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ball mill & classifier for quartz/silica/zircon supplier - qingdao micron powder technology & equipment co., ltd

ball mill & classifier for quartz/silica/zircon supplier - qingdao micron powder technology & equipment co., ltd

Optimized porosity design of grid plate to improve grinding fineness by using less grinding medium.Grid plate at the end of the ball mill discharges powder fluently, no dilating and no necessary to cool the tube.Opimized lining board and size and material of grinding medium, made in accordance with Germany standard to decrease the rate of damage and improve grinding efficiency.Production lines for hard minerals are designed without iron polution, lining board and grinding medium are made of Al2O3/ ceramics, quartz, SILEX or other special materials.Grinding medium chosen according to customers product, high filling rate and efficiency.To add grinding aid when grinding untrafine powder so as to improve grinding effect.Perfect match between drive station and energy consumption for. the fullest extent of energy saving possible.Forming a closed system with classifier, transporting by negative pressure, without dust pollution.

Feature of ClassifierHigh-speed turbo classifiers to insure wider scope of fineness. Precise procedure control ensures perfect top cutting.Cleansing air adjustable to improve classifying efficiency.Final product fed into the classifying housing directly without contamination of coarse powder.Optimized rotor design for energy saving.Classifier rotor made of ceramics or alloy.Particle distribution diversified by different arrangement of classifiers to meet different technical requirement of customers.

The process flow mainly includes crushing (two stages in general), grinding, classifying, packing, silo, conveying, and lifting etc. Classifiers after ball mill can operate parrelly and also can in series to produce several products with different fineness. Ball mill and classifiers form a closed system.

The type of classifier is chosen in accordance with fineness of product. FW classifier is suitable for the classification of powder D97: 2micron-20micron. FL classifier is suitable for powder D97: 8-45um. Every classifier has wide adjusting scope of product fineness.

When producing several kinds of products with one set of production line, we can arrange several classifiers to work in series. By optimizing the combination of classifiers that produce fine and coarse products, we make sure the least energy consumption, easy adjustment of particle size distribution and no overgrinding.

We can design different workshop construction and layout of plant in accordance with customers investment, and supply project with best cost performance, for example, for the powder production of below 20,000 tons per year, we choose one-storey plant, screw conveying and manual package. For the production above 20000 ton per year, we choose multistory plant, pneumatic transmission, automatic package and palletizing system

On environment protection, we adopt special design and reduce noise to the fullest content by vibration damper and flexiable connection, and minimize the dust discharge by high-quality filtering materials.

We can supply additional service, for example, minerals separating, powder coating, pelleting and improvement of the old production lines etc, to maximize customers profit by doing further processing for the materials.

top 15 quartz exporting countries - worldatlas

top 15 quartz exporting countries - worldatlas

Quartz is an oxide mineral with a brittle tenacity. It is estimated to be the second most abundant mineral in the continental crust of the Earth. There are many different colors, varieties, and transparencies that quartz can come in. There are many different varieties of quartz like amethyst, onyx, rose quartz and tiger's eye, just to name a few. Depending on the type of quartz it can be anywhere from opaque to transparent in transparency and anywhere from colorless to black in color.

Quartz is extracted by open pit mining, which involves extracting minerals from a burrow. Most of the time mining operations involve using bulldozers and backhoes to remove the soil and clay around the quartz to expose to the surface. On rare occasions, miners have to use explosives when the quartz they need to expose is deep underground. This extraction is done rarely because quartz can be damaged easily if suddenly exposed to a change in temperature, which an explosive blast would cause. Either way, once the quartz is exposed to the surface, it takes a team possessing small hand tools like chisels or picks to extract the quartz from the quarry.

Once quartz is mined it must undergo an extensive cleaning process to strip off physical flaws or chemical impurities. After being cleaned, the quartz is screened and then crushed into various sizes depending on its future use. Quartz goes through a process of being crushed by a crusher and then it is separated by a vibrating screen. Next, it is ground by a ball mill and lastly classifying into different sizes by the classifier. Quartz powder is manufactured by crushing the pure lumps quartz up into a fine powder bu using a grinder mill.

Quartz is shipped in large shipping containers if it is being transported via large ocean freighters. If the quartz is being transported on land, it is usually done by using trains via the railroad or by large trucks. When shipping quartz types that are considered semi-precious gemstones extra precaution is taken to ensure that they are not damaged.

Quartz has many different and various applications. Since certain types of quartz are considered semi-precious gemstones, they are often used in jewelry and stone carving. When quartz is ground up into quartz sands, they are used in the production of glass, fiberglass and as an abrasive in stone-cutting and sandblasting. Pure, fine quartz sands are also used in water purification systems. Small chips of quartz are found in clocks, watches, televisions, computers and stereos since quartz when under pressure can produce an electric voltage that can control the frequencies of electric impulses.

A per the reports produced by the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) Russia is the top importer of quartz at 12%, the only country to be over 10%. The next countries that import the most quartz are China (6.9%), the United States (6.7%), Japan (6.3%), Norway (6.2%) and South Korea (6.0%). The top quartz importer in South America is Venezuela (1.4%). In Africa, it is Nigeria (0.15%) and in Oceania, it is Australia (0.11%).

ramming mass india | premix ramming mass suppliers and manufacturers in wholesale

ramming mass india | premix ramming mass suppliers and manufacturers in wholesale

Karnataka silicates was incorporated under the section of natural mineral Mining and Grinding at Bangalore Karnataka Since 1967 then we have Expand Our Mining and Manufacturing Facilities in Rajasthan & Gujarat since 2009 and today company hold a good Reputation in domestic market as well in International Market We Have hold the Various Quality Mineral own Mines in South India and North India Regions with our Manufacturing units of Modern Technology Facility and High Education Peoples for R&D Department to maintain the Quality of Minerals as Per Clinets Requirements For there Application Use with out any Hesitates.

Our search for the best natural stones is never ending. To you, our valuable customers, we give our best stones and you are always surrounded with stone beauty, wherever you are. we surely promise you warm welcomes under your feet because we believe in real customer is god.

Karnataka silicates is a leader in the mining and processing of Various Minerals in India,supplying high quality minerals to domestic and international market. We meet the International standards and ethical trading initiative requirements with committed team of dedicated people providing the best materials, quality, quantity, durability and safety, to build a relationship purely based on trust, goodwill, hard work, reliability and great customer service.

We are engaged in processing & distribution of industrial minerals like Quartz, Soda and Potash Feldspar, Dolomite, Garnet, Vermiculite, Kyanite, Micro Silica, Silica Sand, Bentonite, Talc, Bauxite, Flourspar, Silica Ramming Mass, Lime Stone, Pebbles, Diatomaceous Earth, China Clay, Baryte and Many more in House Product.

We have been able to attain a good position in market, by serving our clients in an efficient manner. We believe in following customer-friendly policies and maintain transparency in our dealings, which has helped us to become the first choice of our clients.

We have manufacturing resources with our own sources. We are the mines Owner. So, we are capable of regular supply. We have huge stock also. and as we have Various Minerals mines locates in Different States as per minerals Quality we have Purchase the Mines in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat and orissa

Just wanted to say thank you for the service that Karnataka Silicates do for us.During this time, Karnataka Silicates has provided us with excellent customer service, timely and reliable information and quality products..

Karnataka silicates was incorporated under the section of natural mineral Mining and Grinding at Bangalore Karnataka Since 1967 then we have Expand Our Mining and Manufacturing Facilities in Karnataka, Rajasthan Gujarat & Kolkata since 2009. and today company hold a good Reputation in domestic market as well in International Market.

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