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industrial & domestic wood sawdust briquette making machine for sales factory price punching briquette machine for biomass fuel making

industrial & domestic wood sawdust briquette making machine for sales factory price punching briquette machine for biomass fuel making

Sawdust is a very useful raw material produced during the processing of wood. People use its loose form as a fuel but loose sawdust burns very fast and produces lots of smoke. Compressing it with the screw briquette machine can convert its loose form into dense and solid sawdust briquettes which have a high burning value comparatively. They are also easy to carry and transport.

A high-quality sawdust briquette machine consumes less energy and provides more output. It is made up of durable and heavy-duty material which increases its life and lowers its maintenance requirement. Other than that, the briquettes produced through it are sufficiently hard and of market standards. If you are planning to make briquettes from wood sawdust, chooosing reliable biomass pellet plant manufacturers would be critical to lower the cost of briquette production business!

ABC Machinery is a leading company that has been manufacturing renewable energy machinery for more than two decade. We have exported advanced and efficient biomass fuel equipment in different countries and make sure to provide the best customer service. Our sawdust briquette equipment have all the features required to produce premium sawdust briquettes. (Recent News: Small Briquette Machine to Tanzania >>)

You can reach out to them to get high-quality sawdust briquette machinery as per your needs. If you need more confirmation regarding the suitability of the machine, you can ask for a briquetting test as well!

Sawdust briquette machines are user-friendly and easy to operate. You can run it easily with a little knowledge and practice. Our wood sawdust briquette making machine is a screw sawdust briquetting press. As the name indicates, it uses a screw to apply pressure on the raw material and change it into briquettes.

Processed sawdust is fed into the machine through its feed hopper. Once it is inside the equipment, the screw will apply pressure and send it to the forming sleeve. As a result, briquettes having a cylindrical shape are produced. They may also have a hollow center. You can control the function of machines through different buttons present on its electronic control. GCBC-II briquetting machine requires raw material having 8% to 10% moisture content. It can produce briquettes of 500mm length and 50mm diameter. Their density is usually 1.3g/cm3. (Related post: Briquetting Plant Setup Cost >>)

Industrial or domestic wood sawdust briquette making machine for sales factory price punching briquette machine for biomass fuel making: buy wood sawdust briquette maker from biomass briquette equipment manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of sawdust briquette production process and business plan to set up wood sawdust briquetting project in the Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost.

sawdust briquetting machine deserves your investment

sawdust briquetting machine deserves your investment

GCBC Series briquette making machine is a kind of high-end briquetting equipment. It is improved in both appearance design and structure design based on 6 years of research and manufacturing experience. Do not need to change Inner Former until input capacity exceed 1000 tons.

wood sawdust briquette machine plant design and manufacturer

wood sawdust briquette machine plant design and manufacturer

Compared to the agricultural raw material, wood sawdust has a lower ash content, lower risks of corrosion and dirtying, requires high temperatures of ash deformation (>1200C) and also requires no additives or thickeners to increase production costs since humidity and the actual wood lignin work as a natural adhesive.

Moisture will reduce the quality of the briquette, high moisture will make the briquette with cracks and a low density, low moisture leads the briquette loose, with a rough surface and hard to be made.

For different briquette machines, the requirement is different as well, for us, a material size below 5mm is an ideal choice for making high quality briquette with high density and easy to choose a machine. But dont worry if you have some wood chips in, using a log briquette maker will make the size range rough, the wood chips below 30mm all can be briquette with the log maker. If all of your material is wood chips, wood chip compactor is your best choice.

The main body of the wood is made up ofcellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.Thecellulose gives the wood mechanical strength and toughness, lignin is bonding fibers inside the plant, andhemicellulose is a bridge to connect thecellulose and lignin together.

When the wood sawdust is making, the briquette pressure (or may also involve to other heating systems) causes the raw materials temperature rise. The lignin becomes soft and has the ability to bind the wood sawdust together.

The screw bio briquettes machine is used to make sawdust briquette in an economy way, the machine is with a low price and thanks to the heating system, it enables working in a low pressure which helps a low running cost. The heating temperature not only soft the lignin, but in another word, that is melt, the briquette is with high strength and also an ideal briquette for making charcoal. This is where the wood sawdust charcoal briquette from.

Log briquette maker is an ideal briquette machine now for the industry. It is with a mechanical briquetting system which supplies a high capacity and low maintenance. Flexible with the briquette size by only change the die. The rough range for raw material size as well as the moisture.

Biomass brick briquetter is suitable for making brick briquette with sawdust, the hydraulic system makes the briquette with high density. The brick is also a popular product in the market. The machine is easy to control with PLC system or manual work.

Wood chip compactor brings a way easily to storage and transports the wood chips, the bale is very stable because of its high pressure. It works with a highcompression speed makes the machine with high efficiency.

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