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Creative writing and underwater photographs by P.K. Yonge 4th graders:


“You slowly step into water,

it feels like stepping on ice.

You shiver,

you feel the wet sand slipping between your feet,

you jump in!!

All at once, water splashes everywhere.”


“Splish splash, drip drop, you hear what sounds like water! Wohooo! Crash, sounds like kids! Cherp cherp, it sounds like birds! It’s probably a spring! The water is so clear like glass! You’re in Blue Springs! What a dream.” ~Ana

“The sand is squishy when you step on it.” ~Makayla M.

Poem, by Bella L.

Walking into the springs

Wondering what to seek

Oh no here comes a huge yellow belly slider,

Maybe we should run

or maybe have fun.

The water is as clear as a crystal,

that is why it is a beautiful place!

A Beautiful Place, by Ruth

The spring is a beautiful place. For the animals, nature and more. The grass, green and itchy. The water is cool as coke-a-cola, that’s why I sit and swim and have a good life.

“The glare on the water shows that the sun is out.” ~Joaquin

“The spring is blue, the kids go whooo.” ~Caleb

Hogchoker, by T.J.

“The hogchoker is a very hard fish to spot. Their eyes are very close. The hogchoker is very fast. Also the hogchoker camouflages with sand.” ~T.J.

“Swift water moves.” ~Kennedy

“The water is cold and clean with fish by your feet.” ~Lawson

“The water is silent,

it looks pale violet.

It’s very pleasing

and it’s breezing.”


“The water is as blue as the sky!” ~Isha

“The springs are cool and a nice place to relax. It’s awesome, though it’s cold, it’s fun and a nice place to go on a hot day.” ~Tyler

The River, by Tony

the river is silent

the river is cold

the river is clear

fish swim peacefully in it

there are weeds in the river

there are turtles in the river

“You hear people splashing the water. You smell the fresh water. You see the blue clear water. And you feel the cold water as you go in.” ~Calvin

“Blue Springs,

water so clear

you can’t resist to come near.”


“One day at the springs, I heard kids and I could smell water and I saw kids splashing. The current was pushing them The things that were in the water were fish, turtles, and sucker fish and the water is as cold as icebergs too!” ~Jessica

“The water is as cold as ice!” ~Taylor

Blue Springs, by Marina

I hear the birds chirping.

I smell the beautiful nature.

I see the fish jumping out of the water.

The current is strong that shows the wind is strong.

The water is calming, beautiful, and clear.

The water is as beautiful as flowers.

I saw eel, fish, turtles, and ducks.

Yellow bellied slider, by Emma N.

I like to go on adventures in the Blue Springs! Today I was roaming near the river. When I  move slowly along the current I hear the splishing and splashing of the children that come to visit my home. Next I climb up on my log of a tree that had fallen from a forest nearby. I also hear the birds chirping, tweet tweet. Shh the leaves go as they land on the trees. I keep swimming closer to the river, the seaweed swaying.

-A bird nest

sits up in a tree

loose and messy

someone’s home sweet home.

-Little lines criss-cross on the sand spring floor.

Someone’s tracks they left behind.

-Spider webs coat a bushy pine tree,

making it look slivery.

-Smooth pebbles

along the river run




-The seagrass


in the current.

-The queen Anne’s lace

still and beautiful

lacy and white

bright against the dark green forest floor.

-The cool breeze

brushes against my face

cooling me off.

-Banana spider stiff as a nail

striped yellow and white.


like moss

swaying like flexible icicles.”

~Abigail P.

“The turtle swims through the water, ripples along the way. Creating giant waves, making gorgeous ripples.” ~Derek S.

Three words for the water here at Blue Springs are “quiet, peaceful, and windy.” ~Mateo A.

“The ice cold water glistening against the sun.

It makes the water look blue like the sky.


The water goes as a child jumps in.

It gives a home to many animals such as manatee and turtles.

The water is as clear as glass.

I look at the water as a fly zooms across my face.

The blue springs are truly beautiful.”

~Harper J.

“The water is as clear as a crystal!” ~Claudette

Turtle, by Sean S.

I look at the duckweed with my turtle family.

“The water is cold, but you want to stay in. If you get out you will want to get back in.” ~Astrid M.

“The faint sound of birds.

The smell of the aquifer.

The fish jetting in the water.

The beautiful green leaves.

The smooth deep water.

It’s as smooth as sand.

The fish are big and small.”


“One memory of Blue Spring is that when we walked the boardwalk, we went to the Santa Fe River. I saw the swing on the river and memories came back.” ~Adam H.

Tree, by Isabella A.

The tree sways under the sun

its branches old








Down on earth.

“Warm or cold the water. I see the water going then a turtle on a treadmill.” ~Jiselle

“The sunfish moves its tail to move its body quickly.” ~Reese W.

Turtles, by Connor G.

The turtle swims upstream,

hoping to find the rest of his team,

always looking out

for gators and gar.

“The water is nice. The fish swim and we take pictures. The water is cool as an iceburg.” ~Ayrin K.

The Springs, by Carsyn G.

The birds chirp,

The water smells fresh.

The water’s moving slowly, calmly,

The kids screaming “IT’S A TURTLE!”

The spring is calm, clear, and beautiful, it’s even glowing.

The water is as clear as glass.

And the Seminole killifish is moving fast.

“The water was cool and blue.” ~Madison

“The wind sways beneath me as the turtles surround me. The river sparkles from the sun. Beautiful nature floats down the river. The breeze carries me.” ~Cheyann

Poem, by Makayla W.

Cool blue going on the hike,

looking at water.

Watching the creatures swim by,

I snap pictures of all of them in the cool blue water.

Blue Springs, by Nathan J.

There was a spring that was blue. It comes from the sky. There are different animals like snakes, fish, tadpoles, and turtles.

Poem, by Johah

The turtle propelled itself upstream,

impossible it would seem.

As somebody saw it,

they began to scream.

Springs poem, by Tucker F.

Swooo! The breeze goes. The spring ripples around us. Cold like ice. Kee kee kee kee the old bird says. Blue like the sky. Deep fish swim. Soon night has come and none are around.

“The water flows

slower faster slower.

The current pulls a yellow bellied slider.

He goes up for a breath,

which makes ha big ripple.

Swish swish swish,

he climbs on a log.”

~Nora W.

“The turtle dives in, they twist and turn from left to right.” ~Maddox

Three words for the water here at Blue Springs are “clear, full of color, and quiet.” ~Jason

Blue Spring, by Amarion

It sounds like birds chirped.

It smells like sunscreen.

I saw turtles, fish.

The water looked green.


[Student photos coming soon!]