power plant drum screen

geiger high-capacity drum screens

geiger high-capacity drum screens

Airvac vacuum sewers are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gravity and pressure sewer systems providing low maintenance, efficient and reliable sewage collection. Airvac is considered to be the industry standard as both the U.S. EPA and the Water Environment Federation featured Airvac in their published technical manuals. Learn more

With our brand Diemme Filtration we are one of the leading specialists in solid/liquid separation for industrial processes and offer the widest range of filter presses currently available in the global market. Learn more

The Geiger brand is a leading provider of water intake systems for power plants, desalination, irrigation, water plants and other industrial applications. Geiger was founded by Carl Geiger in Karlsruhe in 1891. Learn more

Johnson Screens with its trade mark Vee-Wire is the leading brand for screens in industrial filters, water well and architecture. In 1904, Edward E. Johnson founded Johnson Screens after developing worlds first continuous slot wire wrapped screen to be used in a water well. Learn more

Noggerath is a well-known brand in the field of water and waste water treatment which provides a broad product and solution portfolio for municipal and industrial applications, such as headworks systems, fine and micro screening systems, pumps and services around our products including spare parts support. Learn more

Passavant is a well-recognized brand in the field of water and waste water treatment which provides a broad product and solution portfolio for municipal and industrial applications. Such as headworks systems, sludge treatment, filtration and related services. Learn more

Roediger Sewerage Systems proven technologies for conveying wastewater and innovative solutions for modern supply and disposal systems. As a system supplier Roediger is one of the worlds leading brands in the field of vacuum technology, the brand name Roediger stands for quality and customized solutions. Learn more

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externally fed rotary drum screen_tnw ept co., ltd

externally fed rotary drum screen_tnw ept co., ltd

RDS series drum screen mainly focus on the medium flow rate, low and medium solids rate of sewage; which is Is a compact structure, completely closed and low failure rate model, and to solve common sewage solid-liquid separation equipment. The screen can be wedge-shaped screen and perforated screen, the common aperture is 0.25~6mm.

It mainly composed of drum grid, driving mechanism, back flush unit, unloading device, sealing assembly, inspection door assembly, rack and other components. During operation, sewage (or other raw water) enters the water tank from the inlet pipe, sprays evenly through the baffle plate (or water distribution pipe) to the front of the drum surface, and flows into the drum through the grid solts, and finally flows out from the lower part.

The suspended matter in the sewage retained on the rotating drum, and with the rotation of the drum, it is sent to the discharging end of the other side from the inlet end, which is shoveled down by the unloading device. The time relay in control cabinet controls the back flush solenoid valve to open and close periodically so that to clean the blockage between the drum bars. The integral design, strong construction and high quality stainless steel material ensure the equipment can long-term operate with trouble-free and low energy consumption. Simple maintenance.

intake screen for nuclear power plants

intake screen for nuclear power plants

Nuclear energy, an environmentally friendly energy source, plays an ever-increasing role in modern society. With over many years of development, atomic energy construction and production have been grown and prospered in China. Nuclear power generation requires large amounts of water drawing from the ocean; therefore, water quality treatment is crucial to nuclear energy production success. Seawater can only be used for power stations after repeated chemical and physical treatment, including adsorption, sedimentation, or blocking to purify water quality. Blocking makes water pass through the filter materials while keeping bulky impurities out, thereby getting cleaner water for the power stations. As a new type of structural filter materials, the wedge wire is increasingly used in nuclear power plants due to its excellent filtration precision, high structural strength, and easy backwashing performance.

The water intake screen has formed a series of standardized products, which are widely used in petrochemical, food, and other industries. These provide a reference for its promotion in the nuclear power plant.

The applications of wedge wire intake screens in nuclear power plant facilities filter water from lakes, streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Intake Screen can be placed far away from the shore for better water quality and lower marine life concentrations and debris. When the pump draws water from water, the water with impurities passes through the water intake screen, clean waters are pumped into the pipe, and the debris and aquatic life are filtered outside the tube.

Although the intake screen application in nuclear power plants is still in rapid development, its unique structure and characteristics make it widely used in various nuclear power plant projects under construction.

Safety and reliability have been repeatedly verified in practices. The process of water intake screens keeps improving. The wedge wire intake screen is sure to grow faster and intense with the constant improvement of the wedge wire screen process and the rapid development of nuclear power.

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