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The roller crusher, a mine machinery, is also known as the twin roll crusher. It is mainly used for crushing ores. The machine has the advantages of small size, large crushing ratio (5-8), low noise, simple structure and convenient maintenance, uniform particle size of crushed materials, low over-crushing rate, convenient maintenance, sensitive overload protection, safety and reliability. Applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, more suitable for large coal mines or coal preparation plant raw coal (including gangue) crushing. Tooth roll crusher has large crushing capacity. The motor and reducer are connected by a spacing-limited hydraulic coupler to prevent power overload and sensor overload protection. It is safe and reliable. The teeth roller spacing is adjusted by hydraulic pressure, and the teeth roller bearings are lubricated centrally. Tooth shape optimization design, pull shear selection, crushing, high efficiency, low consumption and uniform grain size.

The roller crushers are rolled by two mutually rotating rollers. It is composed of motor, bracket, fixed roller, moving roller and safety spring. The roller surface is mostly smooth. The bearing of the movable roller can be moved along the frame and supported by a strong safety spring. When a particularly hard object falls in, the bearing can be removed and the object spits out. Before normal operation, the gap between the two rollers should be adjusted with gaskets to ensure the crushing ratio. Suitable for medium crushing aggregate.

2 types of concrete crushers | hxjq

2 types of concrete crushers | hxjq

The rapid development of urbanization has resulted in the accumulation of a large amount of waste concrete, which not only occupies land resources but also pollutes the air and the environment. Therefore, the recycling of waste concrete has become an important issue that the government needs to solve.

Abandoned concrete blocks are high-quality concrete aggregates which have many advantages. For example, after the buildings are dismantled, the high-quality concrete blocks and silt after crushing and screening can be used as recycled coarse and fine aggregates for concrete. The fine powder can be directly used as the raw material of cement. The concrete prepared from recycled cement and recycled aggregate can enter the next cycle, which realizes zero waste discharge throughout the whole cycle.

Concrete, cement and other wastes in construction waste can be used as building aggregates and recycled brick raw materials after being reasonably crushed, screened and crushed. And the main equipment used for crushing concrete can be divided into two types: traditional fixed crusher and mobile concrete crusher, among which small crushing equipment is favored by users.

Although the compressive strength and hardness of concrete are not high, due to the porosity and the formation type, the concrete has good toughness and can buffer the crushing force, which causes low crushing efficiency. So, what kind of crusher should be selected for concrete crushing? In the process of crushing waste concrete, according to the working principle of more crushing and less grinding, it is necessary to carefully configure the concrete crusher equipment.

Jaw Crusher, also known as concrete crusher, is usually used as the primary equipment for concrete crushing. It is also suitable for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, water conservancy and railway sectors, and used as a device for fine and medium crushing of ores and rocks with compressive strength below 250 Mpa.

In recent years, the small jaw crusher has been favored by foreign users because of its small size, easy transportation and installation, low price, and fast profit. The models like PE-150250, PE-200350 and PE-400600 have become the best choice for customers to crush concrete.

After the rough breaking, steel and iron equipment are added to remove the steel bars and iron blocks in the waste concrete, which will eliminate the damage of steel bars and iron blocks to the equipment without affecting the production. Generally, the impact crusher, the fine crushing jaw crusher or the cone crusher is used as the secondary crushing to crush the material to less than 2 cm, and the selected granularity can be basically achieved.

For smaller discharge sizes, a three-stage crusher can be used, for example, the fine crushing crusher or the roller crusher is used to further crush the ore to less than 10 mm. In the actual production, the suitable crusher can be selected according to the size of the concrete block. It can be combined in single or multi-machine operations, both of which have the characteristics of simple operation, strong controllability and high production efficiency.

In the international environment of the crusher industry, besides the traditional jaw crusher, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly construction concrete crusher will be the trend of future development.

In view of the characteristics of concrete waste, Henan HXJQ Machinery designed a concrete crushing equipment-mobile concrete crusher. The waste concrete after crushing can be used for reinforcing the foundation, producing bricks, cement, etc, not only achieving its values but also solving the issue of land and environment problems, which can be described as two-fold.

The mobile concrete processing station produced by HXJQ Machinery adopts multi-stage combination mode, which includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and vibrating screening equipment, conveyor belt, etc. Generally, the concrete crushing station is composed of a concrete crusher (sand making machine), a screening machine, a feeder, a conveyor belt, a steel frame, a drive system, an electric control system, a motor unit and the like.

The concrete material is sent into the crusher by the feeding equipment, and the crushing machine converts the large concrete into gravel. The finished product which meets the standard is transported by the conveyor belt to the stacking place, and the products which don't meet the standard will be transported by the other conveying belt to the crusher again until it is qualified.

The integrated vibrating screen, feeder and the under-belt conveyor, the vibrating screen and the crusher integrated into the vehicle can reach any position on the working site under any terrain conditions. Thus the mobile concrete crusher has many advantages like reasonable material matching, smooth flow, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

1. According to the driving way, it is divided into tire type and crawler type: the tire type concrete crushing and sorting machine needs semi-trailer traction to run, while the crawler type can be remotely operated with buttons. Relatively speaking, the latter is more intelligent and the price is more expensive.

2. According to the function, it is divided into crushing type and sand making type: the concrete crushing and screening machine includes a combination of crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. The sand making type is mainly equipped with sand making machine and hammer sanding machine.

The mobile crushing station can prevent and control environmental pollution, improve the ecological environment, and protect natural resources. The size and model can be designed according to the different production needs of users. According to the statistics of the HXJQ machinery, the small mobile crusher is chosen by more foreign users because of its reasonable price, high quality, convenient transition, operation and maintenance.

A project introduction of construction concrete treatment: in October 2018, a customer found HXJQ, and hoped that we could provide him with the complete equipment for breaking construction waste. Our technical manager quickly contacted him and learned that the customer had a large amount of construction waste to be disposed of.

From the perspective of economic foundation and practical operation, the technical manager recommended the fixed crushing station to him and designed a complete set of equipment suitable for his actual needs. In the end, the customer introduced the PE-400600 jaw crusher and PF-1010 impact crusher produced by our company to break the concrete waste. The finished sandstone is used for brick making, roadbed materials, etc., and the separated steel is recycled.

The pretreated concrete with reinforcing steel is sent to the jaw crusher for initial breakage by the conveyor belt, then effectively separated by the iron remover, and sent to the impact crusher for fine crushing. The crushed material is sieved by the vibrating screen. The finished material is output by the conveyor. If the material does not meet the specifications, it will continue to return to the impact crusher and break again.

The development and utilization of waste concrete as a recycled material solves the problems of a large amount of waste concrete treatment and the resulting deterioration of the ecological environment; on the other hand, it can reduce the consumption of natural aggregates in the construction industry, thereby reducing exploitation of the natural sand and gravel, which has fundamentally solved the problem of the depletion of natural aggregates and the destruction of the ecological environment because of the lack of sandstones.

Under this circumstance, the crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the recycling of materials. Whether it is the traditional fixed crusher or the latest mobile crusher, both of them have their own advantages. As long as the size of the stone produced by the equipment can meet the standard, it is a good crusher.

sell sound proof crusher (20 hp) with cyclone + blower + dust collector system by pt. mahkota mas mandiri mulia - jakarta barat , dki jakarta | indotrading

sell sound proof crusher (20 hp) with cyclone + blower + dust collector system by pt. mahkota mas mandiri mulia - jakarta barat , dki jakarta | indotrading

Blowing and Dedusting system is the parts of contacting the materials are made of stainless steel of avoiding pollution. Customer can add a BLOWING & DEDUSTING system according to customer's need. By using this system, the utilization ratio of the recycled material and the quality of the production will be rapidly improved.

here are four common dust-proof ways of cone crusher-sandmine machinery

here are four common dust-proof ways of cone crusher-sandmine machinery

The working environment of crushing equipment is bad, and a lot of dust will be produced in the process of crushing materials. The poor dust prevention will affect the working efficiency of crusher, destroy the lubrication system and reduce the service life of equipment. So it is very important to do a good job of dust prevention. Now let's look at four common dust-proof methods of cone crusher.

This kind of dust-proof method depends on the annular water supply tank on the bowl bearing rack and the spherical ring fixed at the lower end of the conical drive body. The spherical ring is inserted into the annular water supply tank. When the crusher works, the spherical ring blocks the dust and causes it to fall into the water. The water seal is flowed into the water supply tank from the intake pipe. When the water supply tank is filled, it overflows to the external annular drainage tank, so that the backwater with dust flows out of the machine through the drainage pipe.

A rubber ring pair is made according to the inner side of the cone crusher drive and the outer side of the bowl bearing rack. The taper rubber ring is installed on the bowl bearing rack, and the cylinder rubber ring is installed on the cone crusher drive, ensuring that the rubber ring pair contacts closely in any direction.

When the crusher works, the cylindrical rubber ring rotates and oscillates with the crusher, while the tapered rubber ring on the bowl bearing frame is always close to the cylindrical rubber ring under the action of elastic force. Thus, the dust can be avoided. However, due to errors in fabrication and installation, a very small part of the dust enters the flume. Therefore, it is necessary to use water seal to prevent dust.

This kind of dust-proof is essentially two ways of dust-proof. Apron material must have good elasticity, wear resistance and heat resistance. At present, this kind of rubber sheet is very few. Using ordinary rubber plate or V belt, the service life is very short.

Industrial felt with thickness of 3-8 mm is selected. The felt is fixed on the outer edge of the oil return groove of the bowl-shaped bearing rack of the cone crusher with a pressure plate. The height of felt should be ensured to have a compression of 3-5 mm. Lubricating oil should be poured on the felts to reduce the wear and tear of the felts.

This is also a two-way dust-proof device. In the water-sealed dust-proof device, most of the coarse dust has fallen into the water, and some fine dust fly into the water, which is blocked by felt, thus preventing the dust from entering the lubrication system.

This method is simple, has good sealing effect and long service life. Practice has proved that after several months of use, the bowl bearing is very clean, no fine sand and dust, no change in lubricating oil quality and no damage to felt.

A concentrator in Jilin handles 1 500 tons of ore per day. The ball bearing parts of two crushers in its crushing system are equipped with rubber dust-proof rings, and the bearing seats are welded with dust-proof intake pipes and drainage pipes. A water-sealed dust-proof device is installed to prevent dust from entering the ball bearing and causing wear and tear.

Because the moving cone rotates 18-20 times/min with the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, and sometimes the synchronous speed with the eccentric sleeve is as high as 300 r/min, the rubber dust-proof ring wears quickly. When the gap between the moving cone dust-proof baffle and the rubber dust-proof ring is more than 1.5-3.0 mm, a large number of dust-driven cone enters the water packaging along the dust-proof baffle, clogging the water sealing tank and drain pipe, and depositing dust. In the water-sealed tank.

When the pressure in the water pipes is high, water flows into the oil tank through the oil retaining ring from the return pipeline of spherical bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to remove and check the water encapsulation device frequently and replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank, which not only increases the labor intensity of workers, but also causes a lot of waste.

Firstly, the water-sealed inlet pipe 10 and drain pipe 1 are dismantled, and then the annular water-sealed groove on the spherical bearing seat 2 is tightly sealed with calcium-sodium base grease. Depending on the spherical dust-proof baffle 8 at the lower part of the crushed cone and the calcium-sodium base grease in the annular groove of the spherical bearing seat, the dust is blocked or adhered to the calcium-sodium base grease through the rotation of the body, thus the dust is blocked on the spherical bearing. Outside the block.

Increase the amount of treated ore. It solved the problem that dust often blocked the water sealing tank and drainage pipe, reduced the maintenance times and prolonged the start-up time. Two cone crushers treated 490 tons more ore per month, 4410 tons more ore per year, with an annual benefit of more than 20,000 yuan.

Save lubricating oil. After changing the dust-proof mode, the phenomenon of oil change caused by water intake in the lubricating oil station has been solved, which can save 1620 kg of lubricating oil per year and more than 10,000 yuan in cost.

Save electricity. Due to the removal of the water encapsulation device, the start-up time of the 2PNL vertical pump is reduced, and the annual power saving is 72900kW. h, saving more than 30,000 yuan. In summary, it can save 160,000 yuan in cost for concentrator every year.

Under the high pressure of environmental protection, good dust-proof treatment not only protects the environment, saves resources, but also reduces production costs, reduces the labor intensity of employees, and improves the efficiency of equipment.

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