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ring granulator type coal crusher - working principle,parts

ring granulator type coal crusher - working principle,parts

The crushing action is performed when material is dropped through the feed opening where it is struck,in mid air by the multiple rings which are being driven round by the rotor discs in direction towards the breaker plate. The rings are mounted on suspension bars as shown in the diagram. When the rotor is set in the motion centrifugal force brings the ring out against material to be crushed.

As material is fed to the machine the rings are forced back towards the rotor center until bar is encountered by the ring internal surface and a forward driving force is exerted.The material is broken and discharged through the cage bars or screen plates thus easing the load and allowing the ring to move out until it is held again by suspension bar before encountering the incoming feed once again.

The rings are thus held in deep contact with the bed of material on the cage bars or screen plates and they revolve with planet like motion relative to the direction of rotor rotation. This positive rolling feature provides a constant effective crushing action which in turn ensures a granular product sizing.The size of crushed coal is determined by size of hole in screen plate and clearance

Single tooth rings or plain rings or double tooth or a mixture of both are used to meet the particular crushing condition required and the ring granulator type crusher are the ideal machines for the minimum fines production.

Crusher frame are fabricated from heavy steel plates with large inspection front and rear doors, fitted with dust tight seals. Access for further maintenance is provided on the top. Doors on the sides above the rotor shaft facilitate removal of the rotor without completely dismantling the machine. Hydraulic door opening arrangement (optional) can be provided, if required.

Cage adjustment are require to adjust clearance between the cage screen and path of ring hammer. the Cage assembly can be easily moved by a ratchet wrench and worm gear assembly either towards or away from the path of crushing rings. Adjustment which can be made while the granulator is in operation, provides control over the product size within permissible limits. The cage hinge bearing is so located that in any adjusted position all parts of cage face are practically equidistant from the rotor assembly. This ensures even wear.

The granulator rotor assembly generally require minimum maintenance with the exception of hammer and suspension bar replacement. Frequency of hammer and suspension bar replacement will depend upon the material crushed and the rate it is fed. Preventive maintenance of rotor assembly include the following:

crushers | elecon

crushers | elecon

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