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the 7 best soy milk makers in 2021

the 7 best soy milk makers in 2021

If soy milk is your plant-based milk of choice, you know that store-bought varieties are convenient and widely accessible these days. Unfortunately, they're also expensive and, depending on how many people in your household also consume soy milk, the price can add up even more. Soy milk is most commonly sold only in half gallon cartons, so you're also limited in the amount of soy milk you can buy.

Making your own soy milk can help you cut down on your grocery bill and ensure you always have fresh milk when you need it. The process is made easy and mess-free with a dedicated soy milk maker. Most soy milk makers are versatile, since they can also be used to make other plant-based milks like almond or oat milk. Some models even have settings to make porridge, soup, raw juice, and even grind coffee beans. We've researched the top-rated options so all you have to do is pick one that fits your needs, style, and budget.

The newest version of a very popular soy milk maker from a much-loved brand, this gadget has a stainless steel interior thats easy to clean and operates with simple buttons on top. You can specify whether you're making milk from soaked beans or dry beans. If you're making milk from grains or nuts, you can select between raw juice (for making nut milks that dont need cooking), grains, and porridge as well.

This machine is designed to handle each step at the perfect temperature. It soaks the beans at 180 degrees, then grinds the beans between 180-190 degrees, and cooks the final product at 200-210 degrees. The kit includes a measuring cup, metal strainer, plastic pitcher, and cleaning pad. A sample of beans is also included for your first batch of soy milk.

Soy milk is only 15 minutes away, so you can set this machine up while youre making breakfast and have soy milk ready when the eggs and toast are finished. Raw nut milks are even faster, taking less than a minute to process, as long as the nuts are previously soaked. If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, it can be converted to a coffee grinder, so it will earn its keep in your kitchen even if you dont make soy milk every day.

The interior is stainless steel for easy cleaning. Temperature and grinding settings are user-controllable, so you can use the recipes you like best. A filter catches the pulp, so you have usable soy milk right from the machine, though some users prefer a second filtering to remove the last bits of pulp.

The best soy milk maker for large families or people who drink and bake with milk alternatives a lot, this pick can make a half-gallon of soy or nut milk at a time. The heated functions include dry beans or nuts, wet beans or nuts, porridge, rice or soy milk, corn juice, and pureed soups. It also has a function for making juice without heat for people on a raw food diet.

This model does not have an internal strainer. Instead, a strainer basket is included, along with a measuring cup, a pitcher, and a cleaning brush. It has a dual-layer stainless steel body for easy cleaning inside and out.

With a shape that looks a bit like a coffee maker, this soy milk maker will look right at home on your kitchen counter. The device does not include a filter or strainer, but the company says the grinder creates super-smooth soy milk that can be consumed without filtering. Many users agreed, although some still preferred to use their own filter to remove the final pulp.

This soy milk maker has time and temperature presets, so you can program the machine to have the soy milk ready when you want it. The settings on the touch screen are in Chinese and English, and some users noted that the English options were small and a little hard to read when they were still getting used to the machine. Presets include several flavors of soy milk along with beans, grains, rice paste, nut milk, porridge, corn juice, and juice.

This milk maker requires you to use your own hand blender to provide the blending power that pulverizes the nuts, seeds, or beans. After blending, you use the included mortar to squeeze all of the liquid out from the pulp and through the filter.

This model doesn't cook or soak your beans beforehand or cook the product after, it just filters the pulp from the liquid mixture after its blended. This tool can produce about a liter of strained milk in about a minute, depending on the power of your immersion blender. For storage, the pieces nest together, so they take up very little space on your shelf.

If youre new to making soy milk, a less expensive appliance like this one might make sense. Even though its budget-minded, it still has features that make the process easier, like heating around the entire body of the container for even cooking and a stainless steel interior.

You can pick programs for dry beans, soaked beans, grains, paste, juice, and cleaning. When making soy milk, it heats the beans prior to grinding, then cooks the final product, and is finished in about 20 minutes. It does not have an internal strainer, but it includes a strainer for filtering the soy milk after cooking is done. A cleaning cloth and measuring cup are also included.

Although the Almond Cow isn't designed specifically for soy milk, it can be used to make dairy-free milk from any nut, seed, or grain, including almonds, cashews, coconut, oats, and soybeans. With a sleek stainless steel and black exterior, it'll look good on your countertops and owners of this milk maker say it's exceptionally easy it is to use. Simply add your ingredients to the filter basket, fill the base with water, assemble, and press the start button. It will automatically grind your ingredients, then filter and separate the liquid milk from leftover pulp. You'll know the milk is ready when the green light stops flashing.

The Almond Cow makes 5-6 cups of fresh milk in less than a minute. Since this milk maker doesn't heat ingredients first, it's recommended to cook your soy milk for about 20 minutes to make a creamier milk.

Clean-up is quick and easy, since the stainless steel parts just need to be rinsed with water. The brand also sells glass storage bottles and has a recipe database on the website so you can experiment with several plant-based milks, flavorings, and uses for leftover pulp.

Does the product youre considering have its own internal filtering, or will you need to manually do a separate filter once its done grinding? Some products offer this and others dont. Keep in mind that even a product that has internal filtering might still leave some pulp behind, so an extra by-hand straining will ensure the smoothest milk. Its largely personal preference as to how smooth and creamy you want your milk, or if you dont mind a bit of pulp.

Other functionality is keymost of these products are able to make more than just soy milkadding value to your purchase! You can often make almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milkyou name it! Check the manufacturers instructions to see what else the machine is capable of and what other settings it offers, and keep that manual handy.

Cleanup is an important factor to consider; in most cases, youll have an easier time cleaning your product if you rinse it immediately, before the soy residue dries and sticks, making it much more difficult to clean later on. Carefully read the manufacturers directions so you know what parts are safe to clean, and if any parts are dishwasher safe to make life even easier.

Each maker has slight variations, but, in general, its a relatively simple process that involves soaking the beans, heating the beans, grinding the beans with a liquid, and then (sometimes) filtering the mixture to achieve a creamy, smooth result. Various settings allow you to use pre-soaked or not-pre-soaked beans, adjust the temperature, and/or adjust the ingredient itself (nut milk vs oat milk vs juice vs coffee, etc.). These machines are a convenient option in that they allow you to eliminate cooking your soybeans on the stovetop (less chance of an accidental overflow) and then having to transfer them to a blender and then to a strainer (that many transfers of a hot mixture can be messy and cumbersome!).

If youre a purist, theres no need to add anything to your soy milk! But if youre looking to switch things up, you can consider adding a dash of cinnamon for a gentle kick of warm spice, or even some vanilla extract and sweetener to dress up your morning coffee or black tea.

Yes, you can definitely make pudding using soy milk; its super simple and requires very few ingredients. You can also use soy milk to make fudge, ice cream, smoothies, rice pudding, and even frosting.

This will be product-specific (since the machines vary in size and yields), so youll want to carefully check the manual, which will also tell you how much liquid to add. Its important to follow these instructions in order to prevent any spillover and kitchen mess. Some products come with a measuring cup accessory to make this super easy.

The key to the creamiest soy milk is making sure your filter process is thorough (by doing more than one round of manual filtering, and/or using a high-quality nut milk bag). Even if your machine has filtering capabilities, it may still help to do one extra pass through a nut milk bag, as some machines may leave tiny bits of pulp behind. It may also help to pre-soak your soybeans, and if you have a machine that doesnt cook the beans before grinding, heating the milk afterward should also help.

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tofu | soy milk | soy bean | food processing equipment and production line supply | yung soon lih food machine

tofu | soy milk | soy bean | food processing equipment and production line supply | yung soon lih food machine

This is a helpful programmer which allows you to spread payments over a specific period. Just pay the required down payment on your chosen Easy Tofu Maker (Compact tofu machine) or Tofu Legend series, and for the balance payment, we offer 0% interest-free plan on 4 installments of 2 years financing with L/C irrevocable letter. You will enjoy the financial release, and pioneer your prosperous business at the same time.

We are the provider of turnkey solutions, using expertise and skill to manufacture machine and providing customers with good solutions. In the field of manufacturing machinery, we have experience of 30 years about manufacturing and R&D teams, from planning and designing P&ID to customized machinery. Each step has the most professional team to plan for you.

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd., since 1989, is a food processing machine manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and Tofu making sectors. Unique Design soy milk and tofu processing machinery built with ISO & CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

Numerous soybean machine patents obtained, YUNG SOON LIH is a food processing machine provider, their product includes Tofu making machine, soja milk maker, soy milk extracting machine, bean sprout growing machine, Alfalfa growing machine, soybean equipment and Tofu, soy milk turn-key production line and vegan meat machine.

Our Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine are using compressed air injected into the water to roll the beans, make twig, bad Soybean and other impurities float on the water, then discharging with overflow to get the pure soybean. After we clean the Soybeans, we do soaking procedure in the same tank to save the time and labor cost.This machine can instead of manual way and prevent the risk from manual cleaning, to ensure the quality of pure soybean, to make good quality of soy milk and Tofu.

After the Soybean finished soaking process, we use vacuuming transferring system to deliver soybean to Easy Tofu Maker (Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu).Instead of the manual way, save labor cost, to get better production efficiency, ensure the clean and hygiene of the Soybean.

Tofu Legend is a compulsory machine for small tofu factories as it can produce continuously, maximize the output, and occupy a small area. Tofu Legend machine can process soybeans up to 35 kg ~ 40 kg dry beans per hour, 60-90 kg wet beans, by using continuous cooking (8 procedures: anti-scald device), there is no need to add defoamer during cooking, and the continuous cooking temperature can reach 105C to adjust the flavor of soy milk. Therefore, it can continuously produce tofu. It only takes 5 minutes from grind the beans to having well-cooked soymilk, and it is absolutely worth investment machine. This equipment has a built-in Hot water generator without additional purchase. It can also be connected to the rear filling part and those spare parts can be flexibly added to this equipment according to customers demand. Tofu Legend is more focused on design details of the equipment, the golden ratio is designed for the angle of feeding area to smoothen the feeding process. Besides, the grinding and separating machine has pull-push hidden design for space-saving purpose, its motor is a waterproof device, and the multi-functional hand handle can be used for storage purpose.Automation of tofu machinery and equipment employs, degassing design, reduce bean odor and equipped with overheating protection program, automatic quantitative addition of coagulant, automatic pulping, more comprehensive improvement in PLC automatic control with simple operating system, digital operation of the whole process, easily operated as it has a semi-automatic operating system, one person can operate this machine. This machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to food safety and hygiene regulations. The CIP pipeline can be cleaned after production, easy to clean and maintain, and it has perfect sales service and teaching system, to gain low-cost profit, fast production, in line with market trends, ready to sell and eat at store, and to keep the quality visible. It is suitable for retailers who produce tofu and develop new products, thus it becomes the best machine for franchise stores! And it is popular among overseas buyers from small tofu factories!

The Easy Tofu Maker is convenient in production process as it adopts a semi-automatic operating system, which can adjust parameters and set different modules according to product characteristics. It has an intelligent and simple operating process that can be used by one person, to save labor costs, diversify product items, and user-friendly PLC control interface thus to smoothen the operation process. It not only makes the production process faster, but also simplifies the process. The soybeans grinding and separating processes are completed at one time. The constant pressure water tank has automatic water supply which is more effectively and stably control the concentration of soy milk. After grinding and separating processes, the Easy Tofu Maker will cook the soybean milk. As the high concentration soy milk is more difficult to clean than the low-concentration soy milk, this machine is designed to shorten the production pipeline to reduce soy milk residue in the pipeline, thus it can reduce cleaning process and improve production efficiency. In addition, the Easy Tofu Maker can set two-stage cooking method, which uses large volume of steam to quickly cook and then cooks with small volume of steam to make the soy milk mellower, and it also combines the stirring process in its tofu production process. The pumping and adding of coagulant are controlled by software by setting timer, this machine also has quantitative filling and automatic stirring functions. Some relevant parameters such as mixing and stirring can be set according to the different characteristics of each product. The features of this machine such as automatic mixing of the coagulant and circulation the pipeline can avoid the precipitation problem. The tofu mold is automatically moved up and down after the automatic filling into molding device. It also speed up the filling of bean curd to save labor cost and mix the bean curd evenly. The two-stage pressure can be set from tofu pressing to forming process, the pressure can be switched automatically. The manufacturing process of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd complies with CE international certification, including Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Pudding, and etc. The Easy Tofu Maker has various functions such as grinding and separating machine, soymilk cooking machine, coagulating and curd breaking machine, and a tofu pressing machine. The most competitive advantages of this Easy Tofu Maker are small size, low budget, easy to operate and time-saving in cleaning process, thus it is very popular among the buyers.

Tofu Pressing Machine is made of stainless steel material, hygienic, beautiful and durable. The standard equipment includes: machine table, underwater pressure plate and pneumatic cylinder. The machine can be operated by one person, easy to operate and save labor, it is suitable for pressing and molding of Tofu and Dried Tofu. The expected output capacity can be estimated according to molding time. When using Tofu Pressing Machine, the pressing time is related to the hardness or softness of product. Therefore, the machine can be set for two-stage pressure, it is easy to operate, the pressing time can be quickly adjusted according to product characteristics, and it can stack 5 to 8 pressing plates. Tofu Pressing Machine has three models types, including single presser, double presser and triple presser, which are suitable for chain stores, supermarkets or starting a new business.Tofu Pressing Machine can solve the problem for traditional processes of tofu pressing and molding which using stones or heavy objects to press on the mold. It is not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the hygienic quality and taste consistency during the production of Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu) and Dried Tofu, and reduces workplace injury of workers when handling the machine.

Air pressure type automatic sealing machine it is suitable for sealing of various materials such as PP, PE, paper and easy-tear film. The blank/printed film of this machine can be replaced anytime, it has anti-corrosion and leak proof functions which can keep food fresh. This machine also has microcomputer control system that can automatically detect faults. This machine will be filled with water before sealing, to maintain freshness of the product, and can be equipped with the inner cutter function to have more beautiful product appearance after sealing. In addition, this machine can replace its mold, it is small and lightweight, easy to operate, and has the safest safety door design.After Tofu is formed after using Easy Tofu Maker and Tofu pressing machine, being cut into small cubes through manual cutting process, the small Tofu cubes can be put into plastic box and can be sealed by this sealing machine. Besides, it is optional to have date printer to print out the production date or shelf life on the Tofu packaging box.Square Box Sealing Machine: Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Tofu Pudding. Round Box Sealing Machine: Soy Milk, Douhua.

The operation time and temperature of the Sterilization Steamer Machine can be preset. The steamer has a circulation function to enable even distribution of internal heat inside the Sterilization Steamer Machine. Both upper and lower layers of this machine have consistent sterilization effects. This machine has fixed time, fixed temperature, and automatic control of steam circuit design, it also equipped with sprinkler system (sprinkler timer). The inside and outside parts of the Sterilization Steamer Machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel plate to enable easy daily cleaning and maintenance. It is suitable for all kinds of restaurants, school canteens, or central kitchens. It is a good partner for you to save time, save labor, and save gas! This machine has special large-scale door buckle (fine-adjustable type), large rear button (fine-adjustable type), and high density of air to avoid steam leaking from the machine. Besides, it can save time and save labor as the machine is equipped with movable wheels to facilitate transportation and movement. The Sterilization Steamer Machine has special heat-resistant clear safety glass, which can clearly see the steaming process. This machine can be switched between automatic and manual modes, the setting can be preset up to 8 memory groups, so it can save operation time. In addition, one time setup of this machine can avoid setting error when there is personnel shift or change. Therefore, this machine is not only shorten operation time, it is manufactured by professional team to assure its high quality. The machine has European CE certification to guarantee its safety and quality.The sealed tofu box can be put into the Sterilization Steamer Machine for sterilization, which can extend the shelf life of tofu in cold storage.

Soy Milk Cooking Machine adopts a double-layer pan with water-proof heating, which the soy milk is not easy to burn. Its food contact surface is made of stainless steel to comply with product hygiene and safety standards. The soy milk outlet is designed to facilitate discharge of soy milk to the container, which is more convenient to use. It is easy to disassemble, clean, and install. This machine is easy to operate, the terminal can be connected to hot or cold water source. It has electronic pressure type of safety switch device, together with mechanical valve two layers protections to strengthen the safety mechanism. This machine can set the memory mode, it will warn and remind the workers to clean up the machine when the machine is being used for 100 hours. Besides, it has high and low water level display, and can be equipped with automatic mixer to avoid precipitation and burnt soy milk or thick soup during cooking process. The machine has automatic temperature control and can detect the desired temperature after reaching the preset temperature value. After this, the machine will automatically maintain a low-heat state, you can press the alarm indicator to turn off the alarm when the alarm is ring (The machine will automatically to start heating when the detected temperature or preset temperature value is lower than 3. The machine can fix undercooked soy milk problem thus can improve the quality of soy milk.

Soy Milk Filling Machine (Semi-Automatic soy milk Filling Machine) is able to fill PP bottle soy milk to ensure the soy milk is easy to store and sell.Operator can setup the capacity depending on the type of container, then put PP bottle or pouch under the outlet of filling machine and press start button to start filling.

Using Soy Milk Bag Vacuum Package Machine for soft pouch packaging. After soy milk Bag Vacuum Package Machine to exhaust the air, and sealing at vacuum situation. It is able to decrease the opportunity of bacterial reproduction and keep high quality of soy milk and extend the shelf life.Putting the soy milk Bag Vacuum Package Machine next to the Semi-Automatic soy milk Filling Machine for easy operation and smaller working space.

After unpacking the soybeans, they are manually poured into the dry beans tank, and then to be delivered by Screw Soybean Suction Machine or Vacuum Soybean Suction Machine in horizontal or vertical direction to assist automatic production of Tofu and Soy Milk. The dry beans tank can be connected with the conveyor system to achieve automatic management of conveying and feeding processes, thus can shorten processing time and reduce human errors. In terms of ergonomics, the height of this tank is about the waist of the worker and the worker can carry kitchenware to pour soybeans into tank. This can help to reduce soybeans handling problem and workplace risk. The extraction rate of beans can be preset to increase production capacity, then the dry beans tank can deliver soybeans into the soaking tank for cleaning and soaking processes.

Screw Soybean Transferring Machine has simple structure, low cost and easy to assemble. Screw Soybean Transferring Machine is using spiral rotary to transfer soybeans. Generally, there will be excess soybeans residues if the gap is too big between pipe walls and spiral. If the gap is too small, the soybeans will keep getting stuck in spiral that can cause damage of machine blade and motor overload thus causing work stoppage or interruption and cleaning problem. Therefore, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd realizes the structural problem of this machine, there is a special design against the gap problem between pipe walls and spiral to reduce machine breakdown rate and maintain the operation efficiency of production line. This machine has passed the transferring tests of soybeans and other beans, it shows the beans are not easily to get stuck in spiral which can affect the machine operation and thus improving the production efficiency. In addition, this machine can be designed in horizontal or vertical way according to the production line planning, to improve the allocation process of soybeans.

Vacuum Soybean Suction Machine could transfer Soybeans from Dry Beans Tank to next process for cleaning and soaking.Vacuum Soybean Suction Machine are driving vacuum pump by compressed air, vacuum condition in the container, create negative pressure in the pipe to suck the beans. After Soybean sucked in the container with fixed time and quantity by setted, vacuum pump would stop and outlet open automatically to make Atmospheric pressure inside. Then, Soybean drop down to the bottom, and did Soaking & Washing (by Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine). This type of transferring equipment with low breakdown rate and high durability, no matter dry or wet beans are also available.

This machine is the best choice for the pre-treatment of soybeans. The complete set of the machine includes bucket device, bearing device, bean drainage and suction device, water inlet pipe device, water level detection device, electric control box, and air pressure pipe device. It also has cleaning, soaking and drainage functions.This machine is using compressed air injection to roll the soybeans in the bucket during cleaning process, this enables those soy twigs, necrotic soybeans and impurities float on the water, and discharged with water to achieve the cleaning effect. At the same time, the soybeans can be soaked directly in the bucket to save manpower and time after the soybeans are cleaned.For the design of soaking process, we noted that there are differences in temperature generated by the machine due to different climates in different places, which will affect the soaking time. The design of this machine can be adjusted to handle different soaking time. Besides, the machine will automatically drain after soaking process is completed. This machine enables consistent operation to make sure soybeans are fully soaked in the water, reducing manpower and effectively increasing production capacity. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, except for special accessories, and the machine is rustproofing.

After the Soybean finished soaking process, we use vacuuming transferring system to deliver soybean to Grinding & Separating (& Cooking) Machine. Instead of manual way, not only reduce labor cost, but also to get better production efficiency, and ensure the clean and hygiene of the Soybean.

The bean extraction, bean grinding, and Okara separating processes can be completed at one time, and the soy milk is directly heated. In addition, the concentration of soy milk can be monitored before heating the soy milk, and the programmable parameter settings can be adjusted quickly, so that the concentration of soy milk can be monitored more accurately and easier to control the quality. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd also provides models of machine based on the production capacity to achieve the best efficiency and output. The machine can help to save space, the smooth design of machine can enhance Okara separating process, and easy to clean up the machine.Additional Cooking Function: The temperature control, time control, soy milk discharging, and mixing of soy milk in cooking equipment are all automatically operated and managed by the whole machine. From grinding to cooking process, the continuous and consistent automatic operation line can help to improve the extraction rate of soybeans, reduces manpower requirements, and improves productivity and efficiency.Special Design - Defoaming Device Bubbles can be generated during the boiling process of soy milk. This is a common problem in many tofu manufacturing. If these bubbles are not eliminated, they are likely to appear in the tofu during tofu production process, thus will affect the appearance and taste of the tofu. Therefore, the method of adding defoamer is generally used to eliminate air bubbles, this leads to more blending procedures and more manpower is needed, and also have to pay for defoamer usage. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltds machine is different from other equipment as it is equipped with a specially designed defoaming device, to help our customers to achieve the effect of eliminating bubbles without adding any defoaming agent. More importantly, we assist our customers to provide their consumers with tofu products without added defoaming agents, to produce consistent quality of tofu, reduce the cost of raw materials and reduce labor costs

General grinding machine only grinding one time, then separate okara and throw away. But there have a lot of nutrients in soybean okara, like protein and isoflavones etc. So we design twin grinding device in our machine. It could increase 10% of production capacity at same material quantity and soy milk concentration. At the same time, discharge the bean okara is lower water content, also easier recycle and transfer.Cooking Functional:Temperature control, time control, mixer and delivery soy milk are automatic. From Grinding to cooking, the automatic continuous line could raise the protein extractor, reduce the labor and improve production efficiency.Elimination device of soy milk foam(Special Design):When boiling of soy milk, it will generate a lot of foam. Bubble will affect the appearance of tofu. In general add the defoamer to solve the problem. We especially design the elimination device of soy milk foam without add defoamer to achieve no bubble effect. The most important is we help customer produce the nature Tofu.

This machine enables bean extraction, bean grinding and separating being completed at one time, and able to cook soy milk directly. These three procedures are simplified and integrated into one machine to quickly achieve dual efficiency. In addition, the concentration of soy milk can be monitored before cooking the soy milk, which can increase the accuracy of soy milk concentration and quality control.Special Design - Elimination Device of Soy Milk Foam A lot of foam will be generated during the boiling process of soy milk. If the foams are not eliminated, these foams are likely to appear in the tofu during tofu production, which affect the appearance and taste of the tofu. Therefore, the problem is generally solved by adding defoamer. However, we also have a specially designed elimination device of soy milk foam, this enables our customers to achieve effect of eliminating foams without adding defoamer. More importantly, we assist our customers to provide consumers with natural tofu products, so that our customers' products are delicious and healthy. The products are more consistent in quality and improve their reputation in market.One machine with multi-function equipment, high production capacity, HMI and mechanical dual mode press-key, settable program parameter and easy to operate. This machine has high grinding and separating efficiency to produce low moisture content of Okara, can reduce waste and disposal cost, easy to increase output and reduce cost which relatively increase profit margin.

General grinding machine only grinding one time, then separate okara and throw away. But there have a lot of nutrients in soybean okara, like protein and isoflavones etc. So we design twin grinding device in our machine. It could increase 10% of production capacity at same material quantity and soy milk concentration. At the same time, discharge the bean okara is lower water content, also easier recycle and transfer.

F1404 fully automatic machine is designed with four-grinding and separating machine. It not only increases the extraction rate of soybean protein and production capacity, also can reduces production waste and maintain the product quality and stability.

CE soy milk Cooking Machine designed by YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE, not only avoided vapor widespread, and a detection device and pressure relief valve. It enhanced security of factory environment.CE soy milk Cooking Machine has a system with temperature detection device and mixer device. It upgraded the quality and safety at cooking soy milk process. Additionally, setting steam circuit system helping factory to save energy.

Setting and monitor the temperature, full water level, steam circuit, quantity filling coagulant and rotating blades from HMI, this could upgrade the production efficient. The coagulate machine's process included storage and keep temperature of soy milk, coagulate, smashing, pumping, these could decrease the staff and upgrade the efficient production line and quality.

Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu): Put tofu cloth on tofu mold Filling tofu into the tofu mold Smashing the tofu by manual and cover the tofu cloth Deliver the tofu mold to next step.Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu): Filling the tofu into tofu mold which without discharge functional. Put top board on tofu mold after a coagulate time, deliver the tofu mold to next step.

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