rubber grinding equipment

china rubber grinding equipment, rubber grinding equipment manufacturers, suppliers, price

china rubber grinding equipment, rubber grinding equipment manufacturers, suppliers, price

China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: tyre recycling machine, tyre shredder, recycling machine. Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Rubber Grinding Equipment. We will do everything we can just to keep every buyer updated with this highly competitive industry & factory and its latest trends. Whether you are for group or individual sourcing, we will provide you with the latest technology and the comprehensive data of Chinese suppliers like Rubber Grinding Equipment factory list to enhance your sourcing performance in the business line of manufacturing & processing machinery.

industrial grinders for rubber, plastics, trextiles and other materials

industrial grinders for rubber, plastics, trextiles and other materials

The premier equipment line of Jordan Reduction Solutions is our Hog Mill Industrial Grinders. No other grinder on the market has the versatility of application and ruggedness of design as do these reliable and dependable units. Many installations of these grinders are still in operation after over 50 years from original start up and continue to perform at an exceptional capacity. Suited for both wet and dry grinding applications, the JRS Hog Mill Grinder is the perfect choice when demands are somewhat complex in nature. These units continue to serve in applications from organics grinding, rubber grinding and even into ordinance and energetic material (explosive) applications.

With a unique feed system, the Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Grinder has been servicing the rubber industry for decades. Our specialized rubber bale feeder, located in the throat of the unit can take whole rubber bales and reduce them to as small 1/4 or below with out without a screen assist (material dependent). Additionally, the rubber bale design reduces the amount of recycle time in the chamber giving greater through-put with minimal horsepower requirements. These grinders also integrate either the ability for a fluid or dry powder partioning agent to enhance the grinding operation and help prevent agglomeration of the ground product.

Designed for high-speed and high-inertia operation, these industrial grinders can power through multiple materials with significantly lower required running horse power ratings yielding and higher production capacities at lower operational costs. Rotors are cast in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the application requirements and are a closed-rotor design which is ideal for reducing large heavy infeed materials down to a particle size of 1/8 to 3/8.

We stock a complete inventory of our OEM Hog Knives, knife clamps, and high-strength bolts. Additional replacements parts include throat bars, throat plates, and most screen. We also offer on-site or in-house service and maintenance on all JRS machine and installation of our replacement parts.Learn more about our Parts and Service Department.Please have your machine model number and serial number when calling or inquiring about replacement parts.

cryogenic grinding equipment equipment directory

cryogenic grinding equipment equipment directory

The Equipment Directory contains a list of the companies which manufacture (OEM) and/or sell new equipment, and companies involved in the sales and service of used equipment. The Directory also includes companies that provide industry related products and services. The Directory is organized by Equipment Type / or Service Name and by Company Name (listed alphabetically).

In addition, provides an EQUIPMENT FINDER SERVICE, which can be used to locate the specific new equipment or parts you need. The Equipment Finder Service is a free service provided by

Advertise your company here RTI Cryogenics Inc. Sports Master Staroba/Buffalo Polymer Swpectra Cryogenic Systems Pvt. Ltd. Equipment Types Index A Web Services ASR Recovery Systems - Auto Shredder Residue Adhesives and Sealants Advisors / Consultants / Consulting Engineers Air Systems / Pneumatics / Air Compressors Auctioneers Automated Unattended Entry Stations Bags ~ Plastic / Paper / Fiber Balers ~ Tires Calendering Equipment Carbon Black Casters, Wheels and Glides Chemicals & Chemical Supplies Classifer Systems / Eddy Current Separators Compression Molding Equipment Containers / Carts & Bins on Wheels Conveyors & Conveyor Parts Cracker Mill Cryogenic Grinding Equipment Dock Equipment Dust Collection / Environmental Ventilation Equipment Event Coordinators Financing Services Fork Lift Trucks (New) Generators Hydraulic Pumps,Cylinders & Controls Incinerators / Boilers / Waste To Energy Industrial Doors & Roll Ups Knives / Blades / Hammers Laboratory & Testing Services Laser Cutting Machines Maintenance & Repairs Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers Promotional Products & Advertising Specialties Pyrolysis Systems Record Storage Retread Curing Equipment Retreading Equipment and Materials Safety Supplies Scales & Weighing Equipment Screens & Screening Equipment Security Fencing Services Seminars, Education & Training Shredders Software Services / Computer Programming Tanks/Storage Bins Tire Balancing Tire Buffing Machines Tire Changers Tire Derimmers Tire Granulation Systems Tire Inspection / Inflators Tire Repair Supplies & Tools Tire Slitters / Cutters / Debeaders Trailers Trucks (Cabs, Chasis & Truck Bodies) Vulcanizing Machinery Advertise your company here Advertise your company here Advertise your company here Remember! Say you saw it at Rubber Calender Machines | Tire Wholesale | NewsGroups | Privacy Policy | Email FeedBack File No: 9410 Wednesday, 07-Jul-2021 01:28:00 EDT

rubber chopper | rubber grinding machine - bepex

rubber chopper | rubber grinding machine - bepex

The Rubber Chopper reduces bales of synthetic and natural rubber to small particles through a combination of low speed and high torque. The resulting particle size ranges between 0.5-1 inch (1.2-2.5 cm) which expedites dissolution prior to blending and compounding. Low-speed operation keeps product temperatures low, preventing melting prior to dissolution and excessive wear, as can often be seen in high-speed grinding applications.

Rubber or polymer bales enter the feed hopper, typically by gravity from a feed conveyor. Slow rotating claw-like hammers cut into the bales, shearing them into smaller chunks. Internal adjustable anvils, or resistor bars, provide internal resistance to better control energy input which determines heat input and final particle size. The ground material continues forward to the discharge where it is forced through an orifice plate. Upon exiting, the extruded rubber is sheared by the cutoff knife assembly, producing a consistently sized granule, or crumb size. This rubber crumb often discharges by gravity directly into a dissolution tank.

Depending on the material being processed, or the downstream operations, Bepex has provided dosing equipment to meter in anti-sticking agents such as talc either in the grinding chamber or at the discharge. A specially designed hydraulic ram feeder may sometimes be necessary to force-feed bales into the grinding rotor.

The Rubber Chopper bale grinder is just one of the size reduction technologies we employ to develop industrial process systems that meet your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best size reduction process systems using the right technology. Between our proven industrial process equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design a grinding solution that is right for you.

rubber grinding machine | used tire recycling

rubber grinding machine | used tire recycling

Tire Block Crushing Line can make 5-40mesh(0.85-4mm) rubber powder and also can screen out some 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder, if you want to want to get much more 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder in future, you need rubber grinding machine to grind 5-40mesh(0.85-4mm) rubber crumb to 40-120mesh(0.12-0.85mm) superfine rubber powder, JYZM Series Rubber Grinding Machine is the right machine to do this job.

It consists of two parts, one part is JYZM-22 Superfine rubber powder grinder groups used to grind rubber crumb, the other part is JYLX-300 Centrifugal Screen used to screen out qualified superfine rubber powder, unqualified rubber crumb return to be grind again till be qualified, hereunder we instruct the both parts separately.

The JYZM-22 Superfine Rubber Powder Grinder Group normally consists of two sets or three sets of JYZM-22 Superfine Rubber Powder Grinders, blower, whirlwind collecting mechanism, water cooling mechanism, driving system, and electrical control system. Each Grinder consists of the frame, main motor for grinding, stepless variable speed motor for feeding material, speed reducing mechanism and a pair of grinding discs (a moving grinding disc and a static grinding disc).

Through the relative motion of two grinding discs, shearing and grinding material to achieve getting superfine powder purpose, using water cooling to control the grinding temperature effectively, ensure the output superfine rubber powder quality, feeding mechanism adopts stepless variable speed, the feeding speed can be adjusted according to different materials, so that to get the most ideal products and quality, through whirlwind collecting mechanism collect the finished superfine powder, the whole process without any dust fly.

Feed rubber crumb to the material hopper, the feeding screw will push the material forward and through the middle hole and the channel of the fixed grinder to the gap between the fixed grinding disc and rotation grinding disc, so that be grinded by two discs relative motion, the grinded material will be collected by whirlwind collecting machine and feed to the centrifugal screen, though the screen net rotation to form centrifugal force push qualified superfine rubber powder pass the screen holes and collected by another whirlwind collecting machine and feed to bag. The unqualified material will go out, so that to be feed to grinder to be grinded again.

Are you clear about the difference between 3-grinder type rubber grinding machine and 2-grinder type rubber grinding machine and 1-grind typerubber grinding machine? The following text and photos will be for helping you understand the difference.

Following photo showing a 3-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Following photo showing a 2-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Following photo showing a 1-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding line(Rubber Grinding Machine), which include 3 JYZM-22 superfine rubber powder grinders(each power is 22.75Kw), one 5.5Kw whirlwind collecting machine, one centrifugal screen(7.5Kw) and one 3kw whirlwind collecting machine.

Seeing is believing, following photo showing a corner of the rubber grinding plant of our customer, who bought a lot of our 3-Grinder type superfine rubber powder grinding lines (rubber grinding machine) from us since 1996, in 2007, we take our foreign customer to visit this factory and take this photo, that means the rubber grinding machines in following photo had worked more than 10 years.

Professional Cast high quality products, we are professional Rubber Grinding Machine Manufacturer, following photo showing the casting parts stock in open air, we cast these part ahead of time and lay them in open air for 12 months to eliminating of inside stress by natural aging, it is the best way to eliminate inside stress, this way can ensure the precise of the finished machine, and prolong the machine using life.

Meticulous Attitude Make Perfect Machine, following photo showing our Rubber Grinding Disc workshop, the grinding disc manufacturing process include cutting, milling, welding, drilling and grinding, etc.

Dont let cheap to be your motives, following photo showing finished rubber grinding disc(rubber grinder mill), which are the main part of grinding rubber crumb to superfine rubber powder, the disc with a middle hole is the fixed disc, the other one is rotation disc, the crumb rubber will be feed by a screw feeder through the fixed disc middle hole and divergent groove to be grinded by two grinding discs relative motions, both fixed and rotation disc inlaid a lot of Tungsten Alloy, the alloy cost price is about US$100/kg.

Experience is the best teacher and designer, following photo showing backing of both fixed disc and rotation disc, the small holes are for screw bolt use, the middle holes are for water cooling use, the big hole is for material feeding.

Safety is the first, following Photo Showing Electrical Control Panel Front View for one 3-Grinder type rubber grinding machine, it control the rubber grinding machines work effectively, safety and smoothly, it include one voltmeter, 3 ammeters, start buttons and stop buttons for 3 grinders, 3 feeding screws, 1 whirlwind collecting machine(another whirlwind collecting machines and 1 cooling water pump.

Following photo showing the inside of the electrical control panel, from it you can see that our electrical control panel wiring is very neat, and each cable with marked numbers on both end, very convenient for users to use and check them following electrical circuit diagram.

User experience is more important than machine cost, following photo showing our centrifugal screen of our rubber grinding machine, it has transparent glass fiber reinforced plastic window, ensuring the rubber screening process is closed and visible.

Some customers bought other companys rubber grinding machines, but can not make benefit at all, then turn to us bought little rubber grinding machines at the beginning, then they found our machines quality is very good and can make a lot of money for them, so that they buy our rubber grinding machines in bulk after confirming the quality of our machines is indeed high. Following Photo showing a 40ft container full of rubber grinding machines before shipping to our customers.

Facts speak louder than words, different customer want different machine color, we will paint the machine color according to buyers color chip. And Due to the machines is relatively large, we will dismantle them and load into container like following photo, the buyer can install them easily following the instruction manual.

We will provide good after-sale service and high quality spare parts at cost prices, following photo showing we packed a lot of rubber grinding machine discs in a steel case before ship to our customer, due to have a lot of rubber grinding machines and business is booming, use out a lot of grinding discs, so that they also buy spare rubber grinding machine discs from us in bulk.

If you have any question or commentabout our rubber grinding machine(superfine rubber powder grinding line) please feel free to contact us or leave your comment below. Every point of your idea will be valued by us.

We are one of the leading supplier of tire recycling machine, tire recycling plant, and recycled tire products further processing machines, such as rubber tile making machine,reclaimed rubber production machine,recycled tire powder tire machine,rubber powder porous pipe making machine,tire fiber nylon granule machine, recycled tire bead steel shot machine, etc.

Welcome visit us to see Used Tire Recycling, Include Tire Recycling Machine and Recycled Tire Product Further Processing Machines, JINGYUAN GROUP CO., LIMITED hope to establish mutual-benefit win-win relationship with you, creating our beautiful future together, hand in hand!

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Hello, Richard, Thank you for inquiry about JYZM series rubber grinding machine, we just send the price and details to your Email. By the way, this machine can not grind tire directly, it only can grind the recycled rubber crumb. Regarding how to make recycled rubber crumb, we just sent different capacity tire recycling plant, from this file, you can see different capacity tire recycling lines, and from each one, you can see the process sketch, machine list, prices, working area, worker needed, and average power consumption, etc. Now you can find the files in the inbox or spam box of your Email, please. Best regards, Web Master

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western rubber & manufacturing - home

western rubber & manufacturing - home

WESTERN RUBBER & MANUFACTURING, INC. was founded in 1977.Initially started as a custom rubber design and manufacturing plant for the oilfield industry,WRAM has grown to serve the oil, water, energy, and monitoring fields. Today, we have substantiallyincreased our product line, and now offer a complete stock of swivels, shale traps, pipewipers,mudpump parts, and other products for multiple drilling markets. Since our beginning,Western Rubber has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products at a fair marketprice. We strive to implement knowledgable technical support, great customer service, and productavailability that is required in todays market, and for all of our customers around the world.

Ranging from formation packers and swivel maintenance kits, to fully-designed swivels for the water well and oilfield industries, Western Rubber & Manufacturing has a wide variety of products available.

rubber grinding

rubber grinding

Manual, PLC and CNC grinding services for the automation, automotive, aircraft and food industries. Works with carbon steel, stainless steel, hardened tool steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, cast iron, cast aluminum, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Kovar, plastic and rubber. Capable of grinding parts down to 32 microinch surface finishes and height up to 63 in. Processes include Blanchard rotary, surface, bar, angle, way, lathe bed, shear blade, slot, radius, die and large surface grinding. Additional services such as stress relieving, blasting, painting, packaging and shipping are also provided. Small volume production offered. AutoCAD files accepted. Meets SME and AWS standards. ISO compliant.

Grinding for rubber. Capable of handling parts up to 12 in. dia. and +/-0.0002 in. tolerance. Various other capabilities include facing, turning, threading, boring, drilling and tapping. Low to high volume and prototype to specialty production can be done. Various applications include valves, air cylinders, manual, fasteners and fittings. Aerospace, solar, marine, optical, pharmaceutical, packaging, military and other industries served. Lean manufacturing capable. Six Sigma certified. NSF approved. Meets ANSI, ASME and ASTM standards. Kanban and JIT delivery.

ISO 9001:2008 certified. Precision surface, cylindrical, centerless, jig, Blanchard and double disc grinding services. Works with alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbide, copper, nickel, titanium, ceramic, plastic and rubber. Capable of surface grinding parts from 12 x 36 in. sizes and centerless grinding up to 2 in. dia. Made in the USA.

Angle, centerless, fine, flat, high speed, precision, taper and wet CNC rubber grinding services. Capable of grinding parts with +/-0.0001 in. tolerance and 0.2 Ra surface finish. Serves the aerospace, automation, construction, food production, marine, medical, mining and other industries. Emergency and rush services available. Meets Mil-Spec, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS, DOT, AS, QS, TS and SAE standards. FAA and FDA approved. RoHS compliant. NADCAP certified.

Blanchard, contour, creepfeed, cryogenic, fine, high speed, precision and wet grinding services for carbide. Wire sharpening and pointing and polishing services also offered. Prototype and low to high volume production runs. Serves robotics, aerospace, military, commercial, automotive and medical industries. CAD/CAM and SolidWorks files accepted. ITAR registered.

Precision grinding services for materials including carbide and steel, rubber, ceramic and aluminum. Specifications include tolerances of diameters within 0.00004 in., 0.00002 in. and 0.0001 in., roundness tolerances within 0.00004 in. and diameters of 0.015 in. to 2 in. OD, 0.025 in to 13 in OD and 0.003 in. to 2 1/2 in. OD grinding has finishing capacity of 2 micro in. and service for multiple diameter applications. Cylindrical grinding capabilities include multiple diameter applications, finishing capacities of 2 micro in. OD and 6 micro in. ID.

Aluminum, rubber, and steel grinding services. Capabilities include blanchard, rotary, and surface grinding of parts up to 48 in. size from 1 part to multiple part production. Also offers custom machining services.

Roll grinding services for plastics and rubber. Other capabilities include cylindrical, inside diameter (ID), and outside diameter (OD) grinding services. Serves various industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, mining, and marine.

Surface and cylindrical grinding for automotive, military, compressor, electrical, printing, hydraulic, food and beverage industries. Materials include rubber, silicone, polyurethane, neoprene, EPDM, neoprene, HDPE, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE and others. Capable of machining parts of 0.187 to 5 in. diameter, 0.062 to 3 in. thickness and +/-0.10 in. tolerance. Additional services such as laser tooling, assembly and special packaging are offered. Low to high production volume available. Suitable for grommets, washers, bumpers, spacers, stoppers, plugs, conveyor and anti-vibration pads. Meets ASTM and Mil-Spec standards. FDA approved. UL listed. JIT delivery.

ISO 9001:2008 & AS 9100:2004 certified surface & blanchard grinding services for rubber. Surface grinding capabilities include grinding of angles & radii, flat & parallel surfaces, along with squaring of surfaces. Ability to surface grind flat & parallel surfaces within 0.0005, depending on material. Blanchard grinding to tight tolerances as well. Services include non-metallic work.

Provides surface grinding services. Plastic, metal, carbide, ceramic and polymer materials worked. Capabilities include component manufacturing, spark plasma sintering, scanning electron microscopy and research and development. Aerospace, energy, medical, automotive, sports and recreation and other industries served.

Precision grinding services for plastic and rubber materials. Grinding processes include surface and Blanchard, cylindrical, vertical, and jig and thread grinding. Capable of grinding parts with +/- 0.0002 tolerance. Offers hard chrome and different coating finishes. Available in prototype, specialty production shop, and large-scale production runs. Suitable for machinery, mold grinding, fixture, and tooling applications. Serves various industries such as automotive, pulp and paper, agricultural, medical, and mining. Additional services include CAM, quality control inspection and reporting, reverse engineering and spindle grinding. BBB accredited. Meets Mil-Spec standards.

Plastics, rubber, ceramic and filler grinding and pulverizing services. Toll grinding services are available. Short-run and high-volume productions can be processed. Industrial minerals, powder coatings, pharmaceuticals, agricultural feedstocks and carbon products can be handled. Used to micronize materials. Also a manufacturer of dry grinding machinery. 24/7 support services are available.

Rubber grinding services up to 60 in. L x 30 in. W sizes. Capabilities include milling, turning, grinding, plating, welding, sinker EDM and coating. Aerospace, automotive, appliance, medical, industrial, construction and agricultural industries served. Rush services available.

Aluminum, plastic, rubber, stainless steel and titanium precision CNC grinding services. Surface, jig and wet grinding services are available. Grinding can be done on parts in lengths up to 39 in. and widths up to 20 in. Capabilities include boring, milling, honing, wire EDM, drilling, rapid prototyping, sawing, welding, assembly and inspection. Industries served include aerospace, biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics and semiconductor.

Precision CNC production and job shop with capabilities including machining, contract manufacturing, milling, turning, grinding, cutting, heat treating, fabrication, inspection, finishing, lathe work, prototyping and designing. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, medical and military. Concept, design, build, and commissioning of custom factory automation, including robotics, cell design, vision systems, hard automation also available.

Precision rubber grinding services for CNC Swiss turned shafts, pins, rubber rolls & rubber assemblies specializing in custom precision Swiss screw machined component parts. Materials include aluminum brass, carbon steel, copper, plastics, stainless steel & tool steel. Additional capabilities include bore finishing, surface broaching, cross hole drilling & tapping, deburring, knurling, threading, broaching, bore finishing, plating, heat treating & CNC milling. ISO 9002 compliant.

Surface, Blanchard, ID, OD and jig grinding services for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, nylon, polycarbonate, Delrin, PVC, ABS, PEEK, UHMW and acrylic. Capable of Blanchard grinding parts up to 84 in. dia. Other processes include turning, boring, vertical and horizontal milling and drilling. Secondary services such as plating, anodizing, passivating, polishing, heat treating, painting and powder coating provided. Prototype, short to long run and low to high volume production offered. Kanban stocking programs available.

Computer controlled precision rubber grinding services for metal stamping dies, mold components, fixtures, precision-machined parts, prototyping & short-run production parts. Grinding services include flat, round, cylindrical, between centers, ID/OD, form & hole grinding. Capabilities include grinding up to 20 in. x 28 in., working to tolerances of .00005 in. on diameters as large as 16 in., hole sizes from .018 in. to 20 in., accuracy within .0001 in. & design to specifications. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, food processing, gage manufacturing, injection molds, medical & pharmaceutical, military & defense, semiconductor & fiber optic, special machine tools & tool & die markets. Meets MIL-I-45208A & MIL-STD-45662A standards & are traceable to NIST, NBS, NPL, PTB & BIPM.

Contract precision grinding & polishing services for various metal, plastic & ceramic materials. Capabilities include centerless bar grinding from 1/8 in. x 144 in. to 2 in. x 144 in. diameter , tolerance to 0.0005 in., up to 14 ft. length & finishes to 12 Ra, centerless in-feed grinding for complex shapes from 0.050 in. to 3 in. diameter , up to 8 in. length, roundness to 0.0001 in. & finishes to 8-10 micro, centerless thru-feed grinding from 0.028 in. to 2 in. diameter , up to 12 ft. length, tolerance to 0.0005 in. & finishes to 8-10 Ra, internal grinding to 12 in. diameter , up to 10 in. length, tolerance to 0.0005 in. & finishes to 8-10 & precision cylindrical grinding up to 10.5 in. diameter , 72 in. length & 0.0003 tolerance.

Surface grinding services up to 24 in. L x 16 in. W x 16 in. H sizes with +/-0.001 in. tolerance for aluminum, rubber & stainless steel. Capabilities include vertical milling, horizontal milling, turret lathe work, engine lathe work, heat treating, hydraulic pressing and band sawing. Industries served include mining/coal, packaging, electrical, construction, transportation, marine, law enforcement and steel.

Rubber grinding services. Capabilities include CNC milling & turning, wire & small hole EDM down to 0.004 in., rapid prototype machining, inspection, band, circular, cold & mitre sawing, surface preparation, finishing, deburring, dipping & coating & EDI using IGS, DXF, SolidWorks & STEP file formats.

Rubber grinding services. Other capabilities include scribing, drilling, coating, annealing, diamond sawing, laser cutting, and more. Various tight precision tolerances are available depending on services, materials, and needs. Turnkey services include sonic milling, ceramic grinding, chemical etching, plating, film metallization, polishing, brazing, micro machining, waterjet cutting, forming, and more. Production runs range from prototyping to full production. Industries served include military, medical, telecommunications, electronics, avionics, commercial, and more.

Grinding services for rubber industries. Types include ID, OD, vertical, surface, blancher, profile, jig, tool and pedestal grinding. Capabilities include turnkey systems integration, metal stamping, assembly, fabrication, machining, milling, lathe work, laser inspection, painting, welding, wiring, forming, installation, sawing and on and off site engineering. On-time delivery.

Manufacturer of standard & custom grinding equipment including rubber grinding equipment. Features include final product size ranging from 60 mesh to 200 mesh, external bearing assembly, dynamically balanced reversible rotor assembly, tight clearance between rotor & assembly & dual O-ring door seal. Specifications include hp rating from 3 hp to 250 hp & nominal airflow from 150 cfm to 6000 cfm.

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ambient vs. cryogenic rubber grinding

ambient vs. cryogenic rubber grinding

Tire grinding for recycling was first developed in Minnesota in 1985. It began as a mechanical process to break down the tires and separate the useable rubber from the metal and fabric components of the tire. Similar to the way an office paper shredder destroys documents, these shredders cut the rubber into smaller pieces. By weight, a typical tire is 70% recoverable rubber. The rest is steel, fibers, and fillers. When recycled, a standard passenger tire will yield 10-12 pounds of rubber after filtering out the other materials.

Regardless of the final method used, all three primary grinding processes start the same way. Mechanical, ambient temperature grinding is the only method that can take a full-size tire and break it down into smaller pieces that can be fed into other machinery for further processing. After this initial break down step, there are three primary grinding methods that tire recyclers use.

Each grinding method requires different equipment and materials and produces a slightly different product, giving each advantages and disadvantages. The process that is best to use is the one that will provide the product that the customer wants. In many cases, contractors may not care as much about the type of rubber that they are buying as they do about its cost.

When rubber is ground at ambient temperatures, it still maintains the characteristics of rubber. Being somewhat pliable as it passes through the shredders, the edges of the cuts are rough. These rough edges affect the properties of the rubber. For example, for use in Rubber Modified Asphalt, ambient cut crumb rubber is preferred. The rugged edges of the rubber crumb give it more surface area to bond to the asphalt with which it is mixed.

When using the cryogenic process, recyclers spray the rubber or submerge it in liquid nitrogen. At temperatures below -112F, the rubber no longer acts like rubber. It acts more like glass. When hit in the hammer mill, the rubber shatters along smooth, straight lines.

These smooth particles that appear shiny are less prone to hold air bubbles when submerged in water. These particles are also better for mixing with sand as infill. They form a more stable connection and foundation with the silica sand. For this reason, cryogenically ground rubber is preferable for use in athletic fields. When rain falls on the artificial turf, ambient ground rubber has a tendency to float and move around in the water. This movement can create an uneven playing surface that may even contain potholes, creating a dangerous situation for players using the field.

Cryogenic grinding comes at a cost, however. Liquid nitrogen, while common and easily attainable, can cost a recycling company 2 to 6 cents per pound of rubber, depending on the desired rubber particle size and the quantity purchased.

With the many varied uses of rubber crumb, it is clear that no one grinding method is best for every situation. For many companies and applications, the best product will be the one that is the cleanest, highest quality rubber that fits in the project budget. There are not currently industry standards governing rubber crumb quality. However, there are the key components to look at when determining the best crumb rubber for any job. Rubber with low metal, fiber and moisture content is best.

At EcoGreen Equipment, we offer tire shredding equipment that can grind rubber to all different sizes and specifications to help you produce the best product. From our Eco Green Giant that produces 2 to 6 inch shreds to our Eco Krumbuster, which can produce rubber crumb or powder smaller than 850 microns that is 99.9% free of wires and fibers, we have your needs covered.

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