small potash feldspar spiral classifier in bhadgaon

potash feldspar dehydration - gaofu

potash feldspar dehydration - gaofu

Gaofu potash feldspar dewatering screen has less investment and energy consumption than filter press, which is convenient in operation and has a better effect than spiral classifier. It is the first choice of potash feldspar mineral separation and dehydration. Potash feldspar need to be graded after milling. The large particles back to the ball milling,the qualified particles is finished product through deferrization and dehydration.At present, most of the production of potash feldspar powder plant in the dehydration step use filter press or spiral classifier for dehydration treatment, but the filter press has a large investment and energy consumption, the finished product is in high water content after spiral classifier. In order to solve these problems, Gaofu company developed a new type of potash feldspar dehydration screen through cooperation, communication and practice with potash feldspar manufacturers. The dewatering screen is small investment, low energy consumption and convenient operation, is the first choice of the majority of potassium feldspar concentrator!

In the production of potassium feldspar powder in a potassium feldspar concentrator in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the technology is that the slag and water are separated by the screw separator, but the water content ...

In a sand and stone factory in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, the sand washing equipment used in the past has invested millions of dollars, but there is no suitable equipment to select the sand, so the benefit cannot be produced ...

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