even with a cover on the PTO shaft, its still not very safe being stood next to it. Secondly, an 80HP diesel engine is being used to power a very small pellet mill. Its stated in the video description that this DIY pellet mill is producing 130 kg/h. I dont believe thats realistic, its probably around 40-50kg/h. Therefore, those wood pellets will have a very high cost per tonne.

With regards to the productivity per hour of this DIY pellet mill, lets be generous and presume it can produce 130 kg/h of wood pellets. You are having to load the material in above the pellet mill via a bucket, metering it in bit by bit. Thats a lot of hard work. Also, you cannot really be doing anything else such as bagging up the wood pellets.

With this particular DIY pellet mill, the operator also seems to be experiencing a bridging issue where the pellets are coming out of the machine. This is likely due to the high percentage of fines (dust). Fines are particles of material that were not compressed into wood pellets, they are then separated from the finished pellets and returned into the process.

This particular DIY pellet mill is producing quite a lot of fines. This is either down to one or two issues. The material could be too dry. If this is the case with a DIY pellet mill such as this you have no means to precisely control moisture content to address the issue. Secondly, it could be an issue with the compression ratio on the die holes, or the die is worn and needs replacement.

When we get to see the finished wood pellets at the end of the video you can see that there are very few good quality wood pellets. There is a poor consistency with some very short pellets that look to have a poor density. With a small pellet mill such as this, it would probably benefit from the use of a suitable pellet binder.

While this DIY homemade pellet mill is a respectable attempt you should not look at a machine such as this and think that producing wood pellets at home is a viable option. When you work out the cost per tonne of wood pellets covering your time and equipment costs it just doesnt add up. There is however one exception to this rule. BBQ wood pellets can be very profitable, even on a small scale. Supplying a product to pellet grill owners or to use in pellet smoker box on gas/propane BBQs is one of the few cases when producing wood pellets on such a small scale can be viable.

Whether you already own a pellet grill/smoker or are looking to purchase one a 'flameout' is something you need to be aware of not only in terms of how to fix the situation but how to avoid it in the...

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