raymond x reader

queen enya blueheart raymond x fem!reader (final! series 2 part 12)

queen enya blueheart raymond x fem!reader (final! series 2 part 12)

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A/N: I would like to thank everyone for joining me in this amazing writing journey, but sadly this reader and Raymond story has to end here. I have loved writing every single part of this (including the first series), and am absolutely overwhelmed and humbled by the beautiful words, encouragement and generally positive feedback. Bless you all! And I hope to be able to bring you more drabble series which make you cry, smile and laugh. A newmasterlist for both this and the previous series is coming soon!

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Years passed where you lost loved ones, but also gained new friends. You lost Etienne one winter when Belle was nearly ten. You wept for your lost adoptive Papa, but celebrated his life on the evening of his burial, honouring his memory in a private family gathering. You, Raymond, Belle and Lucille ate together, bowing your heads and saying a prayer for him, hoping that you would all one day be reunited in heaven.

Sometimes you had dark dreams, reminders of the pain and suffering you had endured when coming back to be with Raymond and give birth to Belle in safety. The terror and pain would rise in you and you would wake in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, also waking Raymond. But he would take you against him, and sing to you softly, brushing his hand through your hair.

After years of trying to conceive, you knew in your heart that you would never have another child. As you reached forty, the years diminishing, you gave up the hope of a sibling for Belle, and allowed your lovemaking to be purely for a connection of love and passion, trying to forget the want for another child.

Raymond still trained out in the field with his men, being the leader he always had been, but stood down from any active service. And, thankfully, his presence was not needed in the remainder of your lives together. He was able to be a teacher and commander alone to his men.

Belle grew into a beautiful young woman as she reached her early teens, becoming the sought after prize of most of the young men in the village. However, Raymond made it clear that anyone approach his daughter, and they would be castrated on sight. Her bond with Raymond was deep, and she was often sound sitting in his study with him, laughing and asking about years gone by. You would walk into the room and they would both stop, look up at you, their faces bathed in candlelight, and Raymond would reach his hand out to you, gesturing for you to sit with them. Belle was Raymonds daughter through and through; she had his eyes, those piercing, ice blue eyes and her resolve was iron. If she wanted something then she would stop at nothing to get it. Yet she possessed your compassion and your humility. Sometimes you wondered how she would react if you told her your dark secret which only Raymond knew, and that was you had killed her grandfather. Raymond had always called you brave, but if there was any cowardice in you then it was here; you were terrified of the reaction from your daughter if she found out this secret.

Raymond, she needs to find her way in life, and we cant stop her, you told your husband. You looked at him, still finding him as handsome as when you first met, despite him now being in his fifties. The only sign of his age was the grey beginning to pepper his temples.

And thats only natural. Dont you think I want to protect her, too? you asked him.But we have to let go a little and allow her to fly free. We cant hold on to her forever, and I know thats hard. Youve had such a bond with her, and sometimes Im jealous of that. But I know it was because you looked after her the first couple of weeks after she was born because I couldnt. You want her to need you. Thats all youve ever wanted. I know you enough by now. Even if she gets married and has her own children, shell always need you, and I most certainly always will.

Belle was married two years later, and gave birth to a son a further three years later. You revelled in being a grandmother, and Raymond extended his devotion from you and Belle towards his grandson, Phillippe.

By the time you were seventy and you had three grandchildren, two boys and a girl. But Raymond caught pneumonia in the winter of his seventy eighth year, and whilst you cared for him as much as you could, day and night, he left you. As he took his last laboured breath, you kissed him farewell, allowing him to finally go as this really was his time to leave you.

You lived on a further five years after Raymonds death, staying with Belle who was now the rightful heir to the estate. Raymond had demanded that the property be left to you and then Belle upon his death, despite being women in a patriarchal society.

Sometimes you would walk to the river where you and Raymond had so often made love and where you had run away all those years ago, only to be captured by bandits on the road. Raymond had been your saviour then, and he always would be. He had given you a new life, a family and a hope again to carry on. And for the remainder of your years you held on to the memories of the good man he was, forgetting his darker days.

Belle held your hand as you faded from this life, telling her to read the letter you had penned two days earlier and left in Raymonds study. You had explained everything in the letter, mainly your reasons for taking her grandfathers life and your love for her.

Summary: You have recently broken up with your boyfriend and miscarried your child. While your ex-boyfriend is busy being a dick to you, Raymond de Merville, your colleague, tries his best to comfort you, even though comforting isnt his forte.

Comments: If you would like to be added or removed from my tag list, please let me know. :) Lyn, this is for you. You mentioned wanting some domestic Raymond. Here is it! Sorry some of these pieces are so short, but Im trying to get back into the routine of writing after quite a while away from it.

Comments: If you want off the train that is my tag list, please let me know via messages or ask. However, a lot of the challenge pieces Im not tagging people in because theyre fairly short. May turn this into a series, who knows? I was going to write Thorin for this prompt, but I think Raymond would be a bit more fun.

Prompt/Request/Summary:Can I request raymond x reader fic? youre an orphan who had been taken in by Raymonds father. Hes trying to teach you how to be a lady but youre more interested with swords and horse riding. You start to ask Raymond if he can teach but he aint keen to do that at first but somehow you manage to change his mind. He starts to enjoy your lessons aside from the prying eyes and one night when he asks about your past, what he learns is outrageous and he swears to get revenge on them who hurt you.

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Life began to get better for you. Your wounds gradually healed completely, turning into deep purple and red scars, and you knew that they would never disappear. The only thing you could do was learn to accept them now as a part of you, showing your strength and courage in your determination to remain with Raymond. But you knew that he carried the guilt on his shoulders, and had wished numerous times that it had been him left scarred, not you. You finally made love to him again two months after Belles birth, feeling your connection become even stronger as he kissed down your scars, his tears falling on them whilst he apologised for not protecting you.

You would visit Etienne most days, taking Belle with you. The fast growing girl would laugh at the man who was always introduced as her grand papa. Her blue eyes, so much like Raymonds, became bright and wide whenever she entered Etiennes home. One day you had a proposal.

Raymond and I would like you to move to the estate with us, you told him.Youre a part of our family. Raymond is happy for you to help out in the work shop if you want to carry on with your business. But we are more than happy to support you fully if you want to look towards retiring. Etienne had been a carpenter in the village now for many decades, and still kept his workshop open, despite being into his seventh decade of life.

Etienne smiled at you as he held Belle on his lap who was looking up him in amusement.I would love to take up your offer, dear one, but I feel I would be putting strain on you, and you and Raymond need your privacy with Belle, Etienne said, a wave of sadness washing over his face.

Nonsense! you laughed. We want you with us. Raymond knows how deep our bond is, Papa. You placed your hand over the old mans, feeling a slight stab of regret for leaving your real father behind.And he thinks a lot of you. I know you were always worried about me being with him, but I could never have imagined finding a better man to marry. He adores both me and Belle. And even if hes done bad things, all I see is the good in him. All he wanted from when he was a boy was to be needed and loved by someone, and weve given him that.

Etienne eventually accepted your offer and moved into the large estate with you, Raymond and Belle, alongside the maids, who now only numbered two. You had kept on Lucille and another young woman named Adele. All the other workers at the house had been moved on to other parts of the village.

As time went by, you gradually found your feet within the village as Lady de Merville, gaining the respect of a lot of the residents. Raymond had promised that he would never leave your side again to head into battle, unless it was under dire circumstances, which you prayed every night would never come to your door.

Some days you would make yourself busy by going into the dairy barn, Belle happily sitting beside you, and you would go about your routine from when you were unmarried. The simplicity of this life made you full of peace; every day you were thankful for Raymond and Belle. However, it was now two years after coming back to France, and both you and Raymond had begun to try and conceive another child. Would you ever conceive again after the effects of the time machine on your body? This would be a question which would remain unanswered for a few years.

Whenever Etienne asked to spend time with Belle, he would sit her down on his lap and read to her. Her small fingers would trace the lines of the well worn, hand written volumes that were in Raymonds study. This meant that you and Raymond had time to be alone. You would take walks along the river, sometimes making love beneath the sun to nothing but the sounds of the rushing water and your moans of pleasure.

That I cant give you another child. I dont know if its the effect of the machine. But I havent even been menstruating regularly, and it all happened since we came back. My body has changed so much. I feel so different, in every way, and I cant explain it. Its like the person I used to be when we met is gone.

Raymond smiled.She has not gone. She has just grown bolder and truer to who she is. Since we took my fathers land, you have gained confidence in yourself. You will always be the beautiful, fiery and passionate woman I first saw. But now you have added more pieces to the puzzle of who you are, and you are piecing it all together. Now you are a mother, and you have authority over this village alongside me. In fact, I believe it was you who changed me.

You laughed at Raymond and pressed yourself more fully against him, feeling his arms lock around you.No, I just unlocked the part of you that always wanted to be loved and needed by someone. It was there in you all along. You just covered it up.

Raymond, placed a hand against your belly.If we do not find ourselves blessed with another child, then I accept that. Never feel as if you have wronged me by not conceiving. We have Belle, and each other.

Each day and you felt yourself becoming stronger. After a full month of being bed ridden, and two weeks after Belles birth, you got up from yours and Raymonds bed. At first you nearly collapsed with dizziness and felt the burn on your back stretch with you, making you wince. All of the maids at the estate, and of course, Raymond, were godsends.

One morning you got up, not having seen your body yet and the toll that coming back through the machine for a third time had taken on it. Raymond was standing beside you as you approached a full length dress mirror. You held your right arm just under your breasts, still not able to fully move it, however, some use was beginning to come back into it. Full of fear and apprehension you slowly walked towards the mirror and gasped as you saw yourself, completely naked. Your right arm was bright red, broken blisters and raw skin hanging from it. At your shoulder were dark red veins which turned purple as they moved up your neck. Then you turned on a side and looked over your shoulder, seeing your back which was one huge mass of red raw skin and thick veins.

Raymond felt your grief hit him hard as he saw the terror on your face at seeing yourself for the first time after coming back to France. He moved to you, not caring that you didnt wish for him to touch you. He brushed his free hand up your face and kissed you. But you pulled away.

For days you avoided Raymond, trying to wake up before him and take Belle with you into the village where you would cover up completely, sometimes placing a shawl over your head. You knew most of his days were now taken up with signing all relevant documentation to make sure the estate was legally his. Raymonds fathers death was still classed asmysterious circumstances, and whenever you heard it mentioned your skin crawled with the disgusting memory of what you had done. But Raymonds death and the fact you had had to marry in secrecy had pushed you to slaughtering the bastard.

Nights were always hard. You got into bed, after feeding Belle and putting her down in her crib, making sure you turned in before Raymond. Then as he got in behind you, often brushing your cheek with his hand, you would pretend to be asleep, but shed a tear for the chill that you had placed between you both.

One particular night and you got into bed after feeding Belle and curled up on your side, letting the depression of what you had become overtake you. You adored Raymond, still loving him as passionately as you always had, but you could not face him. You were disgusting, transformed and disfigured by your choice to come through the machine. How could he want to be anywhere near you?

I am no fool, a voice came, hidden in the shadows from the corner of the room.I know you are often awake when I lie beside you. You think I will no longer love you because of your scars? Raymond stepped out of the shadows, and you gasped, feeling your attraction to him rise in your stomach and chest, as it always had done. It made you think back to the times when he would visit you in the dairy barn.Why do you think so little of me? Why? His voice was desperate for an answer and his eyes were burning in frustration as he approached the bed.

You once told me that I was the most beautiful thing made by God, and I never believed it then, but I most certainly dont now, you said softly, looking up at him. Candlelight danced across his face, placing shadows across his pointed and distinct features.I remember how we first fell in love, and it was raw attraction that became a deep need, and Im scared that attraction has gone. How can you even be attracted to me anymore?

Raymond sat down on the bed next to you, his hand brushing softly up your leg. Instantly you felt that need for him, the primal urge striking you in your gut. Goosebumps rose on your flesh, and you knew he sensed it. His eyes were darkened and he looked up, his gaze resting on yours.Everything that we have endured, my love, does that not show how much we are destined to be together? Why would I have been born again in the time you came from? My time on Earth was not done, and I was granted more to be alongside you and Belle. Your scarring changes nothing!He growled as he saidnothing. They remind me of how I let you down and did not protect you in the way I should; if anyone should be ashamed of those scars, it is me, not you. All you have done is be faithful to me, honour me and love me, and that I do not deserve. Raymond choked on tears.I have made many mistakes; I have taken lives, acted cruelly, tortured and stole, but I would do it in a heartbeat for you and Belle. You are my heart and my soul, both of you. Never be ashamed in front of me. It should be me who stands in shame, in shame of the beauty of you that has remained pure and loved my ugliness.

You felt your heart rise in your chest as you watched your husband cradle your daughter. His voice was deep, but so breathtakingly beautiful. If only you had heard it before.Your voice is beautiful, you told him.

Your labour began quickly and within an hour you knew that you were minutes away from your daughter being born. Raymond had watched you writhe in pain, unable to hold back your vocalisations of the agony raging through you from your burns and the contractions. He held your hand, kissed your head and watched as you wept.

Raymond got up from his seat, pulled his tunic off and threw it to the floor, then gently eased you forwards. As he got into the bed behind you, he shoved the pillows out.Rest back against me, he said, hoping that because he was now without clothing on his top half, your skin would not be irritated by fabric. You felt Raymonds warm chest behind you and he pulled you against him, helping you as you still did not have the full use of your right arm. He put his one arm around your middle, above your bump, holding you and then his other hand held your left one, stabilising you.You can do this, my love, he whispered, kissing your cheek.

You can. You are the strongest and most courageous of anyone I know, he told you.Our baby needs you. She cant do this without you. And Im not going to let you do it alone. Put as much pressure against me as you need to.

You could feel your daughter needing to be born, and the need to push became stronger, until you had no control left and began pushing. Using everything you had left, you helped your daughter into the world, with Raymond holding on to you.

Raymond remained at your bedside constantly, cradling your daughter in between nursing. Even feeding time was exhausting, and you would instantly fall asleep afterwards, leaving your newborn with Raymond. You only held her once, and even then you almost dropped her.

Raymond knew that you were weak, still healing from your burns and the effects the machine had had on your body. Every night he would sit beside you, your daughter in a crib at the bottom of your bed, and he would hang his head in shame. How could he have allowed this? You were his family and needed him. But he felt good for nothing, having let you both down.

One day he held her in his arms, his hand brushing across her head, feeling her fine hair beneath his fingers. He smiled, watching her wriggle and yawn. She was such a beautiful sight. Then he placed a gentle kiss against her head.My little Belle, he whispered.Just as beautiful as your mother.

Raymond turned around, kissing his daughter again.You are right, he replied, shamed by his outburst.He looked at his little girl for a few seconds, smiling at her as her eyes opened.I have named her Belle.

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You took Raymonds hand and guided him down the short hallway to your bedroom. But as you walked inside, he noticed a wooden box on your bedside table.Your wedding gift from Etienne, he said, his fingertips running across the glossed wood. You stood next to him and lifted the lid, showing the pieces of parchment inside.The letters I sent you

How could I part with them? They were all I had of you, you said, feeling tears roll down your cheeks again.When I came back here, one of the scientists found me, and this was the only thing I could take.

I killed your father and the mute who killed you, you replied, looking up at him.Im not proud of what I did. It only brought me temporary satisfaction until the dreams started, and all I could see were their faces. But you would have done it if it was me.

You kissed Raymond fiercely, pulling him down to the bed. You groaned loudly, feeling your arousal hit such a plateau that you felt you were about to come there and then beneath him, still fully clothed. His lips sucked your neck hard and his hand cupped your breast.

I need you, Raymond, you said, your words drifting off your lips, wrapped up in your throaty groans. He was pushing you towards your climax as he touched upon your sweet spot again and again, in a regular rhythm.

Until suddenly it all burst and you fell away, gripping his shoulders and shouting his name into the air. And with the sound of his name being called whilst in the heights of such wondrous pleasure, Raymond spilled. He groaned at your ear, digging his head against your neck.

You laughed. The refined abode of the Elves was no place to play such silly games, but the cheer of the Company was contagious, and you let yourself get unleashed for once. (Lindir x reader, Bottled up)

kay wheeler, raymond: the man who gave me my life in music - portland press herald

kay wheeler, raymond: the man who gave me my life in music - portland press herald

My love of Fritz Kreislers violin music began when I was 5 years old. I had just been adopted and the new family met every other weekend at the grandparents home. At this gathering of around 12 adults and children, I was totally intimidated by all these people I didnt really know. My new grandfather recognized this immediately and beckoned me over to his side.

I have something I want you to hear, he whispered as he took my hand. We went into his study where he had a wind-up floor cabinet Victrola. He wound it up and put on an old 78 record and the most beautiful music began. It was a recording of Fritz Kreislers compositions and his playing. I was entranced. I sat down on the floor with my ear to the fabric-covered speakers and calmed down; lost my fears. Thus began my love of violin music.

At 6, I made a toy violin out of a piece of cardboard and a ruler and ran around the house pretending to play Fritz Kreisler. My mom got the message. The violin lessons began and so did my future career.

Years earlier, several of my musician friends had been organizing a concert featuring a composition by a local retired violinist. I went to his home to get the information for an article in the newspaper.

His daughter answered the door and took me to the music room to meet her father. This 90-year-old man was absolutely charming. He had played in the orchestra for the Perry Como TV show and had quite a career. We chatted for a while and I noticed he kept looking closely at me while we talked.

I looked away and happened to see an autographed photo of Fritz Kreisler on the wall. This particular photo had a reputation: Kreisler was from Austria and sold these photos to raise money for Austrian war orphans after World War I. I couldnt take my eyes off the photo.

Your visit is filled with good memories for me, he mused. You remind me of my beloved mistress from years ago. He paused, looked again at the photo then at me. Ill give you that portrait of Kreisler if you let me kiss you. I wasnt married, but it seemed to be a really off-color request. My brain was racing. I was thinking, What did I do to provoke this? What is going on?!

While I was still in shock, he stepped forward, put both his hands on my shoulders and very gently kissed me on the cheek. Then he stepped away. His eyes were wet with tears, but he had such a loving, sweet smile on his face. I was speechless. Then he walked to the picture, carefully took it down and softly handed it to me.

max rosenthal dead: 'everybody loves raymond' actor was 95 - variety

max rosenthal dead: 'everybody loves raymond' actor was 95 - variety

Max Rosenthal, a Holocaust survivor and father of Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal who became a character in many of his sons TV projects, died June 26 at the age of 95, his son confirmed.

Max Rosenthal was known for his appearances on his sons food-focused unscripted series, Ill Have What Phils Having for PBS and Somebody Feed Phil for Netflix. He had a recurring role on Raymond during its 1996-2005 run on CBS as Max, a lodge buddy of Peter Boyles Frank Barone.

As heartbroken as we are, we are so grateful that he was our dad, our grandpa, our friend, our favorite and funniest TV star and the role model for how to live 95 years while being the sweet, gentle, kind, compassionate and really, really funny, Phil Rosenthal wrote Sunday on Instagram. He called him the biggest influence in my life.

According to a July 2018 report from New York Jewish Week, Max Rosenthal was a German immigrant who escaped Berlin just after the November 1938 Kristallnacht massacre that signaled an escalation of the Nazi genocide campaign against Jews. Helen Rosenthal and her family were held in a concentration camp in France before relocating to Cuba and later the U.S.

Max and Helen Rosenthal were key inspirations for the parental figures played by Boyle and Doris Roberts in Raymond, the enduring domestic comedy that was a cornerstone of CBS primetime revitalization in the late 1990s.

From his varied TV appearances, Max Rosenthal was known for his wry sense of humor, his natural frugality, warmth and curiosity. In January 2015, when Phil Rosenthal traveled to Miami to interview Norman Lear for an industry conference, Max and Helen accompanied him. Max was spotted during the day attending conference sessions with a yellow legal pad in hand, taking notes and cheering his son on from the sidelines during his Q&A with the famed producer and philanthropist.

In addition to his son, Max Rosenthals survivors include daughter-in-law Monica Horan, an actor and also a Raymond regular; a granddaughter, Lily; and grandson, Ben; as well as son Richard (who produces Somebody Feed Phil) and his wife, Karen and their children (Maxs grandchildren) Jack and Tess.

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