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crusher | nakayama iron works

crusher | nakayama iron works

Based on the design that focused on both asphalt and concrete crushing, AC crusher is the only available primary crusher in the market. This machine mounted on mobile and auto mobile crushers, stably operates without decreasing performances by slicking materials in the crusher in summer time and also operates efficiently as primary crusher.

Minimum influence on the performance by slicking materials in summer time Depending on the machine types and materials Crushing chunks efficiently and increase the productivity on systems Low noise and low vibration Trustful simple and durable design Sufficient safety measures and easy maintenance.

PRC is designed for mainly rough crushing. By special and strong hanmar, PRC machines crush not only asphalt and concrete wastes also secondary product waste with many re-bar. Can extract slicked re-bar around the roll by forward and backward rotation. Also has integrated computer programmed control system of automatic reverse rotation and safety stop system in case of overloaded.

The most suitable for primary crushing Can crush both concreate with re-bar and secondary concrete wastes Easily extract re-bar in crushing chamber. Auto reverse-rotation and stop system when overloaded Drurable, longl life-time roll hammer which is replacable Low noise and vibration

NSC type Neo cone crusher with the most suitable crushing chamber and large crushing motion mechanism has twice the capacity comparing with the former types. The machine has improved crushing ability and setting under-rate, product particle size..etc dramatically equipped with latest oil pressure mechanism and control panel that is compatible with IoT. This is secondary and tertiary cone crusher suitable for the next generation with outstanding easy maintenance and high economical merits.

Equipped with the most suitable crushing chamber form and large crushing motion mechanism It is easy for avoiding tranp iron problems and setting adjustment High economical neo cone crusher becomes available with unique form of mantle and concave Simple design which consist of both the worlds smallest installation height and durability Easy monitoring on operating status with touch panel and also possible for remote monitoring

Developed ACD type which is more economical and maitenance-focused based on the conventional impact crusher. Decrease wearout parts because of the improvement in crushing chamber. Has merit as dual machine for primary-crushing and secondary-crushing on relatively small materials.

High performance on asphalt crushing Stable crushing particle in ideal first, second, and thrid crushing chamber Less number of wearout parts Easier replacing for hammersPatent Use high quality wearout parts

SR type can accept large material and increase the crushing efficiency at high speed rotating range. Two types of crushing chamber are available Anvil type is mainly for crushing, Rock bed type is for better shaping. Maintenance-focused 1-stage reversible-type vertical shaft crusher.

FR type is able to continuously feed glass bins, ceramics, bricks, roof tiles, slates, shells, etc. and contribute to environmental improvement by decreasing volume to one-tenth at maximum. Also in the spotlight as asphalt crusher. There are choices depending on material and application.

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