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roll crusher manufacturer & design | williams crusher

roll crusher manufacturer & design | williams crusher

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Williams is an industry-leading roll crusher manufacturer and designer for high-quality roll crushers with desirable benefits such as high throughput capacity, minimal maintenance requirements, low cost per ton operation, and more. Learn more about our heavy-duty roll crushers below or contact our sales engineers to talk about your application needs.

A combination of impact, shear, and compression are the forces necessary to perform the crushing and size reduction in a Williams roll crusher. The material enters the roll crusher machine and is impacted by the roll as it rotates. Then, as the material is pulled between a crushing plate or rolls, shear and compression forces act upon the material. The rolls act as flywheels, contributing to smooth operation and efficient use of power. Roll crushing surfaces operate at a fixed distance apart, as opposed to the continually changing distances in a jaw or cone crusher. This creates a more consistent product size.Roll crushers are low in profile and relatively easy to install. They can be fed with a minimum of headroom, or even choke fed. Adjustments are simple andinternal parts are readily accessible.

Typical feed materials for Williams Roll Crushers include: bauxite, cement clinker, chalk, cinders, clay, coal, glass, gypsum, limestone, burnt lime, rock salt, sandstone, shale, sulfur ore, sea shells, and sewer sludge clinker. Single Roll Crushers, sometimes called lump breakers, can also be used for breaking frozen or agglomerated materials.

Williams Roll Crushers are used in a variety of industries such as, mining recycling, and power industries. Interested in learning more about the Williams Roll Crushers for your specific industry and application? Contact our sales engineers!

Choosing between a single roll crusher and double roll crusher depends upon the type of feed material, feed size, product size desired, and consistency of both feed and product. Both single and double roll crushers operate most efficiently with dry, friable materials. However, single roll machines have been widely and successfully used for the reduction of moist clays. They also have been long used as primary and secondary coal crushers, both at mine sites and power plants, where a minimum of fines is desired.

Williams single roll crushers reduce via a combination of impact, shear, and compression. The rolls are always toothed in patterns suited to the feed material. Single Roll Crushers generally handle larger feed sizes at higher reduction ratios in higher capacities and are particularly well suited to be used as lump breakers.

Double roll crushers reduce primarily through compression, although some shear is obtained with toothed rolls. Rolls for these crushers come in combinations of smooth, corrugated, and toothed designs. Double Roll Crushers produce a finer product at lower reduction ratios and capacities.

Oversized, heat-treated, alloy steel shafts plus self-aligning, roller-type bearings assure long life and maximum use of power. Jackshafts for control of roller speed are standard on double roll crushers, optional on larger Single Roll Crushers.

Heavy-duty compression springs permit movement of floating roll to pass tramp metal and other uncrushables, avoiding overload and damage. Smaller Single Roll Crushers are equipped with a shear pin release.

Faces Tooth patterns and corrugations to fit feed material; abrasion-resistant alloy; easily replaceable. Ash Crushers have additional features including dust-tight design and sealed cover plates for breaker plate access.

Williams Single Roll Crushers are also available in a 15 inch (381mm) diameter dust-tight version for applications such where it would be expensive to have dust collection air. Already well known for rugged construction, low profile, high reduction ratio, and economical cost, Williams Dust-Tight Ash Single Roll Crushers also have easy access to the rotor for maintenance. These dust-tight roll crushers are perfect for applications such as crushing ash, limestone, coal, or glass.

grinding mill machine, mineral mill, raymond mill, pulverizer machine, powder making machine-liming heavy industry

grinding mill machine, mineral mill, raymond mill, pulverizer machine, powder making machine-liming heavy industry

Henan LIMING Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. LTD which mainly manufacture large and medium-sized crushing and grinding equipments was founded in 1987. It is a modern joint-stock corporation with research, manufacturing and sales together. The Headquarter is located in HI-TECH Industry Development Zone of Zhengzhou and covers 80000 m . Another workshop in Shangjie Industry Park covers 67000 m . Over the past 30 years, our company adheres to modern scientific management system, precision manufacturing, pioneering and innovation. Now LIMING has become the leader in domestic and oversea machinery manufacturing industry.

December, 2016: LIMING launched MB5X158Pendulum Suspension Grinding Mill. Besides, the company was rated as 2016 annual innovative enterprise of the sand and gravel industry and 2016 annual excellent entrepreneur of the sand and gravel industry.

October, 2016: LIMING passed the certification of intellectual property management system. There are 106 national patents including 4 invention patents, 12 design patents and 90 patents for utility models.

March,2015: The model line of VU aggregate optimization system was completed at Zhengzhou headquarters base, 26 meters high, including six core modules, showing the superiority of dry sand making technology

April, 2015: MTW European Trapezium Mill was jointly awarded Industrial Energy Saving Products by The Ministry of Industry And Information Office of Henan Province, and Science And Technology Department Of Henan Province; Liming Heavy Industry was assessed as Intellectual Property Advantage Cultivate Enterprise of 2014.

January, 2015: Liming Heavy Industry was selected to The Fifth Member Of The National Mining Machinery Standards Committee; VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher was identified as Brand-Name Products in Henan Province.

November, 2014: Customer Center was fully upgraded to Customer Security Center, and sublimated the service concept. HPT Series High-Efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher and LUM Series superfine vertical roller grinding mill both got the provincial Science and Technology Achievement, which reached worlds advanced level.

July, 2014: Liming Heavy Industry had the honor to be on the list of "Henan province Quality credit AAA grade enterprise brand", and became a member unit of "China quality integrity enterprise association".

June, 2014: Tired Mobile Crushing Plant Wheeled Mobile Crusher won the second prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements of Henan province. And the world largest Crawler Mobile Vibrating Screen was successfully delivered in Shangjie Industrial Park.

May, 2014: 2014 First international trade e-commerce services base of Google in China, as well as first Google Adwords experience center, both settled in Liming Heavy Industry. With their powerful combination, e-commerce of Henan was well boomed. MTW European Type Trapezium Mill won the first prize for Science and Technology progress award in Zhengzhou. Liming Heavy Industry had the honor to be on the list of top 100 enterprises for the employment of college students, which is the only involved enterprise in mining and crushing field.

March, 2014: Liming Heavy Industry got financial support from " high growth " program of government, and was recognized as " Outstanding Innovation Enterprise". Sales volume of the first quarter got a 30% year-on-year contrarian growth, and sales volume of March renovated the historic records of monthly sales volume.

May, 2013: Liming Heavy Industry had the honor to be on the list of top 100 enterprises in Zhengzhou. And Liming Heavy Industry would like to make greater contribution to the economic development of Central China.

March, 2013: Liming Heavy Industry was awarded the Title of" National high-tech enterprises" which highlights the important value of technology in mining machinery industry. At the same time, Liming Heavy Industry was awarded the Fast growing Company and became the demonstration enterprise in regional economy and the development of the industry.

October 2012: Hydraulic Cone Crusher and VSI Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher were rated as the leading domestic level, European Jaw Crusher was rated as the domestic advanced level by Science and Technology Department of Henan Province.

June, 2012 HPC efficient hydraulic cone crusher and VSI sand making machine are rated as the leading domestic level by the Science and Technology Department of Henan; European type jaw crusher has been assessed as a national advanced level.

March, 2012 Crushing and milling series of more than 100 models passed the Russian GOST quality certification, becoming the second international quality certification following the European CE certification.

JApril, 2011 A base for the new headquarters completed in a smooth relocation of various functional departments. Of building a base for the new headquarters will be completed by the end of the year, when the company will become the domestic mining machinery industry, the most superior hardware capabilities, production and processing of the strongest, most advanced scientific research strength enterprise.

December, 2010 The group company crossed the line of 1,000,000,000 RMB in annual sales./p> March, 2010 Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is evaluated as "The Famous Brand" in Henan Province. February, 2010The Employee Award Congress for 2009 close with great success. Annual Work Conference for 2010 is held successfully.

June, 2009YSY Mobile Cone Crusher Crushing Plant for medium reduction is delivered to Azerbaijan. It marks the production of mobile crushing plants in complete seriality and maturity after YGE and YSF series. Meanwhile, the newly introduced VSI5X sand making machine is set up in Russia. The upgrading of new products kicks off.

June, 2009YSY Mobile Cone Crusher Crushing Plant for medium reduction is delivered to Azerbaijan. It marks the production of mobile crushing plants in complete seriality and maturity after YGE and YSF series. Meanwhile, the newly introduced VSI5X sand making machine is set up in Russia. The upgrading of new products kicks off.

December, 2008the sales of the company is nearly 600,000,000RMB. Meanwhile, MTW Series European Technology Trapezium Mill and large LM Series Vertical Mill are launched. Additionally, the researching and development of large Jaw Crusher achieve many breakthroughs. The models of jaw crusher become more complete because of the introduction of PE10001200.

March, 2006Our company is awarded as "The Advanced Company in Sand-Stone Association". The jaw crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher is listed as the recommended products in the association.

November, 2001 The first machine exported is delivered to Kazakhstan and put into use. In the same year, our products are exported to Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Russia and other countries and get good reputation there.

Thank you for your interest in Our Industrial Grinding Mill. If you want to get help immediately, please chat online now. At the same time, you can also fill in your requirements, we will reply you in 24hours.

how to crush your own malts

how to crush your own malts

Homebrewing is an art that allows for as much, or little, DIY craftiness as you like. Everything from the recipes you choose to the grains that form your mash can be customized. And whether youre all-grain brewing or extract brewing, you can fine-tune your perfect beer by crushing malts at home.

The prospect of taking over for your friendly neighborhood maltser might seem intimidating at first. But while crushing malts is a little more complicated than Hulk Smash!, its easier than you might thinkand doesnt require exposure to gamma radiation. With the right tools and techniques, you can safely move beyond plain old crushed malted barley, introducing specialty grains to your brew and improving beer yield.

For all-grain brewing, the crush matters because it affects how well the starches, sugars, and enzymes present in the grain will be exposed to water during mashing. The mash activates enzymes in the grain and converts starches into the sugars that become alcohol during fermentation.

When youre extract brewing, youll use dry malt extract. But you might also include specialty grainssuch as roasted barley, crystal malt, and roasted maltto add flavor and color to the wort. The process is a little more forgiving with these malts, since they are not being used as fermentables.

Now that you know why you want to give your malts a proper crush, the next step is mastering how youll be milling your grains. The goal is to break the husks, or the tough protective coating on the grains, away from the kernel, or the starch-packed core of the grain. Ideally, youll keep the husks as intact as possible while breaking the kernels into the smallest pieces possible.

Crushing malts properly is something of a balancing act. The more intact the malts, the easier water will flow through them. But since the particles of grist (crushed kernels) are less exposed, fewer enzymes will activate, reducing the starches that become sugars and putting a serious dent in your beer yield.

On the other hand, milling too finely will produce a grist that improves yield but reduces the flow of wort during your mash. This can create a stuck sparge, or a grain bed that soaks up your sparge water but doesnt release it as wort.

To walk the line between rough and fine, you can aim for a Goldilocks blend of equal parts grist and flour. The flour can be ground rough or fine, so long as you have plenty of intact husks in your mix.

Keeping the husks mostly intact will help ensure adequate filtering in the grain bed. They dont alter flavor but they do create small spaces in the grist, allowing water to flow through, carrying your converted starches into the wort.

If youre using traditional mashing techniques, pulverizing all of your grain into flour is not such a hot idea. When flour mixes with water, it turns into a thick, gelatinous paste that can stop your mash cold.

Note: Dont let your hopes be smashed if you prefer to pulverize your grains. You can still mash effectively. Just grab a mesh bag, like the kind youd use when you brew in a bag, to hold your grains when you mash to avoid a stuck sparge.

You can go super low-tech and grab a rolling pin. You can grab the family coffee grinder or a food processor. You can even give your maltser a run for their money by setting up a grain or roller mill at home.

Put the grain in zip-close bag, and roll it until its suitably crushed. If this is your primary method of crushing malts, you might want to invest in a marble rolling pin. Grains can be tough little nuggets and may dent a wooden rolling pin.

If youre all-grain brewing, consider an upgrade from the rolling pin. A coffee grinder and food processor are certainly handy and relatively affordable. But they also tend to pulverize the grain and shred your husks. Unless youre using the brew in a bag mash style, your best bet is a mill.

You can bring your malts down to size with either a grain mill, also called a flour mill, or a roller mill. Grain mills work by crushing the grain between two plates that rotate against one another while theyre turned, either by hand or electronically.

You can get grain mill, but they do have a tendency to break the husks into small particles along with the rest of the grain. And since smaller husk particles mean less flow through the grain bed, youre on the road to a potential stuck sparge if you over-mill your grains.

If youre not nuts about the idea of padding your grain budget, a roller mill is for you. With roller mills, the grain passes through two to three cylinders as they turn. The husks are crushed and torn away, remaining mostly intact. Kernels are broken into bits by the rollers. This helps you achieve that Goldilocks blend, balancing grist and flours of various texture and achieving an optimal yield.

The space between the rollers can adjusted based on the grain size of the particular malt youre using. A useful rule of thumb for crushing malts is to set your rollers at or near .038 in. (.965 mm) apart. This is just a little bit bit thicker than a standard credit card.

One potential drawback of a roller mill compared to other options is cost. If you dont want to shell out the cash for a roller mill, your local homebrew shop may have one you can use. And if youre in a hurry, theyll may even do it for you if you ask.

Many mills, especially the most affordable ones, rely on people power via hand cranks. Unless youre still driving a Model T and have lots of crank practice, crushing more than a couple pounds of grain can wear you out pretty quickly. Instead, you can take a page from MacGyver and motorize your mill with a power drill.

Naturally, not every drill will do the trick. Youll want to consider two important factors: the power and torque of the drill. Your drill needs enough power to turn the mill for a reasonable length of time without overheating. It also needs enough torque to do the work of crushing the grains to your specifications.

Always wear proper safety gear when crushing malts. A stone lurking in your grains could get lodged in the mill rollers and shear off the shaft. It could also go flying at dangerous speeds. Wear safety goggles and watch for anything that isnt grain.

Youre here to crush grains, not your appendages. Watch your fingers and clothing while you mill. It only takes a second to end up in a situation straight out of a high school industrial arts safety film. If you can, enlist a buddy to feed the grain into the mill while you run the drill. Two sets of eyes and hands are better than one.

Practice good power tool discipline. Dont leave the drill unattended while its running. It could overheat or malfunction, with disastrous results. Use extra care when operating electrical tools around water or moisture, although hopefully youre not crushing malts under a waterfall or by the pool.

You might not be milling enough grains to kick up a ton of dust, but err on the side of caution. Make sure your milling area has good ventilation, too. All it takes is a spark to send you and your grains to the big brewery in the sky.

Beware of other dusty dangers. Grain dust carries microbes that can spoil your brew. In high concentrations, they might even make you sick too. Blech. Mill your grains away from your fermenter, and if youre processing a lot of grain at once, wear a safety mask to keep mold and microbes at bay.

industrial roller mill | roller mill manufacturer | williams crusher

industrial roller mill | roller mill manufacturer | williams crusher

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Williams Patent Crusher designs and manufactures high-quality industrial roller mills that consistently deliver a uniform grind for almost any material. It is our goal to provide a machine that offers a better value for our customers while still being a powerful piece of machinery.

One of the key components of the Williams vertical roller mills is the customization options that are available. Since our industrial roller mills are used for a wide range of applications and material size reduction, our machines allow for custom feeder selection to ensure a high-capacity, trouble-free operation no matter what kind of material you need reduced.

Our team sets itself apart with a diverse product line and customized systems for a variety of applications. The Williams roller mill is a perfect example of the kind of versatility our engineers infuse into all of our machines. Built to last and applicable to a variety of uses from limestone and clay to gypsum and coal is what makes the roller mills and all Williams designs stand out from the pack.

Centrifugal roller mills use the centrifugal force of cylindrical grinding rolls to crush material into a uniform particle size and grind, turning materials into small granules or fine powder. Some of its typical applications include the particle size reduction of coal, glass, gypsum, limestone, and more.

Williams roller mills can perform simultaneous grinding and drying functions with one continuous operation. The roller mills simultaneous grinding and drying features are typically for materials with higher moisture such as limestone and clay. Learn more about the Williams machines capable of simultaneous grinding and drying functions.

Roller mills are industrial mills that uses cylindrical rollers to crush and grind material instead of flat plates like other pulverizers. The Williams Roller Mills are designed to provide years of reliable, consistent, and efficient operation, but the reason why Williams is one of the leading roller mill manufacturers is their ease of use and maintenance.

1. Product Control:Micrometer control of finished product. Product size (regardless of turn down or grinding element wear) is controlled by utilizing the Williams High Efficiency Turbine Separator equipped with a variable speed drive. Drive adjustment is controlled automatically from centralized control panel. 2. Fluidized Bed Drying:Hot gas entering the grinding chamber below the grinding rolls fluidizes the entire grinding chamber. This promotes rapid efficient drying of all material types, including lignite and sorbent. Large open area through grinding chamber allows particle terminal velocities to be maintained while fluidized by heated gasses. 3. External Gear Box:External right angle gear box eliminates damage from heat and contamination of product into gear box. Removal of gear box from skid allows change out of main vertical shaft. 4. Turn Down Ratio:Nearly infiniteturn down while maintaining product size. Williams adjusts the mill grinding rate as a direct function of control system demand. The mill capacity is modulated by varying mill speed. 5. Mill Speed: Mill speed modulation varies the centrifugal force of the grinding rolls. Product capacity ranges from 100% to 0% utilizing an optional variable frequency A.C. drive. 6. Bottom Discharge: Auxiliary Mill Bottom Discharge permits production of a second granular product or beneficiation of the principal product by the removal of pyrites and tramp material, either can be done simultaneously with fine grinding and drying.

The Williams centrifugal roller mills were designed with efficiency in mind. Each part works in tandem to efficiently dry, grind, and classify material. Learn more about how industrial roller mills work when they are designed by the experts at Williams.

A. Feeder B. Base of the Roller Mill C. Centrifugal Main Mill Fan D. High Efficiency Turbine Separator E. Cyclone Collector F. Fabric Collector G. Heater H. Recycle Line K. Discharge Spout Operation of the Williams Roller Mill System is completely automatic.

The feeder (A) introduces raw material into the grinding chamber in the base of the Roller Mill (B)at a rate determined by pressure variations with the grinding mill. Plows located ahead of each roller direct the material upward and between the grinding rolls and the heavy alloy steel bull ring where it is ground to size. The grinding rolls are free to swing out centrifugally which forces them to bear upon and grind the raw material. Being free to pivot, the rolls automatically assume the proper position for grinding and need no adjustment to compensate for wear. Once ground to size, material is swept out of the mill by the controlled air flow from the centrifugal main mill fan (C). Air suspended, the ground material passes through the adjustable Williams High Efficiency Turbine Separator (D). In the separator, an accurate size classification is made which allows product size material to be conveyed away from the grinding mill while oversize material is returned for additional grinding. Product sized material is removed from the airstream by the Cyclone Collector (E). Typically, a conveyor or product storage bin will be located to accept the product as it exits from the bottom of the Cyclone Collector. Fabric Collector (F): Airborne fines which remain entrained in the exhaust gas from the Cyclone Collector are removed by a high efficiency fabric dust collector located downstream from the cyclone. The efficiency of the basic Roller Mill System becomes a highly efficient means of removing moisture from the raw material by the simple addition of an air heater (G) as shown in color. Further refinements to the heater system allow the Williams Roller Mill to process hazardous dusts in a controlled low oxygen atmosphere. A recycle line (H) from the dust collector to the heater enables a further reduction in oxygen level. This is Williams' patented Inert Gas System. Product beneficiation is possible in the Williams Roller Mill System by continuous removal of impurities through a discharge spout (K) located beneath the grinding mill.

The Williams team took great care when designing each component of our industrial roller mills. Learn how each part of the roller mill works to create consistent, uniform product with maximized efficiency from the primary and secondary fans to the air heater.

Williams industrial roller mills are used for a wide range of applications and materials, which means that the proper feeder selection is essential for high-capacity, trouble-free operation and more efficient production.

You can customize your vertical roller mill depending on what material you need reduced. Learn more about the different types of feeders that can be furnished to fit Williams roller mills. Or, contact the Williams team today to discuss your specific customization requirements for one of our roller mills.

williams crusher & pulverizer company, inc. > welcome

williams crusher & pulverizer company, inc. > welcome

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With over 500 patents and trademarks to its credit, Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Company continues to engineer new and innovative designs for crushing machines that meet the needs of clients worldwide and provide solutions for them every day.

At Williams, we set ourselves apart from other crusher and pulverizer companies with our diverse product line and customized systems for a variety of applications. We work with our clients to develop state-of-the-art crushing machines and provide the best size reduction solution for each application.

This video features a #5120 Traveling Breaker Plate Slugger Crusher for Hindalco Aluminum in India. This crushing machine will reduce 6 (152mm) wet, sticky bauxite down to 1.6 (40mm) at a rate of 1350 TPH. The bauxite will then be further refined into alumina that will be smelted to make aluminum. Shown here is a test run of the traveling breaker plate which is used to eliminate plugging of sticky material in the mill.

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malt muncher 3 roller grain mill | morebeer

malt muncher 3 roller grain mill | morebeer

Mill your own grains for ultimate freshness with the Malt Muncher three roller grain mill. Includes a 12 lb hopper, adjustable rollers, and hand crank. The handle can be removed to use the mill with a drill. The MaltMuncher is backed by a one year warranty and is built to last with rollers made from cold rolled steel. The body and hopper is made from 6061 grade aluminum. The optionalbamboo base boardis much stronger than comparable particle board or plywood bases and makes for a secure platform to set on a bucket.

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