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a look inside spiral (x,y,z), the new tribeca salon that caters to curly hair | vogue

a look inside spiral (x,y,z), the new tribeca salon that caters to curly hair | vogue

Walking into Spiral (x,y,z), the industrial-romantic salon that caters to curls, is like immediately being transported to a state of zen. The Tribeca salon founded by Lorraine Massey, also the creator of Curly World hair products, evokes a sense of warmth even in the coldest of months, thanks to its elegant, wood-adorned interiors that Kazem Naderi, of Nad Projects Inc, helped Massey create. Were offering a quiet and safe oasis that creates a sense of peace and relaxation, Massey says of her vision for the spaceher first since founding New Yorks DevaChan salon in 1993.

But a dreamy escape isnt the only thing that Massey is accomplishing with Spiral (x,y,z). Growing up in Leicestershire in the East Midlands of England, Massey didnt see many people that had her hair type, and she always wished someone would know exactly how to nurture her curls. As I grew older, I realized the person I was waiting for, was me, Massey says. I want to help others embrace their curls, too. The new salon is an essential extension of the work shes already doing through her curl-by-curl cutting method (a now-popular way to cut coils that Massey created), imparted in classes she teaches around the world, from Egypt to Australia. I constantly hear curly people complaining that they dont like their hair theres a frustration they face when they go to blowout bars: not liking it when its straight because its frizzy and not liking it when its curly because its damaged, Massey explains. Im helping people liberate themselves from this cycle, and embrace their curls as best I can.

Spiral (x,y,z), cleansing stations come with a sort of mattress attachment, which means customers can lie down and opt in to Reiki during their treatments, given by in-house healer Dana Guerrero. Steamers are built into the sinks, which Massey explains are perfect for detoxifying the scalp from product and silicone build up. Its like a facial for your scalp. The curtainednot hoodeddryers are nestled inside private cubbies with hole-in-the-wall shelves, offering a space to put drinks and charge phones while curls dry into perfect spirals, thanks in part to hair picks which are placed at the root for extra volume. Curl-by-curl cutting method trims and cuts are offered as well.

As for what to expect next from Massey and the Spiral (x,y,z) space? She wants to eventually start a Sunday school once a month in the space. I want to show curly girls how to look after their hair, she says. Parents will be given a voucher to go have brunch somewhere, or they can stay and learn how to care for their childs curls. To the same end, shes working on a childrens book, which will be published in August 2020, to help kids embrace their curls from a young age. Massey also has plans to host monthly gallery nights in the space so that artists can showcase and sell their pieces. Spiral (x,y,z) is all about community and having a sanctuary in the middle of New York City.

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best curly hair salons in nyc

best curly hair salons in nyc

Cutting straight hair is fairly easy, but styling curly locks takes special skill. If you have curly hair, you've probably had your share of bad haircuts from stylists who didn't understand the unique challenges of making your bouncing curls look positively gorgeous. In many cities there just aren't salons that specialize in curly locks. But if you are headed for New York City you are in luck. Plan to have a haircut and style in one of these top salons that know exactly what to do with curly hair.

Whether you want to bring out the natural beauty of your curls or blow them out straight and sleek, you need a stylist who knows how to work with your hair. Luckily for you, Manhattan is the home of some of the best salons for beautiful curly hair. Here, we round up 6 of the very best of them.

Get ready to be pampered at Devachan, a posh SoHo salon that's all about curly hair, where all of the stylists know just how to work your curls. Founder Lorraine Massey is the author of the book Curly Girl and creator of the Devacurl line of products for curly hair. There's also a second outpost on the Upper West Side.

Ouidad is a curly hair guru with her own line of products and certified salons around the country. New Yorkers can sample the experience at the Ouidad flagship salon on 57th Street, where her patented techniques have made her a legend in curly-haired circles.

You may have seen stylist Nick Arrojo's skills on TLC's What Not To Wear (when he helped Stacey and Clinton transform dowdy fashion victims into glam goddesses). At his salons on Varick Street in SoHo and Hudson Street in Tribeca, he and his staff are trained to work with curls (Nick and several stylists are curly heads themselves).

Christo is a curly hair guru who has styled models, celebrities, and fashionistas in his Christo Fifth Avenue salon. His Curlisto product line has been recommended in Vogue, Bazaar, Lucky, and Self. See what all the fuss is about at his salon on West 45th Street.

Bloom Beauty Lounge in Chelseaaims to provide spa-style pampering to rejuvenate your mind, spirit, and curly-haired body. Haircuts, color, highlights or lowlights, retexturing, curl taming, and straightening services are all available.

Senior stylist, Leslie Ellen Abbate is dedicated to curly hair. She works with the natural beauty of the and specializes in hair makeovers including color and highlights. The salon is located in Manhattan, off of 5th Ave, in the Flat Iron District.

kazem naderi designs nyc salon specialising in curly hair | wallpaper*

kazem naderi designs nyc salon specialising in curly hair | wallpaper*

On a busy stretch of West Broadway, in New Yorks well-heeled Tribeca neighbourhood, a slatted wood oasis surreptitiously stands behind the historic faade of one of the areas many cast-iron buildings. Inside, a fundamental mix of materials (wood, painted brick, and echoes of the cast-iron faade and industrial steel elements that have been intentionally left exposed) create a tranquil environment certainly not what you would expect from a typical hair salon.

This elegant milieu is, in fact, home to Spiral (x,y,z), a hair salon founded by beauty entrepreneur and innovator Lorraine Massey, who most notably founded the cult salon Devachan and its DevaCurl product line, specifically catering to curly hair. Designed by architect Kazem Naderi, of New York firm Nad Projects, the Spiral (x,y,z) space mirrors its founders vision and sense of individuality to a tee.

This was a traditional old loft space. When Lorraine took it over, there were a lot of functions that she wanted to go in, even though the space was a nice size, recalls the Iranian-born Naderi, who worked for a number of practices before setting up on his own in 2000. The ceilings are about 15ft high, with amazing natural light, so if I had put up walls to accommodate all the needs, it would have ended up being like cubicles and feeling claustrophobic. Light and air are very important to me, so I came up with this idea that all the walls would be formed using a semi-transparent slatted wood system.

In Naderis hands, the ground floor space has been transformed into an alluringly tranquil oasis, equipped with four hair-cutting stations, three hair-washing beds and four hair-drying stations. The beds, a concept that Massey pioneered at Devachan, have been taken to the next level here by Naderi and reimagined with clean lines, accompanied by custom-designed Corian washbasins with rounded corners that prevent water from accumulating. At each hair-cutting station, a statuesque mirror, fabricated from stainless steel, hangs on hinges so that it can easily be maneuvered, while an integrated storage drawer allows styling tools to be neatly concealed from view when not in use.

Most distinctive of all are the four hair-drying pods that have been specially developed for the space. This is Lorraines brainchild, says Naderi. Its inspired by her experience of being in the basement of her house and having warm air blow on top of her hair. I had my mechanical engineer design the system and I designed the physical layout to accommodate it. The heat is at a very comfortable temperature. Its very soft, gentle warm air that doesnt dry out the hair.

With all the various functions establishing the rhythm of the space, Naderis use of slatted wood couldnt be more appropriate. Composed of 1.5in-wide oak pieces, which are installed 1.5in apart, the interior structure was assembled, piece by piece, entirely on site. Lorraines whole philosophy is derived from nature, he explains. I decided to use oak, which is strong enough to accommodate everything, and I wasnt going to finish it. Oak ages and darkens a little bit over time, so the idea that the structure naturally changes really appealed to her.

Although predominantly see-through, the slatted structure features solid panels at specific heights to preserve clients privacy without feeling overly enclosed. Naderi says, I wanted the clients to enjoy a feeling of the outside when they were seated in the chair, but I also didnt want them to feel exposed. The height and placements of these solid walls means that no one can look at you nor can you see anybody else. The panels are then taller where the beds are.

Pulled away from the spaces original brick walls, which Naderi recovered by removing layers of existing sheet rock, and built around its original cast-iron Corinthian columns, the wooden structure creates a dynamic visual dialogue that respectfully nods to the locations past.

spiral (x,y,z) | nyc

spiral (x,y,z) | nyc

There are no straight lines in nature. Anyone who knows Lorraine Massey will recognize this statement. Lorraines newest venture, Spiral (x,y,z) is a salon and generative space where her many passions come together, physically and metaphysically. The spiral form conjures up many images throughout history from gods and goddesses adorning Botticelli spirals, the Fibonacci sequence, Robert Smithsons Spiral Jetty, Louise Bourgeois spiral drawings, to the Triskele or Triple Spiral; a complex ancient Celtic symbol from Newgrange which derives its name from the Greek word Triskeles. And, there is the Solar System itself, in which about a third of known galaxies are flat spirals.

Lorraine Massey has been an integral voice in the Curly community for over two decades, championing the case for natural hair and the first to create a product void of sulfates found in shampoo that dries out hair and pollutes our waters.

In 1993, Lorraine founded Devachan in NYC, the coveted Curly hair salon. A few years later, she was the first to create No(Sham)Poo, a 100% sulfate free product line. Massey is once again bringing her knowledge of Curls to the forefront with the introduction of a brand her new line of carefully curated artisanal hair care products. CurlyWorld is a unique and transformative collection aimed to inspire an organic bond with the hair thats natural to oneself. Each CurlyWorld product is generously infused with high quality botanicals that include the resurrection plant, bamboo extract, aloe vera, and coconut waterall of which help to nourish and protect your hair, as its something you wear everyday of your life.

Born and bred in the UK, Lorraine Massey has been instrumental in pioneering the booming Curly Girl movement. Dedicated to educating and sharing her unique hair methodology, Lorraine was the first to introduce the No(Sham)Poo" ideology to the hair world with the launch of NoPoo, a 100% sulfate free product. Over the course of two decades, Lorraine founded Devachan salon and the Devacurl product line, authored three critically acclaimed hair care books: Curly Girl: The Handbook, Silver Hair: The Handbook and Curly Kids: The Handbook. Lorraine too brought the revered Curly Girl Method to life, which has since been adopted by millions worldwide. Within the past few years, Lorraine has transitioned her time and energy into new territories, offering a fresh perspective to the curly community.Today, Lorraine is the sole owner of Spiral (x,y,z) and the CurlyWorld product line. In addition to educating from behind the chair at her salon, Lorraine spends her days traveling the world, from Egypt to Australia, teaching the Curl by Curl method through interactive workshops and classes. Lorraine will soon be launching an updated and expanded addition of Curly Girl: The Handbook.

Edward Joseph (Ed) has been a hairstylist and colorist for over 21 years, trained directly under Lorraine Massey, the original curly girl and founder of CG and Curl by Curl method. Ed is one of the original Curly hair stylists, with years of experience developing products for curly hair applications, designing hair for Broadway shows, and contributing to editorial photoshoots and books, including Curly Girl: The Handbook. Ed is not only a wildly talented curly hair expert, his mastery as a colorist has led him to develop his own unique hair painting technique that is individually tailored to address all Curl types and hair textures. He has traveled the country teaching his expertise and has joined the CurlyWorld team to teach Curl by Curl Cutting and his Color by Curl method at Spiral x,y,z and beyond.

Originally from Brazil, Vitoria Wense has been an integral part of the Curl community from its inception over 20 years ago. Vitoria has worked primarily with Curl stylists and colorist and possesses an uncanny ability to patiently organize schedules, whilst lovingly welcoming and remembering every single guest that visits the salon. Always happy to see you, Vitoria has a genuine way of making you feel right at home.

tribeca citizen | new kid on the block: lorraine massey and spiral (x,y,z)

tribeca citizen | new kid on the block: lorraine massey and spiral (x,y,z)

I am not a religious person, but if I was, and my religion was hair, Lorraine Massey would be my guru. When she talks about hair especially the curly variety (and you can see she comes by this honestly) its with an impassioned reverence and devotion. The curl, and if taken at its most basic form, the spiral, is her inspiration for nearly everything.

Curls may just have saved my life, she says. (We had this conversation in January, before the world shut down. The salon opened in December on West Broadway in the old Calypso space.) There are no straight lines in nature.

It began with a blowout. Massey was working at (the famous) John Dellaria salon in Soho in the late 80s and had blown out one side of a clients head and couldnt bring herself to do the other half. I can give you the best blow out in the world, but I just choose not to, she said at the time. She was fired.

But that forced her to start her own thing, and clients would come to her fifth-floor walkup in Little Italy (I would pass John Gotti on the street in his pjs.) Its there and then that she committed herself to natural hair, and to the idea that we should all be self-sufficient and not rely on something (a blowout, for instance) or someone to make you feel beautiful. You have to make the most of what you have been given. Otherwise its like defacing nature. And, she adds, no one will ever chase you down the street to ask where you got your hair straightened.

She started Devachan in 1993, and because she couldnt afford the salon rent *and* an apartment, she lived in the back of the shop. Her first child was born there. She was struggling, but they made it work. (Her kids, of course, are curly-headed too, but in different forms: her son has an Afro, and her daughter has the epitome of low-frizz, low maintenance curly hair.) And she became an activist, in a way. She has written two books Curly Girl: The Handbook and Silver Hair: The Handbook, in another angle on going natural. She created the first sulfate-free shampoo and continues to create all-natural products the latest being CurlyWorld. CurlyGirl Kids will be coming this season.

There were challenges along the way. She took on investors at Devachan who voted her out in 2013. Her contract did not allow her to make money from cutting hair, so she cut hair for free, creating a web of goodwill that sustained her for the four years of her non-compete clause. Everything I have, I have because of word of mouth, she says.

She has committed herself to bringing the natural curl back to women everywhere (she also teaches her technique in Curl by Curl Classes), and showing them that and this is her motto curls are not a trend, they are a lifestyle. And she is still amazed by each of the curls she has discovered along the way, and archives them in a lucite storage container in the salon.

In a way we are all spirals, even if some of us just take a tiny turn. Then she suddenly told me to not move an inch and she ran to the back for her phone (I was impressed she spoke to me that whole time without it). She clicked a photo and showed me two of my (pretty much straight straight) locks making a heart shape on my shoulder. Some you can see more clearly and some you cant, but they are there.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lorraine. She really gets (and loves and respects) curly hair. People have stopped me on the street to ask me where I get my hair done I tell them all about herIve sent friends, family, and strangers to Lorraine. Shes created the most zen space at her salon; its a joy to be thereeven under the dryer! I could not recommend the salon more.

I went to Lorraine at the first Devechan Salon way back when. She taught me how to make the most of my silver wavy/curly hair. I have followed her teachings for all of these years and I am so happy that she is working again and especially that she is in our neighborhood.

I was scheduled to get my haircut by Lorraine before the pandemic shut everything down. My curly haired (always beautifully coiffed) friend has been going to her for years plus a handful of other friends that were converted devotees after their first cut by her. Eddie, colorist, I can attest to. I loved the color he naturally swirled through my hair. Six months later, it still looks great.

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