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top 14 best patio umbrella bases in 2020 - closeup check

top 14 best patio umbrella bases in 2020 - closeup check

Now that the summer season is here, everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors with friends and loved ones, perhaps with a cold juice. Patio umbrellas are an excellent investment provided you know how to find the right model for your home. They let you have a nice time outdoors while shading you from the scorching rays of the sun.

But what happens when the wind suddenly becomes rough, or the rains start to pour? You want an umbrella that still stays in place regardless of the weather elements. Of course, this means you need to invest in the best patio umbrella base that holds it perfectly in place. Now, this is where our review comes in.

The C-Concrete umbrella base is one of the top choices to enjoy great summer. The durable weatherproof composite resin is reliable and keeps umbrellas stable. Weighing 42 pounds, it has reliable stability even in case of strong winds.

The heavy-duty metal with powder coating helps in preventing corrosion and rust. Created to support umbrellas 7- 9 feet with round poles, there is no more toppling. The decorative antique bronze finish is excellent looking and ensures your base give your Patio a sleek look. Fixing umbrella is simple due to the locking screw.

The C-Hopetree square base is tasked with keeping your umbrella stable. Instead of using unreliable methods, this bronze-finished square base is the vital option. The construction features heavy-duty resin stone, which is weatherproof. Therefore, even when the weather changes, there is no damage by water.

Additionally, the pole is metal made and has powder coating, which is superb for resisting weather effects. Due to the broad base size, it has excellent stability to ensure it supports umbrellas as tall as 7-11 feet. Its a sleek and reliable base to hold your umbrella correctly.

Keep your yard looking sleek by adding unique umbrellas and stands. This DC America, 18-inch base, is secure and reliable. Made from cast stone, it keeps umbrellas well anchored without wobbling or toppling.

Also, the composite materials used are durable and offers exceptional strength. Unlike the metallic pole holders, this has a heavy-duty made which is reliable and doesnt rust. Moreover, the base insert allows umbrellas with 1 to 1.5 inches poles. Apart from high strength design, the base is elegant, which ensure it impacts a great look.

The US weight umbrella base is perfectly created to ensure that your Patio gets perfect umbrella holder. Unlike other bases, this one is heavy-duty and ensure there is reliable support. With the ability to hold poles measuring 1 to 1.75 inches. Also, it is easy to be compatible with different tables. The base is made from composite polymer with UV protection. This gives it the ability to hold your umbrella without cracking.

Apart from durable design, the base is resistant to fading, which allow it to remain decorative throughout. Unlike other bases, this has a hollow design that is filled with sand or gravel, which give it remarkable stability. Compact design and comfortable handle let you transport it easily.

Give your Patio a unique look by adding this sleek multipurpose base from Elieshade. Its one of the bases that allow the user to enjoy perfect umbrella holding as well as planting flowers. Made from steel material and aluminum pole holder. With bronze powder coated finish lets the base resist rust and corrosion. The container designed base allows filling with stones or soil hence maximum stability.

Additionally, it is possible to plant decorative plants in the base to keep the Patio refreshing. With double hand screwing locks, it keeps umbrella perfectly held. Above all, the fitted casters ensure easy movability. Chipping resistant pole holder is ideal for holding poles measuring 1.5 to 1.96 inches.

Forget about the cheap and short-lived bases that get damaged within a short period. Here is a cast iron made TropiShade stand for patio umbrella made to ensure all your worries are over. Its a durable base made from cast iron hence solid and stable. Besides, it has powder coating, which is efficient in eliminating damage by weather elements. Unlike plastic bases, this one doesnt chip or crack even after years of use.

Measuring 20 inches diameter and weighing 30 pounds, the stand is stable and highly reliable. One pole thumb screw is comfortable to lock since it ensures there are no tools needed to fix your umbrella.

Give your Patio a perfect upgrade by adding this base from Sunnuglade. Its a heavy-duty base which enables reliable patio umbrella mounting. Instead of constructing a permanent resting point in the yard, this one has a quick and perfect solution. Unlike the cheap plastic, the base enjoys resin construction, which is durable and resists damage by strong sun, and other weather elements.

Besides reliable umbrella holding, the decorative design keeps your Patio looking pretty. Weighing 30 pounds, it is stable and can accommodate poles measuring 1.38 to 1.8 inches in diameter. The two couplers are safe and robust to fit your umbrella pole safely.

The C-Hoptree Patio and market base for umbrellas are dedicated to ensuring outdoor activities ate thrilling. It is versatile base with a large diameter, which improves stability. Also, the weatherproof resin stone is highly durable and keep your umbrella correctly anchored. Besides, the composite materials are reliable than regular plastic hence great for use outdoors for an extended time.

With the ability to support 7-9 feet umbrellas, its versatile and ideal for various functions. Above all, the pole holder can accept poles with 2.1 inches diameter. Importantly, no more chipping since the holder is metallic and is enhanced with powder coating.

If you want an easy and lasting solution to your Patio, here is an extra stable base from Flame &Shade. Its a lightweight base when moving but very stable when using it. It has a fillable space with water or sand which adds stability. The construction entails injection molded plastic, which is durable and withstands outdoor conditions.

Also, the textured design with modern looking finish makes the base exceptional. With powder-coated steel stem, it creates a durable and reliable anchoring point for your umbrella. The stem has 2 rings that are compatible with most of the umbrellas.

US Weight, 50-pound base, is ready to give your Patio a nice treat. Forget about weak bases and other unconventional methods. With this base, it gives you the ideal way to enjoy stability and modern looking. Whether you want to use it in a patio or public places, it has good reliability since it weighs 50 pounds.

Additionally, equipped with a handle, it keeps movability smooth from one point to the other. The materials used are sturdy and resist UV damage. This means one can easily use it in summers without worrying about cracking and fading due to harmful UV rays. It can be used with poles measuring 1 inch to 1.75 inches.

For people with a need for heavy-duty patio umbrellas mounting, the Shademobile base is the ultimate choice. Its one of the best options for commercial use. This makes it ideal for business owners to use for customer relaxation. Whether restraint or poolside, the base is exceptional. Despite the heavy design, the base is easy to move since it comes with wheels.

The ability to be filled with sand or pebbled ensure the base is capable of attaining 125 pounds. This means even when there is strong wind, there is no chance of your umbrella toppling. Unlike others, this can accommodate 1-3/8 inch to 2-1/6 inch poles.

The steel plate fitted at the bottom is strong and heavy, which means umbrella get proper support. Also, there is no risk of cracking. Also, the thin design ensures people wont tip over. Unlike the resin or plastic, this doesnt suffer from UV damage, cracking, or other weather damage. It has wide compatibility with umbrella poles which renders it an excellent choice for different occasions.

Best Choice Products always make a variety of high-quality items. This base is one of the sleek and reliable picks to place in your Patio, poolside and other areas where patio umbrellas are mounted. Boasting 26 pounds, the base is stable even during windy days.

The weather resistant resin material is highly reliable throughout. Whether its summer or winter, there is no risk of weather damage. The sleek nature keeps the base impressive due to the weaving pattern. It perfectly suits poles with a diameter of 1.5 to 1.75 inches.

This is another umbrella base from Eliteshade that offers you reliability and sleekness. The durable cast resin is one of the reliable materials in ensuring it give enough strength and stability. The anti-rust premier ensures the base doesnt suffer from aging and corrosion. Also, the coat offers UV protection. Hence it retains color permanently without fading.

Equipped with an adjustable piston, it allows people to use different poles ranging from 1.53-1.92 inches in diameter. Decorative and attractive finish keep your relaxation in patio refreshing. Above all, this base is suitable for barbecue bar, restaurant, resort, and balconies, among others.

Patio umbrellas are an excellent choice for any outdoor lover. They add a nice touch to any outdoor space. Well, patio umbrella bases are also an important investment if you want the best experience. A good quality patio umbrella base is the best way to keep your umbrella safe and secure regardless of the weather. We hope our list sets you on the right track when it comes to buying the best patio umbrella bases for your home.

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