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Creative writing and underwater photographs by P.K. Yonge 5th graders:


Blue Springs, by Xyiah

splish, splish, splash

the kids take off in a dash.

run, run, run

they go have fun in the sun.

swim, swim, swim

in the water they see a brim.

“Hogchokers are so amazing, they blend in with the sand. They have spots, they swim like flounders and look like them too. They have 2 eyes and so do we.” ~Jaiden

“It blends in with the sand. It swims on its side. It is hard to find. Do you know what it is?

A hogchoker.

 It has a hard shell. It likes to go slow. Do you know what it is?

A turtle.

It is very strong. It is very long and it bites. Do you know what it is?

A snake.”


“The water is cold, the spring is clear, it’s so much fun to catch those fish. The frog croaks while the turtles rest, then the hogchoker blends with the sand.” ~Austin

Poem/story, by Mallory

A small fish swims quietly through the water.

Kids splashing,

the big booms scaring him away.

There are turtles and snakes, too

and the clearest water there is.

You can see almost anything.

The water ripples, kids still screaming and splashing.

And there’s not only one fish.

There’s one, two, three, four more,

And that’s not even it!

So come on over to the clear, beautiful springs.

You’ll have the best time… ever.

“The water ripples with great big ripples as kids splash and play throughout the day. Discover new things every day, have fun and you can still play, learn, have fun, and play. In the sun nature is everywhere look out there’s a bear, be careful there’s a snake, do not get too close just stay away. Be alert in case there’s stuff around, that’s why you stay awake.” ~Ny’Auri

Poem, by Kaitlan

The water is as cold as ice

but it was really nice.

Birds are chirping

as we are learning.

We are splashing all over the place

we are going so fast but we aren’t in a race.

As the birds fly by

we aren’t going to lie.

Springs, by Lilyanna

The water ripples with great big ripples as kids splash and play throughout the day. Science tests study the water life all day every day. The water as cold as ice feels so nice on a very very hot day.

Poem, by Abigail

Kids playing,

Splashing about

No fear is near, no need to hide.

Later down the river the water is so crystal clean, you can see almost anything that’s near.

The surface water ripples and picks up the currents, don’t worry though it’s still friendly.

It passes through you just like a ghost. No soul, but nature.

Fish and turtles swim against the current.

The amount of the spring changes because of the rain. All working together.

“We saw turtles, fish, currents and seaweed and they all were in Blue Springs.” ~Caleb W.

The glassy water,

a clear display.

The springs is cold

as ice all day.


Blue Springs, by Clara J.

The water ripples as the children splashed, the seagrass moves like dominoes in the wind, the fish swim through the bottom as we swim on top, the waters friendly but don’t pollute, have fun but stay warm, the water is as cold as ice.

“The water is cold as a popsicle!” ~Kamathi

The water moves forwards

As the sea turtle peacefully floats by

Quiet, yet awkward and a bit shy

The water carries it across

With its blue strong arms.


“The water is as cold as ice!” ~ Heath

“The water is clear, cold, and sandy. One creature in the icy waters with beating red eyes.” ~Ella

Kids screaming

the sun beaming

in the water we’re playing

splashing and spraying

Jumping off the deck

bug bites on my neck

Having fun

Chillen’ in the sun


Blue Springs, by Sanaa S.

I am here at Blue Springs and I see, hear, and smell things. I see turkeys and snakes. I hear birds chirping. I smell poop from animals. Three things that I think describe Blue Springs perfectly is clear, deep, and green from the grass. The water is as clear as glass!

The fresh water turtles in the springs, by Tessa

The Turtle

Suns itself


Plump and pruny

Runs in rain

Inches down its rock


Never moves fast enough


Gives water ripples



“The birds are chirping and the fresh smell of the water, the turtles swimming smoothly across the water. The ripples slowly rippling and nature doing its best.” ~Alex G.

The hogchoker blends in with the sand.

I try to grab it with my hand.

In the deep part there is a cool cave.

To go down there you have to be brave.

~Alijah B.

Story, by Kamron

One morning, I suddenly was at a spring. Blue spring, the sign said. The water looked very clear like glass, and it seemed to be very cold.There were beautiful sights, such as snakes swimming, fish swifting, and birds chirping at Blue Springs. This was a very beautiful sight. So I must rest and go to sleep.



Where do you come from?

the sea,

the sky,

the sun,

the moon,

the earth,

Who knows?

Luckily I think

I do,

I think,

I think,

It comes from the moon.


“I’m at the large green springs. Clear and deep water with fish, snakes, and turtles.” ~Layla

“As I walk there it lays in the grass. It slithers snake it slip slide.” ~Landon



Where could they be?

We have to find one

before we leave.

Oh wait I see one.

Let’s go take a picture before it’s too late.

~Luke K.

The Summer Times, by Meelah

The water triples with great big ripples as kids splash and play throughout the day. Turtles blend into algae as they come to the surface with great big smiles as they triple the miles. Scientists test the waters as they feel the summer getting hotter.

Spring creatures poem, by Summer B.

The spring was,

full of creature,

large and small,

with one peep

they would disappear

into the fog.

Blue Springs Wildlife, by Jethro

Birds are chipring, the water is moving but the water here is clear, cold, and refreshing. The water here is as cold as glass but the creatures are cool when they’re in the pool. The ripples on the water look fast just like Flash.


hiding in the shrubs

barely visible

to the observer

but the silent one

sees the beautiful bird


Story, by Sarah S.

Down in the deep blue water sits a mother Sternotherus turtle ready to have babies as a Nerodia taxispilota brown water snake comes gliding through the green hair-like Sagittaria kurziana.

Blue Lake, by Nathan E.S.

Water fresh,

fish swimming the waters,

birds sing to each other,

the trees shake in the winds hand.

Ducks swim with a mother,

snakes slither in water like in land.

The water glides like the clouds in the sky.

Turtles swim in the water minding their own business

as blue lakes shines and glistens the story ends.

“I saw big amazing huge fish. I heard the birds singing a melody and turtles sunbathing. A snake moving in a S. I also saw a tree as big as Goliath and baby turkeys.” ~Jahmier J.

Blue Springs Writing, by Jordan

I saw a brown snake.

Saw a lot of turtles.

Saw fish, big tree.

“chirp chirp chirp the birds sing. Flying high in the sky. Singing chirp chirp chirp is how they speak. chirp chirp chirp the bird sings.” ~Julian

“The water as clear as can be, fish everywhere and the snake swimming.” ~Tyler W.

The trees are green,

The water is blue,

Turkeys and snakes

do not frighten you!


“A fish swims fast in the light blue water. A snake passes by further down the water. A turtle sits on a log. To the sides turkeys gobble and eat. By them, spiders spin webs and catch bugs to eat. Also the sound of birds are humming.” ~Sammy R.

“It is quiet except for birds and crickets. The water is as clear as glass. The sun reflects on the water. Waves move down the water showing there’s a strong current. A snake zooms in the water. Turtles swim slow in the water.” ~Andies

Blue Springs, by Victoria L.

Cold cold water. Snakes, fish, ducks swimming.

The lovely birds cherping. The Blue Springs is clear as water.

Very grassy like the swamp.

“In the beginning, as you walk farther you see more, a snake, fish, duck. The deeper you see. The current carries things to the Santa Fe River. A family of turkeys on the bank. Many turtles swimming.” ~Nathaniel R.

“Fish swim in the current. Birds chirp their heads off. Whirl pool dance in the water.” ~Samantha

Children play

Birds sing

Duck swim

Flys annoy

It sure is fun

at Blue Springs

~Jordyn E.

“Deep in the heart of Blue Spring, you see, hear, small and feel many things. You hear the chirping of birds and the ruffling water flowing down the spring. As you walk across the land, you smell the odor of the bathrooms you used not too long ago. You also smell the sunscreen as people walk by. As you go on your nature walk you see many animals that live in these parts, ducks gliding through the water, turtles chasing fish, snakes slithering by, and turkeys waddling by. As you still walk along the way, you see leaves with holes, that means caterpillars have been there on their way.” ~Jordan C.

Blue Springs, by Michael P.

The Blue Spring gently bubbling, releasing its fresh life of water. The flowing current speeding, racing on its new adventure. Not a care in the world. The brown water snake enjoys the swift current to help it on its way as the freshness of the morning air invites a new day.

Blue Springs poem, by Brooke G.

The birds chirp while the kids splash and scream.

I see the turtles gracefully float through the water as the ducks follow their mother.

The water is cold, clear, and blue.

“’Splash’ as the duck dives in, looking for food. The duck catches his prey successfully. He returns to gobble down his delicious fish. He hears the other birds chirping in excitement as he breathes in the air scented with sunscreen, he chirps u to the others. The other ducks land in the water, making the water ripple.” ~Meadow B.

Story, by Abby J.

Birds chirping, kids screaming.

Water so blue, water so clear.

The smell of flowers so refreshing.

I still can’t think that I’m leaving.

“The under-tow flows with such fish and turtles, some floating along some quite the opposite. Snakes slither around the tip top of the spring.” ~Madison J.

It pushes and pulls the fish and the plants as it wishes and washes doing its dance.

The fish fight against tide,

they should enjoy it as a ride.

~Naria J.

[Student photos coming soon!]