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Creative writing and underwater photographs by 5th graders in Ms. Craine & Ms. Maxwell’s classes:

“The leaves are green with a hint of pink. Somewhere in there, there may be some orange. The ripples in the river show that it is raining.” – Celeste

“The sound of bird calls echoes the spring.” – Ahnaf

“The water is as clear as the turquois tinted glass!” – Will G.

“Birds that live at Blue Springs chirp. The chirps are as clearly heard as a sad song on a quiet day.” – William W.

“The water is as blue as a slurpee!” – Ella

“When the brownish-black river meets the blue-clear spring water, the sand and water seems golden.” – Tessa

“A living creature I saw in the water was a turtle. It blended in with the grass.” – Tamani


Light rain

Under the water, there are fish

Every way gorgeous


Pretty warm

Ring-shaped ripples


Never want to leave

Great water source


 – Rachel

“The pitter patter of the rain is very soothing.” – Beatrix

“The delicate yellow sunfish feeding on the green frizzy plant life with its mother.” – Shravya

“The Blue Springs sounds very calming like running water.” – Da’nae

“You can see that at the bottom of the water it had sparkling rocks.” – Jonasia

“The fresh smell of the buttercup yellow flowers” – Ashiri

“The water made a very beautiful, long, slim, colorful path. Graceful color and scene.” – Shanaya

“The water is clear as glass!” – Ryan

“I can hear rain tik-tik-ticking as it hits my jacket hood, chilling my fingers, ears, and nose.” – Alana


Lots of animals


Absolutely peaceful

Recycle to keep it clean





Raw and natural

 – Unia

“The smell of a campfire burning overnight.” – Habiba

“The Suwannee Cooter moves calmly against the ripples, as graceful as a dancer.” – Nolan

“A Seminole killifish with a stripe and dots moved throughout the river.” – Daniel

“The Suwannee Cooter is one animal. It has a yellow and black head and loves to eat grass.” – Keira

“The water is as transparent as glass!” – Ben M.

Blue Springs poem, by Diego

The water is like glass

Some fish include bass

“The smell of the damp earth and the water smelled wet and fresh.” – Greyson

“The sunfish had scales like gemstones…” – Gus











“The fog shows that the water is warmer than the air.” – Carli

“One living creature I saw in the water was a Suwannee Cooter, a type of turtle with thin yellow lines on its back and many algae-covered scutes.” – Kelsey

River Rap, by Tara

I smell sweet sap

“Snap Snap”

I see fresh grass

as well as bass!

I smell a campfire!

The water is sapphire

I see the water flowing

The wind is blowing

I see insects and birds!

It’s absurd!

“The beautiful Santa Fe River had a tan-ish tinge to it from the stain of the cypress trees’ bark. The water in the Santa Fe River moved slower than the quickly running water in the spring.” – Rachel X.

“The sound of a squirrel crawling down a tree reminds me of a person that has somewhere to go, but the squirrel enjoys the beautiful environment.” – Evelyn

“Blue Springs is awesome

I love this experience

I want to come back.” – Chase

“Blue Springs: crystal clear. Provides homes for fish and plants Smells of fresh, clean rain.” – Nathan

“The rain drops hitting the cool, blue water sounded like the soft, slow playing of a drum.” – Marek

“Swimming in Blue Springs

Looking at life in water.

Walking on boardwalk” – John

“I hear the rain, barely audible, falling on the water with a hissing sound and a wood pecker hammering in a tree.” – Aubrey

“A small fish slickly swims through the water. It is following a Suwannee cooter, a turtle. It’s a small and sleek turtle, and gracefully glides through the water underneath its brown shell.” – Aimee