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rock crusher equipment | united states | vl-miller sales & service

rock crusher equipment | united states | vl-miller sales & service

At VL-Miller Sales and Service, LLC we specialize in the repair of parts and also new after market replacement parts for crushers used in the processing of aggregate materials. Although we focus on the three most commonly used crusher types, impact, cone, and jaw - we also carry parts for other types of crushers and equipment used in mining and all related processes. Covering every state within the continental US, VL-Miller can supply a large variety of parts, from fasteners and wear parts, to complete crushers and screens and everything in between, to your site or quarry. Call us first when searching for new or used crushers, screens or parts and accessories. Our inventory is constantly growing. We cover crusher parts from models built in the early 1950s up through the newest units leaving the factories.

At VL-Miller we realize there are times when completion of repairs and delivery of replacement parts are time sensitive. Because we understand the importance of job turn around and parts delivery, Vinnie will deal directly with you and make every effort to ensure that your needs are met in a timely fashion. We understand that time and money are of major importance to you and we will work to ensure that both are respected and at the same time, still deliver a solid product.

landscape materials-from our quarries | phoenix, buckeye, avondale az

landscape materials-from our quarries | phoenix, buckeye, avondale az

Property owners and landscape contractors will always consider the cost and availability of the landscape materials that will be used on their projects. They always ask these questions: Is there a stone quarry near me so I can reduce the cost of my project? Are there high quality landscape materials near me that can be delivered outright to the project site? If these are also your concerns, we can help you here at West Valley Rock.

Weve been the supplier of choice for countless DIY homeowners, landscaping contractors, and property developers across Arizona and Southern California. For many years, our company has helped numerous clients ensure successful property improvement projects through our premium decorative rocks, landscaping stones, and boulders. All these are sourced from our own quarries where some of the most sought-after landscape materials are being produced. When you get the stones and boulders from our quarries, youre assured of their exceptional quality since we use modern tools and equipment to extract and process these materials. Whether you need a few truckloads of our offered materials or your project demands several tons worth, we can supply the quantity that you need.

Decorative rocks are vital materials in landscaping and outdoor improvement projects. And most contractors and DIY homeowners tell us this particular concern: I must find a supplier of decorative rock near me so I can have a worry-free project They did not regret choosing West Valley Rock as their main supplier. We have the capability to supply them with all the materials they need. We have a large inventory of decorative rocks that come in at least 11 proprietary colors.

Our decorative landscaping rocks are highly favored for their exceptional aesthetic merits and design versatility. Our rocks have been used by clients to create awe-inspiring outdoor features like Zen gardens, koi ponds, man-made waterfalls, sitting walls, stone walls, and rock gardens. You may choose earth colored stones or go for the bold look with platinum and gold-colored decorative rocks. But, whichever way you want to create your landscape features, they will surely make your yard standout with their outstanding appeal. Our quarries are large enough so that you can feel comfortable that you can get the same color rock in the future if needed.

We quarry thousands of tons of top-notch landscaping stones on a daily basis. Maybe youre wondering: Where can I buy high quality landscape stone near me? The answer: our company is the place to go.

Our stones are used in various applications in commercial, public, and residential landscaping projects. They can be used on different landscape features and hardscapes such as walkways, sitting areas, stone walls, and garden edgings. They can also be used to accentuate patios, gardens, and artificial ponds and waterfalls since they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We can guarantee you that the sheer beauty of our landscaping stones will be more than enough to make your landscape structures turn heads and become focal points in your outdoors.

Our premium boulders for sale are perfect for water features and themed gardens like Japanese inspired garden settings. The large landscaping rocks that we offer are available in different sizes, so you can surely get the right landscape boulders for your project. Just let us know the exact boulder types and quantities that you need and well source them for you from our three quarries.

Our rock quarry sites are called Miller North, Big Horn, and Belmont all of which produce landscape materials of unquestionable quality. Our rock yard is always full of our inventory of top-notch boulder, stones, and rocks plus, we have the capacity to produce up to 5,000 tons of rock per day. This means that we have the resources and inventory to satisfy projects that require large volumes of these materials.

Place your orders now by calling (623) 386-8777 or visit one of our quarry sites to see first-hand our huge inventory of top-quality landscape materials. We deliver to all of Arizona and Southern California from San Diego to San Francisco & Santa Monica to Blythe Phoenix, AZ Buckeye, AZ Avondale, AZ Goodyear, AZ Surprise, AZ Glendale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Litchfield Park, AZ Waddell, AZ El Mirage, AZ Sun City West, AZ Sun City, AZ Wickenburg, AZ Salome, AZ Tolleson, AZ Chandler, AZ Paradise Valley, AZ Gilbert, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Queen Creek, AZ Casa Grande, AZ Maricopa, AZ Coolidge, AZ Apache Junction, AZ San Tan Valley, AZ Prescott, AZ Flagstaff, AZ Chino Valley, AZ Darnell, AZ Tucson, AZ Kingman, AZ Page, AZ Globe, AZ Superior, AZ

split rock quarry - camillus, ny - family adventures in new york state

split rock quarry - camillus, ny - family adventures in new york state

New York State has some truly amazing places to visit and this quarry located near Syracuse is one of them. The Split Rock Quarry has a tragic history but is still fascinating and in a lot of ways quite beautiful. Whether you visit in hopes of experiencing something a little supernatural or just want to enjoy the amazing sights of the quarry and the enormous stone crusher, this is a fantastic destination for the adventurer in all of us.

Split Rock Quarry was established in 1834 as a limestone quarry. It was eventually abandoned in 1912. In 1915, the quarry was recommissioned as a munitions factory and was responsible for producing approximately 1/4 of the TNT used by America in World War 1. On the night of July 2, 1918, a fire broke out, and could not be brought under control. It eventually overtook the main factory building, reaching 1-3 tons of TNT which blew up, killing over 50 men in the process.

Today the quarry has a reputation of being haunted by those who were killed in the explosion. Visitors who explore the quarry have reported hearing voices in the distance, heard the sounds of approaching footsteps with no one appearing. Some people have even claimed to hear the reviving of the stone crusher engine (even when there is no machine left.)

There isnt a real parking lot here for visitors. You will need to park along the side of the road at the mouth of the trail. You will notice that the trail has been painted with lots of art and inspirational messages. (well, not all of them are inspirational, but what can you do.) The paint on the sidewalk is really just an precursor to what you will see in the quarry.

I think this is the one thing that is disappointing about this destination. There is graffiti literally everywhere. (and there was quite a bit of garbage there when we visited too.) It is really disappointing to see nature defaced in that way. Personally, we enjoyed visiting this place so much, if I came into a few thousand dollar that I could spare, I would make cleaning this place up my singular priority.

Split Rock Quarry is pretty massive, the first thing you will want to visit (without getting lost) is the Stone Crusher and the Underground Tunnel in it. The Stone Crusher looks like a massive Aztec Temple. People enjoy trying to climb the stepped out sides. Like everywhere in this quarry, be careful and watch you step.

Under the Stone Crusher, you will notice holes in the masonry on both sides. This is the underground tunnel. This can be super creepy to walk in and I wouldnt recommend trying this alone. This is definitely the kind of place I would avoid at night, but there were enough people around during the day when we visited to make it seem at least somewhat safer.

To Reach the Crusher/Tunnel: Walk up the main trail (the painted pathway) from the trailhead. When you get to the top, the trail will come to an intersection, you can either turn to the left or keep going straight. Proceed straight, until you can see the Stone Crusher, which will appear on your left-hand side. You cant miss it.

The Rock Quarry is massive. The best part of it can be reached by turning left at the top of the painted pathway. This quarry is in layered sections and if you climb to the top, there is a breathtaking view. If you can look beyond the graffiti, this is really a pretty place. Again, be careful and watch your step. Taking a tumble here could have disastrous results. We had fun walking around the quarry and through the woods that weave in and around the quarry. This is truly a unique destination and some of the rock formation surrounded by trees reminded me of places that I have visited in the Southwestern United States.

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