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rock cleaner: clear cache, delete thumbnails, purge packages

rock cleaner: clear cache, delete thumbnails, purge packages

These temporary files are downloaded to save you bandwidth and prevent Kodi from needing to download them every time they are called upon. However, as they build up, they tend to eat up space and slow everything down anyways.

When Kodi needs to queue up a stream, it fills up a cache memory in Kodi. You might have seen a cache full message in the corner of Kodi before when trying to play a stream. Clearing the cache should be the first troubleshooting tool you perform when streams are buffering or not loading prooperly.

Every Kodi addon and menu now has tons of thumbnail files that appear when you hover and navigate through addons. These thumbnails are saved in a special folder so that they dont have to be loaded from the internet each time. Over time, your thumbnail folder accumulates pictures from old non-working addons. Delete your thumbnails to save space and force a re-download of them, which is handy when addons update their thumbnails and you cant see the changes.

When you install a Kodi addon, it first downloads a packaged zip file from the internet, extracts it, and installs it in your Kodi addons folder. Over time, these packaged files can take up a lot of unnecessary space. Purge packages in Kodi today and clean up the back-end file structure of Kodi.

Kodi periodically looks for updates to repositories and addons while you run it and it also does this on initial startup. Use the Update Repositories option in the Rock Cleaner Kodi addon to force look for an update, handy if you know a new update should be on its way.

Sign up for a premium Kodi VPN and access the internet unrestricted. We offer exclusive discounts for two services IPVanish and NordVPN. Both are respected in the Kodi community & have some great features for users:

9 best kodi addons for movies 2019 to watch 4k, 3d and full hd videos

9 best kodi addons for movies 2019 to watch 4k, 3d and full hd videos

We find a lot of the best Kodi addons. These addons are just happening to be the most popular because they are reliable and have contents which people are looking for. Kodi is Open source, and it can be modified to suit your needs, and there is a huge range of add-ons. There are many categories in Kodi addons. Some are audio, video, pictures, services, and more. There are also the best Kodi addons like UK Turks Playlists, Exodus, Salts, Velocity, and more. Each add-on offers a broad range of contents from live TV to movies. There are also a variety of Kodi addons for movies to watch 4K, 3D, and full HD movies. Many good add-ons can stream 4K full HD movies such as 4Horsemen, Falcon movies, Project M, Real-movies, and Release Hub. To achieve these HD movies on Kodi, keep in mind that you need a fast internet connection.

4Horsemen is one of the best kodi 4k addons of 2017. It is a huge, new, and all in one Kodi add-ons. This add-on will turn your Kodi into a traditional movie theater. It is packed with full of contents including 3D & 4K movies, tv shows, music & music videos, kids tv & kids movies, and more. The main feature of the add-on is to watch movies. 4Horsemen Kodi add-on is from Paragon, Maverick TV, Bose Place, and Silent Hunter. It can be installed by two methods. One is through the Echo repository, and another one is through Streamteam addon.

Falcon movies is another addon to enjoy 4k movies on kodi. It offers everything from live TV to 4K Movies, Kids Movies, Documentaries and TV shows. It is supported by the AJ Builds team. Falcon Kodi movies add-on features a great IPTV section. Falcon 4K Kodi add-on media location is repository.

Project M is also one of the top add-ons for watching 4K movies on Kodi. One can also watch kodi 3d movies with Project M addon. It has variety of features including live TV, movies, music, childrens content, and more. It is supported by the Merlin team. Project M Kodi add-on media location is

Real movies 4K Kodi addon is also the best free addon for 3D and 4K movies on Kodi. It provides you fantastic streams with no buffering and no real debrid account. Real movies Kodi add-on is good for movie fans. It has some popular titles including HD movies, Disney collection, 3D movies, comedy, and boxsets. The Real movies add-on for Kodi has a very simple menu. It is very handy search so you can directly search for movies.

Release Hub is also the best Kodi add-ons to watch movies in 4K resolution. The Release Hub add-on is the perfect praise to Debrid and gives Kodi users access to new releases of movies and TV shows in a reliable manner. It gives access to a broad range of movies. The add-on has sections for movies, TV shows, sports, and music.

Alpha Reborn Kodi add-on is the best add-on for 4K, full HD, and 3D movies. It is a great all in one plugin for Kodi addon which has been updated and now it has even more great sections. The Alpha Reborn add-on is a sub-category of the popular add-on called, Phoenix. It has everything including movies, IPTV, TV shows, Kids section, Sports, VOD, music, 3D, 4K, documentaries, and a lot more. It is promoted by the Alpha Reborn team. It can be used with or without a real debrid account.

Silent Hunter Kodi movie add-on is also the best movie add-on to watch 4K, 3D, and full HD movies. It brings some great and fast streaming quality movies with Kodi in 4K resolution and also in 3D. Silent Hunter movie add-on is also a 1-click to play add-on with good links. It has a great collection of new releases in both 720p HD and full 1080p HD quality. There are some sections including Stand of comedy, 4K, 3D, IMDB, and more.

Stream Army Kodi movie add-on is another best movie Kodi add-on for watching 4K, 3D, and full HD movies. The Stream Army add-on is a new all in one. It is supported by the Stream Army team. It has many different components such as 3D, 4K, and even something special called a Virtual reality section. The add-on has Live TV, sports, TV shows, kids section, access to Exodus for movies, Boxset, music, Conspiracy and free virtual area. We can follow the developers Nemzzy, DoomsDayPrep and MANC for more information.

Phoenix Kodi movie add-on is also the best movie add-on to watch movies in 4K resolution. It discovers great streaming playlists, movies, and more. Besides its many movies and TV shows, many users are turning to this great Kodi addon, Phoenix for its sports channels. Morepower, ZemTV Sports, and Live Hockey have joined the Phoenix team. The Kodi addon Phoenix has undergone some changes with Woody, Vinman, and Rock crusher. But still, it is a strong add-on with a group of playlists. There are a new group of sections for TV, sports, new movies, and popular sections. Kodi Phoenix organizes some of the categories. It has separate sections for Phoenix TV, Sports, and new releases. It is one of the longest group add-ons for Kodi.

The above listed are the best Kodi add-ons for movies 2017 to watch 4K, 3D, and HD movies. Hope you enjoyed our collection of kodi movie addons. If you found any better kodi addons for movies then drop a comment below.

guide: how to install phoenix kodi addon

guide: how to install phoenix kodi addon

When setting up your HTPC with Kodi, you will need reliable sources of content in order to take full advantage of this application and the endless hours of entertainment it can bring to your living room. Addons are an important part of this, and that's why we have given you in the past several lists of addons for Kodi and Kodi addons for kids.

Earlier we wrote a guide about how to install Genesis addon for Kodi. Genesis brings lots of movies and some TV shows to your Kodi HTPC. This still leaves room for a Kodi Live TV addon; one that allows you to enjoy TV shows from different countries and in different languages, perhaps organized on topics or channels. Phoenix Kodi Addon is an addon you could use to this end. This addon allows you to watch TV shows from the comfort of your couch, through your internet connection, and it has some cool channels worth checking. In this post we will show you how to install Phoenix Kodi addon, which is a great Kodi Live TV addon you will find extremely helpful in providing you with interesting content.

Once you realize you can combine this Phoenix Kodi addon with your favorite wireless keyboard for HTPC, or download one of the remote control apps such as Kore or Yatse, you will see little to no need to tune into normal TV stations. After you install Phoenix Kodi addon you will be one step closer to cutting the cord, and watching any content you like at any moment you wish.

To get this addon, you first need to install SuperRepo on Kodi. This repository lets you have easy access not only to Phoenix Kodi addon, but also to more than 2000 addons, completely for free. You can follow our tutorial on how to install SuperRepo to get it. Once you have installed this repository, you can proceed with this tutorial to install Phoenix Kodi addon.

From the Kodi main menu head to System -> Settings -> Addons -> Get Addons. This will take you to a list with all the repositories you have installed. Select SuperRepo, and then Video Addons. Once you select this, you will see a list with all the available addons you could install. Scroll down the alphabetically ordered list until you see Phoenix.

And that's it! Phoenix has been installed on your Kodi HTPC! To use this Kodi Live TV addon, you should head to Videos -> Add-ons from the home menu, and select Phoenix. You will see some icons to interact with this application. After you install Phoenix Kodi addon, you can click any of these icons and select an IPTV channel from within the lists. Explore the addon to get to know the wealth of content it offers!

best kodi fight addons to watch all the ppv, ufc, boxing & mma events

best kodi fight addons to watch all the ppv, ufc, boxing & mma events

As we all know Kodi started its journey as a media player for XBox. Due to its versatility, Kodi had become the most used streaming player. If you analyze the trend of Kodi for the past 3 years, most of them use it to stream movies and TV Shows. Then people later started to watch Live TV channels, PPV matches, UFC, and Boxing fights. Most of the users are searching for the best Kodi fight addons to watch all the live fighting match in the same place. UFC and MMA are top of this list. Since both UFC and MMA are broadcasted on the PPV basis, a user needs to pay a particular amount to watch both of these events. So we had decided to give you the list of best Kodi fight addons, with which you can watch all the fights for free.

Before we proceed lets share a personal message. All the UFC and MMA contents are subjected to copyrights and can bebroadcast only by the provider with the distributor rights. Illegal access to those streams is prohibited and subjected to a lawsuit. So try this method at a own risk. If you want to protect yourself from being tracked by your ISP or Government, then we highly recommend you to use VPN. We personally use IPVanish VPN to keep our online activity anonymous. So quickly sign up for IPVanish and enjoy watching Kodi fight anonymously.

Fight tube is one of the best addon dedicated for watching Kodi fight. You can watch all the fights with this single addon. This addon is available in Rock Crusher repository. It holds the streams of 46 Live TV channels. It includes boxing, UFC, wrestling, Judo, Kung Fu, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, wrestling. and lots of sports channels streaming links. This is the largest category of fights sections, under a single addon. This is one of the prime reason it holds the first place. In addition, it also has a few special sections like Behind the gloves, boxing legend, and news & updates. These are some of the additional collection to provide the users with some useful stuff. And most of the contents are scraped from youtubechannels and other private servers. So make sure to try this addon. You wont be disappointed.

Planet MMA needs no introduction. It is the best kodi addon to watch MMA, UFC and boxing fight on Kodi. It is one of the most reliable addons. It is a one-stopdestination for all your UFC needs. You can watch live events, highlights and replay matches. In addition to that, it also has a special section like Pioneers ofMMA, Ultimatefighter series, Documentaries about the fighters, and Learning techniques to honor the fighters. In addition to that, it also has sections like MMA Mindset, Top Ten, Born to fight, and first person. These are the special section, where you can find the best of the best. You can watch UFC live in Fight Night Live section. UFC Fight Night and MMA Fight night section are used to watch the replay matches of UFC and MMA respectively. The contents are categorized on the server in which its located. They are labeled as UFC openload, Bellator openload, MMA openload, TUF openload. These are corresponding contents hosted in openload. DK top 200 and DK picks are personalized collection. This amazing addon is located in the supremacy repository.

Supremacy repository has a fair share in hosting the best sports addons of all time. Supremacy is the most trusted sports repository. And though it has few addons, all of them are working great and regularly updated. In the midst of this, supremacy had released its own sports addon named Supremacy Sports. In simple terms, this addons has the best features of other addons associated in the repository. Supremacy sports is an all in one sports addon with lots of working streams. Its contents are categorized into 16 categories which include, live events, sports events, sports replays, sports channels, sports movies, IPTV channels, and some all in one stream. It has separate streams for some of the popular providers like BT Sports, Fox Sports, Pac 12 sports, Reddit soccer, and Acestream sports. The categorization is not user-friendly. After using it for a while, you will get used to it. And its the worst color scheme which I ever saw. In spite of all these drawbacks. the content is worth! You can install this addon from supremacy repository. If you are not satisfied with the addon, you can install Joker Sports kodi addon from Kodil Repository. Its a forked version of supremacy sports with an improved color scheme.

It wont be fair if I leave the all-time best sports addon, due to some temporary issue. Sports devil addon is not working in some countries. These dosnt change the fact about sports devil. Most of the kodi sports addon was built on the basis of sports devil framework. This is one of the main reason. why some of the addons are not working fine. Sports Devil is one of the most simple addons with an amazing user interface. Its contents are categorized into Live sports, Sports TV, Live TV, and Highlights. Each of these sections has the direct streaming links from the provider site. Depending on your location some of these are working, and we cant justify the pattern in which it works. Hope this issue will be solved soon. You can install Sports Devil Kodi addon from supremacy Repository.

Well, these are the best addons to watch all Kodi fight. Make sure to try these addons before the match day, so that you can experience the good time without any interruptions. Hope this article is informative. To install any of these addons, refer to the detailed installation procedures below every addon. If you are facing any issue with the installation of these addons, do comment below. We will do our best to solve your issue.

vortex kodi addon by rockcrusher - ex vidtime | dimitrology

vortex kodi addon by rockcrusher - ex vidtime | dimitrology

Inside you can find his usual amazing lists with Rock Concerts, Epic Fails, Live Events, Motorsports, Parkour and a lot more! And as every Christmas, his amazing Christmas section with the Christmas Fireplace and the best songs for Christmas!

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decorative and landscape rock phoenix | kilauea crushers

decorative and landscape rock phoenix | kilauea crushers

Our decorative rock products are used in a variety of projects across the country. The multiple colors and sizes produced are used to add aesthetic value, reduce erosion and control dust at sites such as private residences, common areas of major master planned developments, apartment complexes, retail and business complexes, hotels and resorts, as well as city, county and state streets and highways. The fine materials are commonly used for Walkways and driveways or sport related uses such as baseball fields, horse arenas and golf courses.

1" Screened,1/2" Screened, 3/8" Screened, 1" to 4", 3" to 8", 1 1/4" Minus Adot, 1 Minus, 3/4" Minus, 1/2" Minus, 3/8" Minus, 1/4" Minus, 1/8" Minus, 4" Minus, 3" Minus, 1 1/2" Minus, Boulders, Rip Rap

The decorative landscape rock has naturally occurring colors. Because of this the rock can have color and shade variations but the beauty and uniqueness is enhanced. Color change can occur with aging, therefore exact matching of existing granite may not occur. During processing dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance so after installation the rock will need to be rinsed off to show the natural beauty and character.

Fines are included in the rock products and help stabilize the base for the rock and reduce Weed growth after installation. Fines can partially separate during shipping so when pulling material from the dumped pile at the jobsite it is best to Work around the pile to get a consistent installation.

best kodi wizards: how to keep kodi fast and light

best kodi wizards: how to keep kodi fast and light

Download a lot of add-ons for Kodi? Having a hard time sorting through them all, deleting the duds, and keeping your Kodi installation fast and lightweight? Kodi wizards to the rescue! These multi-purpose maintenance tools can help you clear your cache and remove unneeded content with just a few clicks. Read on for some of the best Kodi wizards available today, along with a few tips for our favorite ones.

Kodi itself doesnt include any content, making it completely free and legal to use. Its possible to download third party add-ons that stream pirated videos, however, which has brought the entire Kodi community under scrutiny. Streamers have even reported their ISPs throttling traffic or sending out copyright infringement notices!

To keep your online activities private, all you have to do is use a good VPN. VPNs encrypt data before it leaves your device, turning ordinary packets of information into unreadable code. No one can tell who you are or what youre streaming, so you can use Kodi under a perfect cloak of privacy.

We took a look at some of the best VPNs on the market and evaluated them for use with Kodi. Out of all the services we tested, IPVanish came out on top. IPVanish delivers fast streams, anonymous downloads, and easy to use software on a wide variety of devices. Youll always have lightning fast speeds with this VPN, and better still, youll never have to worry about anyone spying on your Kodi activity.

Some of IPVanishs top features include strong 256-bit AES encryption on all data, DNS leak protection for improved privacy, an automatic kill switch to guard your connection against accidental breaches, and an incredible zero-logging policy on all traffic. IPVanish also delivers anonymous access to Kodis add-ons with no restrictions on P2P traffic or torrent content, letting you download anything you want, plain and simple. The service also runs a huge network of 950 servers in 60 different countries, all completely free from bandwidth restrictions and speed limitations!

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note thatAddictive Tips readers cansave a massive 60% hereon the IPVanish annual plan, taking the monthly price down to only $4.87/mo.

As far as the installation process goes, Kodi wizards are just like any other piece of plug-in software. Kodis community packages add-ons into repositories, which are large zip file collections hosted on external servers. To get an add-on youll first need to install the repo. Because wizards are usually created by certain repo teams, youll almost always find them bundled with zip files of a similar name, making them easy to recognize at a glance.

Kodi offers several methods of installing new repositories, including directly adding zip files to the system. We prefer the external sources method, as it keeps things tidy and is easy to use on every platform, including fiddly TV set boxes and smartphones. Before you can install anything, though, you have to enable one of Kodis internal settings:

Wizards are actually some of the safest software you can install on Kodi. Theyre designed to maintain your app, not provide a ton of potentially illegal content. Its true that some wizards do link to Kodi builds that can install shady third party add-ons, but saying that makes them unsafe is like calling Google unsafe because you can use it to search for naughty things. Wizards are just tools, and handy ones at that.

As far as making changes to your system is concerned, wizards usually wont make any major deletions or alterations without explicitly telling you whats about to happen. You dont have to worry about losing your customizations or finding your content has been erased. Even if something goes wrong, wizards often provide backup and restore features you can enable for better protection against unrecoverable accidents.

The Looking Glass repository has picked up a large following in recent months, partly due to the DMCA takedowns of its main competitors. The repo itself offers a handful of good streaming add-ons, but it also comes with the Looking Glass Wizard, which is one of the better, more feature rich Kodi maintenance tools out there today.

Looking Glass follows a familiar setup common to most Kodi wizards. As soon as you install the add-on it presents you with a list of auto-cleaning options, prompts you to check out its selection of builds, then turns you loose in front of a lengthy text menu.

Some of the more important tasks Looking Glass lets you do includes scanning for broken repos and sources, adjusting your video cache, creating backups of your entire Kodi installation, and performing automatic cleaning tasks each time you run Kodi.

Brettus Builds is one of the more straightforward wizards out there. Its main focus is working with new Kodi builds/skins, providing several dozen different options to browse, install, and remove them from your system. Always dreamed of a Star Wars, Twilight, or YU-GI-OH build? Brettus has several versions of them all, and a lot more, too!

Under the Brettus Builds Wizard maintenance folder youll find a collection of tools useful for cleaning and speeding up Kodi. Here you can scan and fix add-ons, backup or restore content, clean out cache files, or even wipe the entire Kodi installation and start fresh. Not a lot of tools for power users, but if you dont need fine-grained control, Brettus gets the job done just fine.

The Cosmic Saints Wizard add-on emulates a lot of the functionality provided by some of the classic Kodi wizards, including Ares and Cazwall. It comes with most of the main features you would expect, but it also has some great extras Android and Fire TV Stick device owners will appreciate.

Cosmic Saints is a great multi-use wizard that wraps a lot of the most common cleaning and installation features in one straightforward design. Start by . All of the basic tools will help you speed up Kodi, install new builds, and remove broken content with just a few clicks. There are also some fantastic backup features you can employ to save custom data in case you decide to remove and reinstall Kodi. Explore the categories below to see what the wizard is really capable of!

Merlins interface is unique in the wizard community. Instead of a bland text list, Merlin arranges things in a tidy, almost sci-fi dashboard, complete with textures and images. Youll see a menu at the top with several options to choose from, most of which are focused on new builds and community content.

Its easy to appreciate the power behind Rock Cleaner. This pseudo-wizard ditches most of the complicated interface features in favor of straight-up cleaning. You wont have to wade through a ton of options just to gut your cache, and you can update or remove old content with ease. Rock Cleaner is perfect for anyone who wants just a few basic features and nothing more.

The Rock Cleaner Wizard is part of the Rock Crusher repository. Youll need to add Crusher to Kodi before you can install Cleaner. Dont worry, it only takes a few extra moments. Follow the steps below to get started.

Rock Cleaner is much simpler than most of the wizards on the list, but that doesnt make it any less powerful. The add-on doesnt include any kind of build installations or community features, just straightforward cache cleaning, thumbnail deletion, package clean-up scripts, and force update features. Its all you need to give Kodi a speed boost, really, and its nice not having to stare at ugly menus or dodge build installation pop-ups all the time.

Keeping Kodi clean and tidy is no small task. Installing a wizard can help transform a sluggish system into a sleek powerhouse of entertainment, all without complicated setups or configuration files. With wizards you can set your options, then kick back and let the add-ons do their thing. Got a favorite wizard you like to use with Kodi? Let us know in the comments below!

this is the one place for all the best kodi add-ons

this is the one place for all the best kodi add-ons

Media reports also revealed that security solutions detected a malware each and every time the user tried to install any given Kodi addon (even the ones that we have mentioned below) from the above-mentioned repository.

After collecting and analyzing available data from sources such as Facebook groups along with Kodi communities and Google Trends, it should not be hard for anyone to come to the conclusion that Neptune Rising is the most popular and widely-used Kodi addon at the moment.

As a direct consequence of their longevity, it is also understandable why these new Kodi addons have more resilience and are more powerful when compared to their predecessor Kodi addons in terms of maintaining their stream-providing ability.

Users who are traveling outside the United States of America and/or the United Kingdom but have a desire to catch up to all the TV shows, Movies and the News of their native country can use the Selfless Kodi addon because this is the best Kodi addon for such users.

Hollywood is doing its best to not churn out crap movies one after the other, but sometimes it is just time to bid farewell (for a while?) to the modern movies and all their mediocre stores with a bit too over the top CGI effects.

Our research shows that this Kodi addon has a whole list of popular genres which help the user to understand how this Kodi addon works and in which category the user should be in order to watch what the user may want to watch.

This Kodi addon is more useful than other Indian Kodi addons in the sense that apart from all the Bollywood content, it also provides users with entertainment from the African content with African movies and such.

Even though the name doesnt make it obvious, but the iPlayer WWW is a Kodi TV addon that users can install on their streaming devices in order to allow Kodi to stream content from the BBC iPlayer service.

With the BritFlix Kodi addon, Kodi users who are fans of the British culture can watch all of their favorite and not-so-favorite TV shows along with many live streaming TV channels which are aired nowhere except for Britain.

The good part about this addon is that, it grants Kodi fans the ability to watch hours and hours of their favorite movies, TV shows and many other kinds of media on Kodi with the help of nothing but a simple YouTube Kodi addon.

So, after the user has successfully installed the NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi addon, he/she should have no trouble in watching his/her favorite sports games in HD quality playback through this one-of-a-kind Kodi addon.

This website and its content (including links to other websites) are presented in general form and are provided for informational purposes only. Please seek legal advice for all topics you wish to follow on with.

rock crusher salary phoenix, arizona, united states - salaryexpert

rock crusher salary phoenix, arizona, united states - salaryexpert

The average rock crusher gross salary in Phoenix, Arizona is $57,464 or an equivalent hourly rate of $28. This is 2% lower (-$949) than the average rock crusher salary in the United States. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $1,046. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Phoenix, Arizona. An entry level rock crusher (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of $41,857. On the other end, a senior level rock crusher (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of $70,444.

ERIs compensation data are based on salary surveys conducted and researched by ERI. Cost of labor data in the Assessor Series are based on actual housing sales data from commercially available sources, plus rental rates, gasoline prices, consumables, medical care premium costs, property taxes, effective income tax rates, etc.

The cost of living in Phoenix, Arizona is 7% more than the average cost of living in the United States. Cost of living is calculated based on accumulating the cost of food, transportation, health services, rent, utilities, taxes, and miscellaneous.

Phoenix ( FEE-niks; Navajo: Hoozdo; Spanish: Fnix or Fnix) is the capital and most populous city in Arizona, with 1,680,992 people (as of 2019). It is also the fifth-most populous city in the United States, the largest state capital by population, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.Phoenix is the anchor of the Phoenix metropolitan area, also known as the Valley of the Sun, which in turn is part of the Salt River Valley. The metropolitan area is the 11th...

ERIs compensation data are based on salary surveys conducted and researched by ERI. Cost of labor data in the Assessor Series are based on actual housing sales data from commercially available sources, plus rental rates, gasoline prices, consumables, medical care premium costs, property taxes, effective income tax rates, etc.

how to install chappaai (metalliq) kodi tv addon setup guide

how to install chappaai (metalliq) kodi tv addon setup guide

UPDATE January 15, 2019: Chappa'ai for Kodi, the Mr Blamo resurrection of MetalliQ, is up once more, now housed within the SkyDark repository with the developer-in-charge going by the pseudonym Legal. This article has now been fully updated to reflect this change. Chappa'ai is still one of the best utility Kodi addons you can use to get extended information for titles available by other addons. While it'll most likely disappear once more in the future, simply protect yourself within a VPN and keep the repo and resolvers updated regularly to have Chappa'ai doing its job for you as long as it can.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 10: Mr. Blamo, also known as Daddy Blamo and maintainer of the Blamo repository, developed many great Kodi addons in 2018. Blamo closed the repository down and took it entirely offline. With the Blamo repo gone, Chappa'ai, Neptune Rising, Placenta, Death Streams, Wraith, Aragon Live, and other addons within the repo will stop receiving updates unless taken up by another developer.

__NOTICE: With the Blamo repo down and not looking like it will be coming back, be sure to check out the Illuminati repository. Team Illuminati is a rapidly growing group of great developers with a very large collection of great Kodi addons. Even without the recent joining of Team Illuminati by the developer and maintainer behind Supremacy, we think youd be very pleasantly surprised by what you find in the Illuminati Repo.__

How to Stream Free Content AnonymouslyWhen using Kodi and other free streaming apps, an encrypted VPN is highly recommended to hide your identity, location, and online activities. Many experienced Kodi users, including everyone here at My True Media, prefer Surfshark VPN for price, speed, and privacy.Providing the fastest VPN server speeds available and helpful 24/7 live chat support, Surfshark VPN has easy to use apps, including a Fire TV Stick native app. We've also arranged a special discount exclusively for My True Media readers. MTM Privacy Warning: Your internet connection is exposed! Your trackable IP address (exact location): Surfshark VPN 83% Off Sale Today Right now, you can try the Surfshark VPN app free for 30 days. Get the fastest, most secure VPN available risk-free with their 30-day money back guarantee. Why is VPN Important? If unsure what a VPN is, how it works, or why you really should use one, save yourself a lot of trouble and learn more about them. Read Why Encrypted VPN is so Important: What is VPN?

When using Kodi and other free streaming apps, an encrypted VPN is highly recommended to hide your identity, location, and online activities. Many experienced Kodi users, including everyone here at My True Media, prefer Surfshark VPN for price, speed, and privacy.

Providing the fastest VPN server speeds available and helpful 24/7 live chat support, Surfshark VPN has easy to use apps, including a Fire TV Stick native app. We've also arranged a special discount exclusively for My True Media readers.

Chappaai from the SkyDark repo replaces OpenELEQs now-defunct MetalliQ addon, which many Kodi users had fallen deeply in love with. The developer of MetalliQ decided to pull up roots and leave the Kodi third-party scene in February of this year, so MetalliQ has possibly seen its last update. With the Chappaai Kodi utility addon, hope remains, as this fork of the MetalliQ Kodi tool makes any home entertainment setup rock in the same ways that MetalliQ once did. Well get into some details of what Chappa'ai actually does (a lot!) and more after the installation guide.

If youve allowed unknown sources, added repositories to Kodi, and installed a few third-party Kodi TV addons, then you probably only need the source URL. You can find the Chappaai Kodi utility plugin by using the source URL for the SkyDark repo. Aside from a bit of setup after installation, the Chappaai install process remains the same as most other Kodi addons.

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With the release of Kodi 17 Krypton, the XBMC Foundation decided to make Kodi not allow Kodi third-party plug-in installations without the user first toggling a special Kodi system setting. This simply makes sure the end-user of Kodi recognizes the inherent risks involved with installing TV addons that havent been vetted by the XBMC Foundation. It also puts a bit more distance between the XBMC Foundation and the third-party Kodi community, so the stigma of piracy stays off their hands. If you havent done so already or have no idea what Im talking about, you can check out this really simple guide to Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi.

If youve installed a custom Kodi build or skin and would like to follow along with our illustrated guide to installing the Chappaai utility, you may want to temporarily revert to Estuary, the default Kodi skin. Many skins change the menu system drastically, making it difficult to find some system settings if you dont know your way around. A lot of Kodi skins even hide many menu items to give a simpler interface. If youd like to revert to Estuary, but dont know how without wiping your system, check out our Kodi reset article for some help.

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Depending on which TV addons you have installed on your Kodi system, Chappaai acts as a multi-addon search engine for many of them. You dont need to enter each Kodi TV addon to find if it provides the show youd like to watch. Just tell Chappaai which show to look for, then it asks all the compatible TV addons you have installed if they can find it online. Chappaai then gives you a list of the addons having access to the streaming media file you seek.

Not all Kodi TV addons have this support from Chappaai, as this requires the writing of a JSON script. The JSON script simply tells Chappaai how to navigate each Kodi TV addon to get info from them. Many JSON scripts for Kodi TV addons exist already, but not for all. You should have no trouble making your own if you have any experience writing javascript. The Kodi third-party scene also constantly changes, so tomorrows new addons will need scripts written before theyll work with Chappaai.

Well roll out installation tutorials for most of these Kodi TV addons in the very near future. The TV addons within this list will link to their respective guides as they get published. Some, such as Alluc, will disappear soon. The developers of Alluc have already announced its imminent demise, but it remains in this list until no longer viable. By nature, the Kodi third-party scene remains in a constant state of transitional flux. Well update this list of Kodi TV addons compatible with Chappaai regularly, so check back here often for updates.

Chappaai also grabs meta-data from online resources for the media files that other Kodi TV addons find online. This Kodi utility pulls the meta-data from many popular sources. These include the following.

As your collection of Kodi TV addons grows, Chappaai can begin to noticeably slow your Kodi system down during searches. Querying every TV addon to which it has access can sometimes take a while. This seems to bother some people but think about it this way. Every time you use Chappaai to search for a media file, you avoid having to search within multiple TV addons, which would take much longer.

If you wish to minimize any lag caused by Chappaai querying large numbers of Kodi TV addons, then keep the number of installed Kodi TV addons low. Three or four Kodi addons can usually take care of most entertainment needs. Think about how you will most often use your Kodi media system, then set it up accordingly with Chappaai.

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