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what is flat die pellet press?|small pellet machinery

what is flat die pellet press?|small pellet machinery

Welcome to ABC machinery. There are so many people searching the flat die pellet press on Google every day. So what is the flat die pellet press? If you want to learn more information about the flat die pellet machine, here is your right place to start.

The pellet press, which is designed in the early 20th century, is widely used to process the redundant and abandoned biomass materials into biomass pellets. There are main kinds of pellete presses. One is for making bio-fuel pellets, named wood pellet press, and the other is feed pellet mill which is designed to process feed pellets for livestock such as cattle, pig, chicken, etc. As the name implies, the pellet mill die is flat comparing with the ring die pellet presses. It belongs to small pellet press. When the flat die pellet machinery appeared, it is so extensively popular by almost all farms and factories. The situation that processing the woods or straw into pellets manually is a waste of time and low efficiency is obviously improved. So the emergence of the pellet press machine is of great significance.

Now the flat die pellet press is popular all over the world. Generally speaking, the flat die pellet mill has two types, including the rotating roller type and the rotating die type. The former one has a stationary die with a rotating roller while the latter has a stationary roller with the rotating die. Adopting vertical principle, the raw materials drops down by its own weight into the pelletizing chamber where they are compressed between the rollers and die to form pellets by going through the die holes.

1-1.5t/h pellet mill ld560a

1-1.5t/h pellet mill ld560a

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine is a new biomass fuel production machinery by processing scrap from forest and agricultural waste like eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit and agricultural straw, bamboo. Compared with the old machine, it absorbed the essence of horizontal ring die and flat die pellet machine, solved the insufficient pressure, die crack problems of horizontal ring die pellet machine, and overcame the small capacity, high failure rate of flat die pellet machine.

1.Good stability 2.Low failure rate 3.Low production cost 4.Reinforced spindle, strong power output 5.Adopt large modulus hardened surface spiral gearbox 6.The machinery of choice for the biomass energy industry

1.The gearbox adopts independent research and development big gear with 3 level drive. Module increased, gear strengths increased, carring more power and more stable, the service life increased 8-10 times than the traditional reducer, service life greatly increase.

2.Bearing room structure is smaller. Make the whole structure compact; It guarantee the bearing room, pelleting room working steady. The hollow shaft connect directly with spline shaft in bearing room, guarantee high concentricity, reduce the failure rate of equipment.

3.Ring Die: High wear resistance and high capacity. It adopt the stainless steel die which use integral carburation. Heat treatment hardness: HRC55-60. The die have a high abrasion performance, strong stability, whose using life is about 800-1000h. The enlarge design of discharge area increase the quantity of effective discharge hole, increasing the capacity, saving cost.

4.Oiling System Reducer box and the main shaft bearing room adopt the circulating closed industrial gear oil lubrication, which makes the lubrication good effect and so that protect effectively the bearing life. The shaft bearing room is lubricated with gear oil, which greatly reduces the cost of traditional grease lubrication and improve work efficiency.

The ring die pellet mills were designed at around the 1930s based on the design of ring die. The basic pelleting principle of the ring die pellet mill is a simple operation where feed mass is distributed over the inner surface of a rotating, perforated die ahead of each roll, which compress the feed mass and compress it into the die holes to form pellets.

We establish one 2-3 t/h wood pellet line in Wen zhou, Zhe Jiang Province in China. The raw material is sawdust and wood block. The moisture of raw material is less than 20%. We use hammer mill GPX65*100, pellet machine LD720, 10m3 cooling bin and packing machine.

Macreat (Shandong) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large domestic manufacturer of biomass new energy environmental protection equipment. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and service into one-stop, focusing on providing good quality products and bast services for customers.

pellet making machine for sale | electric ring die mill

pellet making machine for sale | electric ring die mill

Beston pellet making machine for sale, also called industrial pellet mill machine, has used ring die design to make high-quality pellets from different raw materials. It has become a popular business from small scale to medium and large scale.

Final product: the biomass pellet can be used as biofuel. It is small in size, large in proportion, resistant to burning, easy to store and transport, and the volume is only 1/10 of the same weight of straw. Its density is 0.9-1.4g/cm3, and the calorific value can reach between 3500-5500 kcal, which is high Volatile solid fuel. It can replace firewood, raw coal, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used for burning in domestic stoves, heating stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, and biomass power plants.

The pellet making machine is operated by a direct motor connection. The motor is connected to the reducer shaft through a gear coupling. After a 90change of direction, the horizontal motor drives the vertical casting hollow transfer spindle, and the spindle drives the roller to roll the mold. The inner surface completes the pressing process.

During the working, the biomass material falls vertically from the feed inlet, and the material is continuously and evenly distributed on the surface of the mold cavity through the rotation of the pressure wheel (the contact surface of the pressure roller and the mold), and the powdery material is crushed by the pressure roller holes through the mold (holes evenly distributed on the inner surface of the mold). In this process, the material is subjected to high pressure and high temperature to produce physical changes or appropriate chemical changes (according to the materials), which promotes the powdery material to form a continuously elongated cylindrical solid body, and then the particles are cut by a knife and discharged from the discharge port. The pressing process of the pellets is completed.

First of all, make sure that materials is desirable. Its diameter should be less than 2cm and the moisture content is less than 15%. If not, put them into drum chipper to make them smaller. Then put raw materials into crusher. Thats the crushing procedures.

Now raw materials become powder. After removing dust, they are transmitted to the dryer by belt conveyors. With the help of hot air stove and induced draft fan, the temperature inside the dryer becomes extremely high and when materials go through it, the procedure of drying is finished.

Next, materials are sent to the silo by a conveyor, and then it climbs onto the distribution platform, which is above the pellet machine. Under the influence of gravity, materials are distributed to different machines. Thats the pelletizing process.

Beston pellet making machine for sale uses biomass or crops as raw materials to make pellets fuel, which can realize energy reusing. The energy development has positive effect in agriculture, forestry and other industries. It has further promoted the recycling of energy and the development of agricultural economy. If you want to recycling biomass by another method, Beston also has carbonization machine for sale to make charcoal from biomass. Contact us for more information!

compost pellet machine | why use | wet granulation | pan pelletizer

compost pellet machine | why use | wet granulation | pan pelletizer

A compost pellet machine can turn organic compost fertilizer powder into pellets. It is often used in commercial organic compost making line. Because of the physical property of organic compost, turning them into granules will be more convenient for you selling. There are different types of compost pellet mills in Shunxin for your reference. We design a new granulation facility for your organic composting fertilizer pelletizing. Meanwhile, you can also use our pan granulation machine for your small scale compost fertilizer making requirements. Both these two granulation machines use wet granulation technology for making powders into granules. Especially, we can also provide favorable prices for you.

Generally, if you are going to make organic fertilizer, it is necessary for you to make a compost. And then you can get healthy organic fertilizer. It is suitable for you to sell these organic composts directly. However, if you make them into fertilizer granular, it will be more convenient for you to transport and store. Meanwhile, it is applicable for you to add some bacteria into organic compost materials when granulating. Doing this, your organic compost effects will be better. Besides, with a compost pelleting machine, the organic compost fertilizer granules you made will have a longer warranty period.

For your compost fertilizer granulation, we recommend you Shunxin patent compost pellet machine. This machine employs wet granulation technology for pelletizing. Especially, it can process your high-moisture compost. Moreover, there are mixing and polishing devices inside this granulator. Then what is its working principle?

This organic compost granulation equipment takes advantages of high-speed stirring force for pelletizing powdery materials. For your information, it can process the compost powder, whose water content is between 25%-30%. When you put materials into the feeding port, there is a mixing device, which will mix these powders evenly for granulating. The more uniform the powders, the more uniform the granules. You do not have to add binders or liquid during the granulation process. Because all the powder particles will be together by intermodular force. After the granulating, there is a polishing device at outlet. This polishing device will beautify your granulated organic compost well.

For your information, it is applicable for you to adjust the size of compost pellets you want. The speed of this machine is adjustable. If the fertilizer granules are too small, you can make the speed lower. And then you can get your ideal pellets.

If you only want to start a small scale compost making project, Shunxin has small scale compost pellet machine for you to choose. This machine adopts arc structure. And it has many specifications. Its smallest size can be used for lab. It has good reputations among our customers because of its high granulation rate. Meanwhile, it is more economic than new designed compost fertilizer granulation equipment. Similar to the patent granulator, you can also use this small scale plate type compost granulation machine for adjusting pellets sizes. Because its disk tilt angle is adjustable, which can be adjusted between 55 and 60. For your information, if the disk tilt angle is bigger, the pellets you make will be small, vice versa. Especially, there is a scraper installed on the disk, which can reduce the materials waste. Meanwhile, it also avoids that the material sticks on the disk wall.

In an organic compost production line, the compost granulation facility is usually used after you finish composting. And then you can get healthy organic compost fertilizer for making them into granules. However, because of the moisture content of organic compost, there may be some agglomerations. Thus, it is necessary for you to crush them into fine powders. The finer the powder, the better the granulation effects. Besides, you can also use a mixing machine for mix these compost powders evenly.

After all these preparations, it is time to enter granulating process. Whether you use the patent organic compost granulating equipment or pan granulator, you can get high-quality compost fertilizer granular. Using a compost pelleting machine, you should feed powdery organic compost from the feeding port. And then it will make powders into pellets by centrifugal force or stirring force. Finally, the pelleted compost granules will be out from the outlet.

Shunxin is an experienced organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment supplier. In the past 20years, we are trying to manufacture high-quality fertilizer equipment for our precious customers. Moreover, we have our own factory for manufacturing. Thus, you can get high-quality compost pellet machine at factory price.

Shunxin has various granulation machines for your compost fertilizer making requirements. Compared with our patent organic fertilizer granulation equipment, the disc compost pelletizer is more economic. However, if you want to produce compost with high output, our drum pelletizer can meet your needs. Thereupon, the price will be higher, too. If you want to know the details about our prices of our products, we can provide detailed information for you. Especially, we can also customize for you. Then the products price will be different, too.

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