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Creative writing and underwater photographs by 5th graders in Ms. Jules, Mr. James, & Mr. Reid’s classes:

“The whispering river carried the fish away.” – Dniya

“It was fun to see the long fish.” – Malachi

The water is “clear as crystals.” – Joshua

Poem, by Jordyn

The water was

clear but blue at

some times. The birds

were chirping all around.

“The water was cool and Blue Springs had animals I’ve never seen.” – Veruca

“The water is cold as ice!” – Angeliyah

“The water is peaceful as the sky!” – Ty’onna

The water at Blue Spring is “blue, relaxing, quiet.” – Rachel

“The water is as clear as the glass

It has lots of brown grass

I think the leaves were decomposing

or were they just rotting

Walking over wooden plants

Makes it feel like a skating rink.” – Ty’quan

“The patterns in the water tells you the water is flowing.” – Char’lejua

“The water is as cold as rain!” – Amaria

“The currents in the water means the water is flowing.” – Destiny

Poem nature, by Iris

“You see the spring and think it’s nothing. Birds chirping and people are lurking to head to the springs…”

A sound at Blue Springs is “rushing water.” – Eiress

“Swish swash, the currents pull.” – Earick

“The water is “bluish, calm, relaxing.” – D’ejiana

“I saw a lot. I saw fish. Also I saw turtles. It was awesome.” – Erik

“The water is as clear as glass!” – Thomas

“Boom goes the tree in the water.” – Re’Sean

“If you never heard of the aquifer, there are so many different species in the crystal clear water. The kids of animals are sunfish and the Suwannee cooter. Some sounds that you would hear is birds chirping.” – Shamon

The water is “clear, blue, crystal.” – Luke

“Most of the water we have comes from the aquifer.” – Carmen

Student Photos