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new laws legalise sustainable charcoal trade to save forests - business daily

new laws legalise sustainable charcoal trade to save forests - business daily

Kenya Forest Service officials seize charcoal before the lifting of a ban on charcoal-burning and sale. The new Forest Act will provide for charcoal-burning on a sustainable basis to stop forest destruction and ensure constant supply of fuel to families that cannot afford alternative fuels. Photo/LABAN WALLOGA

The new charcoal rules which are currently being enforced by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) seek to regulate an industry that has largely been viewed as illegal and promote it as a sustainable enterprise but the short term effect has been a spike in the retail cost of charcoal, hurting household budgets.

The rules which came into effect after gazettement on December 24 last year are aimed at making the industry attractive to investors so that they can put money into sustainable charcoal production while promoting conservation and reforestation and the use of technology for production.

KFS officials said under the new rules, the forestry service will also promote the best tree species for charcoal production and efficient technologies, including high carbonisation rate kilns for production.

The forestry service seeks to regulate the charcoal industry and promote it as a viable business. What has happened over time is that there has been no incentive for investments in the industry and technology because you cannot invest in an industry without clear policy? You cannot be sure of tomorrow, said Emilio Mugo, senior deputy director, KFS, in a recent interview with the Business Daily.

For the government to encourage better returns, innovation and technology. It has to recognise it as a legal enterprise so that people can invest in it, plant trees specifically for charcoal production, develop technology that will improve recovery rates and provide a commodity market, he said.

Off course we are encouraging people to look at alternatives. For example, we have people producing charcoal from coffee husks. Charcoal production should actually be a by-product of timber and this is the trend the world over, he added.

The new rules are being implemented at a time when the World Bank recently launched the Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) that seeks to facilitate the promotion of biomass modernisation in the continent through funding amounting to $3.5 million (Sh280 million) of which Kenya is a beneficiary.

BEIA seeks to promote the efficient production and use of charcoal among other biomass and biofuel sources as they are the main energy source for households in Sub-Saharan Africa, a trend that is expected to continue through 2030.

Biomass is the predominant energy source for Sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for 81 per cent of the overall energy consumption said Johannes Zutt, World Bank Country Director for Kenya during the launch of the BEIA last month.

Rogerio Miranda, a consultant with Winrock International, said that studies show that the charcoal industry generates over $450 million (Sh36 billion) providing employment to over 700,000 individuals in the country but very little investment had been made given its economic importance.

I think charcoal production has been criminalised and by having legislation in place is the best way to have it as an enterprise. What the new regulations are doing is to recognise charcoal as a commodity that can be traded and also recognise that at the moment it is being produced from unsustainable sources which are also affecting the environment, said Mr Mugo at KFS.

This will bring all the stakeholders together in the whole of the value chain so that it can be viewed as a viable enterprise and people can invest in production and technology. Investors will be more willing to put their money in the industry he said.

Without the legislation, charcoal production will take place underground and it will be difficult to regulate, having a negative effect on the economy and the environment. Wood resources are renewable and sustainable resources if well maintained, he added.

The coming into effect of the new rules has disrupted supply in many urban areas as the forestry service has increased surveillance in government forests and cracked down on producers and transporters who do not have valid permits.

Data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows that the average price of a four kilogramme tin of charcoal went up 92 per cent from Sh37 in September last year to Sh71 in September this year.

Traders in Nairobi who sought anonymity as many carry out their trade without licenses told the Business Daily they were not aware of the new rules but that they have had to pay higher bribes to police manning road blocks following the intensified conservation efforts.

What has been going on is that we are focusing on the whole country. We have increased the level of surveillance in terms of movement of charcoal and have suspended charcoal production from some of the areas, for example Mau, Narok, Transmara, Molo especially in the encroached areas said Mr Mugo

We are also not giving movement permits for those areas and obviously what that will do is cause a bit of imbalance between supply and demand and that will have an effect on prices. We have also done the same for Kajiado from May last year where have not been issuing movements permits he said

The new rules, published under legal notice number 186 made KFS the sole authority for issuing licences for the production and transportation of charcoal and mandatory for all commercial producers and transporters to organise themselves into producer and transporter associations which are issued a registration certificate by the forestry service.

The associations, aimed at promoting self regulation, make it easier for forest service to monitor production and transportation and make the issuance of charcoal licences easier for members while charging them with the responsibility of ensuring reforestation conservation plans are implemented.

Producers are required to provide detailed personal information, places where the charcoal is being produced, designated charcoal collection points and consents from land owners to produce charcoal to be granted a producer licence.

Additional information required include tree species used and the type of technology used for production, recommendation from the local environment committee and reforestation and conservation plans for the area under charcoal production.

Kajiado has made a bold move in that they have set up a management committee and have proposed a system similar to what we have suggested in the charcoal rules and have proposed how they want to manage their charcoal industry, said Mr Mugo.

They want to form an association for production and transportation in the same lines that the new rules are advocating so we have told them to finalize that and we will have no problem giving them that allowance, he said, adding that producers in Kitui were also in the process.

He said legally produced and licensed charcoal coming from the Tana River and Baringo areas was being sold in urban areas adding that by forming associations, producers would be able to access new technologies economically while KFS would be able to promote conservation and reforestation efforts.

According to the Jim Okutto, head of biomass, KFS, who has been training producers on the use of the new charcoal kilns, traditional methods produce about 10 per cent from the wood that is put in but the new kilns which sell for Sh150,000 can get a charcoal producer up to 50 or 60 per cent.

This adds on to the sustainability and the response from producers has been very good. If initially you used 20 trees to get 20 bags and with the new technology you can get 60 bags, the response will be positive, said Mr Okutto.

Unless you have large tracts of land it would be uneconomical to invest in a machine like this as an individual because your land will not supply enough raw materials to feed this machine. The idea is to bring people together and identify this as an enterprise, said Mr Mugo.

It is a whole value chain where you start with planting and waiting for the trees to grow and then have a management plan combining several people together. If in a certain year the plan is to get raw materials from a certain area you can keep this machine economically, he said.

You can grow trees and harvest them at a certain point. If you want so many tones of charcoal in five or 10 years from now you can plan and produce it. In that respect it is sustainable. Unfortunately most of what is coming from trust lands is coming from fragile ecosystems he said.

Kuki Gallmann of The Gallmann Memorial Foundation, which runs a conservancy in Laikipia, said that alternative means of producing charcoal using woody shrubs and bushes like Tarconathus Camphoratus, commonly known as lelechwa and prosopis that was imported in Baringo area and would be suitable for sustainable charcoal production.

She said that other technologies such as the Adam Retort that do not allow the black soot, which is environmentally damaging, to fly out with the smoke during charcoal production, making them environmentally friendly, should also be promoted.

20 eco-friendly products for sustainable living | eat this not that

20 eco-friendly products for sustainable living | eat this not that

Earlier this year, we shared a few tips on how to reduce plastic when going out to eat and getting coffee during Plastic-Free July. Inspired by the 230 million of you who joined this global movement and said no to single-use plastics, we wanted to follow up with a closer look at the products that people interested in living more sustainably (and environmentally friendly) can buy once and foreverfor ourselves and for Mother Nature. From kitchen tools to lunch-packing enhancements, here are 20 reusable, eco-friendly products you can buy to support a life with less waste.

ETNT's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: We may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

Cloth produce bags are the gateway tool for plastic-free shopping. These cotton mesh bags are a sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic bags and an airy storage option for many of your sturdier fruits like apples and oranges.

No trip to the grocery store would be complete without a bag to carry your haul all the way home. Once stocked up with the daily essentials, load them into this light and versatile alternative to plastic bags. These net-inspired bags can easily hold up to 40 pounds.

Consider replacing non-recyclable polyethylene-coated coffee cups with the classic Keep Cup. This barista-approved reusable comes in standard coffee shop sizes for easy reference, and it'll keep you well-fueled for years to come without ever having to visit the trash bin.

This tumbler was made for late-summer iced coffee runs. Easily one of our favorite low-waste swaps, this one-time investment will bid farewell to the planet-polluting plastic iced cups of yore for good.

Nothing says "single-use plastic" more than an unnecessary plastic water bottle. However, in a final attempt to chuck any lingering vending machine habits you might have, opt for a life-long investment in a reusable water bottle in stainless steel or glass (for its endurance and endless recycling opportunities).

Transitioning to a routine with less waste can be difficult and trying at times. That's why it's even more important to put what we have lying around the house, like mason jars, to good use. This screw-on drinking lid is a quick fix for the days when a drinking bottle simply cannot be found and the jars are plentiful.

Say no to plastic strawsdo we even need to say more? For able-bodied people, this is the first step to cutting unnecessary plastic from their daily habits. After all, it's still possible to drink most beverages without one. But when they're needed, opt for a straw-cleaner-pouch combo for cleaner and safer storage on-the-go.

Say goodbye to paper-bag lunches and plastic-wrapped leftovers. The perfect carrier for lunch or picnics on-the-go, the stainless steel lunchbox makes a great addition to any arsenal of low-waste alternatives with its chic look and practical, stackable tiers.

Kickstart your journey to living with less plastic by trading plastic sandwich bags for reusable silicone bags. This non-toxic silicone alternative is easy to wash (it's dishwasher safe) and endlessly reusable. (You can also find non-silicone options in cotton, hemp or linen for a full-force all-natural switch.)

Another way to cut out plastic wrap and bags, beeswax food wrap provides a long-lasting, breathable alternative to storing sandwiches, snacks, vegetables, and so on. Once reaching the end of its life after a year (or longer), the wrappings can be returned to the earth via compost, leaving nothing behind.

Ideal for keeping snacks and lunches fresh and cool on-the-go, the stainless steel ice pack offers a plastic-free alternative to conventional (and often inevitably disposable) plastic packs. This particular one can stay cool for up to six hours. (It's also a cooling fix for sore muscles, bumps, and bruises.)

No lunch is complete without a set of utensils. Whether you prefer a fork and a spoon or a pair of chopsticks, bamboo alternatives provide an easy option for traveling from home to the office, or even in the air. Or if you prefer to just bring some from home, that's up to you; either way, they both beat the disposable plastic variety.

Food containers are an absolute must-have when striving to live a life with less plastic, but chances are you already have a hoard of Tupperware or Pyrex storage wares lying around unused in some kitchen nook. Instead, consider your storage needs and fit the demand; these jars with printed tare weights on them make bulk shopping a breeze, further enabling a shopping spree without the need for plastic bags or boxes (or pre-weighing).

Ditch clingy plastic wrap and aluminum foil for infinitely reusable bowl covers. Made in a variety of materials, including cotton and silicone, these easy slip-ons are quick way to rescue any salad or leftover pudding from going to waste.

Clean your water with charcoal instead of plastic! If you're fortunate to have access to clean drinking water, simply place a stick of charcoal into any pitcher or water bottle to absorb any additional impurities.

While the Kishu charcoal water filter is an item that does technically require buying more than once, we included it on this list because it can be composted and returned to the earth, exactly like the beeswax food wraps.

Nut milks are a healthy opportunity to reduce plastic bottles and difficult-to-recycle packaging from our milky musts. Whether you're in the mood for soy or almond (the list goes on), you can dramatically reduce your plastic intake by making a DIY nut milk at home. The versatile nut milk bag is also perfect for at-home cold brewing and yogurt making.

For those of you who enjoy a Keurig coffee machine, this refillable stainless steel alternative could be a lifesaver. (Or at least a planet saver.) The conventional disposable pods have been a huge source of plastic waste for years, while this convenient substitute allows you to reduce your plastic footprint while customizing every morning's brew with your favorite coffee. (Reusable coffee filters are also available for conventional coffee machines and V60.)

The kitchen is filled will opportunities to live with less plastic, especially the sink area. From sponges to brushes, cleaning up has become plagued with plastic wands and nylon bristles. While we're looking at ways to reduce waste from other aspects of our lives, let's approach dishwashing with the same courtesy. A natural pot brush would do the job well, along with natural soaps and reusable cloth towels.

A stylish throwback to the days before mass plastics, the stainless steel ice tray supports a plastic-free lifestyle in one of the most overlooked spaces: the freezer. If you already have a plastic or silicone ice tray, there's no need to buy another. But this is a great find for anyone looking to invest in a sustainable alternative to plastic ice trays.

In addition to saying no to the plastic straw and stocking up on reusable products, it's important we look at how much food waste is leaving our kitchens at the end of our every meal. With an indoor compost bin, you can conveniently store fruit and vegetable scraps, as well as eggshells and paper goods, until your next trip to the farmer's market, local composting bin, or neighborhood garden.

51 best sustainable gifts: the ultimate list (2021)

51 best sustainable gifts: the ultimate list (2021)

Our world is, unfortunately, subject to ceaseless environmental destruction and excessive consumerism, both culprits directly and indirectly taking a toll on the planets resources and health, and ultimately future generations ability to coexist with the planet.

While gift-giving is a wonderful gesture, those of us that are mindful of the planets health know that shopping and spending can be quite a detriment to the environment. Fortunately, our top list of sustainable gifts has tracked down a diverse and exciting array of gift ideas from reputable and well-intentioned brands that wont negatively impact the earth.

The EcoBox Zero Waste Starter Kit is an assemblage of sustainably sourced and crafted products that are intended to help lower your waste, and therefore your overall carbon footprint. Everything included is either recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable, so as far as sustainable gifts go, this option goes above and beyond!

The contents of the box include a 4 piece stainless steel straw set, a reusable/recyclable storage box, a biodegradable travel cup, a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and travel case, an organic cotton reusable grocery string bag, and three different sized beeswax food wraps!

This is an impressively inclusive kit for the price point that will truly help whoever it is that youre shopping for to reduce their waste on several different fronts! No doubt a practical and ethically sourced gift idea that will make a significant waste-difference in the life of whoever youre shopping for!

The United By Blue Summit Convertible Tote Pack is an attractive and highly practical backpack/tote hybrid thats sustainably crafted by utilizing water bottles in the fabric construction giving the otherwise environmentally detrimental plastic a second life as something that can be used long term!

United By Blue is one of our favorite gear and apparel brands due to their commitment to improving the health of our planet. For every product sold, the brand removes one pound of trash from the earths oceans and waterways pretty awesome right!? Not only does the brand craft a ton of products with recycled materials, but they also actively work to make the planet a cleaner place!

The Summit Pack is a highly versatile carry companion that features 25 liters of storage, a DWR finish to resist moisture and fading, a padded laptop sleeve, and a water bottle sleeve in addition to its righteous hybrid carrying design.

This unique gift idea will eliminate the need to continually purchase disposable hand warmers containing toxic ingredients where both the construction and packaging is detrimental to the environment. While there are certainly environmental issues with the mining of Lithium used to build the rechargeable battery here, if the person youre shopping for goes through a lot of disposable hand warmers per winter, their impact on the planet will none the less soon be reduced.

These hand warmers are offered in a few different models that offer various run times, all of which are USB rechargeable. They offer multiple temperature settings, and dual-sided heat up to 120F, so your giftee will never be without toasty fingers again! You can furthermore use these hand warmers as a power bank to charge other USB compatible devices pretty neat right?

The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer Clothes Line is a wonderful sustainable gift idea for anyone who has some yard space that will help those who strive to practice an environmentally conscious lifestyle further reduce their carbon footprint.

This brilliant clothes line features a generous 196 feet of drying space and an adjustable height from 50 to 74 inches so you can fit quite a lot of garments on there. The umbrella system furthermore enables three different line positions to maintain tension so this device wont begin to sag after being loaded up.

While manually drying your clothes with the sun and wind is a great way to reduce your energy use compared to regular dryers, the sustainability aspect of this gift idea does not end there! For every one of its laundry dryers sold, Brabantia and non-profit environmental organization WeForest plant one tree. Its an awesome commitment to preserving and enhancing our planets green spaces that anyone can get excited about!

The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor by Vikings Blade is a charming gift idea for any man who strives to maintain a sharp appearance that will also reduce their annual plastic waste by eliminating the need to purchase disposable razors!

Available in a few different aesthetics, this is a totally cool looking grooming tool that will complement any guys toiletry bag. Including a luxury carry case and a pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades, this purchase is furthermore a great value for the price point!

This is designed to be a traditional razor head with a hefty, old school feel while shaving, so it will likely be quite the change for whoever youre shopping for if theyre used to shaving with a plastic razor. This detail makes this a particularly fun and unique sustainable gift to give that will no doubt be utilized and cherished for years!

These unique and surprisingly practical slip-ons are one of our top picks within our list of the best camp shoes for their killer versatility. Their completely wool construction makes them toasty and temperature-controlled, as well as moisture-wicking and naturally odor-resistant. Glerups can be worn barefoot or in socks, and will conform to your foot shape over time, creating a custom footbed from compression underfoot.

Wool is a natural product that features self-cleaning properties due to the natural fat of the wool fiber, lanolin so you wont really need to wash these kicks unless something nasty happens to them. The 100% chemical-free, natural wool is furthermore sustainably sourced. When commenting on the construction of their shoes, the brand states they are Made with a mix Gotland wool from Denmark and quality crossbreed white wool from New Zealand, all of which live up to the highest standards for uniform quality and animal welfare.

When you shop OluKai, a portion of all proceeds directly supports the Ama OluKai Foundation an organization whose goal is to honor those who preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage and Aloha spirit of Hawaii. OluKai claims The Foundation works to preserve land and ocean, serve our communities, and maintain the Hawaiian culture and traditions so you can absolutely feel good about supporting this brand!

These mens shoes feature an ulined, suede upper with full-grain leather accents, a removable EVA footbed, lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole, and fold down heel! The Nalkais are not only sharp as a tack aesthetically, but also exceptionally comfortable and versatile for a wide spectrum of casual activities both formal and informal!

This hat will make for a great fishing, camping, hiking, or boating companion when it comes to UV protection while also sporting a super sharp aesthetic. The 85% Nylon, 15% Polyester build of the LTM2 Airflo is designed for maximum shade, and minimal insulation featuring a mesh wrap-around top section for ensuring adequate ventilation on hot days!

Tilley builds their hats in Canada and guarantees them for life, so you can be confident youre buying from a truly top-notch, reputable brand here. The brand is furthermore serious about the sourcing of the materials that go into their products and works hard to seek best in class partnerships. When commenting on the origin of their materials, Tilley claims To maintain our standards of commitment to quality and social compliance, we engage in third party audits, and evaluations of wages, work hours and working environments..

Make sure to check out some other styles from the brand if you like this gift idea but a wide-brimmed summer hat isnt quite the right pick. Tilley offers gorgeous hats for travel, leisure, the outdoors, and beyond, so theres something for everyones taste or personal aesthetic!

This is a premium yoga mat featuring all-natural, sustainable cork on one side, and a non-toxic, lightweight TPE natural rubber on the other. The reversible design offers two unique textures for accommodating different workouts, preferences, or moods and is both biodegradable and recyclable!

Measuring 68 by 24 inches and weighing in at 3.7 pounds, this is a full-size option thats great for the home or the studio! The brand even offers a lifetime guarantee, so you can purchase in complete confidence!

This showerhead puts out 2 gallons per minute without feeling like youre losing any real pressure or water flow as opposed to the 2.5 gallons per minute showerheads that are typical in most households. This half-gallon per minute difference will add up to quite a bit of saved water a six minute shower totalling to a whopping 3 gallons saved! If the person you shop for showers 6 times per week, thats 18 gallons of water saved per week, and 72 gallons per month.

This unit furthermore implements AirPower technology which mixes water with air to make lighter and softer water droplets while still delivering more than adequate pressure. Dont think of this as a downgrade of your showering experience in order to save water, if anything, this showerhead will likely be an awesome improvement for the sustainably-minded person your shopping for.

Lastly, the brand has implemented easy-to-clean anti-limescale silicone spray nozzles here to optimize water flow performance and for quick and easy cleaning with the swipe of a finger! Luxurious, low maintenance, and positive for the planet you gotta love this sustainable gift idea!

The Corkor Vegan Cork Messenger Laptop Bag is a handsome and highly functional carry companion for morning commutes, bike rides, business trips, and more thats built with vegan-approved cork, and free of any animal testing!

Cork is harvested from the bark without having to cut the entire tree this means if the process is properly done you can harvest again and again from the same tree. Sounds sustainable right? This brand prides itself on using vegan cork leather that is FSC certified in their production. This accreditation ensures the protection and adequate harvesting of the cork oak forest.

Not only is the material used to build this bag cruelty-free and sustainable, but its also soft to the touch, abrasion and water-resistant, and aesthetically sharp as a tack. The bag features a laptop sleeve, snap-closures and a padded interior, so its just as functional as it is attractive!

Messenger bags are known to be great cycling bags, and also sit well nicely atop a suitcase when traveling, so the versatility of this gift idea is far-reaching. No doubt a great go to gift for boys, girls, men, and women alike that will see lots of practical use in its life.

This one goes without saying a reusable beverage bottle is a classic sustainable gift for reducing ones waste impact through avoiding disposable bottles and other containers. If you like the idea of gifting a nice new insulated water bottle, the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle with Flex Cap is a fantastic go-to that will excel anyones expectations when it comes to ergonomics, aesthetics, and insulation ability.

Offered in precise sizing from 18 to 24 ounces, these BPA and phthalate-free water bottles are built from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and coated with a dishwasher safe, slip-free powder coating. Hydro Flask offers this water bottle in a huge selection of gorgeous color options, so personalizing this gift to anyones preference is made easy.

This option will effectively insulate both cold and hot drinks for hours on end, so its an equally great thermos option as it is a water bottle. A simple, but thoughtful gift idea that virtually anyone would be delighted to receive Hydro Flask has you covered with a solid sustainable gift with this one!

The brands Fresh Carry System enables beer to stay carbonated over longer periods of time, while also offering an ergonomic hand-hold. As with the previously listed beverage bottle, this option is built from 18/8 stainless steel and double-insulated for super long cold and heat retention times.

Featuring a new slip-free and dishwasher safe powder coating thats available in a nice selection of colors, youll have no issue finding the right option for the person you have in mind. The brand even offers a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured youre gifting a top-notch product from a top-notch brand.

What coffee-lover wouldnt be delighted by the gift of a tasty bag of ground coffee? Tiny Footprint Coffees Organic Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir will make for a thoughtful and delicious gift thats USDA organic, and believe it or not, actually Carbon-negative!

For every pound of coffee sold, the brand donates a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuadors Mindo cloud forest one mature tree eventually removing up to 54 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere, while also of course providing habitat to the local wildlife!

This blend is furthermore craft roasted in a vintage 90 kilo German-built Probat drum roaster thats retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, making the overall process that much more sustainable.

If the person youre shopping for typically purchases coffee on their way to work or class, then gifting them a coffee making device will dramatically reduce their annual waste footprint when it comes to disposable paper and styrofoam cups.

The Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press is a high-quality option for those who are serious about the outcome of their coffee thats easy to use and clean while featuring a classy and elegant aesthetic.

This french press is available in 17, 34, and 51-ounce sizing, so you can select the option that makes the most sense for whoever youre shopping for. The 17-ounce size is perfect for an out-the-door single cup of joe, while the 34 and 51-ounce sizes are geared more towards sharing your morning brew with a partner or group.

Unlike most of the french presses youre likely used to seeing. this model is built from double-walled stainless steel in order to offer a superior insulating ability keeping coffee hot for up to two hours in there! No doubt an underrated feature thats well worth the cost when you consider the flavor degeneration of re-heating your coffee in the microwave!

Featuring an attractive design that will complement any kitchen and a superior insulating ability compared to standard coffee presses, the Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press is the way to go when it comes to eliminating cafe-bought coffees from your life!

Offered in a wide assortment of super fun graphics having to do with camping, hiking, fishing, and enjoying nature, this will make a wonderful gift for an outdoorsman or woman. The mugs are campfire, stovetop, and dishwasher safe, while the rim and handles are double-dipped for even greater integrity.

Composting is a wonderful tactic for reducing your food waste footprint that screams sustainability, but it can be a messy and frustrating practice to employ. The Abakoo 1.8 Gallon Stainless Steel Compost Bin is a handy countertop tool for simplifying the composting-process and taking both the stink and the mess out of the equation.

This composter is molded in a single piece of rust-resistant 304 grade stainless steel in order to ensure high strength and durability. Its an aesthetically pleasing, rock-solid device thats built to last, and look good doing it. The person you have in mind will both reduce their food waste and provide themselves with quality compost for the garden over time, so this is a sustainable gift that keeps on giving!

A thick, activated charcoal filter absorbs and traps odors within the composter, so you wont have to worry about nasty, rotten stenches invading your kitchen. There are two filters included, and you can even clean them with soap and water (along with the bin itself) for a longer lifespan.

Featuring a convenient top knob for easy opening and a carry handle for when its time to dump the contents of the container into your larger, outside composter or compost pile, this device couldnt be easier to utilize.

The brand offers both a smaller and a larger size countertop composter through this same link, so if you think the person youre shopping for would prefer something a bit more compact or spacious for composting their food scraps, there are some alternative options available!

The FCMP 37 Gallon Outdoor Tumbling Composter is the perfect gift idea for inspiring the person youre shopping for to start recycling and repurposing their food waste as usable compost, or alternatively, as a great tool for upgrading their current composting practice!

This is a simple 8-sided, dual-chamber tumbling composter that you simply toss food waste and yard trimmings into to generate usable compost in as little as two weeks! There are ergonomic handholds around the entirety of the drum, so rotating this unit is made easy, even when its close to full.

Simply put this unit into the direct sun and give it five or six turns a few times a week and youll be well on your way to obtaining some nutrient-rich, valuable compost for gardening with! Tumbling composters generate superior aeration than standing containers which is an important factor the process. This unit furthermore features aeration holes as well as deep fins to break up clumps inside the chamber, introducing lots of oxygen into the compost mix.

This is a simple and affordable tool for reducing your food waste, and then turning it back into food (or anything you enjoy growing!) now thats sustainability at its core right there! Pair this composter with a countertop container for food waste like the unit previously listed, and youve got yourself the king of sustainable gift ideas.

If you think this is a solid gift idea for the person you have in mind but assume that they will need a larger volume option than this 37 gallon model, then check out this slightly larger 42-gallon model from F2C.

The RTS Home Accents Round 35-Gallon Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot and Built-In Planter is a brilliant device that you simply set up underneath your gutters outflow pipe. A heavy rainfall can produce hundreds of gallons of water if collected running off of a typical roof, so why let all that water escape without utilizing it!?

This container can store up to 35-gallons of rainwater and features a brass spigot for easy extraction when youre ready to use it! The rain barrel has an attractive aesthetic that will nicely complement any property, and there is furthermore a built-in planter on the barrel-top for setting up an arrangement of flowers or herbs!

No doubt a wonderful use of natures freely-taken resources that will dramatically reduce ones reliance on hose water for applications like irrigating crops, watering ornamentals, or tending to a small garden!

Tending a garden of any kind is beneficial to the planet if you practice sustainable growing tactics. The FOYUEE Elevated Planter Box is perfect for accommodating flower arrangements, herb gardens, and even small vegetable grows.

Plants require carbon dioxide (a leading greenhouse gas contributing to climate change) to grow, and in turn release oxygen into the atmosphere. While this 40 by 10 by 8.3 inch planter wont remove a huge quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere, depending on what you cultivate in there, this planter will none the less convert a fair amount of CO2 to oxygen.

Probably more of a sustainability factor than the slight atmospheric effect here, growing your own herbs, fruits or veggies organically is far less taxing on the planet than buying your produce from the supermarket especially when you consider the packaging. You can grow a wonderful array of greens in this bad boy, significantly reducing your reliance on store-bought plastic-packaged salad mixes to name just one potential application.

Built from stable galvanized steel and standing 31 inches tall, this is a sturdy built planter that will hold up through many seasons of gardening. The raised height furthermore eliminates the need to bend down in order to reach your garden, so older folks and those with mobility impairments will love that they dont have to crouch or bend to tend their plants!

Built from stable thickened galvanized metal with an anti-rust coating for long lifespan, these planters are built to last in several different sizes. There are also narrow, but strong crossbars centered across the interior to ensure structural support under heavy soil loads. The coating used to enhance the integrity and lifespan of the planter is furthermore eco-friendly and non-toxic, safe for both the environment and for growing crops you plan to consume!

This is a bottomless design, but the person youre shopping for could easily line this raised bed with a soft or hard covering in order to keep the contents completely contained its solely a matter of growing context and preference.

The gift of growing space is something that will continue to give back to the experienced or aspiring gardener you have in mind no doubt a sustainable and thoughtful gift idea thats bound to be a hit!

Mowing the lawn is a necessary practice for keeping a tidy and attractive property, but that doesnt mean you have to employ a gas-powered machine to maintain a great looking yard. Scotts 20-Inch 5-Blade Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is a sustainable, and impressively effective alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers that will help the environmentally-minded person youre shopping for reduce their carbon footprint and intermittent noise pollution.

Featuring a 20-inch cutting width, 5-blade ball bearing reel, and 10-inch dual tracking wheels, this is a highly capable lawn mower. A quick-snap 1 to 3 inch cutting height adjustment furthermore allows you to set the blade at your desired grass-length setting.

While some lawns certainly require a more heavy-duty mower, regular grass maintenance is easily completed with a high-quality tool like this. Perhaps best of all depending on who youre shopping for, whoever youre thinking of gifting this manual mower to will be pleased to know that they no longer have to disturb their local wildlife with a brutally loud gas-powered machine! Let the birds sing their songs in peace!

This one speaks for itself Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living by Kris Bordessa is a wonderfully enlightening guide to reducing ones negative impact on the planet that will offer new and valuable insights to even the most dedicated sustainably minded individuals.

This text is targetted towards folks living in both urban and rural environments, covering topics such as cultivating your own crops, raising livestock, quilting, making eco-friendly cleaning products, and much more! Its the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts with a passion for sustainable living!

The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 if paired with the Jackery Solar Panels also included on this list, is a remarkably sustainable tool for maintaining power during outages, and bringing electricity to otherwise off the grid locations!

This is an exceptionally capable power supply for all sorts of applications. Its essentially a portable, solar-rechargeable generator for all of your essential electronics while camping, road tripping, or enduring power outages to name a few potential uses. This unit is also the perfect solution for bringing power to places without any hookups to the grid, such as trailers, hunting cabins, treehouses, garage workshops, and more!

Best of all, this remarkable power station (along with the whole Explorer line of power stations) can be recharged in a matter of hours utilizing the brands SolarSaga 100W solar panels, creating a truly self-sufficient power supply! Talk about sustainability if you pair this generator with the compatible solar panels, youll never have to draw any power off the grid at all!

Featuring a standard AC outlet, a 12V/10A carport, and three 5V/2.4A USB ports, you can power or recharge several devices at once. The Explorer 500 furthermore has the power to support electronics up to 500W, so you can utilize devices that are typically too demanding for regular power banks like televisions, refrigerators, lighting, and more!

The brand also offers lower-powered models of this same unit (starting at about half the cost) for those who want a highly capable power station, but dont necessarily need the wattage to support full-on appliances and heavy-duty electronics.

This is a high conversion power supply that features up to 23% energy conversion, generating more power and superior performance than conventional panels in hot weather. The SolarSaga is perfect for supporting all of your electronics on off-grid endeavors no matter what it is that youre up to.

You can use this device to recharge your Jackery Explorer Power Station (all models are compatible) or simply charge your electronics right from the solar panel itself utilizing the various USB outputs. If using the solar panels alone, you will not be able to charge devices that demand more power than a standard smartphone, so those seeking a truly efficient and reliable power supply should most definitely pair this tool with one of Jackerys power stations.

It doesnt get any more sustainable than generating your own usable, free energy from the sun, so a gift like this is bound to be a smash hit with anyone passionate about minimizing their carbon footprint. No doubt a big gift idea for a deserving sustainability enthusiast, Jackerys solar panels and power stations are the real deal when it comes to implementing the usable energy nature has to offer.

This tree-free wrapping paper is crafted using Lokta bushes from the Himalayas of Nepal. The plant regrows rapidly after bein harvested, making it a wonderfully sustainable alternative to standard wrapping paper. The tough and robust nature of the lokta paper furthermore makes it easily reusable so long as you dont tear it up when unwrapping, so when you utilize this wrapping the giftee can pass it along to someone else!

Each giftwrap sheet measures 20 by 30 inches, and comes rolled in a pack of 10 matching sheets. There is a beautiful array of colors and patterns to choose from, so you can select just the aesthetic you want!

This medium-sized backpack is built from 100% recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing, so the brand has really gone the extra mile to repurpose and recycle materials here. Patagonia also implements a self-imposed Earth Tax which redirects 1% of the brands earning to the planet directly supporting environmental nonprofits fighting to preserve our planet.

This is a great backpack for work, the trail, travel, and everything in between. Its built super rugged to stand up against abuse and features exceptionally comfortable strapping for going the long-haul. Stretch water bottle pockets, a front stash pocket, and a main compartment featuring a padded laptop sleeve furthermore add up to quite a bit or organization potential, so the giftee youre shopping for can truly purpose this pack for anything!

The charming ceramic container measures 3 by 3 by 3 inches and has a volume of 8.5 ounces. The candle burn time is estimated at about 45 hours, but when your candle is finished, you can then utilize the container as a little planter! Best of all, the label is embedded with wildflower seeds, so youre already provided with some ammo for planting as well as some included instructions for growing!

Tea Forte is a reputable brand that strives to keep their practices sustainable from cultivation and land use to product packaging. They offer a wide variety of diverse teas from around the world, and offer lovely arrangements that are perfect for gifting.

The brands sustainability statement reads we source only teas that are 100% natural and do not contain artificial flavors, colors, fertilizers, preservatives, and GMOs. We are uncompromising in these principles and procure the finest, exceptional sustainably grown ingredients that meet our standards.

Tea can be quite a detrimental crop when it comes to environmental impact on countless fronts, so to see a brand with such commitment to sustainable practices is both refreshing and encouraging. If youre shopping for a lover of tea as well as an advocate for the planet, this is a great go-to gift!

The Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is a unique gift idea for journalers, note-takers, and artists that allows you to effectively erase whats written on a page, and then reuse it saving paper, and therefore trees!

This purchase includes one Pilot Frixion pen and one Microfiber cloth in addition to the 32 page notebook, so it comes ready to write on out of the box. The brand even offers this unique sustainable gift in a variety of colors in order to select an aesthetic that suits the person youre thinking of best!

Like the idea of giving the gift of a shiny new bicycle? The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is a wonderful choice for both men and women thats great for pleasure riding and commuting, making it the perfect sustainable gift idea.

Reducing the number of miles we put on our vehicles each year is an effective way to lower our carbon footprint and preserve the planets resources and health for future generations. This 21-speed option is suitable for zipping around the neighborhood, as well as for longer, more intensive rides.

Fenders on both wheels furthermore keep the rider from getting dirty during wet and muddy conditions, so this means businessmen and women wont have to worry about their formal attire on the way into the office!

While replacing driving with cycling is one of the most sustainable practices you can implement into your day to day life, getting yourself to where you need to go on your own two legs is not always realistic depending on the road conditions and your fitness. The ANCHEER 350W Electric Powered Ebike is a brilliant solution for those who would like to take their commitment to cycling to the next level enabling the rider to substitute their own leg strength with electric power when they need to!

If the person youre shopping for enjoys riding their bicycle but finds that riding to work or school is just a bit out of realistic reach, this Ebike will change the game for them. The integrated 350W high-speed brushless motor here provides more than enough power for daily commutes and for assistance up steep roads and trails, hitting a top speed of about 25 MPH.

The 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery has a range of up to 40 miles per charge, so this bicycle is in it for the long haul. Zipping uphill to work is made easy with this Ebike, so the person youre shopping for will no longer have any excuse not to put on their helmet and ride to the office!

ANCHEER even offers this Ebike in a variety of color options so you can choose a preferred aesthetic. A radical gift idea that will undoubtedly be a hit with a wide spectrum of eco-conscious giftees, you cant go wrong with this one!

Cycling in itself is an awesomely sustainable practice, so any gift that supports it is eco-friendly in our opinion. Furthermore, the fact that this light is rechargeable rather than battery-dependent for power means the person youre shopping for can reduce their waste footprint even greater!

This light features five light levels and two daylight flash modes, sporting a max output of 1200 lumens! If you dont speak in lumens, thats profoundly bright, so the cyclist youre thinking of will never find themselves without enough light ever again. The all new collimator lens furthermore distributes a generously widespread beam pattern, so this bike light doesnt just light up whats directly in your path.

With high dust and water-resistance, and on and off-road capabilities, there are no conditions this light cant handle! No doubt a stellar gift idea for anyone whos passionate about riding their bike!

In this day and age, why rely on batteries for a device such as a headlamp when there are awesome rechargeable options all over the market! The BioLite 330 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Headlamp is a top-quality option when it comes to shedding light on the situation that features a rechargeable battery, multiple light modes, and a remarkably comfortable fit.

While the mining of the Lithium used to build many rechargeable batteries such as this is certainly problematic when it comes to the word sustainability, the disposable batteries youll save with a headlamp like this will eventually offset that environmental impact. Consider the plastic packaging when buying batteries as well the negative impact of disposable batteries (which are almost never properly disposed of) runs deeper than we realize.

This is a top-notch headlamp option for virtually any application indoors or out thats loaded with practical features. A red light mode for maintaining your night vision, a whopping 40 hours of battery life on low, and max output of 330 lumens are some impressive stats, but best of all, the ultrathin 3D molded housing sits flat on your forehead with a remarkable degree of comfort. You hardly feel this headlamp on your head at all!

This is a three-tier rack featuring protective soft rubber strips that prevent your boards from getting scratched and dinged. The center arm can furthermore be removed in order to stand a single board upright on display.

The 100% eco-friendly sustainable bamboo wood used to build this rack is exceptionally fast-growing, so the brand did not have to source the construction materials here from a sensitive hardwood forest. COR Surf is furthermore a proud member of the 1% For The Planet Initiative, giving 1% of ALL annual revenue back to select environmental non-profits, so you can feel good about that!

While these racks are designed for use with various boards (kiteboards, wakeboards, snowboards, surfboards, longboards, etc), they are also practical for setting all sorts of items, artwork, and gear up on display. Both a versatile and practical gift idea that will sport an attractive aesthetic in any home!

Not only does packing ice in your cooler obviously increase your water use, but it also typically means youre purchasing a plastic bag to contain it! Having a few high-quality ice-packs such as this might not eliminate your need for buying ice entirely, but it will certainly drastically reduce your reliance on bags of ice when packing a picnic of any kind!

Practicing sustainability does not always have to include some major purchase or lifestyle change simple tools like this truly do add up when you consider the resources and waste material you avoid taking on.

The EcoVita 100% Compostable Cutlery Combo Set is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys hosting parties and get-togethers that call for a lot of cutlery! Alternatively, this could be a great long-term stash of utensils for places like lake houses, summer homes, or the office!

It goes without saying that disposable plastic utensils are absolutely horrendous for our planet, ending up in our oceans and waterways, and further breaking down into harmful microplastics that are essentially impossible to clean-up and remove. Compostable, disposable utensils are a great solution to removing yourself from this equation, and EcoVita offers an awesome value set here!

This 380 piece set should prove itself useful for quite some time, so this is a sustainable gift that will act as a constant reminder of the importance of environmentally friendly purchases and choices.

You may have noticed beeswax food wraps are taking the world by storm currently and its for good reason. These simple food preservation and storage devices eliminate the need for plastic wrap and disposable plastic food containers, so its a truly sustainable gift idea that absolutely promotes re-using, and plastic independence.

This is a reputable brand that builds their wraps with 100-percent cotton fabrics, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. They effectively stick, and have inherent properties (dues to the beeswax and jojoba oil) that work to keep food fresh and clean!

Just like disposable plastic utensils, disposable plastic baggies are a massive detriment to the environment, harming entire landscapes and wildlife alike. Xomoos Reusable Silicone Food Bags eliminate ones dependence on ziplock baggies, making them a brilliant sustainable gift for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint!

These bags are made of food-grade silicone material, which is totally safe to contact food as well as BPA, PVC, and latex-free. Each bag is estimated to replace 5000 plastic baggies in its lifespan now that something to get excited about!

Featuring a flat base, rounded interior for easy cleaning, and hassle-free, reliable closure system, these bags are also far superior to the plastic ziplocks youre used to using when it comes to overall functionality.

Ecobags Organic Net Produce Bags are a simple, easy, and affordable way to reduce ones plastic footprint by replacing the grocery stores disposable plastic produce baggies with an eco-friendly storage solution.

This set of three large mesh bags is built from cotton, and can be used time and time again. They might shrink a little bit after being washed as cotton does, but you shouldnt have to clean them very often anyway. The bags are well rated for long lifespan and for enduring stretch, and can therefore fit quite a bit of produce.

A lot of folks dont realize that standard dryer sheets oftentimes contain artificial fragrances, animal fat, toxins, and other harmful chemicals for your body and the planet. These Organic Fabric Softener All Natural Wool Dryer Balls by NuVur are a cruelty free, environmentally friendly alternative thats perfect for gifting!

Built from 100% pure New Zealand wool, these dryer balls are good for up to 2000 thats a lot of laundry. They function in any laundry drying appliance, and can even reduce drying time by up to 40%, meaning youll also use less energy overall!

Simply toss these wool balls right into the dryer like you would tennis balls or PVC plastic dryer balls. They wont release any harmful chemicals due to being heated and are completely hypoallergenic. Theyre particularly great for folks with sensitive skin, acne, and difficult to pin down allergies.

This is a truly awesome addition to anyones laundry routine that effectively reduces lint, static, and wrinkles, without any degradation effects on the environment or harmful side effects on your skin!

A sustainably sourced gift idea that eliminates the utilization of potentially toxic alternatives while also reducing the energy required per dryer load rest assured this is one seriously practical gift idea that will be cherished and implemented on a regular basis!

Doing laundry uses quite a bit of water and electricity, and if you only need to wash a few garments, then its hard to ethically justify running them through a standard washing machine. This handy device can be used to effectively clean small loads of laundry without the need for a trip to the laundromat.

The capacity of the Scrubba is enough to wash a t-shirt, a few pairs of socks, and a pair of underwear at once. Alternatively, you could wash one pair of pants, a light sweatshirt, or your whole sock drawer! It cant handle large laundry loads, but thats the point why run the washer and dryer when you can simply run a few dirty garments through the Scrubba!?

The flexible textured scrubbing washboard on the inside of the bag is essentially just an array of stiff plastic bumps for exfoliating your clothing in there. Simply add some soap and water (0.5 to 1.5 gallons depending on the load), and then exfoliate your clothing using the internal washboard for a few minutes and wha-lah youre done!

Not only does this highly practical travel device effectively work in minutes and reduce your water and electricity use, its also remarkably portable -practically fitting into your pocket and weighing just 5 ounces!

An environmentally conscious laundry system for go-anywhere use that outdoorsmen and travelers alike will immediately fall in love with, this is without a doubt a unique and practical gift worth giving!

The LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter is an exceptionally easy to use, yet highly advanced and reliable water filtration device that will make for a wonderful sustainable gift for travelers, survivalists, preppers, and outdoorsmen alike!

This handy device features a 2-stage filtration system that eliminates contaminants as well as odors and tastes, removing a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites! The LifeStraw Steel filters to 0.2 microns, surpassing EPA filter standards quite impressive stats for the price point in our opinion.

The replaceable carbon capsules filter up to 1,000 liters each, so this is an absolute workhorse of a filter in terms of lifespan. Best of all, this filter measures just 9 by 1 by 1 inches, and requires no chemicals, batteries or pumping just lean into a freshwater source and drink!

Built from 35% cotton, 33% nylon, 31% hemp, and 1% spandex, these socks are consciously designed for minimal environmental impact. Hemp is a far more sustainable crop to grow than cotton, occupying less growing space proportionately, requiring less water, and offering a higher quality fiber in a lot of contexts.

As weve mentioned a few places within this roundup, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our planets oceans and waterways for every product sold so they not only offer an awesome assemblage of eco-friendly products, but also go on to put their money where their mouth is!

If you like the idea of purchasing a high-quality pair of socks and also the idea of supporting this righteous brand but are not sold on the Tacony Hemp Socks, then be sure to check out the Bison Trail Sock. Theyre built with recycled polyester, nylon, wool, and bison down (largely considered a waste product that UBB has effectively repurposed!), and are a stellar option for four-season warmth and comfort!

Who couldnt use a nice new warm winter hat when the season starts to turn? Built from 70% recycled wool, 26% nylon, and 4% other recycled fibers, this beanie is both super toasty and comfortable to wear, as well as sustainably and ethically sourced.

Best of all, Patagonia is renowned in the outdoor industry for their commitment to the environment and positive political movement. The brand is constantly in the news taking action against corrupt agendas that threaten our planets resources making tremendous donations to various relief and research funds and even raising lawsuits against adversaries to the planets well being.

Ahhh the gift of warmth! The Icebreaker Womens 175 Everyday Leggings are a brilliant sustainable gift idea that will act as the perfect base layer for keeping toasty during the cold months of the year.

Constructed from100% Merino wool, these second-skin style leggings are inherently breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant, so theyre wonderful for uses such as hiking and camping in addition to regular casual wear. The brushed elastic waistband and rib-knit fabric combine to create an exceptionally comfortable fit, so these leggings both look and feel great as well as accommodate excellent freedom of motion.

In the words of the brand: Icebreaker provides natural performance alternatives to synthetic-based apparel to create a healthier more sustainable future for our species and the planet., so you can rest assured youre purchasing from a company with an installed respect for our natural resources! Icebreaker is furthermore entirely transparent in regards to where they source their fibers in case youre curious, and are striving to go entirely plastic-free by 2023!

The 175 Everyday Leggings offer a nice degree of warmth, but if you rather gift a base layer with some serious insulating ability thats engineered to endure the downright COLD, then make sure to check out the 260 Tech Merino Leggings!

The Icebreaker Mens 200 Oasis Merino Wool Base Layer Long Sleeve is a high-performance garment thats engineered with adventurous outdoorsmen in mind. If you like the idea of gifting an exceptionally warm base layer for enduring the coldest of days, this is a fantastic choice for both backcountry expeditions, as well as for reading on the couch.

Built with 100% Merino Wool, this garment is naturally moisture-wicking and breathable, as well as odor-resistant. This makes it the perfect layer for scenarios in which you might heat up in the outdoors such as hiking, skiing, or biking. Designed with offset shoulder seams in order to prevent uncomfortable backpack rubs, flatlock seams to prevent chafing, an underarm gusset for enhanced mobility, and a drop tail hem for even greater garment coverage, the brand has truly engineered this base layer to support you through any outdoor pursuit.

While the Oasis Base Layer is most definitely a performance piece of apparel for the outdoors, its once again worth mentioning that this thermal layer is just as well used for more casual applications. The bottom line is that youll be comfortable and warm no matter what youre up to so this is a great gift for anyone who struggles to stay warm.

Icebreaker ethically and sustainably sources all of the fibers used in the construction of their garments, even going as far as providing their customers with a fully transparent look at where they purchase their material from. Striving to go entirely plastic-free with all of their fibers by 2023, this is without a doubt an environmentally-conscious brand that you can feel good about buying from!

We wanted to include at least a few pieces of awesomely giftable, sustainably made apparel on this roundup, so let us introduce you to prAnas Bronson Towne Jacket. If youre shopping for a guy who appreciates mens fashion and keeping a high-quality wardrobe, this will make for a cherished gift.

This is a fairly heavy garment made from organic cotton canvas. The torso area is lined with heathered Sherpa, while the lower interior of the jacket is lined with quilted taffeta. There is furthermore 100g high-loft insulation located in the lower body quilting, sleeves, and removable hood.

The jacket is loaded with both exterior and interior pockets, and features a peripheral draw cord system integrated within the removable hood for making precise adjustments to the fit. Its highly functional as a cold-weather piece of apparel, and sharp as a tack aesthetically. prAna also offers the Bronson Jacket in a few different colors, so you can select the most fitting option for the gentleman youre shopping for.

You can feel good about supporting this brand and gifting this jacket because of prAnas commitment to pursuing ethically-made clothing. The organic cotton used to craft this garment is in the words of the brand a great example of our efforts to support ethically-made clothing. It drinks less water, uses rainwater more efficiently, eliminates GMOs and harmful chemicals from your closet, and so much more.

The Mountain Hardwear Womens Ghost Whisperer 800-Fill Down Jacket will make for a smash-hit, legendary gift for any woman who battles the bitter cold on their outdoor endeavors, or simply hates being chilled during the winter months! There is also a mens version of this jacket available.

This is an excellent quality down jacket that provides exceptional warmth for its weight, packability, and integrated features. Both the mens and womens models weigh about 8-ounces, and stuff remarkably compact for applications like travel and backpacking.

The Ghost Whisperer is effectively wind and water repellent, featuring down fibers infused with a permanent water repellency that help to maintain insulating performance even when exposed to moisture.

Low-profile quilting holds the 800 fill power goose down in place so you can move freely, and the stow pocket has a loop so you can clip the jacket to a harness. There are also of course zippered hand pockets.

Built with a 100% recycled ripstop shell and ling fabric, as well as responsibly sourced down insulation, Mountain Hardwear has taken the environmental impact of this jacket seriously, setting themselves apart from a lot of the industry without sacrificing the quality or insulating ability of this garment in the slightest.

If youre shopping for an avid outdoorsman or woman, their jaw will drop at this radical gift it doesnt get much better than this when it comes to top-quality, performance down jackets. If youre shopping for someone who just cant seem to keep warm through the most raw times of the year, then the gift of this garment will change their life. Either way, this thoughtful sustainable gift idea is bound to be a hit!

Make sure to check out the Ghost Whisperer Down Pants along with our post on the best down pants if you like this gift idea but are fairly certain the person you have in mind already owns a reliable down jacket!

Harming our oceans with the nasty chemicals and compounds typically found in traditional sunscreens is definitely not sustainable. Finding some shade, wearing clothing that blocks the sun, and avoiding sunblock all together is the best choice for the planet, but utilizing a mindfully crafted, reef-safe sunscreen is the next best thing!

All Good Sport Coral Reef Safe Mineral Sunscreen Spray is an SPF 30 sunblock offered as a spray or lotion thats water resistant for 80 minutes. Its safe for the ocean, and for your skin, so whoever youre gifting this to can feel good about using it.

The brand avoids chemical UV absorbers, parabens, and harmful additives and is furthermore 3rd party tested. The sprays are oxybenzone free, gmo-free, gluten-free, vegan, biodegradable, and coral reef friendly. A practical and thoughtful sustainable gift for anyone environmentally conscious who enjoys having fun under the sun.

This fantastic smelling body wash is specifically engineered to wash your most sensitive areas loaded with activated charcoal, essential oils, and plant extracts including chamomile, cucumber, licorice root, and bamboo extract. Application is best done with a scrubby or loofa for a particularly rich and sudsy lather.

Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page.

supporting sustainable charcoal production with improved kilns

supporting sustainable charcoal production with improved kilns

The demand is higher in the urban areas making 50% respectively of the total demand and it is expected that population growth, especially in the cities, will further increase the demand for charcoal by 2050 to 2.8 million tons. While in the year 2000 it was still less than 1 million tons of charcoal, in 2012 it was already more than 1.4 million tons.

Presently in Accra, 470,000 households consume charcoal and in Kumasi, about 443,000 households use it as a primary cooking fuel (Source: National energy statistics Ghana, 2016). Statistics from Food and Agriculture (FAO), 2014, indicate that Ghana contributes 3.4% of the global charcoal production, making it the sixth largest producer of charcoal in the world.

Ghana has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, losing about 2% of its forest cover annually ( Charcoal production has been identified as a major driver of deforestation and forest degradation in the country because the charcoal sector remains informal and poorly regulated with an unsustainable and inefficient production approach (Source: Ghanas National Forest Reference Level, 2017).Approximately 30 million cubic meters of wood from natural forests are transformed into charcoal every year.

The project Forest Landscape Restoration through a Sustainable Wood Energy Value Chain implemented by GIZ and IUCN NL on behalf the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature and Nuclear Safety (BMU), supports the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Energy and other partner institutions in Ghana in restoring forest landscapes together with smallholder farmers and organized producer groups in 10 communities in the Savannah and Bono East Region.

Through the sustainable production and efficient use of energy wood, forests in Ghana will be preserved and restored, thus contributing to the implementation of the national climate policy and to the improvement of the framework conditions for sustainable forest management and energy supply.

Under Component 3 of the project energy-efficient technologies for charcoal production and its use will be introduced to the project communities. It is estimated that, 400,000 people and over a million dependents are engaged in charcoal production in the northern and transitional zones of Ghana (Energy Commission, 2006). The project supports therefore farmers and charcoal producers in the wood energy value chain to increase efficiency in the charcoal production process aiming at avoiding tree biomass wastage and reduced deforestation.

Traditional Earth Mound Kilns, which are commonly used in Ghana for the charcoal production, have a low efficiency rate of 8-12% meaning that for the production of one ton of charcoal ten tons of wood need to be harvested. With improved charcoal kilns conversion rates of 25-35% are possible and the demand on wood could be reduced by more than 60%.

To select suitable types of improved kilns to be introduced in the communities, a newly developed metal kiln was constructed and tested in collaboration with the CSIR Institute of Industrial Research in Ghana. The kiln in form of a box was invented by Dr. Chris Adam from Germany who supervised the construction and test in Ghana. Advantages of the box-kiln are its easy construction and handling.

It can be operated by one person and the raw materials are easy to find in the Ghanaian market with moderate prices. Two first tests were conducted between the 11th and 19th May and showed promising results. The production process took around 48 hours including the cooling down and conversion rates were around 30%.

Further test are needed to validate these results and specify production and maintenance costs. After comparison with other established improved kilns selected models will be distributed in the project communities within the northern and transitional zones where charcoal production is massive.

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