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why choose rubber spring for circular vibrating screen?-henan pingyuan mining machinery

why choose rubber spring for circular vibrating screen?-henan pingyuan mining machinery

Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery will explain why choose rubber spring for circular vibrating screen. 1. It can produce various different shapes and dimensions of the rubber springs which is compact and space saving. 2. Rubber Spring is with rubber elasticity coefficient compared with metal product, and the hardness can be changed in a larger scope, so changing the rubber hardness can make different stiffness spring, that means the stiffness can be chosen with wide scope even the same shape of rubber spring. 3. In addition, rubber spring of circular vibrating screen can also accept with shear deformation and austerity deformation. 4. The internal friction damping of the rubber spring is much bigger than the metal spring, so the rubber spring of circular vibrating screen machine stops and passing through resonance section, the amplitude of rubber spring is smaller than the helical metal spring ,so we choose rubber spring due to stable amplitude and lower energy consumption. 5. Rubber spring transmission noise resistance is much bigger than the metal spring, so the sound insulation is better and working noise is smaller. Above all, rubber spring of circular vibrating screen characteristic is very outstanding and it is widely used for vibrating screen equipment Welcome to contact us if you have any questions, we will serve you with best solution. Besides, PK machinery supplies belt conveyor, bucket elevator, linear vibrating screen,circular vibrating screen, gyratory screen etc. Choose us, we are sure we will achieve mutual benefit, glad to be your loyal friend!

rubber spring for vibrating screen - rubber spring for vibrating screen

rubber spring for vibrating screen - rubber spring for vibrating screen

Rubber spring for vibrating screen is a kind of polymeric elastomer with efficient anti-vibration, small resonance region, long service life, low cost and good cold tolerance, air tightness, waterproof, electrical insulativity, and it is the best choice for reducing vibration.

Specifications D*H*d(mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Inside Diameter (mm) FreeHeight (mm) Deformation (cm) Rigidity (kg/cm) Maxload (Kg) 300*245*80 300 80 245 1 480 2800 250*250*50 250 50 250 2.5 370 2000 220*220*50 220 50 220 2.2 320 1500 200*200*50 200 50 200 2 280 1000 180*180*40 180 40 180 1.8 260 800 160*160*30 160 30 160 1.6 240 750 140*140*30 140 30 140 1.4 210 700 140*160*30 127 30 160 1.4 180 700 127*127*30 120 30 127 1.2 180 700 120*120*30 100 30 120 1.2 170 700 100*100*30 100 30 100 1 140 600 100*130*30 100 30 130 1 100 500 80*80*20 80 20 80 0.8 100 400 60*60*18 60 18 60 0.8 60 200 50*50*18 50 18 50 0.8 40 100

circular vibration screen | henan deya machinery co., ltd

circular vibration screen | henan deya machinery co., ltd

In its simplest form, the circular vibrating screen is a surface having many apertures, or holes, usually with uniform dimensions. Particles presented to that surface will either pass through or be retained, according to whether the particles are smaller or larger than the governing dimensions of the aperture. The efficiency of screening is determined by the degree of perfection of separation of the material into size fractions above or below the aperture size. Read more

maintaining support springs in vibratory equipment - quarry

maintaining support springs in vibratory equipment - quarry

Poor motion in vibrating screens and feeders can occur for many reasons, but one is arguably the easiest to prevent and yet seems the least understood the adverse effect of support springs (the springs on which the machine sits) behaving differently from one side of the machine to the other. The motion of the equipment will vary between the left and right sides, increasing the internal stresses within the machine, reducing its service life. It will become a greater challenge to maintain.

What do support springs do? They allow free movement of the vibrating machine and isolate most of the units vibration from its supporting structure. Something that is not broadly understood, however, is that they also magnify the vibration of the machine. While typically only by a few per cent, this magnification (caused by a dynamic response of the screens mass combined with the springs) occurs at each corner and will only be equal around the unit if the compression on each of the springs is equal.

A difference in spring compressions (between the left and right side on the equipment) means a difference in the amplitude of vibration (from one side to the other), which leads to excessive internal stresses within the machine body that are different to those typically considered in the machine design. To worsen matters, a variation in spring compressions (ie spring heights) forces a slight twist into the machine, creating yet another dynamic response that contributes to these adverse internal stresses!

Following these guidelines will not only keep your machines running evenly by minimising the equipments internal stresses, it will also help maximise the service life of springs without compromising the health of the machine. The life of a set of springs is that of the one most stressed. Keeping the spring heights consistent means stresses in the springs will also be consistent. That means a longer service life.

As well as selling various components for screens and feeders, including different types of springs, businesses also offer the service of testing vibrating equipment to identify adverse motion, from an equipment longevity perspective, and ways to improve performance. When a machine is running unevenly, we need to look for the various causes.

If the springs are in good condition and their static heights are reasonably similar from one side to the other, it becomes easier to identify the cause of the adverse motion. If the springs are in poor condition and/or vary significantly in height (left to right), it can often mean an additional site visit is required before there can be recommendations to correct the units motion. This adds to the service and means the machine will run poorly for a longer period.

The three most common (but not the only) types of springs seen on sites, on vibrating screens and feeders, are steel coil springs, rubber springs and screen (or oscillating) mounts. Although they differ in their construction, they all perform the same function on vibrating equipment, and their behaviour is governed by their deflection from their free height when under the weight of the machines they support. In all cases, the laden height of the spring is simply the vertical distance between the surface of the mounting bracket sitting on top of the spring and the surface on which the spring is sitting.

The design intent for vibrating machines is for them to wear out after many years of reliable service, rather than fall apart due to fatigue. In many situations, regular consideration of screen and feeder support springs in a sites maintenance checks will make the difference between years of reliable service and premature failure.

vibrating screen by zhengzhou bangke machinery manufacturing. supplier from china. product id 367595

vibrating screen by zhengzhou bangke machinery manufacturing. supplier from china. product id 367595

Vibrating screen This series of vibrating screen moves round, has multi-layers and is high efficient . The eccentric shaft vibration exciterand partial block help to adjust amplitude . The material drop down the long line . This machine bears the features of different specificaitons , reliability , strong exciter , high effiency , little noise , durability , convenient maintenance and safety . It is widely used for classification in mining , construction material , transportation , energy and so on . Standard container, nude packing, can pack as the customers' requirements.

Yks serial circular motion vibrating screen is widely applied in material grade operation in coal, mine, metallurgy, chemical and building material industry. Yks circular motion vibrating screen is designed by combining actual demand of production on the base of absorbing international new technologies and structures. They are: The screening machine is mainly composed of screen box, vibrator, supporting system and motor. The screen plate includes pur plate, punched plate, round steel welding plate and stainless welding plate and so on. Block eccentric-type vibrator can adjust amplitude by adding or reducing weight plate within a certain range. It adopts flexible coupling and tire coupling in connecting vibrator and motor. It adopts rubber spring in decreasing vibration. It adopts tor-shear type high-strength bolt in connecting beams and lateral plates. It adopts nylon nut locking, etc. As buyer's requirement

Vibrating Screen SANYYO screens for scalping, separating and sizing aggregates, minerals and coal come in several different types and a wide range of sizes. We offer screens for both wet and dry applications, and the screening media for optimum end product quality. We also offer both individual units and complete systems, as well as expert advice on choosing the right screen for the job. Our equipment is easily adaptable for stationary and mobile crushing plants. Its main function is to separate different sizes of products. SANYYO vibrating screen has the ability of seperating six different sizes of products in the same time. Features and values 1) Simple and dependable Eccentric type system. 2) High screening capacity. 3) High durability. 4) No transmission of screen panels. 5) Ready changing of screen plates. 6) Rigid and vibrating resistance screen body. Vibrating screens operating principle: In screen grading, the material is separated mechanically on screen plates. Rolling bearings in vibrating screens are stressed by high, mostly shock-type loads. Moreover, the bearings, while rotating about their own axis, perform a circular, elliptical or linear vibrating motion. This results in high radial accelerations which additionally stress the bearings, and especially the cages, considerably. The operating speeds are usually very high. As a result, the bearing temperatures are up to 20 to 30 degrees Kelvin higher than in normal applications. In addition, considerable misalignments between the bearing locations and considerable shaft deflections have to be accommodated. Nude packing, wooden case.

Vibrating Screen is also called Vibratory Screen,Vibrosieve, Screen, Circular Vibration Screens, Sieve, Sieving Eequipment, shaking screen, Inclined Screen,Circular Vibrating Screen,Vibrating Riddle, Screen Machine. For Vibrating Screen, the amplitude can be adjusted. It is of long screening line, multi-layers screen, correct to screen in all kinds of specification ,high efficiency in screening, so widely used in mine selection and sand stone crushing. Model:2YA1237,3YA1237,2YA1548,3YA1548,2YA1848,3YA1848,2YA1860,3YA1860,4YA1860,2YA2160,3YA2160,4YA2160,2YA2460,3YA2460 Spec.of Screen: 1200*3700 mm,1200*3700,1500*4800,1500*4800,1800*4800,1800*4800,1800*6000,1800*6000,1800*6000,2100*6000,2100*6000,2100*6000,2400*6000,2400*6000 Layers: 2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3,4,2,3,4,2,3 Sieve Pore Size(mm): 3-50,3-50,5-50,5-50,5-80,5-80,5-80,5-80,5-80,5-100,5-100,5-100,5-150,5-150 Max. Feed size: 200 mm,200,400,400,400,400,400,400,400,400,400,400,400,400 Capacity: 7.5-80,7.5-80,50-208,50-250,50-260,50-300,50-300,50-350,50-350,100-500,100-500,100-500,150-700,150-700. Trademark: SHIBANG Standard: ISO9001:2000 Unit Price/Payment: TT/LC.

It is a new invented machine in china. The eccentric vibrating exciter and tyre coupler are used in the machine. Advanced structure, great exciting force, low vibrating noise, easy maintenance and being endurable and sold feature the machine.

Vibration screen is vibrated by the circling motion. The screening line of material is long and has a lot of sieve specification. The screen of every shelf specification is clear, and it adopts the style of the barrel to surge. It had the characteristics of reliable structure, strong vibrating strength, low noise in vibration, easy maintenance, safety operation and it is widely used in mining, building materials, traffic energy, chemical industry, etc.

1. The series of vibrating screen has a long screening produce line and has several layers. 2. Every kind of size is sieving separately. 3. High screen efficiency It is suitable for the screening task of mining and sandstones industry.

Description Zyc-ultrasonic vibrating screen for wahsing powder adopts advanced intelligent vibrating ultrasonic controller and has solved many problems caused by single frequency, truly realizing the reasonable combination of ultrasonic function and vibration sieve. Applied field As to the functional feature, the vibro sieve has reached the highest international level. It has prominent advantages in solving materials sieving problems such as high absorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high precision degree, light weight etc. Feature 1 this ultrasonic vibro sieve has the function of being able to effectively control the sieving granularity scale, which can realize the high precision sieving to achieve the best sieving effect. 2 it can be used with single layer or multilayer. A set of intelligent ultrasonic generator can be used with three controllers at the same time. 3 self-cleaning function; 0~ 500m sieving, no-blocking sieving mesh, stable sieving efficiency 4 prominent advantages in solving sieving difficulties such as high adsorption, easy clustering, high static, high precision, high density, light proportion, etc. 5 keep processed materials feature stable. 6 the quantity of processed materials can be enhanced 1-10 times compared with those processed by vibrating screen machines without ultrasonic function. Technical parameter Model Power (kw) Diameter (mm) Dimension Lwh (mm) Layer Zyc-400-1s 0.18 320mm 580580560 1 Zyc-600-1s 0.55 550 mm 800800680 1 Zyc-800-1s 0.75 750mm 900900780 1 Zyc-1000-1s 1.5 950mm 11601160880 1 Zyc-1200-1s 1.75 1150mm 13601360980 1 Zyc-1500-1s 2.2 1450mm 185018501130 1 Zyc-1800-1s 2.2 1750mm 220022001360. 1 Wooden case or standard package.

1.The screen is composed of screen box, vibrator, spring damping device supporting under frame and others, as shown in fig.1, the screen box uses the advanced ring groove rivet for connection and is of fram structure.The vibrator adopts eccentric shaft and eccentric block and the spring damping device uses steel spiral spring. 2.Use ya drum vibrating screen is primarily applied in coal, metallurgical power generation building material, water conservancy, light and chemical industries and other industries and a highly efficient screening machine to classify coal, ore, coke and other bulk materials 3.Working philosophy and structure property.The screen is operated by electric motor to drive vibrator with eccentric mass via delta belt, allowing screen box to vibrate, with the motional orbit of the screen box being circular.

Descripition Vibrating screen is widely applied in coal dressing, ore dressing, building material, electricity and chemical industries. It is doing circular movement while at work, and it is of a highly-effective, newly developed and multilayer machine. With the introduction of eccentric shaft vibrating exciter and particular block, the amplitude can be adjustable. (Note: According to different requirements of customers, our company applies vibrating screen with different specifications and vibrating modes.) Working Principle When vibrating screen works ,two motor with synchronous reverse rotation that will produces the vibrating exciter with vibrating force , making the screen body and screen with longitudinal motion ,thereby the material upper on the screen will have exciting force and move forward a range, to achieve a complete screening working . Models: The screen deck size could be customize-made There are single deck type and double deck type for option

vibrating screen accessories - yudin equipment

vibrating screen accessories - yudin equipment

A WIRE RANGE OF PARTS FOR YOUR SCREEN BOX Vibrating screens need to vibrate in a linear motion, the screens need to be correctly tensioned and washing requires proper nozzles. We offer a wide range of accessories for vibrating screens to ensure proper and safe operation.

Screen panels require proper tension and bedding to perform at their best with minimum breakdowns. Cappings act as a bumper between the deck and screen mesh. It is very important to fix the screen mesh tight to the deck as a lose connection will destroy the screen in a short period of time.

Rubber buffers are an important part of a vibrating screen. Screen operation should be strictly linear in line with the material flow and side movements should be minimised. Especially during start/stop operations, side movements increase as the screen passes through amplitudes close to its natural frequency and it resonates. Side rubber buffers prevent the screen from moving sideways.

While a large number of engineers try to minimise the vibrations in different applications, vibrating screen manufacturers try to make the best of it. Proper vibrating patterns are not possible without flexible mounts. Springs are the most common type of vibrating screen suspension. They are durable and easy to install and service.

Washing is one of the most important stages in aggregate and mineral processing applications. Generally, washing is performed by spraying water under pressure on the top of the material flow. Washing nozzles are special attachments to the pipes that spread the water over a wide coverage area. This water washes off the clay and dirt.

Declogging rods have been developed to further improve the self-cleaning properties of anti-clogging screens. Declogging rods bounce on the PU strips and create additional shock that helps to shake off stubborn sticky material from the panels. Declogging rods can be connected in multiple parts to completely cover the screen area.

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