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klein & co - terrazzo & aggregate specialists

klein & co - terrazzo & aggregate specialists

Klein & Co is proud to be one of the nations largest terrazzo and aggregate suppliers. Our goal is to provide contractors, architects, and designers with the highest quality products for flooring, countertops, high traffic areas, and customer service. Whether its dramatic black terrazzo for a kitchen upgrade, or flooring pattern using a variety of materials like glass and marble terrazzo, Klein & Co has every unique type of aggregate available to spice up any space.

terrazzo flooring supplier & manufacturer | terrazzco brand products

terrazzo flooring supplier & manufacturer | terrazzco brand products

Concord Terrazzo Company, the manufacturer of TERRAZZCO Brand Products, supplies terrazzo for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Specializing in epoxy terrazzo flooring, we help architects and contractors plan and build custom terrazzo flooring and precast products all from one location.

As a single-source company, we supply everything needed for a successful terrazzo installation including TERRAZZCO epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast products we offer design flexibility to help you build an extraordinary finish with materials delivered on time and within your budget.

Select samples from our online collection or build your own design. We collaborate with architects and designers in helping them design a custom design in any color and choice of aggregates. Free to the Architectural and Design Community.

TERRAZZCO representatives are available to discuss solutions for your building project. Using TERRAZZCO wide range of materials, you can create a seamless floor, staircase, and countertops. Explore the products we can help you design.

Epoxy terrazzo floors are ideal for high-traffic areas in schools, hospitals, government centers, airports and other commercial locations. This seamless flooring system yields a high-performing and decorative surface. From minimal designs to artistic designs, we can educate you and help you get started on your design.

We are a leading manufacturer of precast terrazzo stairs. Built to fit any stair structure, we manufacture a variety of tread options from self-supporting steps to tread and riser combinations. Durable and beautiful in design, each stair tread is slip-resistant and comes with stair landing options.

Here you can also craft countertops selecting any color of TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 resin and choice of marble, glass, or shell chips. Built to last, each countertop is crafted at the highest quality at our precast facility and delivered to your construction site for easy assembly. Custom colors available.

"We would like to thank Concord Terrazzo Company for supplying TERRAZZCO Brand Products that were used at Goldsboro High School. This American made, high quality resin system looks great on the floors and shows pride in what they do. It was very important to us to have all work performed as scheduled and it was accomplished due to all materials coming from one central source."

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