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build a compost shredder chipper | mother earth news

build a compost shredder chipper | mother earth news

Compost is one of the gardener's most versatile allies. This nutrient-rich humus not only is organic and free for the making but can serve equally well as a fertilizer, tilth builder, or biodegradable mulch for soil-and-weed control.

The hitch is, of course, that the decomposition process responsible for turning trash into treasure can take months. However, that long wait can be reduced to a matter of days if the organic feedstock is properly prepared. And the key to that preparatory procedure is shredding everything that goes into a compost heap. You see, by breaking up the material with a compost shredder chipper and increasing its exposed surface area, you can improve bacterial action . . . and ultimately contribute to the speed and quality of decomposition.

Now serious gardeners have been known to go out and spend in excess of $1,000 for shredder/chippers to handle their composting chores . . . but you can achieve almost the same results at an out-of-pocket expense of $40 or $50, just by making minor modifications on a secondhand lawn mower!

What you'll need is a working self-propelled rotary mower (the kind with the small power takeoff (PTO) shaft at the side of the engine) . . . some sheet metal (the "skin" from an old washer or dryer would work fine) . . . the chainwheel, chain, and guard from a junk bicycle . . . a small sprocket to fit the engine's PTO shaft . . . a 15" piece of 1/2" rod . . . two 1/4" pipe floor flanges . . . a couple of 1/2" X 25" lengths of electrical metallic tubing . . . and some assorted fastening hardware. (If you just can't locate a good self-driven mower, a conventional rotary model will do, though you'll have to carefully hand-feed material into it when using the device.)

Start your project by looking over the mower and making certain there's enough room on its deck to allow you to add a feed chute at the front. If there appears to be a problem, try turning the engine 180 on its platform and remounting it. Once the correct position is established, cut a 4 1/2" X 8 1/2" opening in the top of the deck, centering it directly in front of the power plant. Then, using the sheet metal, form up a 16"-tall, wide-mouthed (11 1/2" X 13"), tapered hopper, with a 3" shield at the top and some mounting lips at the bottom . . . using our illustration as a guide.

After assembling the chute, bolt it squarely over the deck opening and support it with the two conduit braces (just flatten and bend their ends, and bolt the supports between the back of the hopper and the rear of the mower platform). Next, you can secure the small sprocket in place on the engine's PTO shaft, afterward stringing the chain over both cogged wheels. By pulling the links taut, you can approximate a good location for the feed-paddle shaft, which should sit midway between the front and rear walls of the hopper but high enough to permit the large sprocket complete clearance.

Once that location is established and marked, bolt the floor flanges in place over the shaft marks and drill 1/2" holes to accept the paddle axle. After fastening the chainwheel to the shaft by welding a collar between the two parts, slip the entire assembly into place and mark it for drilling. Then the appropriately sized heavy-gauge metal plates can be bolted around and through it. (Those feed paddles must be sized to rotate freely within the chute, with about half an inch of clearance all around.)

Once the paddle assembly's installed, you can measure the chain and link it in place, fastening the guard between the deck and the side of the hopper. You might also want to replace the standard mower blade with a "high lift" model . . . which has kicked-up tips that improve the machine's shredding action by keeping the compost material in the path of the choppers for a longer period of time.

With that improvement made, you'll have created an inexpensive but impressive garden helper that's not only mobile (thus allowing you to mix custom compost blends to suit the specific needs of various sites, soils, or plants under cultivation) but suitable, in addition, for pulverizing and refining already-composted material for special applications.

A basic diagram in the gallery for this article on how to make the feed paddles in the chute would be helpful. I have no idea how to create a safe yet effective feed system.

On the "Build a Commonsense Compost Shredder" printable exploded drawings or pictures would help many of us more challenged people.

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the best small wood chipper options for 2021

the best small wood chipper options for 2021

Owning land leads to lots of maintenance. Dealing with the removal & disposal of heavy limbs is one of them. In the past, carrying, cutting, burning, chopping, disposal of the overgrown bushes needs a lot of hard works.

Power & Reduction Ratio: With a reduction ratio of 15:1, the mini chipper can deal with 3inch of diameter. Such a ratio allows the machine to deal with the high volume of stuff. As you know, the greater the ratio, the more powerful the chipper.

Design: The design is much compact with a powerful engine of 7hp & 212cc. The discharge of the debris through the discharge chute is pretty accurate and is positioned towards a 90degree to 145degree angle. The vertical discharge chute is extended and highly desirable. The certification of EPA/CARB is proof of the safety that the machine provides.

Such an amount of blades is enough for turning anything into a small chip. Still, there is a grilling device on the discharge outlet. Stuff going through the discharge outlet turns into mulches due to the grilling device.

Maintenance of The Blades: Maintenance & replacement of chipper blades has always been an issue. Accidents often occur for small mistakes here. EFCUT took the initiative and create check windows with a unique design that enables faster replacement of your blades.

Uses: A lot of great chippers only allow seasonal trimming and regular lawn maintenance. Whereas with this stuff you can go for various purposes along with regular cleaning of your lawn. For example, use the stuff for landscaping, gardening, waste recycling, forestry, etc.

Heavy-Duty Performance: The great reduction ratio of 15:1 allows the chipper to work on a high volume without any problem. The feeding chute is deeper enough to engulf 3 of branches at maximum. The design itself is simply compact and the weight is lighter.

Accurate Discharge: The vertically extended discharging chute delivers debris at an accurate angle of 90-145degree. Its an issue of user experience. Many manufacturers dont understand this stuff and put the discharge chute in the wrong position that results in creating problems while working.

Uses: A lot of great chippers only allow seasonal trimming and regular lawn maintenance. Whereas with this stuff you can go for the various purpose along with regular cleaning of your lawn. For example, use the stuff for landscaping, gardening, waste recycling, forestry, etc.

Power & efficiency: The additional hopper enhances the chipping volume and takes it up to 2.5inches. The reduction ratio is quite impressive, 15:1. The discharge tube is enough elongated & top adjustable.

Design: The design not only has a great outlook but also affects the internal construction. The edge-cutting engine by the KOHLER has a great impact on chipping woods. The boasted horsepower is 6.5. The 4-stroke cylinder is horizontal & singular with a gas-powered design.

Convenience: Other than the main factors, there are a bunch of extra features that make the stuff user-friendly & more of a reason to be preferred. Among them, the mentionable one is the ultra-quiet operation. Making noise is an irritating issue while living in a residential area. Hence, this tech will help you out a lot.

The reduction rate determines the reduction of debris. This mini stuff has a 1:7 ratio in reduction. With such a rate, you will witness a bunch of fine mulch for later use in your garden. Any smaller twigs, leaves, & debris will be smashed and reduced with 4300 rpm (rotation per minute).

Specification: Its an electrical chipper and hence has a smaller size than gas-powered stuff. With a dimension of 19.717.337.8 inches, the stuff consumes very little space for storage. It takes 15 amps and only weighs 26lbs.

Convenience: If you are looking for something quiet for a residential area and not for a bigger business. This one is perfect for you. Regular maintenance of your lawn is the primary job of this chipper. The never-flat tire is 6inch thick and durable enough to support you for years.

Its said that electric chippers are inconvenient to port as it needs a power source. But the small weight here almost made it portable. You wont even have to force excessively to move the machine. You just need to ensure a power source, a little maintenance & cleaning the blades.

Every chipper uses spinning blades to get the work done. Disk chipper has a flywheel. The big steel disk with the flywheel spins towards the perpendicular direction. The chopping blade chops the wooden pieces along with the slotted disk.

Gas-powered stuff, also known as portable chipper is good for traveling and working without a power source. It runs on gas, hence has a gas tank. So, its needless to say, the machine will consume quite a space to fit in.

If you are to avoid sound pollution, you better chose this one. Though, its not silent but quieter. Due to electricity, there wont be any fumes coming out of the electric wood chipper that makes the stuff eco-friendly.

The drawbacks are quite opposite of the pros of the gas-powered chipper. Electric chipper needs a power source, hence, it is less likely to be portable. But manufacturer tries to keep the machine smaller and less maintenance is required. So, the machine wont consume many areas for storage.

Cleaning a yard and running a business doesnt need the same stuff as they are quite a different purpose. However, if you are confused about the question, why you need it?, consider doing a comparison among your choices.

In this article, we are talking about small wood chippers. In general, there are different sizes of the machine to deal with different size of woods, starting from wood trunks to larger branches. Residential machines with top-rating have great demand in the market than the huge trailered stuff.

Wood chippers are safer to store inside rather than keeping outside while not working. Many internal parts might get defective due to the outer atmosphere. So, you have to consider if you have the space to store your preferable machine.

If you prefer an electric chipper, ensure having a power outlet that has the correct amperage according to your machine. If your breaker cant handle the electric load, your fuses will blow off. Generally, most chippers need 110V, but isnt it safer to check the requirement the product mentioned?

In a simple sentence, if there is a 10:1 ratio in your chipper shredder, then it will reduce the debris off your yard down to 1/10th of its actual size. Usually, the top residential chippers have such a scale ratio.

Self-protection is mandatory when it comes to machines and machinery. There will be fine dust in the air while chopping wood. So, beware to wear safety glasses. If you have a breathing problem, the mask is a must. Gas-powered chippers are louder, so consider having an ear protector. The steel-toed boot will be safer for your movement while moving the machine around.

3 types of wood chippers explained

3 types of wood chippers explained

Wood chippers are machines used to cut down woodespecially tree trunksinto smaller particles like sawdust and wood chips. These machines are portable as they can be mounted behind a van or a truck. Each hipper consists of a hopper, chipper mechanism and a bin to collect wood chips. Wood chippers are also used to transport wood chips from one place to another. There are 3 types of wood chipper: the drum chipper, the disk chipper and the screw chipper.

These can be characterized by the parallel-sided drum along with knives attached in the horizontal direction. An arrangement of chip breaker is done behind the rotating knives in a perpendicular direction to the blades. These are mainly used by workers in the park and by land developers to clear forestry.

The disk chipper has a flywheel, which comprises of a big steel disk directed at perpendicular direction and chopping blades that have slotted disks. The blades slice through the wood tips as it is pushed to the chipper, which is placed on roller belt. The knife in throat of the chipper provides cutting action in the opposite direction. The shape of the knives depends on the disk chipper model.

The blade of the interior of a screw chipper consists of a stretching, conical and screw-shaped blade. This spiral shaped long blade has its edges sharpened for wood chopping. The blade rotation of the chipper is set to parallel direction to the openings of the wood refuse, as the wood is being pulled in by blades spiral motion.

Most of the wood chippers have the two built-in chutes. The smaller chute consists of blades that shred branches to smaller chips, and a larger chute has blades, flails or hammers that help reduce stalks of plants and leaves into tiny bits. The bigger the chipper, the greater is its capacity and performance.

An electric wood chipper would be suitable for those who often find their yards scattered with debris after heavy wind storms. Except for the jamming of wet leaves during the winter seasonone major drawbackit can be used for individuals who wish to clean up debris once a year by renting it for a day.

Wood chippers can lead to faster timbering, chipping and delivering it within due time to its customers. One must consider following features before buying one. They are durability, Proper storage facility and requirement of power. Mounting them on the truck with proper pneumatic tires would lead for a smooth transportation. As safety comes first, it is recommended to wear earplugs, eye protector, gloves and sturdy jacket for prevention of injuries and accidents which occurs while operating the wood chipper., founded in 1995, is the leading independent home improvement and repair website. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS." Website operating problems contact [email protected] Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be submitted to our " Community Forums". Copyright 1995-2021 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here.

best wood chippers shredder | wood chipper

best wood chippers shredder | wood chipper

WoodMaxx offers MFG direct industry leading designed PTO, skid steer, and standalone power equipment for commercial applications as well as homeowners alike. Selling direct to the public allows us to offer superior quality at affordable prices.

WoodMaxx USA and internationally Patented Hydrostatic MX-Series woodchippers are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA right here at our NY facility. Both PTO driven and skid steer mounted chippers are extremely robust, compact and built to withstand commercial use.

WoodMaxx 7' - 8' - 9' dig backhoe attachments are the perfect combination of size, weight and power. Complete with a self-contained one-piece gear pump, smooth Italian made controls, replaceable bushings and many other features and options.

Founded by a US Army veteran in 2008, WoodMaxx is dedicated to growing business interest in the USA, providing American jobs, and hiring veterans when possible.

paper mill wood chipper - disc type and drum type | pulp paper mill

paper mill wood chipper - disc type and drum type | pulp paper mill

Wood chipper is used in paper mill to produce chips from pulpwood so that cooking chemicals penetrate the wood quickly, completely and uniformly during manufacturing of chemical pulp or mechanical pulp. The process from pulpwood to chips is known as chipping process. The sizes of the good quality chips can be 5/8 to 5/4 inch long and 3-6 mm thickness. Oversize chips can create cooking problems which increases screen rejection. On the other hand, fine chips and rotten chips cause lower yield and strength problem. The available chippers are many sizes and styles. They are portable or stationary. Both types chippers have almost the same functions. Often, a truck or van is attached behind the portable wood chipper.

The pulpwood enter into the chute and then the inside blade cut the woodpulp into chips. The pulpwoods are feeded into the chipper as logs or as whole tree. Before entering into the chipper, it should be free of bark. So a debarker may be used before the chipper. Some chipper has both the debark and chipping system. The efficiency of the chipper depends on productivity, power demand, fuel consumption and product quality.

The wood chipper or tree chipper can be different types such as disc type, drum type, high torque roller, screw type etc. Among them the disc chipper and drum chipper are most common chipper in pulp and paper industries. They have some advantages and disadvantages. So you have to choose which is right for you.

The disc chipper consists of steel disc, spout and chopping blades or knives. The knives are mount on the disc. The number of knives may be 4, 8 or 12. The older chipper had 4-knifes which was lower capacity and produce more waste. Therefore, comes in multi-knives chipper containing 8, 10 and 12 knives which are higher capacity and produce less waste and quality chips. All of them have almost same function. The spout of the chipper may be rectangular or oval shaped. The rectangular shape spout produces more uniform chipper. Usually, the logs are fed to the disc by a sloping spout so that they remain at an angle. After some hours the knives may be changing for sharpening. This process consumes huge energy but produces uniform woodchips. When the disc spins, then the blades cut the pulpwood into chips. The sizes of the chipper depend on disc diameter, number of knives, spout etc.

The drum chipper consists of large steel drum and blades or knives. The drum is parallel to the hopper. It has some drawback. For example, it creates large uneven chips and has safety issue. But it is more energy efficient compare to disc type chipper. It produces more productive chips. After the wood chipper, the chips are passing through screens for separate acceptable sizes chips from fine and oversized chips. The chips should be free of dirts, sand, mud, stone and other foreign materials. Hence the chips are wash after screen scetion. Then they are send to storage tank with conveyor velts or pipe line for storage like silos. The outside storage has some disadvantages. The surfaces chips can contaminant with air borne pollutant.

design and fabrication of hammer mill mechanical project

design and fabrication of hammer mill mechanical project

The hammer mill is an impact mill employing a high speed rotating disc, to which are fixed a number of hammer bars which are swung outwards by centrifugal force. Material is fed in, either at the top or at the Centre, and it is thrown out centrifugally and crushed by being beaten between the hammer bars, or against breaker plates fixed around the periphery of the cylindrical casing.

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