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pokmon: the 10 strongest type-specific z-moves, ranked

pokmon: the 10 strongest type-specific z-moves, ranked

The Pokmon franchise has continued to add new mechanics with every new generation of the series. Gen-VII added powerful attacks called Z-moves and there is one for every type of Pokmon in existence. Most Pokmon moves are basic but these attacks add new dynamics and levels of power to Pokmon battles.

This list will showcase the 10 strongest Z-moves that trainers in the Alola region can use with their Pokmon as long as they have the correct typing. From powerful boulders to terrifying nightmares, here are the 10 strongest type-specific Z-moves in the Pokmon world that will give any weak Pokmon a run for their money.

Every Pokmon needs to watch out for this powerful Fighting-Type Z-Move! The Pokmon using this attack will punch and kick its foe so quickly that the Pokmon hit won't even be able to stand. Few Pokmon can survive this move without fainting.

Fighting-Types have always been known for being some of the most physicallystrongand this move takes the cake for showing how powerful they truly are. Watch out Pokmon, All-Out pummeling will leave any creature down for the count.

This move is all the rage, literally. Ground-type Pokmon can control the earth beneath them and this Z-move will leave every kind of Pokmon without a place to stand. Flying-type Pokmon are the onlycreatures that won't be forced to endure this move since they can just fly away.

Tectonic Rage is considered one of the most powerful Z-moves in Sun and Moon and it's easy to see why, with its high damage and strong typing. Alolan trainers need to prepare their Pokmon for this move, especially fire-types.

Most Pokmon hate the cold, which is why Subzero Slammer is so annoying. This ice-type Z-Move freezes the Pokmon attacked with it solid and inflicts massive amounts of damage. Pokmon that are weak to ice-type attacks will almost always be one-shot by this move and there isn't much they can do to defend against it.

Trainers should take great caution when going up against powerful ice-types that may hold the Icium Z item. Only the strongest ice-type Pokmon will be able to use this move and it will require a good trainer to be able to learn. Grass-types should beware!

This ghost-type Z-move has a name that would scare away any puny Pokmon. Never-Ending Nightmare is a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Only the best of the best ghost-typePokmoncan use this move and they must have a strong bond with their trainer.

Ghost-type moves are usually scary and this Z-move definitely doesn't break the trend. Hopefully, fans will see more powerful ghost-type moves in the future but they'll probably never compare to Never-Ending Nightmare because of its status as a Z-move.

Hydro Vortex is the water-type Z-move in Alola. Its appearance resembles a whirlpool of water rising up to attack the enemy. There aren't many water-type attacks that can rival this Z-Move in power and only the strongestwater-types can use this attack.

Water-type Pokmon have always been powerful because of their ability to manipulatethe sea, however, this move takes things to a whole new level. Every water-type should aim to be able to use this move and create a powerful vortex of water that can put any fire-type in its place!

Fairy-typePokmon aren't the strongest type of the bunch,but this Z-move changes that completely because of its powerful damage and quick speed. Fairy-types will want to make sure to practice using Twinkle Tackle if they hope to take down other more powerful types of Pokmon.

Twinkle Tackle also has one of the best animations out of all of the Z-moves, which is just another reason why it deserves its spot on this list. Fairy-type trainers should make sure that their Pokmon hold the Fairium Z so that they can use this powerful attack.

Toxicity is the keyword used when describing poison-type Pokmon. Acid Downpour helps create an even more powerful move for poison-types that are ready to take their toxicity to the next level. This Z-Move dunks the enemy with a downpour of acid and soaks them thoroughly, dealing a truly terrible amount of damage to the unfortunate victim.

Poison-type trainers need to make sure their Pokmon can use this move because otherwise, their poison-type won't be living up to its full potential. Acid Downpour deserves a spot on this list because it doesn't get more powerful than a giant blast of acid.

This is for you, Pikachu! Gigavolt Havoc is a powerful electric-type Z-Move. This attack generates powerful waves of electricity and shocks the user's foe into submission. Pokmon that can use this attack are going to absolutely dominate theircompetition and quickly win any battle!

The mascot of the Pokmon franchise, Pikachu, is an electric-type - so the designer of this particular attack knew that they had tocreate something extremely powerful for the iconic furry mascot and its friends. Most other Z-moves just can't compete with this one, which is why it deserves a high spot on this list.

Continental Crush is a move that smacks the enemy Pokmon with a giant boulder. Calling down the power of stone on an enemy has never been as satisfying as with this Z-Move, and the amount of damage it inflicts is ridiculously powerful compared to any normal rock-type move.

Pokmon that are extra susceptible to rock-types are in for a powerful wake-up call when they get hit by this monster of an attack. This giant boulder attack definitely earns its place as one of the strongest Z-Moves in Alola and possibly one of the strongest Pokmon moves in the history of the franchise.

Dragon-types are known throughout the Pokmon world for their incredible power and this Z-moves only makes their legend stronger! Devastating Drake is a powerful move that only the strongest dragons will have any hope of using.

Devastating Drake is everything that fans could have hoped for out of a Z-move for Dragon-Types and there are few moves in the Pokmon franchise that can rival this one. The typing of mythical dragons just got even stronger.

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pokmon: the strongest z-moves, ranked

pokmon: the strongest z-moves, ranked

Just like the mega evolutions of Pokmon X & Y, and the Gigantimax forms of the recent Pokmon Sword & Shield, the newest way to battle in Pokmon Sun & Moon were Z-Moves. These powerful attacks, activated with unique one-of-a-kind Z-Crystals, were a power that any Pokemon could use once per-battle with a brief dramatic cutscene and massive power boost.

With Z-Moves being a thing of the past due to their absence in Sword & Shield, one question remains of this now-retired way of battling: which of these numerous moves were the most powerful? These Z-Moves undoubtedly stand the strongest among their peers.

Updated July 5, 2021 by Paul DiSalvo: In addition to the over-the-top and cinematic Z-moves we know and love, the use of Z-Crystals also allows for non-damaging moves to be powered up. Depending on the move that is chosen when activating a Z-Crystal, the moves effectiveness is increased, sometimes even providing an additional effect. While they dont provide nearly as much instant gratification, these improved move variants that are enabled by Z-Crystals can provide some truly potent effects.

Toxic and Stealth Rock are two of the best indirect damage moves in all of Pokemon. Inflicting an opposing Pokemon with poison and laying down hazardous rocks that damage entering Pokemon respectively, they can ease deal significant damage over the course of a battle. However, the Pokemon that use these moves are often sturdy walls that benefit from high defense. When powered up by Z-Crystals, in addition to providing these moves normal effect, these enhanced versions also provide a Pokemon with a defense buff, allowing them to more reliably take hits.

Swords Dance and Nasty Plot are already incredible moves in their own right, raising a Pokemons Attack and Special attack by two stages respectively. When powering up these moves via a Z-Crystal, they can provide a sweeper with additional insurance as they prepare their attack. While one way an opponent can deal with a potential sweeper is to nerf its stats as its offensive buffs are prepared, when using the Z variants of these moves, all lowered stats of the moves user are reset!

Rain and Sun teams are quite popular due to their ability to rush an opponent with incredible speed of Pokemon with the Swift Swim and Chlorophyl abilities. While one downside of these types of teams is the necessity to set up a weather condition to get the ball rolling, using Z-Rain Dance or Z-Sunny Day can help to ensure a player gets the speed they need. This is because on top of the speed benefits from the aforementioned weather-based abilities these Z-moves cause their users speed to raise in addition to their weather generating effects.

Conversion is an incredibly unique move that is only learnable by the Porygon family, changing its users type to become that of the first move they know. This move can be used to create many interesting and unexpected builds that can catch an opponent off guard. Z-Conversion really provides incentive to make use of a Porygon-Z, as in addition to altering its users type, it raises every single one of its users stats, making it a much more notable threat for an opponent.

Since it was first introduced in Generation II, Belly Drum has always been a high risk, high reward move. At the cost of half of its users HP, the move raises the Pokemons attack to its maximum possible level. While this move is ideally used to set up sweeps, it can leave its user open to getting KOs or even fail entirely if they dont have enough HP. Z-Belly Drum mitigates a great deal of this risk, immediately healing its user to full HP before the traditional HP reduction. This helps make sweeping via Belly Drum as significantly more consistent gameplan with Pokemon like a Huge Power Azumarill.

Hydro Vortex is the default Water-type Z-Move that powers up whatever water type move that is boosting it. This gives Hydro Vortex access to the Water-type Hyper Beam equivalent, Hydro Cannon. There is also the HP-tied Water-type move, Water Spout. To add to this, Water-type Pokemon are good offensive sweepers on average.

Even a powerful yet inaccurate move like Hydro Pump could benefit from a Z-Move glow-up. That said, it's hard to argue with reserving the Waterium Z for a Water starter like Swampert or Blastoise and unleashing a powered-up Hydro Cannon.

Rock Wrecker is the Rock-type Giga Impact counterpart reserved for Rhyperior and Crustle, so it's strong but comes with a cooldown turn. Head Smash is another impressive Rock-type move available to a wide variety of Rock-type Pokemon but was originally the signature move of Rampardos. It hits hard but has massive recoil damage. Stone Edge is another good candidate for Continental Crush, but that high critical-hit ratio may discourage you from turning it into a Z-Move.

Inferno Overdrive is the default Fire-type Z-Move, and it's quite good for reasons similar to Continental Crush. Fire-type Pokemon are generally great offensive sweepers, and Inferno Overdrive only improves on their attacking capabilities.

Like Continental Crush, Inferno Overdrive has a large pool of powerful-yet-detrimental Fire-type moves to draw from such as Blast Burn, Flare Blitz, and Overheat. On top of that, the Fire-type has its own heavy-hitting HP-tied move in Eruption.

Catastropika is the Pikachu-specific power-up to the iconic Volt Tackle move which comes with heavy recoil damage. It's a powerhouse of a move that comes with a base power of 210, which is even stronger than 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt--though that move is a Special Attack move that plays to Pikachu's strengths.

Devastating Drake is the Z-Move that corresponds to the powerful Dragon-type, and like the Fire and Rock-types before it, Devastating Drake has plenty of powerful moves with drawbacks to turn into a turbo-charged draconic smackdown.

Outrage, Draco Meteor, and Dragon Rush make for a great Devastating Drake. If you have a Dialga at your disposal, Roar of Time could make for an extra spicy Z-Move in this instance. All of this is further supported by how generally powerful Dragon-type Pokemon are, so Devastating Drake gets a boost strictly from the type of Pokemon it corresponds with.

This attack is one of the more powerful Z-Moves you pick up through the game, with a flexible power level based around the strength of the move that your Pokemon uses to activate the Z-Move. Each type has one of these, with All-Out Pummeling being the token fighting-type of the list.

What makes this so powerful is that the best Fighting-type moves are incredibly risky. Ranged attacks like Focus Blast have dangerously low accuracy, while physical strikes like Close Combat and Superpower severely lower your stats. With All-Out Pummeling, you get a risk-free attack with strength that eclipses all of these, raising the power of your Fighting-type Pokemon further than ever.

While many Z-Moves are usable by all Pokemon, several are also specific to certain species with even rarer Z-Crystals. Rather than raw power, these moves have much more unique effects. This move for the four legendary Island Guardians is one of the most emblematic of their unusual effects, as it simply eliminates 75% of the targets HP.

Flat damage attacks in Pokemon are quite uncommon and are typically pretty weak. The closest one to this strength is Night Shade, which removes HP equal to the users level. In competitive battles, though, this will almost always just be a measly 50 or 100. Removing a percentage like this is a unique effect thats significantly harder for an opponent to prepare for.

This move, exclusive to the muscular Alolan dragon Kommo-o, has its own unique effects. Alongside a massive amount of damage, Clangorous Soulblaze inspires the user to feel exceptionally empowered, raising all of its stats by one stage.

Having such a wide stat increase is usually left as a rare chance on moves like Ancient Power and Ominous Wind, so a guaranteed buff to every offensive and defensive stat is a huge power boost to Kommo-o. It turns a dragon whose stats are already competitive into an absolute monster and makes up for having just a Z-Crystal for an item afterward.

Speaking of stat increases, its important to mention the Z-Move exclusive to Eevee, whose adorable fluffy self is unfortunately quite weak before evolving into one of its beautiful forms. With this move, Eevee deals no damage to its opponent but doubles each of its stats until its swapped out.

A Pokemon should never be forced to evolve to unlock its true potential. With the release of Pokemon Lets Go, Eevee, there were tons of new damage moves of various types given to your partner Pokemon, but its body still can be lacking compared to the competitive fighters that its evolutions tend to be. With this move, Eevee can stand among its friends stronger than ever.

On the surface, this move exclusive to the final form of Alolas Water-type starter, Primarina, is quite plain. It deals a huge amount of damage with its beautiful singing voice but otherwise has no additional effects.

The reason it deserves a mention, though, is that its somehow stronger than any of the other Alolan starters Z-Moves by 15 additional points. What makes Oceanic Operetta stronger is a mystery, but its clear that Primarina has an objective advantage over Decidueye and Incineroar that shouldnt be ignored.

In addition to turning attack moves into powerful assaults, using a Z-Move on a non-damaging move will give additional unique effects. Moves like Nasty Plot will reset your Pokemons other stat changes, while moves like Belly Drum will heal you in addition to its effect.

None of these stat moves top the signature move of the iconic Magikarp, Splash, which will raise the users Attack stat by three stages. To compare, Swords Dance will raise a Pokemons attack by two, giving Splash a huge edge to make your fighter into a powerhouse. Your Magikarp might be lacking moves, but this is a wonderful utility for other Pokmon that can learn to flail around the battlefield.

Being the mascot of the Pokemon series, its no surprise that Pikachu has multiple Z-Moves that it can learn, but 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt is certainly the strongest, dealing a massive amount of damage with a 50% chance of getting a critical hit, raising the potential damage even higher.

Critical hits are usually luck, outside of using certain items and lucky Pokemon like Farfetchd, but this gives an already-strong Pokemon the chance to annihilate its opponent. It might just be damage if you lose the coin flip, but that worst-case scenario is far from the end of the world.

While strength cant always be mathematically proved, Snorlaxs exclusive Z-Move does win the award for the objectively strongest Z-Move. Pulverizing Pancake has no additional effects, but has a base power of 210, while most other Z-Moves range around the area of 180.

But this move does have the unfortunate downside of being attached to a Pokemon who, while powerful in its own right, is far from the greatest normal-type attacker. Its wonderful that Snorlax can now use its weight to its fullest ability with this move, but its downside is that its held back by not being an ideal user.

Breakneck Blitz, the normal-type Z-Move that any Pokemon can learn, is significantly stronger than it seems. While normal-type Pokemon are usually brushed off as plain and weak, this proves that attitude wrong as it allows several Pokemon moves to deal an obscene amount of damage without being super-effective.

Much like All-Out Pummeling, this also gets around the downsides of several normal-type attacks that normally are impossible to use, namely Giga Impact and Hyper Beam. These moves force the user to wait a turn before being able to battle again, but by using them to power a Z-Move your fighter can hit with massive power and keep going afterward.

The adorable Psychic-type Alolan Raichu tops the list of Z-Moves without question, as its damage is high and its utility is guaranteed. Alongside hitting its opponent, Stoked Sparksurfer will also cause paralysis, a status effect that halves their speed and can potentially stop them from attacking.

This status effect can be inflicted from several Pokemon through moves like Thunder Wave and Nuzzle, but damaging moves that can cause paralysis can only do so with a bit of luck. While Stoked Sparksurfer can take down many opponents, the ones it fails on will struggle to catch up with this status ailment, making Stoked Sparksurfer a success regardless of how much damage it does.

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z-move | pokmon wiki | fandom

z-move | pokmon wiki | fandom

Z-Move ( Z Waza) is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Generation VII. Z-Moves are very strong and powerful attacks that Pokmon can gain access to. However, Z-Moves are used only once for each battle. Z-Moves can be activated only with a special item called a Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring. Ash Ketchum has obtained a Z-Ring in the Sun and Moon anime along with a Normalium Z, Electrium Z, Grassium Z, Rockium Z, Solganium Z, Lycanium Z, Steelium Z, Firium Z, and Pikashunium Z.

There are eighteen Z-Moves based on type, and seventeen Z-Moves exclusive to a species. The base power and category are based on the move of the said type the user is holding. Damaging Z-Moves never miss. A Pokmon cannot fully protect itself from damaging Z-Moves, taking 25% of the usual damage.

If it is a status move, it will use a powered up version of that move, with an additional effect alongside its standard effect. If the user knows two or more moves of the same type, one can choose what move can be used.

An example scenario: A Pokmon holding the Normalium Z knows Hyper Beam, Body Slam, and Screech. You can choose which Z-Move to be used and turned into Breakneck Blitz: Z-Hyper Beam is special and has 200 base power, whereas Z-Body Slam is physical and has 160 base power. Z-Screech is also possible, which will, in addition to lowering the opponent's Defense 2 stages, raise this Pokmon's attack by 1 stage.

Certain Pokmon (or in some cases, forms of specific Pokmon) have signature Z-Moves that only they can use, which requires a special Z-Crystal instead of the standard type-based crystals. Unlike normal Z-Moves, they require a specific move, rather than simply a move of the same type as the Z-Crystal.

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