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texas sand & gravel materials

texas sand & gravel materials

Common Fill is a cheap dirt that usually has a high clay content. It is dug right out of the ground with an excavator and loaded onto a truck. It often has rather large chunks of clay, and is primarily used on construction sites where large equipment is available. This material would be difficult for the average homeowner to work and spread.

Select Fill is a special material used most often with building pads. Occasionally, it will be used for trench backfill. Select Fill is usually a mix of clay and sand that is dug and tossed to get a consistent mix, so that when worked and compacted, the material will pass required testing for engineer specifications on building pads. Select Fill is generally used on constructions sites with equipment, but if you have a hole to fill in your yard and dont mind the work, this is a cheaper alternative to Topsoil.

Enriched Topsoil is a 70% blend of compost and a 30% blend of sand. Its a great, nutrient rich choice as you plan your garden, but keep in mind that you probably do not want to plant directly into this material. It will need to be blended with native soil. This is also a good choice for top dressing your yard.

Screened Topsoil is just that; a screened blend of native topsoil usually blended with sand to replicate the properties of sandy loam. Screened Topsoil is most often screened using a 1 screen so that no matter larger than 1 can pass through. Screened Topsoil is also relatively free of organic matter such as roots. Screened topsoil is easy to rake, shovel, and spread. Its a great choice for the average homeowner who needs yard repair or minor leveling. This material can contain rocks.

Unscreened Topsoil is used primarily on job sites where equipment can work and spread the material. Generally, Unscreened Topsoil will have more chunks of material, with occasional organic matter like roots.

Arena Sand is a special sand that is great for horse arenas. We have a few varieties that we sell for runs, stalls, and arenas. Give us a call, and we can send you some samples to make sure you get what you need for your four-legged friends.

Cushion Sand can either be screened or unscreened. Despite the name, Cushion Sand often contains at least some small rock and sometimes even bigger than that, and has at least some clay content. Cushion Sand is primarily used on construction sites for pipe embedment, on building pads around pipe, and under concrete work.

Silica Sand a specialized sand, that has many different uses. Silica Sand is a washed and dried material. It comes in various sizes ranging from a very fine material to an extremely course variety. Finer sizes of the material can be toxic to breath, and caution must be used during the installation of finer grades of Silica Sand.

Much like Play Sand, Volleyball Sand is a fine, clean sand, that is great for sand volleyball pits. For serious enthusiasts, we have some sites that you can check out to get a feel for this sand on your bare feet.

1 Granite is a native stone that is primarily gray, black, and white in color with the occasional burgundy color appearing. The 1 Granite is primarily 1 in size but does contain some smaller and some larger pieces.

5/8 Granite is a native stone that is primarily gray, black, and white in color with the occasional burgundy color appearing. The 5/8 Granite is primarily 5/8 in size but does contain some smaller and some larger pieces.

Decomposed Granite is usually brown to light tan in color depending on that the location of the mining. The material is 3/4 down to fines, with approximately 5-10% passing at the 3/4 sieve. This material packs down well, and is commonly used for pathways and in landscaping.

Limestone 3/4 Embedment Rock is primarily used for pipe embedment, but is also very popular for topping flex base driveways. The size range of the 3/4 ranges from 1/4 to 1 1/4, with the primary size being 3/4, thus the name 3/4 Embedment. The various sizes enable the rock to lock up well, especially when used as a topping rock on Flex Base driveways.

Limestone Flex Base comes in 2 sizes, 1 1/2 and down, and 3/4 and down. Depending on application and sub-grade you can pick which one works best for you. Limestone is sometimes preferred to Recycled Concrete Flex Base because it sets up harder with compaction and precipitation. Both sizes of Flex Base are TxDot approved.

Limestone Rock can range in color from white to dark gray and all shades between. Sizes vary, and chances are we probably have what you need. The most common applications are pipe embedment and as a rock to top flex base driveways.

Pea Gravel is a native Texas stone that is round and about 3/8 in size. This native material ranges in color from white to brown primarily, with a little bit of additional color. It is also available in another variety that ranges from cream to white.

Meeting the same specifications for TxDot approved base course as Limestone Flex Base, Recycled Concrete Flex Base is often a less expensive alternative, that works great for construction sites as well as residential applications.

Recycled Concrete Rock is often a cheaper alternative to Limestone Embedment Rock, Recycled Concrete is a clean material, that can be used for pipe embedment as well as back fill for retaining walls. Material is available in the following sizes: 1, 1 1/2 to 3/4, 3 to 1 1/2.

Our compost is made from ground wood, leaves, and brush, and is composted with various liquids to make it a very nutrient rich soil amendment that is great for tilling into your existing soil for great flower beds and gardens. It is also a great material to top dress your yard with.

This compost is made from ground wood, leaves, and straw, and is composted with cow manure for very nutrient rich and very heavy soil amendment that is great for tilling into your existing soil for great flower beds and gardens. It is also a great material to top dress your yard with.

A native hardwood mulch that is made from native trees from. We offer a single ground version of this material, where some pieces can be as large as 8 - 12, as well as a double ground version of the material, where the material is ground to a consistent size.

High Performance Cold Mix is also a blend of asphalt that is used for temporary road patches and pot holes. Unlike Cold Mix, HP Cold Mix is made from a higher blend of materials for a longer lasting and smoother finished temporary solution.

Hot Mix is special mix of asphalt that is delivered hot as the name implies. The Hot Mix has about a 2 hour work window from the time it is set in the truck. This material is commonly used for roadways and driveways. Heavy equipment is required to immediately spread and compact the material.

Below you will find a comprehensive list that covers the majority of materials that we offer, with a brief description of each. If you need something that is not listed, or if you'd like to see a picture, please dont hesitate to give us a call.

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