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north face rock 22 tent reviews - 2 person backpacking tents

north face rock 22 tent reviews - 2 person backpacking tents

The North Face Rock 22 tent is one of the best 3 season, 2 person tents. However, while Rock 22 BX reviews are generally positive, this lightweight camping gear has drawbacks consumers must be made aware of.

With the North Face, you know you are purchasing a quality dome camping tent. The Rock 22 BX is sturdy, can withstand heavy winds, will keep you dry (although camping tent reviews find hiking gear in the vestibule gets wet), and is a cheap tent.

Almost all camping tents should be used with the footprint--after all, they are significant investments. However, the North Face Rock 22 tent comes with a lifetime warranty, so why purchase The North Face Rock 22 Footprint?

Campers carry an extra 2-3.5 pounds for the luxury of two doors, plenty of headroom, and space to stretch out. If you desire this type of luxury while camping, the North Face Rock 22 price is affordable and makes this tent a steal.

There are fewer bells and whistles, but it has the advantages of a true lightweight shelter. The tent poles are what makes the Rock 22 tent so light, but the same aluminum tent poles are used in the Dyad 22.

Next is the ventilation: when the rainfly is off, two doors provide excellent cross ventilation. But when the rainfly is on, there is no airflow. Condensation will form on the inside of the Rock 22 tent walls.

Finally, the gear vestibule is not as reliable as other North Face tents. Many North Face Rock 22 reviews complain of gear getting wet while stored in the vestibule. This has the potential to ruin a trip.

Learn More About The Rock 22BX at> Camping Tent Reviews RatingHave you been using the North Face tents?Share your North Face tent reviews and let us know how it worked for you!

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the north face rock 22 reviews - trailspace

the north face rock 22 reviews - trailspace

Bought this tent 2 years ago. My wife and I (and sometimes our small dog) have used it about 20 times since, for hiking, canoeing, and even car camping. May not be exactly roomy, but what do you expect for a tent this price and weight (it is a 2 person tent after all?) I really like the double vestibules for storing gear and the double doors for bailing out in the middle of the night for nature's call. Zippers are easy to use and still not problem with them.

Always stayed dry, even in pretty heavy O/N rains. Has held up well in 40+mph winds w/o a problem. Used in frosty conditions, but all frost stayed on outside of rainfly and very little condensation on the inside.

A commons sense note: if you're in rocky ground, don't pound the stakes into the ground like King Kong- they will bend as with any other tent of this type; either adjust according to the terrain or replace with heavier stakes!

The tent is easy to set up with three (very high quality, lightweight) DAC poles (2 primary poles and one for the fly). It have plenty room for me and my wife and my gear. It's nice to have 2 doors for easy in/out on either side. 2 large vesibules keep gear dry.

The tent fits easily into my 55L pack. The stakes that come with it are your typical metal stakes and heavy so I replaced with the aluminum stakes and they worked great and were lightweight. The bamboo green color is great, it blends with the trees.

I really like this tent because it is a very roomy and was super cheap when I purchased it. The only reason I dropped a half star was due to the weight which is a bit heavy for its class. I was thinking since I only paid 95 bucks for it I could certainly fit the bill for some CF poles to bring the weight down to other in it's class but I think I will just ride it till it falls apart.

Make sure to use the guy lines on the fly during heavy rains (duh), even though not wet condensation seemed to be noticeable as I sometimes eliminate stakes for the guy lines during my weekend trips but a surprise thunderstorm caught me slacking once.

Perfect for car camping, weight doesn't matter then. Though I'd prefer a larger and heavier tent when car camping. Small hikes and trips, also excellent. For a longer or more sophisticated trip, you would probably prefer a much more expensive tent. Bombproof tent for a great price.

This tent is wonderful. Perfect for one person, obviously, with gear. Decent weight. I prefer more comfort when car camping, weight doesn't matter then. Small hikes and trips, also excellent. For a longer or more sophisticated trip, you would probably prefer a much more expensive tent.

It's easy to set up. You don't need to be strong. For the poles sliding through the sleeves, two people would make things easier. Waterproof and amazingly strong against the wind. Breathable mesh and fly. Storage pockets inside and loops to attach lofts and other things. There's also a loop in the middle for a light.

I like this product because it is easy to set up and it is lightweight.Packs really small. Enough room to sleep two people, although if you have a lot of gear you'll have to keep it in the vestibules.

I have used it for three years at festivals in Europe under heavy rain and heat wave. It kept me dry for the most part and kept me cool in hot weather. I like how easy it is to set up the tent. It is a little too big and heavy to carry around in my backpack however. That's my main problem with this tent.

One other issue I found with this one is when it rains hard and windy, the rain fly actually let some water inside because the fly does not cover the sides too well. Front and back door sides are fine, but the fly on the side flaps a little under the wind and water comes in. Not much but it did bother me a little.

When it gets hot, being able to open both front and back to let air breeze in was great. I used mylar emergency blanket in between the tent and rain fly to cut down some of the heat from sun and it helped a bit.

Easy setup; color coded. Good interior space. Should have included some sort of clip or way to tie the three poles together at the top of tent. I will makeshift something as I can see they slip back and forth makes tent seem unstable.

UPDATE 7/14! RAIN rain!! Tent stayed dry inside, except: misty splash back into tent all along base where rain hit ground, splashing back to the netting under the fly. Torrential rains I ended up one night with a huge puddle of water under tent. Floor did NOT leak! I could press on the floor and feel the water undulating underneath!

I bought the tent a few years ago and I really like it. Sturdy, lightweight, holds up in the wind, with room for two adults. If you are going solo then it is an excellent choice. The price is also attractive if you are on a budget.

I bought the tent a few years ago from a local outdoors store. I find the tent to be lightweight, easy to set up, and it holds up well in wind. It may look small from the outside, but once you get inside, you find there is a lot of room.

I like the various holding sleeves inside the tent. I especially like how you can hang a small tent lantern from the center of the tent. It also has double doors, so this way you can enter or exit from either side of the tent.

It was kind of cute a few days ago when my kids were getting kind of cabin fever, or in this case camping fever. They wanted a campout and being the first week of April it is still too cold for them to camp outside. So we decided to set the tent up inside the living room. Our living room is small, but even with the restricted space the tent fit very well in the living room. The kids loved it, and they slept very comfortably through the night.

I also liked how, when the tent is set up, if you have not staked it right away and you want to move it a little before staking it down, you can literally pick it up with two fingers; it is that light. And besides that it is a cute little tent. I like it.

I have a Rock 22 I got on clearance from the North Face outlet in Freeport, ME. I got a great deal (~$80) so I can't complain because it has been a great tent for the past three years. My model is the older one with full sleeves for the poles, which I prefer because it spreads out the stress from wind more evenly.

My wife and I have used it car camping, backpacking and canoe camping, and it has been a great all-rounder. If you feel like buying a different tent for each activity, feel free, but this tent does it all for us.

We have to carry more weight than a dedicated back packing tent, and it isn't that big when you are car camping, and it isn't the best in high winds on a back country canoe trip. BUT, it does them all, and will keep you dry to boot.

I just spent 10 days camping out in France in this tent. We've had very hot days, very wet nights in bug infested fields and tent held up great against all of that. (I used the separately sold footprint as well)

Setup was very easy, just a few minutes with a decent wind blowing over the field. The tent comes with a few spare cords intended as replacements. These are perfect for tying the tent poles together at the top, it makes any dome tent a lot sturdier in heavy wind.

It kept me completely dry during nights with heavy rain and thunderstorms with heavy wind. During the hot days I could open both sides of the tent to let the wind blow through. The mesh inner tent let all the wind through without letting a single bug inside. Even at the end of 35+ degree C days the tent was pleasantly cool when I turned in.

If I had to pick one complaint it would be that the canopy doesn't reach completely to the ground. The raised edges of the floor sections were enough to keep me dry but the canopy was far enough off the ground to let heavier winds blow a fairly hefty draft through the tent. No problem for me at the time but it might be quite chilling if you camp in colder climes. That said the tent is a two season tent, not a three season tent as suggested at the top of the page and in many webstore pages. (the 22 in rock 22 after all means 2 person 2 season)

Spacewise it's a very roomy 1 person tent or a fairly cramped 2 person tent. With two people you'll definitely end up stowing your belongings in the vestibules. The included loft was very welcome for my glasses and other small belongings.

We LOVE our Rock 22!!! We call it our vacation home! We bought ours in 2005 on clearance (it has pole sleeves, which I prefer for speediness) and have been so pleased. I don't usually write reviews, but this tent warrants it. It has withstood deluges in Maine and 50 mile/hour wind gusts at the top of Mt. Mitchell and in Patagonia.

We use it for backpacking as well as extended car camping. This tent is sturdy and versatile, light enough for backpacking, with super easy set-up. We love the twin vestibules for boots and backpacks, ample room, plenty of pockets, and even a means to hang a lamp at the top. It adapts to NC summer heat as well as the Chilean Andes.

The rainfly is awesome-- It was the reason we bought the Rock 22 (as well as the price and versatility) and we have not been disappointed. We talked about getting a roomier tent for car camping, but it simply isn't necessary. The Rock 22 is all we need!!

This is really two tents in one. If you know the weather will be good you can take only the inside/screen portion of the tent. If you are expecting rain with no bugs, take just the fly portion of the tent. If you are expecting rain and bugs, take both the fly and inside/screen portion of the tent.

My Rock22 is the older green & beige one that I bought in early 2009 on clearance just before the current salmon & beige one came out. Except for the new color scheme, it appears to be physically identical. Feature-wise, the new one comes with the gear loft which I paid $18 for. I also bought the optional nylon footprint which enables the Fast Pack option.

- The all clip design makes for faster set up than the 2007 Rock22 which had pole sleeves. - Double doors are handy so you don't have to climb over/disturb your tent-mate. - Full coverage rainfly with double vestibules each add 9 sf more sheltered space so each of you can keep some of your gear outside the tent, freeing up more interior space.

- Roof and upper portion of walls are mesh which is great for stargazing and exceptional ventilation but with the rainfly on, you can't see out at all because it covers all the way down to the ground. I would have preferred traditional nylon walls with zip up nylon over mesh windows and a rainfly that doesn't cover the doors, just for the ability to see out anytime I want.

- Fast Pack option allows you to use just the fly, poles, and footprint to create an ultralight summer shelter weighing only 4lbs. 1 oz. - a substantial savings over the 5lbs. 14 oz. full setup. While the full setup is not exactly ultralight it'll pass as a backpacking tent.

Design: 3-season freestanding X-dome Sleeps: 2 Ease of Setup: Very easy with tent pole clips and color coded rainfly-to-tent-to-footprint straps & buckles. Weight: 4lbs-1oz FastPack setup or 5lbs-14oz full setup Price Paid: $129

I purchased this tent a year ago, and have used it 6-times. I have used it for backpacking and car camping. For backpacking the complete tent borders on being too heavy, but using the fly only is lightweight. The poles are aluminum.

It is a very roomy tent for 1 person, and can definitely accommodate two people easily. If you are sharing the tent, the two entry ways and vestibules are a plus. There is an "attic" which is nice to store a light and any other thing you quickly need.

Setting up the complete tent is easy - it is intuitive after the first try. I have used the fly only several times, and you have to work with the poles to keep the tent upright. Once the fly is attached to the poles, the tent is ridged enough to complete the setup. If you are using the complete tent, the interior has clips which attach to the poles, and give the tent rigidity needed to setup the tent.

I have used the tent two times in moderate rain, and have been kept dry. (I have not been exposed to windy conditions with this tent, but Ill post an update on setup and protection when I experience this.) The vestibule can easily accommodate and protect two backpacks and pairs of boots.

As noted on other reviews, this tent does not breathe very well. When temperatures dip below freezing, the fly and poles will accumulate a frost, which can be a problem when you want to hit the trail early and you have to pack the frosty fly. I am going to start guying the tent more to see if this helps with the moisture problems, and will update if it does.

This is a great tent for my needs. I have only used it as a 1 person tent. Another camper in our group showed up with the same tent on my second outing with it. We ended up next to each other for the weekend. We both enjoy the tent.

Unfortunately, I bought mine one month before the 2 door model came out. I would much prefer 2 doors for better access to the 2nd vestibule area and for any tent-mates in the future to not need to climb over me in the middle of the night.

So yea, this is an amazing tent. It is super lightweight. I take my dog backpacking all the time and this tent is perfect for me, all my gear, and him. I don't think I'd use it as a two-man if you are doing to be hauling gear, but could work in a car camping scenario.

The tent is incredibly strong, sets up in less than 5 minutes, and the design of it allows you to sit in the middle of some of the harshest weather conditions and be just great. I've gotten snowed on, hailed on, rained on, and been in constant 60mph winds, and this tent held up like Fort Knox. Despite the actual tent structure being almost entirely mesh, the rain-fly was so superbly designed that no wind gets through to the Rock 22 inhabitants.

I went to purchase an Eureka Apex 2XT, but it was already gone. While gathering data on that tent I happened to come across The North Face Rock 22 information and fell in love w/ it, but upon checking on the price ($180) I knew I couldn't afford it at this time.

But, upon arriving at Dick's I came across the sole remaining Rock 22 where it was on clearance for $99.97. In addition, I has a $20 off coupon. So, I am excited at knowing I got a $180 tent for $85!! Can't wait to try it out!

I purchased this tent at least 3-4 years ago and used it most recently on the outerloop trail in the Chisos Mountains at Big Bend National Park. Of the 3 of us (all with different tents) I was the only one to stay dry during the 1 night of high winds of up to an estimated 30 MPH gusts and almost a driving rain.

I used it as a solo tent because of my affection for mucho space. The ventilation on this trip was ideal. I cannot recall any condensation issues during the 4 day trip. If I had one wish though it would be that the tent was at least 1 lb lighter.

All in all I consider it to be a basic no-non-sense backpacking tent that exudes The North Face reputation for quality gear. I will admit that I just purchased a different company's much lighter 2 person tent for a CDT trip planned for early July.

Bought this tent 2 years ago and I love it. Best quality tent I have ever owned, and very light. I love the fact that no matter how much or how hard it rains I always stay dry. Stands up to wind very well.

I only wish it had a bit more headroom, but it's a 2 man so I expect that. Easy tent to setup, I'm always the first one done setting up tent. I help others after. I keep my gear outside where there's ample covered room.

I love this tent for the hot summers in the southeast. It vents very well and will keep you quite dry in a downpour. I also like the room of the tent. I have used this tent down to almost freezing temperatures with no condensation problems.

We just spent Sept. 2, 2008 at Boulder Field tent grounds below the slope of Long's Peak at Estes Park, Colorado. Although our night at Boulder Field was not as severe as Sept. 1st, the 2nd was also extremely windy and cold. I thoroughly stake down the Rock 22 and tied the guide lines and it stood up to 70 mile per hour blasts. We actually slept very well the whole night.

4)there is only one clip fastener at top of tent. Whichever pole you don't attach is loose and makes the fly hard to fit snugly. It seemed like it might be best to put the other pole through the loop with the clip, but this puts added strain on the one sewed point at the top.

I just came home from my yearly Canadian fishing trip where the weather was hit and miss. I've spent many nights in tents. I owned the North Face VE-25 which is bomb proof but a bit excessive to carry around. I also have a Marmot Swallow which is an excellent tent in itself.

However, the North Face Rock is my new love. It sets up under 5 minutes, has excellent ventilation for air and star gazing, and it handled possibly the worst lightning storm I've ever had to deal with while camping. Tons of rain and not an issue at all with water in the tent after the storm passed. I highly recommend this tent for not just the price, but also its durability.

Overall the tent has had a lot of thought put into it and it definitely shows. Two doors and vestibules makes it extremely easy to get in and out of the tent. I would recommend getting some different stakes though.

This is a great tent for its price and I have spent many months sleeping in the Rock 22. I find it to be a little heavy, but use it mostly for kayaking trips. The major problem that I have came across are the low vents, which allows sand to blow in when you are camping on a sandy beach or a trip to the desert. I love the two side doors and the roomy interior. I recommend this tent to people that are not self conscious about their weight.

A good tent for the price point. Not for weather below 25 however due to ventilation. Freezing temps will cause interior condensation on the fly which will be on you as water when the sun hits the tent in the morning. For the money, a good tent and the normal great quality of TNF. Additionally, the 2007 model has double doors and nearly twice the storage beneath the fly as does the 2006 model. Makes it an even better value!!

This tent is fantastic. It's so light and can still withstand some almost freezing temps. Spent a week in it just outside Canmore, Alberta, CA, and it went down to -2C/30F and it stood up well. It's almost too ventilated for a 3-season, nice if you could close off some of the vents more securely.

A good all-around tent. I like the two door and vestibule design, no more waking your backpacking buddy to enjoy something only meant to be enjoyed by you and nature. The size is big enough to not go crazy within half an hour on a rain day. Not for the lightweight crowd, but it will do great for the rest and last far longer.

This is a mediocre cheaply priced tent. The weight of the tent is fairly low and it is easy to set up. The best thing about this tent is how big it is for a two-person tent. Two grown men can sleep in it without feeling "too close".

The worst thing about this tent is ventilation. On a normal summer night in central Ontario (Algonquin Park) it is TOO HOT. If it is raining, you are in trouble because you can't open the fly zippers. Also, if you are camping in sub zero temps your breath's condensation will freeze on the inside wall of the fly, which will in turn soak the interior of the tent. It is classed as a 3.5 season tent, probabaly because it keeps you warm in fall temps and too warm in summer temps.

perfect for my needs. great backcountry tent for 1-2 people. 2004, has 2 doors which makes the tent seem so much larger. lightweight, sets up quickly, not to mention its a room with a view (by far the best feature).

The perfect tent fast, easy setup, perfectly weather tight yet cool in hot, steamy summers, and smartly designed in every detail. Has features typical of high-end tents at a relatively entry-level price.

Got this tent because I was tired of sweating it out in hot, steamy, Southeast US camping trips. Fits the bill with full mesh interior and good spacing from the fly for best ventilation. Also makes the tent completely leak-proof, even in horizontal, driving rains.

Full-clip set up lets you camp with just the fly and footprint for ultra-light camping (although, admittedly, it's a two-man, three pole tent, so even "ultralight" is not the lightest on the market). Same feature also lets you take down and fold the tent, dry, while it's raining, leaving only your fly wet.

In terms of space, the tent is adequate. There is a built-in, adjustable height gear loft overhead, and pockets on the sides. Gear loft does cut into headroom. Not a problem for me at 5'9", but might be an issue for taller users.

There are doors on both sides, with vestibules for each, but the vestibules are small. They'll fit a pair of boots, but not a pack. Also, the zipper for the vestibule entrance faces up. Advantage is, you can sit in the door, unzip the vestibule, and simply stand up to exit the tent. Disadvantage is, in active rain, you can unzip the tent and get a lapful of rain. This can be avoided, but it does limit the usability of the vestibule space in wet weather, somewhat defeating the purpose of a vestibule. I find I tend to use one side for a door, and the other side for storage.

I've used this tent as a Scout leader and for family camping, on trips in the Southeast of the US, where this officially three-season tent works perfectly all year long. In the north and mountains, it would probably be a true three-season performer.

gear review - the north face rock 22 tent

gear review - the north face rock 22 tent

Its been about 10 years since I first met my wife that meeting, though, spelled doom for my old tent. It was an aging model from The North Face; it was so old that I cant even remember the model. But it had room for three, a main door and two sphincter-like hatches your could escape from should a bear attack the front door (Im presuming thats why there were there) -- and the grimy funk of more than a decade of teenage/twenty-ish male flatulation, sweat and abuse.

Anyway, I loaned my then-girlfriend my tent for an expedition to the Grand Canyon with her friends. The first night they pitched it, said grimy funk angrily awakened from its tent tomb like Elvis mightve after hearing that the late Michael Jackson married his daughter.

Over the past few years, Ive had some chances to use The North Face Rock 22 tentin a variety of places and weather conditions. And I cant help being even more pleased with it than I was with its smelly predecessor. Its been nearly blown aloft by strong winds in Prescott, Ariz. Its been subjected to freezing temperatures in the high desert. Its been pelted by rain in the Landmannalaugar highlands of Iceland.

Not a drop of water has leaked into it. No pole has broken. Theres not a rip or tear anywhere. And it can endure being compressed to a size small enough to fit into a pack loaded for two weeks of mixed backpacking and civilized vacationing.

That makes The North Face Rock 22 tentpretty impressive. Even better, it only needs two poles. Thats fewer things to lose or break. It goes up in moments, which is really nice when you want nothing more that to dive into a comfy sleeping bag for a good night of sleep.

rock 22 | the north face canada

rock 22 | the north face canada

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