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rotary 4-way test project - a. john wiley, jr

rotary 4-way test project - a. john wiley, jr

The Rotary 4-Way Test above is an ethical test accepted by 1.2 million Rotarians in 186 countries around the world and is repeated at weekly meetings in many, if not most, clubs. Written in 1932, it has stood the test of time.

Values. The important and enduring beliefs or principles that are the base on which an individual makes judgments in life. They are the center of our standard of behavior. They severely affect the emotional state of mind of an individual. Values are guiding principles that help us make the best decisions concerning our behavior and how we relate to others.

We need to be intentional every day to build a firm foundation of values. Every day this is applied as we make constant value judgments on how we think and respond in our circumstances and interactions.

A. John Wiley, Jr. has dedicated his life to serving with the principles he teaches as a teacher, parent of four children, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His books demonstrate the importance of directing kids towards having a better future.

John began his career by teaching children with severe behavioral problems, and this passion for the struggling and disadvantaged led him to help found a 24/7 care alternative high school in Reedsville, Wisconsin and Project Home for the local Salvation Army.

Johns latest book, Build Character, Shape Lives provides a roadmap for sustainable success, helping educators build up students in empathy and character traits that will lead to stronger individuals and communities.

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